Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 126

Making Magic Tools


It’s good that I learned how magic tools are made, but I still don’t get what’s what.
I seriously have no clue what Kantra’s talking about…

“I get it~, so in other words you do this…”
“Oooh! That’s a good line! Good, good, run it along like that.”
“Mmm, I want the fire attribute here~”
“Repeat just like that, go again… right, aaaaand, there.”
“I get it~!”

And somehow Nerune’s understood what he’s saying. What’s with this girl. I have a lot of excellent subordinates don’t I~, it’ll be fine doing nothing and just leaving it all to them~

“Sensei~! There’s that feeling heeere!”
“What a wonderful assistant! Right, the magic formation’s free, so do what you want!”

And now Nerune’s somehow Kantra’s assistant, calling him sensei.
Rather, whatever she wants? You sure about that?

“Then then~! Let’s engrave it onto my bodyyy! Wouldn’t that be cool~!?”
“Ooh! That sounds painful! You’re a girl, cut it out!”

What the heck made you feel like putting a magic formation that shoots out water onto a body… well, it’d be useful on a golem’s body or something… yep, maybe I could turn a magic tool into a golem? I’m concerned about whether or not it would interfere with the golem magic formation, but it should be fine if anything goes.

“It’d be helpful if was an amplification magic formation though~… why not go for it~?”
“Hmph, but I’ve never carved a magic formation onto a person’s body before. Assistant! Carve a bit onto me! It’ll be fine on the chest since it won’t affect my work, so take off some skin with the knife…”
“Yes~! Here I come~!”
“Guah—!? Ow—!! But I won’t give in—!!”

Oi, seriously, the heck are you guys doing? All I’m seeing here is someone stabbing someone else with a knife… rather, she is actually stabbing him…

“Ha—! I lost myself for a little~. Sorry, master~”
“No, it’s fine… alright, get to the point that you can make magic tools if you want to.”
“Leave it to me~!”

Nerune smiled… while still holding a bloody knife up front of her. Oh no… this girl’s a mad scientist type, isn’t she…?

“O-oi, finish your work. The pain is bad but not finishing is worse.”
“Ah, okaaaay, sensei~”

Turning around abruptly, Nerune continued placing the knife in her hand into Kantra. Yep, that’s stabbing~
Well, she’s having fun, so I’m going to head back. All things considered, it looks like Nerune has talent in making magic tools. Please make me some magic tools later. Her race being apprentice witch wasn’t just for show, huh.

Come to think of it, I need to actually learn about this world’s writing system before thinking about learning the magic formations and characters used to make magic tools huh. Sounds troublesome. Pass.
Let’s leave it to Nerune, yep.




Since the saintess got gobbled up two times with yesterday and today, Rokuko spun the 1000 DP gacha.
The results—

“Oh, a dummy core! I know because I know a lot about dungeon cores!”
“This dummy core looks purple. Almost like it’s poisonous, why’s the color different?”
“I wonder? Maybe it feels sick or something?”
“… Didn’t you know a lot about dungeon cores? Rather, they turn blue when they feel sick?”

Along with the purple-shining dummy core—

“This is… I don’t really get it, but it’s a skill scroll… a scroll of [Chef]? I haven’t heard about that skill.”
“… It looks like a skill that Kinue-san would use.”

It was a mysterious skill scroll.

Both of them seemed to be worth more than 1000 DP though. That dummy core’s worth around 5000 DP… it’s purple for some reason though… and that skill isn’t in the catalog. What’s with her luck? There’s no way her status’ luck level is anything but crazy.
Well, considering her life till now, she needed that luck to just stay alive…

“Let’s assume this skill will go to Kinue-san, but for this dummy core… a spare, I guess? We can put in a new core room somewhere after the new riddle area’s interior finishes, just keep it in the master room’s warehouse for a while.”

I’m getting a bad premonition, but there’s nothing to do about it for now.
I get the feeling that we shouldn’t use this dummy core if possible.

Alright, time to ignore it. Let’s pretend we never saw it.

As I was deciding that, Rokuko poked me in the side.
That tickles, what’re you doing?

“Hey, Kehma. What about Rin? Will you put it under the dungeon’s control?
“Huh? Under it’s control? What does that mean?”
“Hey, weren’t you listening just now? It’s the same with how monsters that get summoned with DP, you can have them obey orders and deploy them.”
“Aah… I didn’t know we could do something like that, tell me something like that sooner!”

Rokuko taught me about it boastfully.

Putting a monster under our control requires its acceptance. Furthermore, it’s apparently no good trying to do it without them knowing exactly what it means to be placed under the dungeon’s control… tricking things won’t work.
There’s also a method of forcibly putting something under our control. We just need to make them surrender; this method is for placing monsters that aren’t intelligent under our command.

But we’ll also stop getting DP from monsters under our rule… I wonder why?

“Haku Ane-sama taught me.”
“Heeh, thought so.”

… It would hurt to lose 950 DP a day. Isn’t it fine to just leave things going how they are? Thanks to it we’re steadily accumulating a lot of DP. Together with Rin Fever, I have Saintess Fever too. [1]
Well, there’s a limit to turning things into followings. It’d be hard even just saying whether I could get it to surrender.
Maybe it’ll be fine just leaving it as is… It’s probably no good, but how about I go talk to Rin about it?


  • The ‘fever’ being referred to at the end is the ‘Fever Time’ of pachinko machines. If you’ve ever played a western pinball machine that had bonus targets which give you extra balls or increased score for a while once you hit all of them, it’s a sort of bonus round like that. -Credit to Raitzeno- Return



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