Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 148

Extra: An Average Villager-Adventurer’s Day Off


Yo! My name’s Nanmo. I’m an adventurer!
Eh? I’m just a villager ’cause of my simple clothes? Good job noticing.
I’m a resident in this Golen Village!
The village made in front of [Cave of Desires], Golen. Well, it’s only just got its name recently.
Looks like there’s some super strong wolf demon appearing recently, but thanks to Hero-sama I just dive into the dungeon every day with a plate charm!

Well, today’s my day off since I hunted an iron golem yesterday. If I can get a single iron golem, I can take a few days off without having to do anything. That’s even after splitting it with my partner, Ian!
Although I take the iron golems to Dyne-san’s shop rather than straight to the guild for them to buy it, it’s a pretty delicious trophy that turns into fifteen silver each. Still, it’s crazy heavy since it’s just a lump of iron so I gotta be careful.

I don’t even have to pay inn fees since I have something of a house that Kusan built. It’s a bit cold though.
There’s no fireplace, but I can make a fire inside the house so I can get by. I’m obviously careful with the fire though!
Well, the village chief let’s us use the onsen to save on fuel costs, so I don’t need to spend as much money here compared to when I lived in Sia.

Now then, breakfast today’s going to be some cheap bread. It’s an item made with the inn’s hearth, using the village’s reserved wheat flour. It’s cheap and low quality wheat, but it feels as though it tastes like first-rate stuff since Kinue-san makes it. Chomp… hard. Ah, it’s hard from getting cold huh. Yep, well, whatever. It’s bread that Kinue-san made! Delicious!
Maaan, having a good cook is great isn’t it. Kinue-san’s beautiful too. With her somewhat transient atmosphere making me think she’s some sort of sprite, mmm, I want to marry her.

Yep, how ’bout I go to the inn today? Maybe I should get her a present sold at Dyne’s business? Rather, they have a ton of stocked accessories there don’t they… wonder why.
Well, because of that I went for one of this dungeon’s special products at Dyne’s business, an iron golem iron ring. Iron golems sell for fifteen silver, so the fifty copper it cost for the ring was a pretty excessive thing for them to charge, but I bought it anyway.

Now then, the one at reception today is…! Ah, it’s Nerune-chan!
Nerune-chan looks a bit simple compared to Rei-san and Kinue-chan at first glace, but she’s amazing when it comes to magic. Unexpectedly, Nerune-chan’s somehow managed to wholesale light magic tools to Dyne’s business. She’s almost definitely an apprentice alchemist huh.
Though it’s not to the point of being a dungeon town, the village was built right in front of the dungeon, so since it’s pretty cheap to get upper quality magic stones, there’s a lot of craftsmen that need magic stones using this area as a place to practice. That’s why this dungeon-located village has a ton of cheap magic tools that doesn’t really match the village’s scale.
Oops! My train of thought went a bit off track there, haha. Well, whatever I wanted to say, I’d also like to marry Nerune-chan. An alchemist wife that supports her adventurer husband, doesn’t that sound great?

“Yo, Nerune-chan, the weather’s great today isn’t it?”
“Welcome~. Eeeh~, is it~? Are you going to stay~?”
“Nah, I’m going to head into the onsen though!”
“Just the onsen huh~, it’s free for villagers~, but for everyone else it’s ten copper~”
“No, I’m a villager! Here’s my villager card!”

I showed her the iron tag that was the proof of me being a villager. They’re something that the village chief had Kantra-san, the village blacksmith, make. Each one has an individual name and number on it. I’m the eighteenth, isn’t that a great number? Eh? What’d I say? Hahah, I said it’s a good number, a good number!
Even so, it’s Nerune-chan; I’ve been here a ton of times show she knows my disposition and always jokes around. See, we’re just like ten steps away from the proposal now huh?
Fufufu, being a popular man is hard!

“Ah~, right. I verified it~. Here you go~”
“Yep, thanks. How about coming over to my place tonight?”
“Ah~, I can’t do something like that~”

I headed off to the onsen while being seen off by Nerune-san in regret.
There were other villagers in the onsen as well. Ooh, if it isn’t villager number one, Gozoh-san! You brought alcohol! What amazing muscles! Definitely a dwarf!

“Oh? Yanmo huh, you’re taking a break today too?”
“Yeah, I hunted an iron golem yesterday.”
“Hoh, how many’d you hunt, around three?”
“One with my partner. How about you, Gozoh-san?”
“Aah, I hunted five day before yesterday with Roppu and Kehma.”

Five with three people… fifteen silver times five… umm, fifty silver?

“Seventy-five silver, twenty-five each.”
“Ah, yeah, I knew you know? It’s common sense, common sense.”
“That so? So Yanmo can do math huh. I just leave stuff like that to Roppu.”

Yeah, I felt like Gozoh-san was like that.
But twenty-five silver huh, so that’s how he can drink alcohol all day; he earns that much money.
… Rather, he said Kehma like it was nothing, but that’s the village chief you know?
The village chief was an adventurer? I had no idea.

“Between you and me, it’s easier to find iron golems when you go in with Kehma. Seriously, Kehma has a great nose for ’em.”
“Eh, the village chief has a good nose? Did iron golems have a scent??”
“You an idiot? Saying someone has a good nose doesn’t just mean that their sense of smell is better!”
“Heeh! That’s good to know. I’ll tell Ian about that later.”
“Aye… ah, want a swig?”

Saying that, I took a mouthful of alcohol from Gozoh-san.
This was another of this village’s charms: being able to get advice from senior adventurers.
And then another guest arrived in the onsen.

“Nn? There were people here?”
“Oh? Kehma! Come on in, we were just talking about you!”
“V-village chief!”

The person who came in was the village chief. He doesn’t have much muscle at all… is he really an adventurer? You’d normally need to have at least enough muscle to carry the heavy equipment right?

“Well, first off how about a cup to drink? Have some.”
“Refused. I don’t drink much alcohol.”

The village chief refused Gozoh-san’s alcohol arrogantly. He’s probably the only person in the whole village that could do something like that. Other people would just gladly drink it, since the alcohol Gozoh-san gets tastes crazy delicious.

“Tch, no fun. Well it’s all good. Kehma, wanna go golem hunting with this guy here next time?”

A sudden invitation. I-is this my chance to earn twenty-five silver a day too!?

“Nope, sounds troublesome. I just went with Gozoh day before yesterday yeah? Gozoh, you’re not saying you already used it all right?”
“Drinking money runs out fast! Rather, our gracious golems make such a rare hunting ground, there’s still not many people here.”
“That so… so there’ll be more people coming…? I’m going to have more village chief stuff to do, eh. I’m tired.”

H-huh? What about my twenty-five silver? It’s already gone? Haah…

“E-excuse me. V-village chief? I didn’t know that you were an adventurer.”
“Huh? Yeah, D-Rank for now.”
“Oh, we’re the same rank! … You don’t look like a vanguard though?”
“Yeah, I’m a rear guard. Kuro’s the vanguard.”

Kuro is… Ah! Kuro-chan! Right, she’s the village chief’s party member huh.
Kuro-chan is a girl, yet she has an unthinkable name like Meat, but… she’s strong as heck. There’ve been a lot of adventurers that have suffered from underestimating her due to her physique in the mock battles. I also lost to her.
It feels like having so much strength despite that appearance is foul play…

“What kind of magic do you use? Ah, you don’t need to tell me if you can’t.”
“Sorry, it’s a secret.”

The village chief got up immediately after saying that. So cool. Apparently, he just came to warm himself up a bit before heading to bed… It’s still lunch time though? Eh, he’s already going to sleep? What a slacker.

“Haah, still, for the village chief to be that Kuro-chan’s party member… huh? Then that means the Goshujin-sama Kuro-chan’s always talking about, no way…?”
“Aye, it’s Kehma. Kuro fawns over him.”
“… Umm, with Kuro-chan’s name and her using [Goshujin-sama]… uhh?”
“Yanmo… people’s fetishes are best left alone.”

Uwaaah, I won’t say anything.
Ah, on the topic of fetishes, I love navels you know? They’re so cute and adorable! Gozoh-san feels like he’d like someone who drinks alcohol… Ahh, Roppu-san huh. Definitely.

So after warming myself up enough in the onsen with all that, I decided to eat some lunch. Kinue-san’s handmade onigiri are great.
I headed to the dining room. I wonder if Kinue-san’s there~?

“Nn? Kinue-san has the night shift today you know?”

The one to say that was the silvery-haired beauty, Rei-chan.
Her style’s good too. Rather, why are there so many bride candidates for me here?

“Ah, really? Well, I’m happy I could see Rei-chan though.”
“Today’s lunch is onigiri. Five copper coins.”
“Your silvery hair’s beautiful today too. I’ll take an onigiri, as well as one of your smiling faces.”
“A smile is five copper, making eleven copper in total.”
“Ah, there’s a charge… Huh? Isn’t eleven a bit over? It’s ten right?”
“Eh? Ah… it’s a special service just for guests though?”
“Got it, I’ll pay!”

Fuuu—a special service just for me…!? Now I feel bad.
I paid Rei-chan the eleven copper.

“Here is your onigiri… ehe!”

Oufu—! What a great smile! I want to marry you!
Her gentle smile was like the sun!
Come to think of it, even though there was a crazy amount of salt here and there in the onigiri made by Rei-chan, it was a mysteriously edible onigiri. It’s definitely edible because it’s jam-packed with love!

“Fufu, that’s a good smile. How about it, wanna have a meal with me tonight?”
“Would you treat me to an S-Rank meal? You just have to get the meal ticket, ehe!”

As expected, five gold’s a bit much! Fufu, she’s just shy. I know that it’s not like she seriously hates me. Because it’s like that you know? If she really didn’t want to, she wouldn’t have given me a condition. In other words, she’ll marry me if I can do that.
My my, I’m so popular.

The onigiri for lunch are every-day ordinary onigiri. There’s something black used to hold it… something from Pavuera, I think it’s called seaweed? Well, it’s not bad at all. It tastes like Rei-chan’s love.

Now then, lunch is done so what now…? Ah, come to think of it, it’s about time for the rat race huh? Yep, I got the time so let’s go check it out!
Think it’s time I headed to the game room. Entrance is free. Just watching the rats racing is fun by itself.

“Oh, Ian huh? So you were here?”
“Nn? Yanmo, you came too?”

My partner, Ian. There’s a betting note in his hand… ah, feels like he just lost.

“Did you win?”
“I’ll get it back on the next race.”

Yep, looks like he’s going to be on a losing streak… so that means if I bet against Ian, I’ll win?

“Who did you bet on?”
“Ah, I bet on two: Oranihasanpo and Aonotenteki.” 1
“Then I’ll bet on another one… oi oi, wasn’t Onsoku your favorite? Why didn’t you buy one for it?”
“Because this is the second time Onsoku’s going today. It should be fatigued from it’s first race.”

I don’t think it’ll be like that. Well, I bet five copper on Onsoku.
As a result, Oranihasanpo stopped just three steps away from the goal and Aonotenteki started running back towards the starting line for some reason.
The one to win was Onsoku. It walked leisurely the whole way, but it dashed forward the instant Oranihasanpo stopped in front of the goal line, reaching the goal with momentum enough to practically roll in.
Moreover, while on the topic, Bibibi was sleeping at the starting line.

… My five copper turned into seven. Yep, today feels like a good day, lets go all in!




Hmm, today’s weather is great (escaping from reality).
No, that’s it yeah? I thought that I should do it. The omens were good. I also won the bet I put on Elekimouse after that, but the ones after one that were no good. I wasted all of the money I had on me.
Man, I should’ve realized it’d be bad when I saw Ichika in her gambling outfit.

“… Let’s end our holiday today and go after another iron golem tomorrow.”
“Un… ahh, stopping now’s so disappointing…!”

Haah, I sighed while heading to eat dinner. Since there’s the emergency wheat rations, I’m able to make do with a single copper to get some bread.
When I went into the dining room as it turned night, my beloved Kinue-san was there.
Kinue-san’s pale green gentle aura is seriously fairy-like. Kinue-san’s just someone where everyone winds up adding a [-san] to her name.

“Oh my, welcome… do you want another loaf of bread? Nanmo-san.”
“Ahahah, I’m embarrassed…”

Kinue-san actually remembered my name.
After all, Kinue-san is…
Ah, I just remembered the ring I’d wound up putting in my pocket.

“Right, Kinue-san. I have a present for you.”
“Oh, what is it?”
“I-it’s this ring!”
“Oh my, it’s wonderful… Nn, how about I give you some bacon to thank you for the gift?”

Saying that, Kinue-san sliced bread that she’d made at some point without me noticing and put a slice of bacon in it.
… Kinue-san, you really are a spirit, a pure existence…!
This service must be proof of our engagement!

“Um, if you could, could you show me you wearing the ring?”
“Fufu, I’m working right now so just this once alright?”

Saying that, Kinue-san took the ring that I bought and put it onto the forefinger on her left hand, showing it to me. She moved it right after since she was working though.
… … … Yep, I don’t need to wager bets on the rat race. Buying accessories is so much better…

“Well then, please order a proper meal next time, okay?”

I took the bread with a slice of bacon in it and returned home in good spirits. She called my name and made me dinner (bread). It’s not an exaggeration to say that we’re already married, right?

“Maaan, Kinue-san really is a good person. She even gave me some free cheese.”
“Ian, what you’re getting is just my extras, you should thank me!”
“Yeah yeah, how about you hurry up and sleep? We’re hunting golems tomorrow.”

I plopped down onto my bed.
Magic stones from golems are purchased at a good price too, but iron golems are really just better…
Thinking about when my next day off would be, I fell asleep.



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  1. There’s explanations for what the different rats’ names mean in the footnotes of Chapter 108
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