Inside the Cave of Obscenity v3 — Ch 1 Pt 6

Chapter One

Crucible of Pleasure

(Part 6)


Within that abandoned mine, Satia and the others were subjected to the Black Ooze’s desires. Three days and nights. No, they had been violated for even longer than that.

The total sum of pleasure they’d been bestowed with could be viewed as a limitless wonder.


“Ah!? Ah-a—aaah!?”

Lifted up and her legs forcibly parted, the slime struck itself into her vagina. Although the tentacle reached the entrance to her womb with a surprising rush, she still felt virtually no pain. Unable to even attempt to pull away due to being held in place, it was able to continue pressing itself up against her womb’s entrance.

Despite the tentacle thrusting itself into her so forcibly and despite being subjected to something that was by all rights painful, Frederica could only moan in pleasure.

The pain.

She welcomed the pain from the depths of her soul and had prepared her body for this, yet even so, pain would always accompany her womb being pressed against so tempestuously.

Even with that, her moans gradually grew louder, saliva dripping from the corners of her lax mouth.

Painful. Yet pleasurable. Yet painful. Yet pleasurable.

Her mind couldn’t keep up, growing muddled.

She couldn’t care about Fiana in the least by then. She didn’t care what would happen to her from then on.

She was happy that she was still clothed. She was being violated rather… violently—and she was made to feel that to an incredible degree. With everything happening, she was able to fantasize that she was in the middle of being forced into this.


A sticky sound came from within her trousers. Frederica’s own secretions were mixing with the mucus that soaked her underpants.

Her trousers had grown so wet at the area between her legs that it looked much as though she’d peed herself. Although she knew that it wasn’t as though all of the liquid was from her getting so wet in such a short amount of time, it was still embarrassing.

Frederica’s beautiful face was dyed red, looking much like a maiden.

However, even though the tentacles’ offense had weakened, it wasn’t as if they’d stopped entirely.

With her body bouncing each time the tentacles pushed into her, her breasts followed suit beneath her mucus-plastered undergarments with remarkable leaps. Her long-since erect nipples were clearly visible through her black undergarments.

“—Nn, no—t, the—-eeeere…”

In sheer defiance of gravity, the Black Ooze held Frederica’s breasts upward and began to wring them out as though to milk them. Feeling a painful sensation from her nipples, she looked toward her breasts.

(No way…)

It was something that would never normally occur. Let alone as a woman, she wasn’t even treated as a human…. she was being dealt with like a toy, her dignity growing ever more broken.

Yet while that may have been the case, knowing that wasn’t hurtful.

Her inner womb throbbing, she strove to thrust her hips along with the tentacles despite her precarious position in the air. Her body was reacting so as to make it feel even better.

Yes—this felt great to her.

“Har… der… do it, harder—”

She felt like the tentacles actually started to move slightly faster. The tentacle working on her breasts also did so with more strength, stimulating her nipples by pulling on them.

It violating her from under her clothes reminded her of the first time this monster had its way with her, bringing yet more stimulating humiliation to her.

That time was much—much more cruel. Her cries, her shouts, they meant nothing. She truly was taken the entire night. It was gross, smelly, nauseating… and even though her traveling companions were within the slime, she was only able to indulge in her desires and beg to be let go.

She also recalled how it hadn’t let her go, of course.

She felt heat accumulate within her and something press against her womb. Not even thinking about it, she moved her hips as though to guide the slime inside.

It was there that felt the best for her. Her dignity, her morality—what did she care? This monster was able to bring her to a place where none of that mattered, where she felt so good she didn’t want it to matter.

It’s semen. Different from human semen, it was a magical liquid that could impregnate a beauty like Frederica in one go. Once filled with it, there was no turning back—from this monster, from mankind’s enemy, from this wickedness she should have abhorred.


She’d be pregnant.

She’d birth another monster.

It wasn’t stark refusal that played along her lips as she thought that, oh no—it was sheer ecstasy, a delighted scream.

“Nnnnaaaah!? No, not that… nnn!!”

She screamed like a young virgin. It was merely for form’s sake, of course. Both Frederica and the Black Ooze understood this. She’d been gladly grabbing at the tentacle giving her its magical liquid so as to bring it even further in. If she truly didn’t want this, she merely had to use magic to escape.

She could escape by burning its tentacles. She’d long since recovered the mana for that.

The Black Ooze knew this, as did Frederica. It wasn’t as if she couldn’t escape. She simply didn’t. Why? Well…


Her lower body shook greatly. Unable to stop the tentacle, the entrance to her womb allowed the tentacle and the magical liquid it released inside. Her womb, now long accustomed to this, opened itself for the Black Ooze’s ejaculation.

It entered her womb, a place for developing children. Feeling it press itself hard against the side of her womb, she felt a sharp pain and let a genuine scream out.

It hurt, it hurt badly—with her putting that sentiment into her scream, the mucus tentacle stopped being so rough, instead withdrawing and changing its piercing motion into what more closely resembled a licking motion. With that, her womb relaxed somewhat and dribbled some of its magical liquid back out.

It could lick spots a human just couldn’t. It was incredibly disgraceful, yes, but also incredibly pleasant. As it stimulated tender spots no human penis could, she would feel sensations entirely impossible for her to feel anywhere else.

“W—ait. Wait, wait! I-I just…”

It sounded like she was wanting to say it couldn’t do something, but she wasn’t able to finish because of what it was doing to her.

She didn’t really know what she didn’t want it to do, but Frederica still tried to stop it from doing that something. The mucus tentacle undulated, stimulating her vaginal wall. It shape changed from one moment to the next. It was snake-like at one moment only to be like several penis heads the next. Every so often it would press up against her vaginal wall towards her navel so strongly that its shape was somewhat visible from the outside.

It was impossible to grow used to its ever-changing shape, let alone how it was able to find sensitive spots that Frederica herself didn’t know about, nor how it would subsequently focus on those places.

This wasn’t to pleasure Frederica, this was to examine Frederica’s… no, a woman’s body. Of the people the Black Ooze had come across, only four had been women. This was the reason it so thoroughly examined the four’s bodies, using that information for the next time it would use them as nurseries. That was all.

Again, it held no love or attraction toward her.

Frederica knew well how the Black Ooze treated Satia no differently even with her constant whispers of love to it—other than it growing more consistent, that is.

In the end, this was just a monster that provided her with pleasure. There was nothing more to it.

And although she understood that asking Fiana and the others for help and escaping here was the correct answer, she just couldn’t do it.

“Th—-ere, the—-re, gooood!”

The top of her vaginal wall, on the opposite side of her clitoris. Pushing up on it from the inside, it constantly informed her of new weak spots.

“Aooooah!? Ooh, aah…”

Blotches dripped out into her thick trousers. Frederica heard a sloppy sound coming from inside her trousers, their color growing dark from being wetted.

Her unstable position in the air falling apart as she went into convulsions, she crashed toward the ground. Just before she hit, several tentacles supported Frederica’s limbs, wrapped around her waist, and listed her butt into the air.

This wasn’t so that Frederica wouldn’t fall.

Frederica, about to voice her gratitude for catching her, stopped herself. This was because her waist and was fixed in place, stopping her from moving and dispersing some of the lingering waves of pleasure from a moment before.

Her convulsions forcibly held down, it focused on the new weak point it just realized she had.

She couldn’t see it since it was hidden beneath her trousers, but her lower abdomen was pushed outward by its strong movements. Her untouched clitoris had uncovered itself and was rubbing against her now-soaked underwear.

“Ah, n-no… d-don—”

Her upper-body raged from the excited sensations coursing through her, but no matter how much strength she tried to use, she couldn’t move her lower half at all. With even her convulsions sealed from her, it kept attacking her vagina and having her clitoris rub against her undergarments by the vibrations caused.

Its tentacle up-and-down rather than in-and-out, she tried moving her upper body to somehow escape the mind-numbing pleasure. Just then, however, the tentacles massaging her breasts intensified their efforts.

Winding themselves around her breasts in spirals, they concentrated on tormenting her nipples.

Starting from the base of her breasts, they squeezed out toward her nipples as if she were being milked.

Her breasts were wanting to collapse themselves since she was laying in the air chest-up, but they were forced into bullet like shapes.

The whole of the vagina and the whole of the breasts could be said to both be the largest erogenous zones on a woman’s body, but they were also targets one couldn’t help but torment. Ignoring the drool dripping from her mouth, Frederica let out a loud moan as he upper body and legs convulsed over and over. Her boots had slipped off at some point and her toes curled as if to grab at something.

The dark spot on her trousers grew larger each time she convulsed, it had already reached her buttocks. She looked just like a child who’d wet their pants.

Even so, what she was wearing were fairly thick trousers, ones suitable for adventuring. That’s just how much Frederica had leaked.

“St—op, it… alreeeeeeady!!”

Her face looked up toward the ceiling, tears spilling from the corners of her eyes. Her eyes wide open, her mouth was unable to meet her lungs’ desperate demand for oxygen as she began to breath wildly through both her nose and mouth.

She looked pitiful with snot, tears, and saliva covering her face, but the tentacles didn’t slow down at all.

The one in her vagina continued its up-and-down motion, licking her womb while also stimulating the ceiling, floor, and sides of her vagina all at once.

She couldn’t keep up.

Frederica’s mind couldn’t process the extreme levels of pleasure being sent to it.

It was pleasure, but also painful. The extremes raged in her mind as her body screamed at it, yet she was unable to do anything in response.

Even if she knew it was meaningless, Frederica could only beg for mercy. It was just that there was nothing left to protect Frederica’s sense of reason.

Like this, she was brought to climax countless times—over and over until even after her mind and body were exhausted to the point she couldn’t even react anymore… Finally, at the far end of her vagina… the monster ejected its liquid into her, impregnating her.


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