Inside the Cave of Obscenity v3 — Prologue




It was a mountain with a dense covering of trees on it.

The mithril mine within the mountain no longer used, the formerly prosperous village at its foot had suffered a serious blow. But other than the miners no longer appearing there, neither did any beasts.

The moonlight blocked the trees’ leaves at night, it made seeing the ground rather difficult.

The rare sound of breathing on this mountain echoed through the darkness.

There weren’t many of them. Just two.

Two women were running with their arms and legs left with the remnants of their armor, their bodies barely covered by their disordered clothing.

One of them had purple hair that blended into the night’s darkness. Her beautiful hair was disheveled, her right hand gripping the chest area of her clothes in an attempt to suppress the violent undulations of her well-developed bosom. Her other hand gripped her plain, thick trousers so that they wouldn’t fall down.

The other’s hair was a beautifully shining silver color, her hair playing with the sparse traces of moonlight that made its way through the tree cover. In contrast to the other woman, she wore a white gown that shone even in the dark woods.

They were the last of the knights who had come to this abandoned mithril mine in order to investigate missing adventurers’ whereabouts.

There should have been more than ten other knights, but they were no where to be seen.

—All of them had been devoured by that mine.

It wasn’t a mistake to say that. There was a slime that mimicked the walls of that abandoned mine. A giant slime that covered the entire surface of the cave’s deepest area.

A slime that ate men and raped women.

It was the cause of those missing adventurers.

Regret and humiliation could be found within the two’s expressions as they fled—as well as relief at escaping… and a trace of increasing fear.

How long had they been running?

The mountain’s trees thinned out and moonlight began to shine along the path. Finally, the two stopped running.

Their ears buzzed from their overexertion. Their heartbeats were so rapid that their chests ached.

Their clothes, wet from the slimes’ mucus, flapped in the wind.

It mercilessly stole their warmth.

… It felt disgusting.

The two were angry at themselves for lacking the stamina to even speak properly.

“Alfira, can you, still run?”

The white female knight asked the other while attempting to catch her breath. When she scooped up her silvery hair—wet due to mucus in the same way as her clothing—long, tapered ears could be seen.

She was an elf.

A race known as the forest people, a race superior in mana. Her evidence of this was illuminated by the moonlight. Similar to her silvery hair, her pale skin played with the light.

“Yes… Fiana… sama…”

Taking short breaks, the black-clothed knight named Alfira responded.

After taking a good look at Alfira for a moment, Fiana resumed walking. It was hard to run, but they couldn’t afford to rest.

Understanding exactly why, Alfira followed up without saying anything.

“We can rest, when we get, to the village.”


It took them half a day to reach the abandoned mine from the village during the daytime. Even if they were going downhill this time, it was quite a distance… however, Alfira didn’t complain.

Inside that mine laid only tragedy… compared to being brought back to that hell, Alfira felt that she would rather crawl down the mountain if she had to.

After walking for a while and catching her breath, Alfira’s ability to think came back to her as well. With that, she finally realized that she was holding her trousers so that they wouldn’t fall down.

Have I been running so desperately that I didn’t even notice something like that?

Thinking that, Alfira’s cheeks blushed in the pale darkness. Her massive cleavage was on display in the open and her trousers were falling low enough for some of her underwear to be visible due to her running.

Halting for a moment, she arranged her appearance to a bare minimum. Properly hiding her breasts within her clothes, she also tightened the string of her trousers.

Seeing that, Fiana stopped and looked over herself as well. Her vestments were covered with so much mucus that they stuck to her body, showing her figure rather visibly.

She was shorter than Alfira, but her bosom was much more well-developed. The shape of her thighs and butt as well as the lines of her underwear were visible through her wet vestments. The stockings suspended from her garter belt was somewhat transparent.

If there were a man with them right then, those two beauties would have been impossible to not make a move on.



They both sighed.

Not due to their appearance.

What would they do in the future? What would become of them from then on?

The mission’s failure… that was okay. There were no perfect existences in this world. Not even Fiana, a nationally-owned knight, was an exception to this. She had received a royal command from the queen, but she had experienced failure in this mission.


She remembered. She couldn’t not.

Returning to the village on foot, memories revived in their silence. What happened within that mine. The hell they received in its depths. The semen that spilled out, yet would still have remnants within their wombs. The sickening, disgusting acts.

And the crazed, feverish passion.

Recalling those things, a sense of disgust so intense that they tasted acid pierced them.

What would happen if they went back, just like that?

They couldn’t help but ask themselves, but they already knew the answer.

Frederica Rene. Satia. Those two mages were the result of the same decision. What that implied… well, neither Fiana nor Alfira were stupid.

Therefore, they looked into the sky as though to endure something. The white moon reflected in their eyes.

… Fiana and Alfira gulped in such a way that neither would notice the other doing so, desperately forcing their legs to continue marching forward. There was no presence behind them. Not even a sound.

However, similar to a darkness pursuing them, they were driven by fear.

They wanted to hurry and purify themselves. Driven by that, the two descended the mountain.

The queen’s swords, created to subjugate monsters—ran from a monster.



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