I Don’t Want to Work…!


“I don’t want to work.”

I was being summoned into another world. Well, when I, Masuda Keima, was asked for my only condition by God, that’s how I responded.

“… Umm, what did you want?”
“A life that I wouldn’t need to do anything would be good…”
“… Even if you’re reincarnated as a tree or something?”
“Oh, that’d be great~”

God sighed with an amazed expression.

“You know… were you listening to what I said when I asked for your condition?”
“Eh? What was it again?”

I think he was talking about the mana circulation and something about monsters, but I wasn’t really listening.

“In your original world, could you have researched something like a golem? Doesn’t that fill you with motivation…?”
“Eh? Hahaha, not really. Students nowadays might be like that though.”

Being able to make a maid robot that I could leave everything to and live in comfort is my dream.
This God already figured out I’m a failure after I only spoke a few words, wonder what he’d say to me if I told him about my dream?
By the way, I actually did mess around with looking into thirty centimeter ready-made robot kit that could move at school. Make it myself? Too troublesome…

“Yep, time’s up… it was a special chance, but I’ll try asking the next person.”
“Well, I’ll just make you able to understand languages. Also, if you work hard I’ll give you a proportional blessing.”
“I don’t want to work…”
“There is magic in the world you’ll be reincarnating into, but I don’t believe civilization has developed to the point where you won’t have to work. Besides, you being summoned probably means someone wants you to do something.”
“I want to go home…”
“Well, do your best yeah?”

My vision was enveloped in a bright light.
Like that, I was summoned into another world.




“A-alright! The summon was successful! … Eh, wait, a-a human!? Why!?”

I don’t know what sort of principle was behind it, but I appeared in a room whose walls were shining a pale white.
Before my eyes was a loli wearing a white dress. A cute-type little girl that lolicons would covet.
I prefer them grown up more though unfortunately, sorry.
… As a foot fetishist, they’d have to have on knee socks though.

“Why… why’d such a weakling come out even though I put in all of my DP…”
“… Can I sleep?”
“Can I go to sleep? Oh, is there a futon?”
“I-it taaaaaaaalked!?”

The heck. She’s still yapping even though I said I was sleepy.

“Ugugu, what, I didn’t hear anything about a gacha monster talking! … Oh right, it’s a human huh? Maybe that’s why it’s talking?”
“Oi, whoever you are… you’re giving me a headache, keep your voice down.”
“Oh, u-un… Wait, what’s with you!? I’m the summoner, you should be listening to what I say!”
“Oi, little girl… where’s your papa and mama? I’d like to go home.”
“Who’s a little girl! F-fine, you’re a monster summoned by a Dungeon Core! I’m going to work you until you die!”

Dungeon Core… monster… yup, I don’t get it. I was summoned, so am I a hero or something?

“Hey, hurry up and head out to slaughter those bandits! I sunk a full 1000 DP into you so you’re actually pretty strong right!?”
She just started talking about something dangerous, oi.

“Right, I’ll listen to you for a bit, so speak. What’s a Dungeon Core, what are monsters, and what’s this dee pee thing? As for being summoned… I get that part.”
“Oh, what, maybe it’s smart since it can talk? Maybe it’s a mage-type… well, it’s fine. This is my dungeon.”
“A little girl Dungeon Master…?”
“Hmm, you know about Dungeon Masters. But there isn’t a Dungeon Master in my dungeon. Ah, if I had to say, I guess I’m the Dungeon Master?”

I obviously don’t know this world’s Dungeon Masters are, but I imagine they’re something like the ones in fantasy games.
But, Dungeon Core… in other words, it’s the heart of the dungeon. This little girl is…?

“Rather, you said humans are weaklings, but aren’t you a human?”
“I’m not, it’s just that my appearance is a human’s… wait, what’s with that ‘you’!? Call me master!”
“Ah, come to think of it, I haven’t asked your name huh. What is it?”
“Mine? It’s Dungeon Core No. 695.”

A number? Talk about cutting corners… well, if there’s a No. 695 I guess that means there’s at least 694 others. If that’s it, naming would be one of those things that gets skimped on.

“Got it, Rokuko.”
“Huh? What?”
“Well, it’s hard to say Dungeon Core No. such and such, so I decided that your name is Rokuko. Your full name is Dungeon Core Rokuko. Ah, I’m Masuda Keima.”

Rokuko, formerly named Dungeon Core No. 695, looked at me and started to saying something.

“Huh? Mahsewtah Kehma? … Is that a nickname? Rather, what are you going and deciding on your own–”

[Naming received, a Master has been acknowledged.]


I don’t understand what’s going on, but that’s how I became a Dungeon Master.



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