Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 156

Seniors to the Rescue


Wondering if she heard wrong, Rokuko looked at Core 666. It felt like she just said for them to duel.

“E-excuse me, sorry. What was that?”
“695. I request to have a duel with you.”

It looked as though she really didn’t mishear her.

“A duel…? Umm, is that different from a Dungeon Battle?”
“Right now, right here, we cross blades. That’s all.”
“That’s all, you say…”
“My, is that sword at your waist simply for decoration?”

Rokuko was pressured by the girl who looked fired up, as though she wouldn’t be made light of.
She pointed to the sword visible at Rokuko’s waist. It really was a decoration. She’d forgotten about it up till now, only remembering now that she was reminded it was there.

“… Now, will you draw your sword?”
“No, it really is a decoration though.”
“You wish to go against me bare handed? Right… you really are looking down on me. Shall we move somewhere else?”

Core 666’s magic sword appeared again and she ignited it in flames as she took her stance. Meanwhile, Rokuko just wanted to know what was going on.
She looked around her for help. Her eyes met with Core 629’s. He looked away. Worthless orange rabbit… well, it was doubtful whether he could have even helped.

“Kukuku, serves you right 695. Now hurry up and kill her!”
“Oh, 650. Would you like to join as well?”
“I-I’ll pass! I wouldn’t do something so savage.”
“… Huh? Dueling is savage?”

In the next moment, Core 666, who was definitely right in front of Rokuko, was suddenly thrusting her sword at Core 650 again.

“Hii!? I said stop it!”

This time, Core 650 (the snake) retreated to Core 652 (the slug).

“Hmph. Well, my sword is too good to be used on the likes of you… Now then, 695, shall we start?”

Seeing Core 666’s smile, Rokuko thought about what she could do. Her choices were:
1. Accept the duel.
2. Run.
3. More importantly I want to eat Melon Bread.
… She wanted to choose number 3 and escape from reality, but that probably would’ve only served as provocation. On the other hand, if she chose number 2 her back would be cut through and number 1 was absolutely impossible.
—Dangit, I should have at least had Kehma make this sword and these clothes into a golem!
It was a bit too late for her to think about that, though.

“Oh my, it looks like you’re doing something interesting, 666?”

Just then, her savior appeared.
It was Haku, wearing a white dress and smiling.

“… No. 89-sama. Yes, I was thinking about deepening my friendship with 695.”
“Mmm… however, isn’t dueling somewhat dangerous for that?”
“Did No. 89-sama not also deepen her friendship by doing something similar with No. 6 Jiji-sama? Going with that, could 695 and I not imitate that?”
“Fufufu, impudent. Are you not going to discipline her? 6.”
“Kukuku, what, 89? Isn’t it 695 that should be disciplined?”

Someone else joined in. The [Great Demon King] that wore black armor, Core 6.
Sparks flew in the air between Haku and Core 6.

“Is that so? Recently, your child has been buzzing around my things. I wonder if it’s too difficult for you to hold the reins on them more securely.”
“Hoh, I don’t know what you’re talking about. If I ever find out, I’ll be sure to say something.”

Core 6 drew his black blade.
Haku brandished her white spear in response.
It should’ve been a duel between Rokuko and Core 666, but it somehow turned into a duel between Haku and Core 6 by the time anyone realized what was going on. The mood in the air felt stifling.

“Heeeeey! You guys! Let me join in toooo!”

Core 5, the [Dragon King], flew through the air towards them with his huge black dragon body.
Kabang! The air shook when he landed, roaring on impact.
Rokuko, who received the roar from up close, felt her legs give out from under her and she fell to the ground. She wasn’t confident in herself, but she managed to not let any out.
… Meanwhile, Core 666 was standing calmly, while the trivial trio fainted.

“I’ll crush 89! 6, let’s do it!”
“Do you intend to order me? I would kill you first.”
“Haaah!? You want to settle it before the [Betrayer]!?”
“I am fine taking you both on if you wish.”
“Leave me out of it.”

Waving her spear, Haku provoked the two while warming up.
… The surrounding cores all began running away so that they wouldn’t get rolled up in the chaos. Rokuko wanted to run, too. However, she was part of the reason this was happening. It was already doubtful whether or not she was related to it though. Rather, she couldn’t  run away either way; her legs wouldn’t move.

[Okay~, you three, stop it there.]

Suddenly, [Father]’s words stopped the three.

[Getting a bit rowdy isn’t bad, but going this far’s no good, alright?]
“Oh my, my apologies, Otou-sama. I might have gotten a little excited there.”
“Gununu… but I finally had a chance to…”
“It was my error, father.”

Core 6 said a bit much as the other two put away their weapons.
The area calmed down quickly. That was only on the surface though, of course.

[However, 6, 89, 5. I would like it if you three could deepen your friendship peacefully. All three of you are taking care of young ones, so your juniors are looking towards you, who are their seniors, for guidance… So, shake hands.]

Urged on by [Father], Haku and the Great Demon King shook hands while forcing themselves to smile. The Dragon King also put one of his claws out.
It really was a scene that would cause one’s back to freeze up.
However, looking through the monitor, [Father] found it satisfactory.

[But well, it might be a good thing to decide victory and defeat once and for all. With something other than DP Rankings, that is.]
“… Saying that, do you have an idea, Otou-sama?”
[That’s a good guess, 89. You’re correct!]

[Father] spoke with a smile.

[Let’s have a Dungeon Battle between your juniors. To be exact, between the 600 Series juniors… Aah, since only 650 doesn’t have a master, he’ll be together with 651 and 652 as a handicap.]
“… Eh?”
“Hmph, there won’t be a duel, but this might be good.”
“… Huh?” “Mu—?” “Hoeh~”

The trivial trio appeared to have woken up.

… I don’t know how, but it somehow got decided that I’d be in a Dungeon Battle… I want to talk to Kehma.
Rokuko pressed against her temples.



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