The Saintess 2


“The Holy Kingdom’s second class area, is it? They must be willing to go to some lengths as well.”

Rather than Rokuko, the one to say that was the village sub-chief, who I’d been sitting with for a moment.
Yep, I mean, I’m some kind of ornament right? Couldn’t you have made an appearance earlier? You’re completely erasing your presence, you know?
This village sub-chief, while just listening to the conversation and being the bar master, was excelling at using the art of fading into the background.

“Second class, huh. I wonder which is more comfortable between our inn and it…”
“… I wonder? That’s difficult to say. However, personally, I think I would be happy with being able to have three days of all-you-can-eat at the inn.”

Three days over permanent residency? So in other words, it’s not in the same league at all.
Well, it’d just be getting the right to live there, so normally thinking you’d still need living expenses… I get the feeling that someone would be able to live comfortably for years if they ebezzled the support money?

“So what will you do, village chief?”
“There’s not even a need to ask that, I’ll go with what I said to Saintess-sama… However, it wouldn’t be good at all if Saintess-sama just went into the dungeon and captured it…”
“Saintess-sama is a B-rank adventurer as well as an aristocrat, she shouldn’t do that much without permission…”
“Would she be able to avoid international troubles from something like a village chief’s permission?”
“It could probably be used as an excuse if they got the okay from our side? Or maybe it’s for their own consent needs?”

Their own rules, huh. It’s the same for me, people that try to take my stuff and people that waste food, as well as people that try to get in the way of my sleep… I’ve decided it’s fine to kill them in the dungeon.

“In any case, I’m not giving her permission.”
“Right, the dungeon’s profits will continue from now into the future. It would be a poorly thought out idea to exchange that for a single burst of money.”

Looks like the village sub-chief’s thoughts are in about the same area as me. Truly a reliable village sub-chief.
Even if I weren’t here, he’d definitely manage things properly… What was his name again? Wozuma or something? Right, let’s go with properly using his name next time?

“For now, Saintess-sama should be staying at the inn, how about we give her a warm welcome?”

And so, Saintess-sama stayed in the suite, had a B-rank meal, and enjoyed a bath.




The next day. Saintess-sama came again. Compared to yesterday, she has a huge smile.

“Thank you for your hospitality. Fufufu, you seem to be skilled at getting by in the world…”

And there’s the grand misunderstanding. The inn is a business, if you provide the money, we’ll provide the service in proportion to the money.
She should have paid in advance, how’d she misunderstand?

“My attendant also said that they were very comfortable.”
“Really? That’s good.”

She had an attendant with her? Even if she’s a saint, a woman traveling alone would be… Ah, maybe the attendant paid the money? Then maybe the attendant wasn’t staying together with her and used a general room instead of the suite? Rather, was it even alright for the attendant to not attend the discussion?

“No no, the inn is a business after all. Our services simply correspond to the amount of fees paid.”
“Let alone for the season, I never expected such a rural area to give this sort of reception… Fufu, I understand. In addition to mediating a second class area in the Holy Kingdom, I will provide fifty gold coins as well.”

Isn’t that just two day’s stay in the inn’s suite (meals excluded)? The loose change feels like it’s increasing… no no, wouldn’t that be like fifty million yen? That’s a magnificent amount of money…
Rather, the suite is super expensive! I don’t plan on cutting the price because that would make Haku-san lose face though.

“Then could you please hand over the dungeon core’s destruction rights?”
“Nope, I can’t. If you absolutely have to, please come back after obtaining the emperor’s permission.”
“… … …”

The saintess’ eyes look like they’re saying, ‘The heck did this guy just say?’ I’d prefer if she actually said it.
However, it should be clear that I can’t give her permission now. Please, hurry up and clear out Rin or get the emperor’s permission. You’re already in the red from being here and the reward should be five gold coins.

“… I understand, I will go to the dungeon for now.”
“Oooh, are you accepting the commission?”
“I will enter the dungeon as an adventurer first, I’ll think about it after that.”

Saintess-sama stood up from her seat and went outside. Today she just returned quickly without scuttling about.
Ah, thank you as well, village sub-chief. You can go back too. But you know, you could have participated in the conversation a bit…?

Rokuko came over when I returned to my room in the village chief’s residence.

“That saintess that came over today too… she seems like a nuisance.”
“Were you watching, Rokuko?”
“Yeah. Even I can tell that she’s a bother!”

Well, Saintess-sama showed up at the guild after that and went into the dungeon alone.
… Huh, what about your attendant?
As soon as I tilted my head to the side and thought that, the saintess died to a trap on the first floor.


When I opened up the monitor to see what happened in a panic, she was admirably skewered from one of the traps that shoots swords out of the door.
… W-what? How are you going to pay me back for all those expectations I had!?

Then, when I looked at our DP, it hadn’t increased as much as expected.
Then, the saintess’ body turned into particles of light and disappeared.

“… Eh? Rokuko, did you do something?”
“I didn’t do anything. Kehma, did you?”

I obviously didn’t.
Just then, an existence suddenly appeared in the village area: [225 DP Per Day].
Moreover, in a room in the inn. I hurriedly opened the monitor. Guest privacy? That has nothing to do with it!
The green-haired Saintess-sama was stretched out on a bed in the room, along with a young person garbed in priest clothing.

[Alka-sama! Are you alright!?]
[… Yeah… Wha—!? Cent. This is…]
[This is a room in the inn. Please accept my humble apologies for the low-cost room.]
[No, it’s alright. I let my guard down because it was the first floor of a new dungeon and was done in. I need to rest for a little.]

That was unmistakably the saintess. She seems to be a little weakened though…

“Kehma… what do you think happened?”
“I wonder… maybe it’s like she said. She was [done in], so in other words… she can revive even if she dies, right? It looks like she really revived.”
“What do you mean? This girl, the saintess is like Feni?”

That would be bad. If she can revive countless times like Feni, she can [Remember Death].
… The first death of an infinite reviver, huh.
In that case, she’s a dungeon’s worst enemy. Or maybe she’s the best food?
Since she won’t run into the same trap over and over, I’ll have to make new ones every time… this is seriously troublesome.


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