Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 150

Extra: The Winter Demon


Winter. The frozen season where snow would accumulate.
To save on heating fees, I opened up the onsen to villagers free of charge.
I planned on collecting money through tax one of these days of course, but for now I’ll just pardon them with their DP.

It’s that cold winter right now, but my room’s insulation is excellent. While we’re at it, it’s tatami-mat style.
I decided that the tatami I was lying down were excavated from the dungeon.
They were 300 DP each. Fu fu fu, they’re like small luxuries.
And I have a trap on my tatami mats! Shoes are banned! You have to take off shoes to enter their domain… kukuku, in other words, I can look at undressed feet as much as I want!

Well, the only ones that come into my room are Rokuko and Meat though.
My eyes chase legs even though I’m not a lolicon… what an unfortunate tale.

Alright, let’s think about something else. When I build the employees’ lounge, I’ll fill it with tatami mats. That way, it should be easy to get the employees to enter a certain thing.

The winter demon, Kotatsu-sama. [1]

“Did you make this, master?”
“Should I clean this place up?”
“I helped make it too~…. like the dial that can be used to adjust the heat by changing the thickness of the magic formation’s lines… another great idea that will revolutionize everything~… aaah warm~” [2]

The Kotatsu-sama is a square-type table that can fit four people. Nerune got in from the opposite side I got in at.
Since I made it together with Nerune, we got to test out Kotatsu-sama’s magic before the other employees and lead the charge. Her simple brown socks are pretty good.

“… I’ll take this spot. Excuse me, master.”
“I’ll be joining too. It’s not meal time right now after all.”

Rei and Kinue-san took off their shoes and got onto the tatami mat. Rei’s wearing black stockings. Kinue-san moved to sit next to me while wearing green socks, matching her overall green coloring. It wasn’t a color that most people would go for, but since it was an overall unified color she scores top points. They wound up all getting covered by Kotatsu-sama though.

… Crap! I can’t appreciate them now though!?
Was the kotatsu a failure…? I needed it to make a Japanese-styled room though. ‘Kotatsu-sama’, tch.

“Ooh, it’s warm…”
“It’s a comfortable temperature, isn’t it?”
“Fufufu, it was hard getting the temperature to be just right~”
“Aah, yeah… haaah, well, that’s good.”

There’s no helping me not being able to see them, so I sighed in resignation. Whatever, even if it’s just a kotatsu, the results are alright.
Just then, something touched my foot.


… it was Rei’s foot. Looks like she extended her legs and wound up touching my foot.

“S-sorry master. I hit your foot.”
“Don’t worry, that’s part of a kotatsu’s charm…!”
“So you are supposed to stretch out under a kotatsu? Then I’ll do it too… ah. Sorry.”
“No no, don’t hold back, Kinue-san. The area under Kotatsu-sama is like international waters.”

T-this… might be something amazing. As expected of Kotatsu-sama. A brilliant 180 degree turn!

“Ah, Kehma! I heard! You made something new again!?”
“Nn? Ah, Rokuko. Come join us—-ah, we’re already taking the four spots…”
“Aw… well, I’ll sit next to you then.”

Saying that, Rokuko forcibly pushed her way into sitting beside me.

“Oi. It’s cramped.”
“It’s fine, you and me can share right?”
“Yeah, partner in body and mind… Maybe I should’ve made it a bit bigger?”

I made it a square-type this time, but maybe it’s be better making a rectangular one? Or maybe I could make a huge one that you can lay under and just have your head pop out of?
Well, like that, Rokuko entered Kotatsu-sama and overfilled it.

“Ooh, so warm… but all of your feet are getting in the way, get out.”
“Eeh~, don’t wanna~. I don’t want to leave the warmth~”
“That’s right, I can’t yield this warmth…”
“Besides, isn’t it alright Rokuko-sama? If we left, wouldn’t there be a little too much space?”
“… Oh. This is best after all.”

The monsters and dungeon core have a good relationship.
… Did Kotatsu-sama’s magic just invalidate the dungeon core’s order? I don’t remember making such a scary magic tool though?

They were hesitant over leaving the kotatsu for their shifts after that, so I had to give the employees strict commands to keep being punctual with their work hours.

With those various things and while the slightly sweaty Rokuko stuck close to me, I fully enjoyed Kotatsu-sama.


  • This is a kotatsu. Return
  • Might be a little confusing, but the speaking order here is Rei -> Kinue-san -> Nerune Return



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