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Meat, having chosen to wait until around the time the wolf—Rin—woke up, operated the golem.
So that Meat could see Rin’s appearance with the monitor, Rei opened the menu for her.
And so this time I was just on standby in the master room in case something happened. A job that doesn’t need to do anything in particular.

… Rokuko’s been in charge of retrieving people in the case of something happening for a while now. There’s a proper reason why I’m not taking charge.
Rokuko can easily collect Meat and Ichika into the master room even though they aren’t items because I convinced her that [Slaves are items, so you can]. And although the system might be able to do this to start with… it’s a loophole. The function ban might be lifted if the dungeon grows up.

Well, whether or not I could actually treat Meat and Ichika as items… is complicated. It’s a secret from Rokuko, but I don’t think I can.
Like this, there’s a danger of me failing at a critical time. If Rokuko saw the failure and thought, “Ah, you can’t do that after all,” it’d be bad. That’s my reason.

In other words, I have nothing to do at all. Just watching.

We’ve prepared some food with the black messenger golem and fodder. I wonder if it’ll be enough?


Meat promptly addressed it using the messenger golem. Rin listlessly looked at the golem, immediately followed by opening its red eyes in surprise.

[Wha—, bastard, Kehma!? Why, you should, be eaten!]

Ah, its shape really is the same as the haniwa series after all. It looks the same with just a variation in color huh.

[Why, why are, you alive, Kehma!]
“… That is my Goshujin-sama.”
[Hoh, I see. Looking closer, you’re black. A different one. But, that guy, is already, my food. So, you, are my, follower.]
“… No? You’re wrong though?”

Strength = Excellence. Yep, the law of the wild. That doesn’t have anything to do with Meat though.

[… Wrong? You swear, loyalty to, that dead guy. Admirable.]
“Yes, I am Goshujin-sama’s, even in death.”

Meat answered Rin’s question in one go… Huh? Just now, didn’t the nuance change a little?

[Is that, so? Then, what is, your business?]
“Become my follower.”
[I refuse! I do not, need, a master!]

Promptly refused. Well, obviously. So it’ll be negotiations from here on huh. Meat manipulated the messenger golem to take out a hamburger.

“You’ll get this delicious hamburger if you join now though?”
[I won’t, accept bait! I’ll eat, you too!]
“Aren’t you hungry? Then how about some candy? It’s sweet and delicious.”
[I said no! Garururu!]

She took out candy, but Rin was already in an enraged state.
Rather, what? This conversation, doesn’t it feel a little out of sync? Oi, Meat. Rin-san’s angry.

“If you don’t need candy, you’ll just become my follower?”
[Ridiculous! If you want me, to become, your follower, defeat me! Then, I’ll consider, it!]
“So you’ll become my follower, then? Thank you very much. Here, a candy.”
[I won’t! I don’t need one! I’ll eat, you!]

And so it chewed up the black messenger golem. Simultaneously with that, Rokuko retrieved Meat and Rei into the master room. Welcome back.

“… It was amused, but it ate me. Next time will be alright.”
“Hey, Meat… Perhaps, can you only understand some of the wolf’s words?”
“? Yes, that’s right.”

She squarely agreed… Yep, that’s it.

“… A conversation about coexisting didn’t exist there. Rather, it was getting mad. Super mad.”
“!? I-it was no good!? Surely it was hiding its embarrassment…”
“It was no good…. Well, it went forward a bit when it said that it’d think about becoming your follower if you defeated it though.”
“I-I’m sorry…”

Well, it’s alright. According to my original plan… even though it’s troublesome… guess I’ll negotiate with it… even though it’s very troublesome. Haah.
I prepared a not-black messenger golem just in case something like this happened.

“Leave the rest to me.”

I patted Meat’s head with a small clap and began my preparations for the negotiation.




“Oooi, Rin. Could you wake up? I have something to talk about.”
[… Another, new one!?]

When I talked to Rin, Rin looked at the messenger golem with its red eyes.

“Hahaha, I’m Kehma. So how’s it going, living comfortably?”
[Kehma!? Why are you, alive!? I ate you!]
“Don’t misunderstand. I wouldn’t die from something like that. You could eat me again if you’d like?”
[Strange golem… even though, I definitely, ate you.]

Yeah. Even though you ate the golem, the voice actor was still fine.

[Perhaps, that black one, is also alive?]
“Hooh, why?”
[Even though, I ate it, it didn’t taste good. Kehma, it was the same, as you. A normal golem’s, taste.]

… Do golem’s taste differently? Is there a strawberry-tasting golem?

[Kehma is, a unique monster, so I thought, you would have, a delicious, or unusual, taste.]
“I’m made from clay, so I shouldn’t taste any different.”
[Unique monsters, are delicious.]

Maybe its fundamental sense of taste is different? Clay normally wouldn’t taste like anything but clay. I get the feeling that taming it with Japanese cuisine might be a bit hard?
I took out the dog food I brought since I couldn’t use it to try and tame it.

“I brought this, did you want to eat it?”
[What, is it?]
“Food for dogs. It’s fine if you don’t really want to eat it.”
[Don’t want it.]

So it doesn’t want it huh… The heck am I going to do with it now? I can’t feed it to Meat.

“Well, I heard a bit of it, but you said you’d become a follower if you’re defeated, Rin?”
“Yeah, though not right now. If it’s for you to be my follower, can I challenge you?”
[Go, ahead. I’m eating you, now.]

Saying that, Rin bared its fangs.
I said not right now!

[Time to eat!]
“… Understood, I’ll come again.”

The heck’s with this guy. I didn’t get to ask about anything serious.
While being dragged back into the master room, I thought about what’s to be done.



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    1. — “Yes, I am Goshujin-sama’s, even in death.” —
      Meat, u r so cute…

      — … Do golem’s taste differently? Is there a strawberry-tasting golem? —
      Can I try one?

    1. I think the outcome of trying non-solid golems was “they lost their shape and broke” when he mentioned trying to make a water golem.

      1. The water golem worked just fine. It should could not really attack as anything it touched ended up in the water of its body. He considered the ideas of using a water golem as a fish tank or a window. He could probably kill people by drowning using a water golem (stick their head in its body) but that would be a high level golem to defeat and might mess with the difficulty of the place. Weapons would pass through it so magic might be required.

        He tried creating a fire golem by lighting a wood golem on fire but it became a simple broken wood golem instead.

        Back during the battle with Flame Cavern he threw a couple of water golems in with the water he flooded the place with but they were destroyed with impacts with other things in the water and smacking into the walls of T junctions of the maze.

  1. Even though Rin’s just barking, I like to imagine their voice to be gruff and angry. Go Keima, you can capture this wolf if you use enough snacks!

  2. Thanks for the chapters.

    “Well, whether you could actually say that Meat and Ichika can actually be treated like items… it’s complicated. It’s a secret from Rokuko, but I don’t think she can do it.
    It’d be bad if there was a mistake with the retrieval in this situation. It’d also be an out if Rokuko couldn’t do it in the end. That’s my reason.”

    This feels off from how I read it earlier.


    “Well, whether or not I could truely treat Meat and Ichika as items… is delecate. It is a secret from Rokuro but I don’t think I can.
    In that state, there is a danger of a failure at a critical time. If Rokuko saw the failure and thought “Ah, you can’t do that after all” its bad. That is the reason.”

    The concern that Kehma has is that he convinced himself that Meat was just an item to allow Rokuko to recover her during the fire. He then brought himself out of the delusion. However, it had the effect of convincing Rokuko that slaves are “items” and could thus be pulled into the core room. Since Kehma doesn’t think he can treat Meat and Ichika as “items” anymore he is afraid that he would not be able to bring them into the core room himself anymore, and if Rokuko sees that he can’t do it then she will think “Ah, he can’t do it so obviously it can’t be done” and she will lose the ability to pull them into the core room. She already thinks it’s odd she can pull them in but since she could do it once she can continue to do it, but if she sees he can’t do it then she might also lose the ability to do it.

    Much of the dungeons catalog and abilities seem to be based on whether or not the user thinks something can be done. If you know about something and/or think it should exist then the feature or item will exist, although there might be other requirements as well to unlock them. Kehma wanted to be able to see how much DP each person or area earned him and now he has that function. It is possible that none of the other dungeons have that function, or that Rokuko can’t see those numbers either. He’s never asked her, although since he has been treating it as normal for those features to be there it’s possible that Rokuko went “Oh, those features are there now? Ah, there they are.” and can use them as well.

    A reason I don’t do translations normally, I feel the need to put a wall of text explaining, which would require an editor to fix. My wording also ends up kind of awkward much of the time as I seem to have started thinking partially in Japanese at some point. Makes it easier for me to comprehend, but harder to convert to English.

    1. I think… I agree with you. Sorry, been awake for >30 hours straight right now and other than the two chapters I posted it’s been entirely me doing homework or being at class. I’ll give this a proper read through and response tomorrow, though I expect I’ll go with your suggestion.

    2. Nevermind, my brain’s broke broke staying away too long but I still read through it. Agreed with what you said fully.

      Final revision:
      Well, whether or not I could actually treat Meat and Ichika as items… is complicated. It’s a secret from Rokuko, but I don’t think I can.
      Like this, there’s a danger of me failing at a critical time. If Rokuko saw the failure and thought, “Ah, you can’t do that after all,” it’d be bad. That’s my reason.

      1. Glad to be able to help.

        As you saw, for clarity a lot of words had to be added as they were implied in the Japanese but don’t make sense if you do a straight translation. As usual my sentence structure ends up a little weird.

        Just makes me glad that I had gone through and read the raws just a couple days ago. What was up there before would have felt a little odd but I might have just let it go. The line stuck with me though so I remembered it. Althought Kehma uses Meat as a pillow he doesn’t really treat her as an object, more like a pet. Perception seems to be critical in how the dungeon system works though, the results of the roll test done with Rokuko is evidence of that.

        1. Yeah, super thanks for catching my mistake.

          I’m pretty open that I’m not an amazing translator. I just pride myself in making sure that I accept criticism to improve–both myself and the series I translate. Please continue to feel free and point anything out. I usually ask other translators if there’s a sentence that feels wrong to me, but sometimes things like this slip through the cracks. I recall being confused about exactly who he was talking about “not being able to do it” and wound up second-guessing myself, leading to the weird lines you saw in the posted version ^^;

          Again, thanks~

  3. Oh god, if he wants flavored golems couldn’t he us golem magic on food. Maybe even make bite sized ones and have it be able to chew itself. he can just lay in bed and food walks into his mouth and chews itself, golem magic should be god tier magic

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