Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 112



I became the village chief but nothing really changed. Napping is supreme. Bed is cozy. The best time to snuggle into Bed-sama’s love is when it’s just a little cold outside. I want to make and propagate Beddhism.

I wonder if this world has religion? If not I’m fine becoming Beddhism’s apostle. Female bed mates using believers… no, let’s stop there. Something like that sounds good in passing, but in practicality it’d be no match for the hot and heavy Down Bed-sama. Dreams should be left as dreams to preserve their beauty.
If I wanted to do that I could use the monster girls.
It’s not because it’d be troublesome to go through the trouble of becoming the founder of a religion.

… Ah, come to think of it, this world had the usual god huh. Rather, I actually met him. Rather, there was that thing about me being god’s vanguard.
If I was asked if I believed in god, it’s not like I could answer with, ‘I met him!’ Hahah.
I don’t really know what name he has though… If I got asked about my religion, I’d answer with Beddhism.

Well, after I warmed up enough and slept a second time, I added on the village chief’s estate overnight.
It’s interesting that it got so easy.

Seriously, [Create Golem]’s a cheat heh. Ah, couldn’t help myself in saying that. Even though it can normally only make clay golems, you just need to keep operating your magical power… Golems are so convenient… why haven’t they gotten popular?
I don’t think they’d even need to be replenished near the imperial capital since their magical power would be filled since they’d be in the dungeon’s area.

Still, the interior design will be using Rokuko’s demands. There’s also her room. Moreover, rooms for Meat and Ichika to use, and a parlor. Just having the rooms is important. It’s easy to add more rooms now because there’s so much vacant area nearby, but that space might be used up in the future. It’ll be my victory for claiming it before that.
… Well, I could make use of saying, ‘This space will be secured for the inn’s use,’ as the village chief, but even then, there’s a limit…
Maybe I should consider building upwards? Like in the shape of a mountain.

At any rate, Kusan came along with a dumbfounded face while I was nodding in satisfaction at seeing how the village chief’s estate turned out.

“K-Kehma-san!? Didn’t you promise to let me build the village chief’s estate!?”
“Nah, definitely didn’t. Hurry up and get back to building warehouses.”
“Kuh—, right, you didn’t huh, I just really wanted to though… I’ve already built one of the warehouses. But… this definitely wasn’t here yesterday… moreover, for it to feel like it’s been here since the start… the architectural power feels amazing. As a carpenter’s son, I won’t lose!”

Saying that, Kusan went back.
Rather, he’s already built one? What a crazy work speed. Is he unexpectedly awesome?

… Well, with the village chief’s estate completed and with leaving the troublesome Domestic Stuff for the village to others, let’s mess around with the dungeon a bit.
I handed them enough money, so they should be able to take care of whatever. Man~, being village chief is so hectic~




I immediately slept in the village chief’s estate, so I’d brought my bed and hug pillow (Meat) to sleep with.
I woke up. Rather, Rokuko woke me up.

“Kehma! It’s an emergency!”

Rokuko stamped on me with her foot. Ah, this isn’t her using a rude method of waking me up and is something I requested. You should at least wake someone up with your feet if you’re going to get in the way of their blissful sleep, think about it as a foot fetishist.

“Ugu, w-what is it!?”
“There’s an intruder in the dungeon, and it’s bad!”

There’s no reason for Rokuko to wake me up just for an intruder. Up until now there’ve been a lot of adventurers staying in there a while.
So that meant this person’s gotten a really far way in. Opening the menu, I checked out the dungeon.

“This guy!”

There was a red light representing an intruder on the map. It had ‘Dangerous!’ added on as its name. Rokuko probably added it.
It was advancing through the dungeon incredibly fast and encountered a group of four adventurers that had dove into the dungeon… and they’re wiped out.
Wait, didn’t I see Bancho and Shatty there? Weren’t they in a C-Rank party? You guys only lasted a second.

“Nn… Goshujin-sama, what’s… wrong…?”

Did I wake her up? Meat looked at me while rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“There’s an intruder you know! This isn’t the time to sleep!”
“! To the defense!”
“Hold up, it just wiped out a C-Rank party. First we need to identify our enemy. Rokuko, please contact and wake everyone up.”

Stopping Meat that tried to dash out, I moved to the core room. I looked at the enemy… deep black, a wolf? There was some kind of mist.
Its whole body was solid black, the sole exception being its red eyes. There wasn’t any white in its eyes either, all I could see were jewel-like red eyes.

“What is that monster?”
“No idea! … Some kind of wolf type? Does Meat know? It’s a dog and it’s black, there are common points!”
“… I don’t know. But, it feels different somehow.”

Meanwhile, our dungeon was being captured. Despite the traps meant for adventurers and the wandering golems, it left the labyrinth area.
However, the riddle area was after that. The wolf shouldn’t be able to pass that!

After the black wolf moved about in the room and smelled for a moment—


With a bang, it crunched the gimmick riddle golem.

… Oiii!? I definitely made that with a stone golem though!?
No way, for the riddle area’s second capture to be from a feat of strength…

“Rokuko, move the dungeon core to the inn!”
“Okay~. Should I move it to the village chief’s estate?”

Using the castling function on the dungeon core, we replaced it with a dummy core. With this we should be safe just in case.
Around the time it broke through the riddle area, there was a reaction from Ichika and them. I quickly summoned them into the core room.

“Sorry, we’re late! Some kinda super emergency woke Goshujin-sama up!?”
“Yeah, right now there’s an intruder that passed the riddle area and has just entered the spiral staircase. We’ll be defending with the golems in the warehouse area that’s after it. If we can’t repel it with that, we’ll guide it to [Flame Cavern].”

At worst, Ontentoo will somehow deal with it. They seemed to have said something like that…
There’s probably no way that not even Ontentoo and Redra could handle it.

The black wolf quickly jumped down the center of the spiral staircase, landing on the ground lightly. It landed with such little sound that it looked like it didn’t weigh anything at all.



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