Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 13

Extra: Dungeon Master Kehma

(Rokuko’s Point of View)


Strange. How did this happen?
I just sank 1000 DP into the gachapon, taking a big gamble to turn around this hopeless situation.
A weak looking human, Kehma, appeared. Of all things, he became the dungeon master and I have to obey him.
What kind of thing is this? I don’t get it.
I can’t settle down until I slaughter those detestable bandits who kicked my core. It definitely would have been better to use the 1000 DP to summon a ton of goblins than this.
Aah what am I doing already, while he’s asleep I have to be quiet. I couldn’t speak since he ordered me.
I have a lot of things I want to say!

Then, when I summoned a goblin using DP, he got angry.
Moreover, when there was a chance at revenge when only one bandit was left, he didn’t do anything!
Why not!? Ane-sama No. 89 said I should summon goblins!
Ane-sama No. 89 is amazing you know!? She’s the dungeon in the imperial capital! Kehma couldn’t even reach her feet!
That’s the ton of DP I worked for!
Then he ordered me to not use DP without his permission.
And yet he used it for himself. If it were just food it would be fine, but he took out a [Bedroll]. Gununu… yet he told me…
I mean, doesn’t that guy sleep too much? I’m a dungeon core so I don’t sleep at all you know?
I wonder if sleeping so much is okay?

After that, for some reason Kehma used the DP I’d gathered at great pains to give tribute to the bandits.
Moreover, he had me write something I didn’t mean at all.
[Thank you for defeating the goblins.]
Aaaaah! Come oooooon~~~~!
This guy, he just wants to flatter them desperately to survive!
I thought, when–

“We’ve gained some time with this for now. Since we’ll massacre them before long, calm down.”

–he spoke with a serious face.
Moreover, was it to make his bed safe? I don’t get this guy. I can’t understand him. He even went to sleep again.
Explain it properly!

Then, adventurers arrived when that guy was sleeping. However, they were defeated by the bandits.
That was the first time. The first time something other than goblins died in the labyrinth.
Perhaps the bandits are a good thing?
Well, I won’t let them kick my core!
Then after explaining it to Kehma, it seemed to be what he planned.
He expected this to occur, above all getting more DP.
The bandits definitely earned more DP than he spent on them.
It wasn’t bad.
As I thought that, he used DP on the bandits again. He added more rooms.
With one room, unleash the strongest monsters with a bang!
Though that’s what I believed, he convinced me with his explanation. Just enough goblins to do what’s needed is fine!

But he doesn’t let me deploy goblins. I don’t get it.

In the end, after using all that DP for the group of bandits, he said it was different from the other gifts since it couldn’t be taken away to the town. Well, it certainly feels like that. Unexpectedly, Kehma has a good head on his shoulders. He’s better at earning DP than me.
But he’s a really sleepy guy huh…
I poked him.
Ah, Gobsuke. I used [Cleanup] on him. However, Kehma just used [Cleanup] on himself once to become completely clean.
Normally, you’d need to douse the water a lot of times, using [Cleanup] over and over to do that. I wonder how he did it?

After that, the bandits purposely brought corpses back themselves. Killing and bringing back their trophies to the inside of the dungeon, DP increased just like Kehma said.
Then, the [Melon Bread]. Kehma took out bread I’d never seen before, called [Melon Bread], using DP. It was sweet and so delicious… eating things like this wasn’t bad.
[Melon Bread] is amazing. Though [Bean Paste Roll] is tasty, [Melon Bread] is the best.
Eh, I have to share with Gobsuke? … I-it’s fine, but I won’t share any of the [Melon Bread] you know!?

Though I told him when the adventurers came, he’d actually made a goblin room a few days ago as a backup plan.
Kehma properly took many things into consideration as the dungeon master.
He usually slept, making me send various things written in the box, then collecting it… wait, not just that… huh, isn’t he doing quite a lot of things?
Now that I think about it, didn’t I just throw goblins at adventurers that came…?
Hmm, maybe it would be a good thing to study some more?

… And then the bandits were finally cleared out.
Though I thought that I was going to die when the sword was pointed at the dungeon core, I was saved.
For me, Gobsuke sacrificed himself…
Recently, I’d started to understand what Gobsuke wanted to say, but now he isn’t here… I’m a little sad.
As for the bandits… they were massacred just like Kehma said. They completely became DP.
… Kehma is amazing. He really was able to massacre the bandits.
I definitely don’t think I could have done it with just me and goblins.
… I wonder if Kehma could have done it by just using goblins?
In truth, the bandits were killed with neither monsters nor traps.

After that, he collected the tiny slave into the master room.
Though I don’t know how, even though she was definitely an intruder, he treated her like an item.
Learning that slaves could be collected like items when their masters died was a first for me.
However, it was natural that I didn’t know since it was the first time a slave was in the dungeon. I don’t know things I don’t know.
… I wonder what use he has for the slave? Will it really be a hug pillow?
No way, it’s Kehma. I’m sure there’s a decent reason.
But still, [Meat], huh… definitely slang. I don’t think it meant anything good either… Well, it’s fine if Kehma says it’s fine.

What next? Even though the dungeon has changed considerably…
Well, it’s alright. I’ll leave it to the dungeon master.
If I leave it to Kehma, even I could get closer to Ane-sama No. 89!

Ah, but I’ll help out a bit, too.



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