Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 120

The Saintess


Several days after I started various experiments with Rin.
As the village sub-chief, the bar master paid me a visit.

“Kehma-san, an adventurer accepting the subjugation commission arrived, could you go and give a word of greetings as the village chief?”
“… Troublesome. How about you give the greetings, as the village sub-chief? I’m just a figurehead after all~”

When I said that, the village sub-chief refused in regret.

“I can’t do that. This person is the Holy Kingdom’s Saintess-sama… if we do not correspond with this properly, it will become an even more troublesome matter. Besides, there is some sort of matter she wishes to talk about…”
“… I see. I don’t know what kind of thing the Holy Kingdom is, but it looks like it really is troublesome. So, what’s the Holy Kingdom?”
“You… don’t know?”

And so he briefed me about it.
The Holy Kingdom’s something of a religious nation. And it appears to be the empire’s bordering country.
The saintess was one of the Holy Kingdom’s symbols, a woman who held the power of a strong saint.

When I stealthily checked out the map, there was an existence in the adventurer guild that was worth 250 DP per day.
… So that person’s the saintess, huh. Wait, doesn’t it feel like this course of events already happened back with the hero?

“And that is the situation… For Saintess-sama to come here… it might be to flip over this village from its roots.”
“Huh? How so?”
“The Holy Kingdom’s religion is the Light God’s Decree… The Light God’s Decree thoroughly denies the existence of dungeons, things made by demons… If Saintess-sama somehow captures the dungeon, this village’s reason for being here will vanish.”

That’s bad.

“This dungeon is the empire’s property as well, wouldn’t it turn into an international problem?”
“It will, but don’t you think that Saintess-sama would disregard it and carry out her beliefs?”

… So she’s a religious nut? Probably. Religion is scary.
But for her to be 250 DP, Rin really is an overwhelming existence. It might unexpectedly be possible for her to be on even footing against Rin because she’s its weak point…. but it’d be ideal for them to destroy each other.

“… Got it. For now, how about I go and greet her?”
“Yes! Thank you, village chief.”

Because of that, it was decided I would talk to her as the village chief. Seriously, I thought I was just the bobble head chief, I shouldn’t have to be working here!
Though I guess greetings might be jobs for figureheads, huh.
I want to get back to sleep.




“Nice to meet you, Saintess-sama. I am Kehma.”
“The same to you, Village Chief-sama. I am Alka Lu Nike Hydride. Please call me Alka.”

Me and the saintess with a needlessly long name met in the parlor of the village chief’s residence.
Alka smiled, her long and emerald green hair gently spilling downwards.
She looked something like a gorgeous nun. It feels like this is the first time I’ve seem something like green hair, this world included.

“No no, it would be too much to call Saintess-sama by her name. Moreover, this is our first time receiving you as a guest…”
“Alright. It’s rushed, but should we negotiate the reward?”

Well that was sudden. Is she unexpectedly a bit worldly-minded? Or maybe she’s used to acting as an adventurer?
Staying alert against the saintess’ jabs, I responded.

“Of course.”
“Then, about the reward… on the morning of the threatening monster’s subjugation, I would like to gain the right to destroy the dungeon core. I do not need anything else.”

Yeah, no.

“That is impossible. That’s as though you are telling this village’s people to die. As the village chief, I cannot accept that at all.”
“Isn’t it the same if you allow this monster to continue on and do as it wishes? Consequently, that would allow the monster to kill everyone… Of course, the movement from the village will have the backing of the Holy Kingdom.”

Rather than it being ordinary work to destroy the dungeon core, she would even pay money for it. But still, no. I’d die.

“This village still hasn’t been given a name yet, isn’t now the best time to leave?”

Come to think of it, it still doesn’t have a name. Even though I’d told Gozoh to think of one…
According to my announcement of Gozoh+Roppu’s Love Love Village, it’d be shortened to Go+Ro’s Love Village (temp) huh.
While I was thinking about that, the saintess probably took it as me thinking about the offer and pressed on.

“Come now, you will have reasonable financial compensation if you do it now and could even be a candidate to migrate to the Holy Kingdom. You are the village chief, so should I prepare a second class area for you?”
“Second class?”

Too stingy for first class huh. Well, maybe that’s as much special privilege you’d get for being a village chief in an unnamed village.

“Yes, a place that you wouldn’t be able to live at even with three hundred gold. You can go there through my mediation as a saintess. Please, show your thanks.”
“Heeeh, so that’s how it is~”

I don’t understand it too well, but that doesn’t matter. In other words, this saintess is of the relatively discriminatory type.

“Then, since our talks are settled…”
“Ah, nope. Sorry if it isn’t possible for you to accept it with the usual remuneration, it looks like it just isn’t meant to be…”
“Wha—!? Y-you know what the Holy Kingdom’s second class is right!? Is it that you want more!?”
“No, not really.”
“N-no!? Y-you’re saying… you don’t want to have a Holy Kingdom second class area!?”

When I responded, the saintess opened her eyes wide in surprise. She seriously didn’t expect it, that’s what her eyes were saying.
Even if it was bait, it’s not worth my life.

“I-I was rude. Phew… right, so you don’t want it? Hmm…”

Taking a deep breath, the saintess seemed to be thinking about something.

“Well, if if you cannot accept the commission with the usual reward, there is nothing that can be done here… I absolutely cannot hand over the right to destroy the dungeon core.”
“… I understand. Well then, excuse me.”

Saying that, the saintess stood from her seat and started to leave the room.
… Since she was looking around as though to take small peeks at me, I decided to definitely not stop her.
She’s waiting for me to call out for her to wait with something like, “With those conditions, after all—!”. I don’t know if she herself was intending to bargain, but she was incredibly obvious.

“… He—”
“What’s the matter? Did you leave something behind?”

Three minutes later, the saintess finally made her way out of the parlor. She waited outside of the room for seven minutes after that for me to chase after her. It took a good ten minutes after that for her to leave the village chief’s residence.
I wanted to shout for her to just hurry up and leave.


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