Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 107

Presenting the Ring to Rokuko


Presenting a ring, I know it turns into a flag where you can’t give it to them if you don’t do it immediately.
That’s why I decided to do it immediately, even though I’m embarrassed.
It’s not like I should purposely call her to hand it to her… or something is what I thought, but it’s no good. I should call her to hand it to her.
Because that’s how it is, there’s no options other than handing it to her, so I called her over saying, ‘I’m going to give you the promised thing. Please come to my room.’

“Kehma! I’m here!”

She came three seconds later. Quick.
If she had a tail it’d probably be wagging right now.
With a rustling sound, I—

“Well, Rokuko. Here it is.”
“A box? … Ah! Can I open it!?”

As soon as I said that, Rokuko quickly took out the ring.

“Ooh… a red jewel? It’s see-through and really pretty. There’s something glittering inside it too!”

And then she immediately tried to put it on her finger—then stopped.
… Then, she took a few brief glances at me… What? Me? Any more service is beyond what you should expect, I only handed it to you. It’s too embarrassing.

“… Kehma. I heard it from the hero, but it looks like usually your partner puts your ring on for you at times like this you know? W-will you?”

She’s… pleading me…? Grah, alright, I’ll do it.
When I accepted the ring back from Rokuko, I quickly took Rokuko’s left hand and took aim.
… When I took a look at Rokuko’s face, she was practically glaring at the ring from nervousness.

Now, while thinking about how Haku-san was going to kill me later, I put it on Rokuko’s ring finger… it’s loose. It’s natural considering I didn’t measure her size after all~
But I anticipated that. I could use [Create Golem].
Rather, since I expected that I’d have to adjust it from the beginning, I made it so that it would be loose. That way it wouldn’t be a problem to put it on.

Rokuko, while feeling the ring with her right hand, spun it round and round.

“Muu, it’s loose isn’t it… right!”

Just when I was about to use [Create Golem], kashiin! Rokuko started to shine.

When the light calmed down, instead of Rokuko being there there was an adult that looked like Rokuko, a blonde-haired girl.
And on the ring finger of her left hand, there was the red ring that I made. It fit precisely.

Who’re yo—… no, Rokuko? Normally thinking it couldn’t be anyone but Rokuko, no, normally thinking no one could just grow up instantly though huh. Dungeon cores really aren’t normal though.

“If the ring is loose, I just have to grow! Ehehe, it’s perfect. So, does it suit me?”
“Y-yeah… Rokuko, right?”
“Un? What wrong Kehma, charmed by me? Mufufu.”

Rokuko smiled and stuck her chest out. Things that looked like meat buns jiggled.
Her outward age obviously increased. If her old self was a grade-schooler, she’s now a high school student. High school students these days sure do grow up fast huh, hahaha.
… I seem to have been attracted towards her legs unconsciously, so I desperately tried to look away. It’d be dangerous if Rokuko didn’t have shoes on.

“… Umm? Rokuko, what’s with your appearance?”
“Oh, come to think of it this is the first time I’ve showed Kehma isn’t it? How is it?”

Rokuko twirled in a circle to show off, then over enthusiastically fell over. Even her shoes flew off.

“Ow~. I lost my balance from growing so suddenly~”
“Oi oi, be careful.”

I sat back down.
OK, let’s settle down. Those white things or that place, I saw various things that I shouldn’t see… Kuh, those white knee socks are so attractive! I looked unintentionally! Don’t turn your feet towards me, my heart can’t take it!
However, I must not look. With those amazing legs and her age isn’t a problem either, I might carelessly fall in love.
I can easily imagine being slaughtered by Haku-san in the future, so I have to desperately endure.

“R-Rokuko, can you turn back?”
“Un, I can! I mean, this appearance takes a bit of DP to maintain you know~”
“Alright, please return for now. I still don’t want to die.”
“Eh!? Kehma will die when I’m like this!? Got it I’ll turn back immediately… I turned back!”

I glanced at her. She’s turned back into a proper loli.
Phew, that was close…

“Alright, I’ll adjust the ring’s size… wait, huh?”
“Nn? Ah, it fits now!”

Rokuko spoke while putting her shoes back on. When I looked at the ring on her left hand, the ring that should have been loose fit as well on Rokuko(loli) as it did on Rokuko(big).
… Rokuko’s clothes, shoes, and even her knee socks adjusted to Rokuko(big)’s size, come to think of it. Wait, didn’t those shoes come off a moment ago? Eh? They adjust even if they’re taken off?

Alright, let’s not think into this too deeply. There’s the possibility that it won’t adjust anymore if I recognize it as breaking the law of conservation of mass.

Rokuko looked at the ring on her finger as though spellbound.

“Ehehe, this jewel is pretty. It’s red and see-through and beautiful.”
“Yeah. I have confidence in it.”

She looked really happy, looking at it from various angles while twisting it around her finger.
I also finally calmed down. Seriously, my heart was pounding…

“The twinkling thing in this gem, what is it?”
“It’s orichalcum.”
“Heeeh, orichalcum… isn’t orichalcum super rare?”
“This much cost 10,000 DP.”
“He~h…. so this much cost ten Kehma huh…”

Oi, don’t turn me into a unit. Like that Feni would be above me.

“Well, most importantly it looks like you like it.”
“Un, thank you Kehma! Love you!”

Two seconds after she said that, Rokuko’s face blushed. Looks like she noticed what she just said.
Then she ran out, saying something like, ‘I-I’m going to go show Meat!’

… Even if it was a mistake, it was pretty cute.
No, that’s all. It’s just that I’m happy she was happy from my present, that’s all…!



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