The Saintess and the Black Wolf


With the black wolf as her guide, Saintess Alka followed it obediently.
She wondered how it had come to this, but she couldn’t think of an answer.
However, since she had always dove into dungeons by herself, she didn’t find it so bad being guided in the dungeon. She even felt like she’d become a tamer.

[Mu? … Was there a wall here?]

Correction, they were lost.
However, the wolf said something outrageous in the next instant.

[… Destroy it? Kun kun… yep, I can.] [1]
“Eh—you can destroy it?”
[I can. I, am strong. Even if I, destroy it, it’s fine.]

For destroying a dungeon’s wall, the saintess felt it was a very out-of-the-norm monster.
However, inside [Treaty]’s effect, the saintess knew that dungeon walls somehow mended themselves at a ridiculous speed. To the extent that they would repair after just 0.1 seconds even if it was completely destroyed. She had even gotten herself caught inside of a wall, dying. Getting crushed was painful.

“No, it’s alright. Let’s search for a path.”

The black wolf retraced its path. Trying to follow it, the saintess suddenly heard the sound of something moving fast.


She tilted her neck to the side, inclining it on reflex. Immediately after that, an arrow cut through the space her head had just been at.
Then a pain followed. An arrow hiding in the shadow of the first one managed to strike her in the shoulder.
A sniper. Moreover, an advanced one. Looking in the direction the arrows came from, she saw a golem with two bows equipped in both of its hands. No, ‘both of its hands’ was a bit off. Why? Because it had four hands and four feet. A hand extended from its back, re-nocking the bow with arrows.

However, the black wolf preyed on it immediately. It never released the next two arrows.

“Ku–, golems… no choice. ■■, ■■■■■■■■—[Healing].”

She forcibly pulled the arrow out. There was flesh still attached to the arrowhead due to [Spines] on it, but she didn’t pay it any attention. Since it was somewhat numbed, she gouged out some more of the wound, rubbing antidote into it as she placed recovery magic on herself. The magical power’s healing of her wound she had gouged out was compensated for, recovering.
The black wolf returned.

[Oi, it shot, my follower, so I ate it, was that bad?]
“… No, you saved me.”
[Hmm, good then. Let’s go.]

The black wolf resumed walking as if nothing had happened.
… The saintess once again followed behind it. Unexpectedly, she realized that she was being defended.

It wasn’t too big of a deal. She was simply shot by a variation species of golem. That’s all.
It was a monster that used a large amount of poison, as well as a monster that used a bow and arrows. It was even a monster that had four arms and legs.
However, if the wolf didn’t deal with the golem before she was hit with another poisoned arrow, it might have been too late for her to cope with it.


The wolf flicked its tail… four arrows dropped to the ground.
The saintess noticed the new attack as well. However, she hadn’t realized the number was doubled. There were two of that variation species this time… they were variation species, but there were several of the same kind… maybe it was a new species? If so, she’d name these hecatoncheir golems or something. [1]

[What do, you want?]
“… I’ll defeat them.”

The saintess retrieved her battle hammer from her [Storage]. They were still golems. Even if they were variation species, their basis shouldn’t have changed.
The wolf didn’t interfere this time… it didn’t attack the saintess from behind either.
She quickly put an end to the golems and went back to the black wolf.

[Then, let’s go?]
“… Yeah.”

The saintess had always dove into dungeons by herself. She had also died alone, and captured them alone. It would have been a different story if she had comrades that could be revived, but unfortunately, she hadn’t met someone like that so far. Even if she searched for someone like that, they likely didn’t exist…
And so, this was her first time being defended.
It was surprising that the one who should have been her enemy—the wolf—was the one doing it, though.

… She felt a thump in her chest.
The antivenom she’d taken a while before might have been a little slow in circulating around.

[Mu? This is also, a wall… Destroy it?]
“No, I have [Mapping], so let’s look for another way. Destroying it is a last-resort measure.”
[Really? Well, okay… Follow me, close. You, are weak, after all.]
“… Right. Fufufu.”

The saintess obediently followed the black wolf closely, who was searching for a path.
This was also the first time she walked onto the battlefield behind someone.
Even when she asked for a guide, the saintess walked in the lead. The saintess should defend others, because they had limited lives, because the saintess was the strongest.

But right now, she was being protected by a wolf much stronger than herself.

(I am weak, so I’ll follow.)

The saintess walked through the dungeon with fresh feelings that she had never experienced before.
She even considered spending a little extra time in the dungeon’s capture.


  • Kun kun is sniffing sounds. Return
  • Hecatoncheir is a Greek giant with many arms. Return



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