Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 146

Extra: Rokuko’s Ring and Haku Raverio


Good morning! It’s Rokuko!
Today, I, a dungeon core, am working the reception desk!
Since that saintess was coming here aaaaall the time lately, I wasn’t able to come to the inn for safety reasons. Really, Kehma’s a worry wart! But… that just means he thinks of me as important… it’s not unpleasant you know?
When I sat down at the reception desk and dangled my feet, Haku Ane-sama turned up for some reason. Chloe’s with her as usual, too.

“Haku Ane-sama! It’s been a while!”
“Fufufu, hello, Rokuko-chan. Is the suite open? I’d like to stay the night.”
“It’s open! Oh, do you want the usual to eat?”
“Yes, will Rokuko-chan eat with me? It’ll be my treat.”

Kehma’s sleeping, but it’s the first time Haku Ane-sama’s come over in a while, so I have to give her reception my all! Ummm, I think Kehma used [Cleanup] on the suite after the saintess left, so it should be alright.

Haku Ane-sama tilted her head when she saw the box sitting on the reception counter.

“… What is this box? It wasn’t here last time I came, was it?”
“Nn? This? Fu fu fu… this box is called a register!”
“Heeh, what kind of box is that?”
“Mmm… Suite, two people, one night! Meal, three S-Rank meals!”

Reacting to my words, it spun around like the slots do and showed the cost. Sixty-five gold coins. That’s probably right… it is right, right?

“And that’s how we calculate costs, it gives meal tickets and keys when we put money in!”
“Heeeh! That sounds convenient. Does it ever miscalculate?”
“It’s more reliable than leaving it to people.”
“… I want one of these. My duties would go faster with one of these and I’d be able to visit more often.”

Haku Ane-sama’s looking at the register earnestly. Only dungeon cores can be this cool, she’s so stylish!

“Nnn, I’ll ask Kehma if I can sell Haku Ane-sama one.”
“Oh? Even without asking Kehma-san, couldn’t Rokuko-chan do it on your own judgment? Also, where is Kehma-san exactly? Making Rokuko-chan work on her own…”
“Kehma completed a huge job, so he said he’ll be sleeping until tomorrow.”

I feel bad for Haku Ane-sama, but Kehma needs to rest. Well, he said he’ll wake up tomorrow so it’s alright, I think… He’ll wake up, right?

“Hmph. Well, if Rokuko-chan says so, it’s alright. It’s been so long since we last talked, so how about we use the whole day to catch up?”
“That’d be amazing!”

Receiving the sixty-five gold from Chloe and storing it in the register, their suite room key and three meal tickets came out.
I went to the suite together with Haku Ane-sama. Ah, I did remember to find a replacement for the reception desk you know?

“… So, I’ve been wondering for a while now, but that’s the ring you received from Kehma-san, correct?”
“Fueh? What? Haku Ane-sama, how’d you know?”
“… I heard about it from Hero Wataru. That guy did something really unnecessary…”

Oooh, I see! That Debt Hero huh. Come to think of it, I asked Wataru things too, didn’t I!

“Though really, that ring is in strangely good taste considering it came from Kehma-san. It fits Rokuko-chan well… Un? That ring, isn’t it strange?”
“Eh? Strange? What is?”
“… I thought it was a gemstone ring, but there’s a metal ring inside it… This is the first time I’ve seen a ring like that. It looks quite expensive.”
“Fufufu, well, I’m his partner!”
“Right, for him to hand you a ring with such spirit within it… fufufu, shall we discuss it thoroughly?”

It feels like there’s a black aura coming from Haku Ane-sama for some reason… I’m definitely just imagining it.

“Hey, that ring, what materials went into it?”
“Ummm, I think he said ruby and orichalcum?”
“Heeh, ruby and orichalcum huh… … … An orichalcum ring? Moreover, within ruby…? Wait a sec, that’s a treasure worth tens of millions of DP!”
“He did say it was expensive after all… but it was that much?”
“Can you see orichalcum rings in the catalog? Well, even if orichalcum could somehow be harvested in this mountain, it should still be expensive.”

As she said, I looked in the DP catalog for [Orichalcum Ring]… Mmm, decoration treasure category, orichalcum… 1,000,000 DP?

“It says 1,000,000 DP…”
“Yeah. The method of processing orichalcum is a dwarven secret, it takes so much time to process that even dwarves need a year to make an orichalcum sword. Although it should be more simple to make a ring, I feel that is a proper amount of DP for it.”

When did Kehma get the chance to prepare the ring? Ah, but looking at the materials it looks like it’s just 10,000 DP. Our village’s blacksmith is a dwarf too, so did he ask him…? Ah, it’d be [Create Golem] for Kehma though wouldn’t it? Since there’s ruby too it feels like I’m not wrong.
Mmm, I can’t say that to Haku Ane-sama though!

“Ah, come to think of it, this village has a dwarf blacksmith. Maybe he asked him?”
“… Even so, I can’t figure out how it was buried inside ruby.”

So that was it after all… Uu, it’s so hard not telling her! I think it’d be better to tell Haku Ane-sama more, but I absolutely can’t tell her about [Create Golem]!

“That ring, would you give it to me for 100,000,000 DP?”
“… … … Wha—!? N-no! Not this!”

Dangerous, my heart swayed a little there. 100,000,000 DP would be enough to summon an ancient dragon, I couldn’t help it!
But Kehma could easily prepare a few more of these rings, so it would be an easy way to get 100,000,000 DP from Haku Ane-sama.

“… That man, I have to purge him after all, don’t I…?”
“Excuse me, Haku Ane-sama? Umm, s-something’s leaking out.”
“Oh, sorry. Ufufufu.”

Haku Ane-sama who smiles so gracefully, what are you angry about? … Ahh, maybe you’re thinking it’s wasted money? Well, it didn’t really cost that much to get though.

After that, we talked about the saintess and Rin, as well as the game room. It seems that the effects of [Treaty] changes depending on the person who uses it too.
Other than that, I welcomed her with all I had and took a bath together, ate lunch together, slept together, and when I invited her into my room in the village chief’s mansion, Kehma woke up.

And now he’s on the ground prostrating to Haku Ane-sama. He looks so natural doing it.
… Un, that was a beautiful dogeza! Full marks on pitiability and resolution!

Ah, it looks like she’ll forgive him for something with him giving her a register?
I don’t get what’s going on, but as expected of Kehma!



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