Subordinates’ Growth


I’ve become both a dungeon master and a village chief.
However, it’s obviously not like I could use the convenient dungeon functions for the village.
Me being a dungeon master is secret, it’d be bad if that got exposed. I’ll only be using them for myself and for the inn.
It’s fine so long as I can guarantee my leisurely sleeping space.

Well, the dungeon. I think I’ll be needing to rebuild coming up here soon.
The reason? Hero Wataru took out nineteen magic swords.
Because talks about that slowly spread to the world, the number of C-Rank adventurers here increased and have been advancing in capturing the dungeon.
To be specific, more people have been exploring the labyrinth area, so it’s become hard to move the labyrinth’s walls around.
And because of that there’s been more adventurers challenging the riddle area.

Furthermore, even though they would just return to the first floor if they failed the riddle, with people twisting their ankles when being unprepared, it’d turn into a prolonged stay or being brought out on a stretcher… That, and they could even die fully armored if they landed poorly.
Basically, I don’t want to make a prison. Those people from before are an exception. Yep.

“Come to think of it, Rei. What happened to those guys we captured a while back?”
“They’re still alive. No matter what, my offensive power is zero after all.”

Rei, the silver-haired vampire, responded with a good smile. She’s a good employee that works earnestly.
I don’t get why they have to be alive just because her offensive power is zero, but I’ll not ask anymore and leave it alone. It’s definitely something I’m better off not knowing. Let’s not wake up from this dream and just keep leaving it to Rei.

It’s a special occasion, so I decided that I should look around and see how my subordinates are doing.
Kinue-san and Nerune were chatting in the dining room. Since it wasn’t mealtime and already in the afternoon, there weren’t any guests. Since people could now get light meals at the bar, things here have gotten a lot easier.

Kinue-san learned how to cook from me vaguely telling her how, so it’s gotten to the point that she can even reproduce Japanese dishes to some degree.
We buy flavorings like soy sauce or miso with DP. We get sugar from what’s made by the beet-radishes and salt is left to the Pavueran merchants.

“Kinue-san, are you doing good?”
“Master. Yes, I’m doing well. I was hearing things relating to magic from Nerune.”
“About magic? Did you want to learn some magic skill?”
“There isn’t a magic that is used for cleaning or cooking though… other than [Cleanup], that is.”

It went against her pride to use [Cleanup] for cleaning, but it seems she prefers it over using wind magic to blow garbage away.

“You learned Japanese cooking, so I’ll grant you a low class scroll as a reward.”
“Oh my, thank you. I’ll think about which to choose and consult with Nerune about it, then. Ufufu.”

Kinue-san smiled. She gave off the feeling of an adult woman.
Contrasting that, the apprentice witch Nerune felt like a girl.

“How about you, Nerune? Did you learn any magic skills?”
“Ehh~… Excuse me, master. Even though you said you would teach me magic when I learned all of the magic skills Meat-senpai… after all there’s one that I can’t seem to learn~!

Well, even though the others are all low class magics, [Storage] is the only middle class magic after all. Rather, she was able to learn all of those magic skills? Amazing.
But still, [Storage] is a magic skill that can be properly learned. Let’s teach her magic next time I feel like it… Nope, it’s too troublesome after all. I mean, this world has scrolls you can learn magic from. With the condition of needing to perfectly memorize the incantation’s pronunciation, saying something like, ‘Keep reciting the incantation until you get it perfect,’ is like giving them a far-off feeling.
Magic teachers teach slowly, listening to them and correcting them as necessary. They are patient and polite.
Once someone’s learned a skill, their magical power consumption will just be increased even if they make a small mistake, so it’s not wrong to have them continuously recite the incantation to start with.

“Please give me a scroll too~!”
“Alright, so then Nerune. I’ll give you some other homework. I’ll teach you magic if you can clear it.”
“What is it~?”
“Devise a method for golems to use magic… We’ll experiment together when you think you’ve got it.”
“Aaalright, I will you know~? Absolutely you know-? Fufufu, I absolutely will~!”

Nerune laughed.
When our golems get to the point of being able to use magic, we’ll also have magic sword blade golems so our dungeon’s freedom will stretch a ton too. Fufufu, please, give it your best and show me your idea.




Ichika and Meat had learned the offensive swordplay skill [Slash]. It was the the result of their repeated training with the golem assist.
As for what Ichika learned, it was just [Slash]. However, it seems Meat had learned [Slash], [Double Slash], [Axel Turn], and [Assassin’s Edge]. Moreover, she was teaching Nerune magic…
It’s probably because of the beastkin physical strength and the children’s distinctive high learning ability.

When I went to see how the two were doing, they were training with wooden swords and exchanging blows in the inn’s garden.
Bang, bang. The sound of wood striking against wood resounded as they caught each other’s [Slash] midway.
Additionally, there were pseudo-skills mixed in as well. She was forcibly moving her body with the golem’s assistance.

I asked Meat about the trick to it.

“Accept the forms. With a *bang*, but not just the golem, umm, y-you also going *boom* is important. Ah, [Double Slash] is fast-ness, it’s important, and [Assassin’s Edge] severs throats. Then, it’s *pow*.”

Even though she was explaining with gestures mixed in, unfortunately, I don’t get it at all.

But I’m sure that Ichika had originally been using swords. Is her only learning [Slash] because she doesn’t have talent or aptitude…? Well, it’s fine. I just wanted to see whether or not they could learn it by seeing it and save me some DP.
I didn’t want to practice over and over, so I had learned it using a skill scroll. [Skill Scroll of Slash] was a low class swordplay, 500 DP.

“Heeey, Goshujin-sama? It took two months to learn that…”
“Got it, I’ll reward you with three days of all-you-can-eat curry rolls.”
“… For a week!”

I’ll allow it.
Still, since the side of rolls is 5 DP for six of them, if she eats six hundred it’d get to the point of her recovering her investment.
… Eighty-five a day huh? That’s at the level of getting a sour stomach huh. Good luck.

Though it feels like meals are given a bit too much importance in this world.

“Does Meat want a reward too? You learned four of them, so you can ask for four times Ichika’s absurdity.”
“… Please pat me.”
“Nn? Sure.”

I pat Meat’s head. Feeling her mellow black hair felt great. Meat was wagging her tail left and right.

“So, what reward do you want? Just patting would be wasteful.”
“… Nn, this is good.”

Didn’t she just say something adorable? Let’s pet her head with both hands. Her hair became a bit disheveled, but since her tail looked happy while I ruffled it up with my hands, it’s probably good.
She’s been behaving really doglike after I gave her the family name of Blackdog huh~. The name’s effective.

“I-if Goshujin-sama wants, pet… everywhere, too…?”

… Was the name a bit too effective?



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