Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 135

The Saintess’ Troubles


“… Did it miss?”
[No, it hit. It was, dangerous. Some of my body, was deleted.]

It looks like that light was actually too strong. Rather than Rin being hurt by it, the places touched by the light were eliminated in an instant. It only felt temporary pain and even though its body was gouged out by the resulting aftermath, the wounds didn’t extend to areas beyond that.
After that, it simply regenerated itself. Rin wouldn’t have been able to do that if it were a wolf demon… wait, it’s a slime, so doesn’t it have a core or something? Rin, where’s your core? Looks like it’s not in your head… can it move it to wherever it wants?

[So Kehma. Food time.]
“Want seconds? It’s better to eat a lot if you’re injured. I can send some normal golems if you want.”
[Yeah, do that.]

I mass-produced golems made with clay and sent them to the room that Rin was at. I can have as much excavated as needed even without being able to use DP, so it’s fine so long as they’re stone and clay.
The spawn rate of golems appearing from the magic formations I installed in the dungeon also dropped, so I have to keep making more. The golem’s are working harder too.

As for Rin, it kept eating the stream of golems like they were never-ending soba noodles.
Even if it’s a wolf, to be eating soba… it’s not like it’d understand the reference though. Yep, never mind.

[Fuu, a bit, better.]
“Good then. One more day, please.”

Then Rin finally ate the messenger golem that I was operating.
What a reliable fellow. If it manages to last one more day, it’ll be our win.

Still though, I get the feeling that the saintess’ heart shattered in that assault today.
… Maybe she won’t come tomorrow?




The saintess’ hand was placed on her forehead.
She didn’t know what to do. Even opening a huge hole in its body didn’t work, neither did blowing its head off…
She wondered whether or not it’d somehow work out if she blasted its entire body away all at once.
But it would be impossible for the black wolf to allow that to happen. The difference between their strength was just too overwhelming. It was by sheer luck that she managed to hit it that last time.

… For now, she decided to head into the onsen. She barely had any time left to stay at the inn. She had no choice but to use the chance to enjoy it as much as she could. She felt sorry that she wasn’t able to complete the commission or capture the dungeon, but… well, she set it aside for now.

She wore her bathing clothes and entered the onsen. She felt it was something even better than a large bath. It really was a luxury to her heart. This day, there was one of the inn’s employees in the onsen. Ichika, the slave that had the Paveuran accent.

“Ah, Saintess-sama… are ya tired?”
“… Yes, you knew?”
“Well yeah. Want me to give ya a shoulder massage?”
“No, there’s a massage chair in the room.”

Ichika waded her way through the hot water, approaching the saintess.
The saintess and Ichika commonly spent time together in the game room at the rat races, so they spoke to each other a lot.

“Bibibi’s comin’ out in today’s race. I’m gonna make a killin’ in one go!”
“… Hmm, that also sounds like a good idea.”

Luck, huh? When it came to luck, the saintess felt she’d used up all of hers on hitting that black wolf’s head with [Ray of Judgement]. It’d probably all be the same if she bet on the never-winning Bibibi though.

“Nn? Whatcha worryin’ about? I can hear ya out if you don’t mind me?”
“Yeah, it’s… not something I should talk about.”
“Well, well… things get easier if you just talk about them ya’know?”
“… Well, it’ll probably be alright if it’s Ichika.”

Then, opening with, “Keep it a secret from Village Chief-sama alright?”, she talked to Ichika about her troubles. She left parts out, but she spoke of having to return to her country, the black wolf’s existence, and that she couldn’t win because it was so strong.
She also talked about how she felt like her attendant had recently been staring at her butt with lewd eyes.

“Even Attendant-san’s a man…! Rather, does Saintess-sama’s doctrine so men’re no good?”
“That’s not the problem. If I had to say, I prefer zealous men like Village Chief-sama. That approach of his, and those presents… fufufu, love, I feel love!”

The presents were things that she had paid to obtain, but it appeared as though whether or not gifts came with tolls was a trivial matter to the saintess.

“Wait? That’s hopeless ya’know? Un, hopeless. The village chief already has a partner, that’d be two-timing~?”
“That’s no problem for the doctrine. So long as they have the resources for it, people may have as many partners as they wish. [Birth and spread across the lands, ruling everything]… that is Light God-sama’s teachings. I have the resources because I am a saintess, so I could just shelter Village Chief-sama’s partners.”
“The Light God’s Decree is amazing!? Ya’d even shelter them!?”
“It’s that natural? I am a saintess after all.”

The saintess huffed.

(The heck’s a saintess…)

Ichika thought. The answer to that was right in front of her, though.

“W-well, changin’ topics, that black wolf huh… can’t ya just run if ya can’t win? Failin’ the commission doesn’t mean ya have to die.”
“My reputation would decrease though. Besides, for a saintess to be unable to defeat a dungeon-nesting monster so close to Village Chief-sama…”
“Eh, wait, Saintess-san? Seriously? You’re seriously aimin’ for the village chief?”

“Setting aside whether I’m aiming for him, I would feel bad not returning his goodwill.”
“Hmm… but, ya can’t win yeah?”

The once again saintess placed her hand against her head.

“Knowin’ when to give up’s also important.”
“Even if you say that…”
“And between you and me, Hero-sama comes to this dungeon around once a month, so even if Saintess-sama doesn’t work hard it’s alright, yeah?”
“… Hero-sama? The empire’s… Hero-sama?”

Hearing that, the saintess nodded to herself.

“… I see, so even if I can’t win… that makes me feel a little better. Well, I’ll keep trying until the end though.”

The saintess’ troubles eased a little.
She felt getting into the onsen was a good idea.

If the empire’s hero tried capturing the dungeon… and wound up doing so before her, she felt it might be a good idea introducing him to the uncleared dungeon that remained in the Holy Kingdom. [1]

Furthermore, she bet a ton of money on Bibibi in that day’s rat race. It went magnificently.


  • Could be more than one dungeon. The raw doesn’t specify. Return



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