Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 149

Extra: What Uzoh and Muzoh Are Doing Now


Lake Izamu is in a cold area. There is a dungeon on the lake’s solitary island that can only be accessed during the winter when the lake is frozen over, [Ice Mirror Labyrinth].
This dungeon also had talks of magic swords being easy to acquire in it, so it was a pretty popular dungeon.
There were currently a pair of adventurers advancing their exploration through its mysterious corridors while paying careful attention to their surroundings.

“What now, Uzoh?”
“Well, doesn’t look like we’ve found a magic sword, Muzoh.”
“… Well, maybe it’ll appear on its own if we keep going?”

The Uzoh Muzoh duo were looking for a magic sword to pay back the person who saved their lives.
Although they were the ones to set the one year deadline, they hadn’t found a magic sword yet.
They were also saving up, but they didn’t have enough to buy a magic sword yet either.

“Well, Kehma-san said that we shouldn’t overwork ourselves.”
“[Return the magic sword even if it takes two years, just don’t do something unreasonable and get yourselves killed] was it? That message we got through the guild… Seriously, Kehma-san’s on another level, Uzoh.”
“I want to work harder and pay him back! Muzoh!”
“Rather, Uzoh. Seems Kehma-san’s turned into a village chief?”
“Eh, he stopped being an adventurer!? I didn’t hear that, Muzoh!”
“No. He’s still an adventurer. At the usual dungeon… [Cave of Desires] yeah? They set up a village around it… ah.”

He easily brushed aside a snowball-looking monster that started attacking him.
It was a monster that appeared often in this dungeon, a snowball. They were very weak alone, but they turn into pretty troublesome enemies when they group up into a snowman.

“But man, that dungeon seems to have turned into a pretty good one, Uzoh.”
“Really? Muzoh.”
“Like there’s iron golems popping up there now. Magic swords too.”
“… If magic swords are showing up there, shouldn’t we head back to [Cave of Desires]? Muzoh.”
“Could we show our faces to him without a magic sword? Uzoh.”
“Nope! Stupid question, Muzoh!”

Strolling through the ice labyrinth, Uzoh and Muzoh searched for a treasure chest. They exterminated several kinds of cold-type monsters that appeared on their way, like ice goblins, blue lizards, and cold wolves. They weren’t a pair of C-Ranks just for show.
They were on their guard for traps, but this dungeon didn’t have many of them. The worst of it was what they were standing on was slippery due to ice, but it wasn’t much of a problem since they wore spikes.

And so, on the second day of their exploration inside [Ice Mirror Labyrinth], they finally came across a treasure chest. In two days, just one. There were so many parties diving into this particular dungeon that even though they’d just found a single chest, they were the lucky ones.

“… This is a pretty normal pace ain’t it, Muzoh.”
“Even though we saw a lot of treasure chests when we first dove into [Cave of Desires]…”

There was also the inn stuff, so [Cave of Desires] was incomparable to other dungeons in various ways. That’s what Uzoh felt.

“So, what’s in it?”
“Give me a sec… Yep, no traps. Uzoh, you wanna check it out too?”
“Yeah. Excuse me from getting locked up in a room again, Muzoh.”

After their time spent being trapped in the [Magic Sword Test Room], they’d both been studying traps to deepen their understanding of them. As they’d had to live through what it felt like to almost lose their lives while diving into a dungeon, not just Muzoh, but Uzoh also had enough scouting skills now to work as one.
After taking some time to carefully check whether or not it was trapped, they took a bit of a distance away and used a pole to open the treasure chest.
… It appeared as though there really wasn’t a trap.

“… So, what’s in it?”
“Let’s see… eh, there’s no sword. A magic tool? Uzoh, you wanna check it out?”

Muzoh passed the magic tool in his hand to Uzoh.
It was shaped very closely to a baseball. He couldn’t figure out its use, but there was a spot to put a magic stone in, so he knew immediately that it was a magic tool.
It was probably an ice-producing magic tool as those appeared in this dungeon quite often. If so, they’d make a decent amount of money by selling it.

“Hmm? What kind of magic tool is this? Maybe we could sell it to buy a magic sword?”
“Best thing to do would be to get the guild to appraise it. Well, how about we stop here this time? Uzoh.”
“Yeah, even without the magic tool we’ve picked up a lot of monster materials on the way, so let’s head back.”

Uzoh and Muzoh decided to head back. It was even colder than they’d thought it would be, so they wanted to hurry up and get back to town to eat some warm soup.
That in mind, they retraced their path at a quick pace.



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