Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Ch 7 Pt 4

Chapter Seven

The Female Knights’ Fate

(Part 4)


Occasionally, there would be gasps, wheezing, or even simple pleading.

Intercourse between humans didn’t last for too long. There was a limit to both strength and endurance.

Alfira had been aware of that, as well. She was being made to feel, to gasp from areas she’d never before considered as erogenous.

Even though what was raping her was a monster, even though she was suffering such substantial mental anguish, she was livid at being forced to feel such things in such strange areas.

Ears ears were licked, ravished right into their holes, tickling the interior of her head.

Besides that, she was informed by her body that its sensitivity had increased extensively in this short amount of time.

What had been developed the most was her abundant chest. And, on the tops of them, her nipples.

At first glance, they appeared no different from other women’s, but there was actually a secret about them she had protected until just a while ago.

They were still a beautiful pale pink and about as big as the tip of a pinky, erect to the point that they couldn’t stiffen any further.

And as they were the only things not covered by the slime’s black mucus, they seemed to shine due to the sticky liquid applied the the rest of her chest.

Her nipples, despite still not being touched, made her feel.

There was wind.

A slight breeze flowed through the cave. Wind entered through the same hole in the ceiling that shed light into the cave.

Flowing across her wettened chest, she wound up feeling it each and every time it stroked her sensitized nipples.

Currently, another slime was entering her developed urethra. She’d momentarily thought that she might be released, but that was a mistake.

What was entering Alfira this time was a slime somewhat larger than the one that had taught her what pleasure her urethra could bring her. That same sense of pressure returned to the insides of her waist.

However, that wasn’t all.

What Alfira felt was pure terror.

Even though she was frightened by the reality of a foreign creature entering her urethra, that isn’t what sent chills down her spine. It was—

Oh, again?

—herself, as she mentally responded with a feeling of resignation.

She was afraid of the thought of herself enjoying her urethra being violated.

It hadn’t even been half a day since she had come to this cave.

She’d already been developed to this point.

She could hardly consider her ability to endure until the time came that help arrived.

“S-saaab-b-be… m-me…”

Shedding tears and snot as saliva spilled from her mouth, Alfira pleaded for mercy.

She didn’t believe that this monster, this non-eared slime would listen to her pleading. She didn’t think it would at all.

Yet even so, she still begged for aid.

“W, waah—waaah…”

Much like an infant, she even started to shake her head and cry.

She had nothing about her that would make her look like a knight anymore. She’d lost her pride in that the moment she started panting from its caresses and lost her virginity.

Alfira was self-aware. Aware that she could no longer live an ordinary life.

Her eyes opened wide.

Once again, a slime obviously larger than the one that entered her just before approached her urethra.


She shook her head back and forth violently, her body moving in a rage.

Her body that had dulled from the pleasure now, at this moment, felt like it had regained its former strength.

She didn’t want something as big as that inside her. If she felt any more from her urethra, she might really stop being able to live in human society.

She felt like she’d already gone to the point of no return, but she still didn’t want to be developed any further.

“Kfuh!? Sh—aaaah—!?”

Just there, was Alfira’s reaction… delighted?

The mucus tentacle that had been driven into her vagina like a stake resumed its movements.

It hadn’t stopped for Alfira to settle down after the pain of her deflowering, but she wouldn’t know that.

Traces of astonishment appeared in her eyes.

She didn’t know the exact time it happened, but she was sure that that area was supposed to make her feel pain. Pain of her deflowering, pain that would return to her a certain amount of reason.

Looking away from the slime moving for her urethra, she turned to gaze to the tentacle piercing her vagina like a pile driver.

“S-s-stahp, i-it…”

What she felt from it was definitely pleasure.

It gave not the slightest bit of pain, nor did it give a feeling of pressure. Her vagina had already adjusted to the size and shape of the tentacle penetrating her, and the wound from her deflowering was lubed over by the tentacle’s mucus and her own secretions.

And above all, her entire body was being trained to feel pleasure from where there was pain.

The current Alfira might already be at the point of feeling pleasure from the pain of deflowering.

Getting the feeling that that was what was happening to her, the sense of dread in her chest increased.

What would happen to her body, her mind, when she left this mine? What would happen to her from here on…? The mere thought of it frightened her.

“S-save—please, Fhiahnaaaa-samaaa…”

And, again, she begged for help from the sleeping knight.

She didn’t even realize that her voice never reached her.


The girl’s limbs shook slightly.

Her clothes, exposed by her armor being stripped off, stuck to her wettened skin and showed off her graceful limbs.

Her waist swung in the empty air as though to beg for something, there was no strength in either of her legs. She’d probably be unable to so much as stand if it weren’t for the tentacles’ support.

Still in that state, Fiana continued sleeping even now.

Her slightly parted lips could be seen through the mucus, her tongue was moving like it was licking something within the mucus.

Perhaps her mouth contained a penis within her dream? Or perhaps she was twining her tongue around another’s?

“Huu… huuu…”

He breathing ragged, her cheeks were dyed red. Her mouth and eyes were covered with mucus, its abnormality obvious.

As he mouth was blocked, she was only able to breathe through her nose, causing some snot to run down from it.

If she were conscious, this was something she would never display in public. A man may be forced to swallow back his saliva at the mere sight of it.

But even so, the Black Ooze continued its methods without feeling any emotion over it.

Fiana continued to speak, plead, and desire pleasure.

All the Black Ooze had was the knowledge of men’s lust.

This woman was the important mother body that would birth its children, it would never eat her. Even if it was the carrier of an enormous mana capacity and knowledge of magic like Fiana.

Therefore, this time it would attempt to seek out what sort of pleasure the woman desired while she was still unconscious.

“Mm, ga…”

Blocked by the mucus, a strained voice came from her throat.

When would the next person come to this abandoned mine?

Until that happened, the women would not be released.

Not Alfira and Fiana, at least.

… As for Frederica and Satia, they would accept this pleasure as long as their minds didn’t break.

“Sh–shta—! Shaaaaaa… a-a-aaaave, me—-Fiaaaana-shaaaamaaa!!”

“Nn… mm…”

Fiana’s cries for help wouldn’t be answered.

This female elf was dangerous. The Black Ooze’s intuition told it that, so it made it sleep with magic that a knight was able to use.

She wasn’t an opponent it couldn’t win against. In truth, even if the Black Ooze had played dirty, it did still defeat Fiana. However, she was still able to kill the Black Ooze. She was that strong.

In that case, all it had to do was kill her.

There were several dozen men’s wills within the Black Ooze. Some among them murmured that.

However, many others denied that sentiment. Fiana was strong. Maybe even one of this kingdom’s greatest strengths.

Therefore, it would rape her and have her bear its children.

Surely, with this woman, it could gain some strong monsters. It would have her birth them.



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