Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Ch 7 Pt 2

Chapter Seven

The Female Knights’ Fate

(Part 2)


The suddenness of it surprised her, but even so, she accepted it.

His tongue wriggled much like a mollusk’s, instantly beginning to ravish the inside of Fiana’s mouth the same way as her ears. Not just her tongue’s surface, but also her tongue’s underside, her tongue’s base, her gums, her palate, and her cheeks.

Her entire mouth was violated by his tongue for a very, very long time. Her breathing roughened as her mouth was blocked, that roughness sounding almost painful to those who could hear it.

However, even though she was being tormented to that extent, Fiana herself held not even a shred of bitterness or fear.

For her to be desired like this brought her an extreme pleasure, causing her matured body to relax.

Just how long had her ears and mouth been ravished?

Her eyes, usually emitting her powerful will, moistened in passion. Tears accumulated in the corners of her eyes before streaming down.


Then next part of Fiana that was targeted was the first thing people focused on upon seeing Fiana’s sensual body—her captivating breasts.

Her breasts were so large that even despite being suppressed by her undergarments so much that they hurt, they shook and were nuisances when she swung her sword. Above all, Fiana only ever found it mentally taxing when men focused their attention on her very un-elf-like assets.

Wouldn’t those very breasts be unsightly for those from the same race as her? While on one hand, she felt uneasy, on the other, she wished that he would hurry up and massage them.

She wanted her breasts to feel pleasant, just like with her ears and tongue. Believing that, Fiana waited for the moment to come expectantly. Saliva spilled from her open mouth, her moistened eyes hazy with tears due to the deflowering of her ears.

Her thoroughly obscene expression could awaken the bestial nature of countless men the world over.

Her breasts were large enough to overflow even over a man’s hand. Those very breasts were touched by this man’s hands from above her clothes.


A tiny moan made its way from her mouth.

When she shut her eyes out of embarrassment, the tears collecting in her eyes all spilt at once.

Even so, the man’s hands didn’t stop as they massaged Fiana’s breasts. He started out slowly, so gentle that she almost couldn’t feel any stimulation through the underwear and clothes separating her skin from his. He gently caressed her, causing her chest to warm… but it wasn’t enough for Fiana, not after the flame within her lit up.

The delight won out at first, but it soon lost to the unsatisfied emotions dwelling in her heart.

Once it did, Fiana had no path to go but to give herself.

She moaned in frustration, but her herself being the one to ask would be immodest, causing he logic and lust to vie for control.


A very, very quiet voice leaked from her lips. Despite her mouth being ravished by the man, she somehow managed to make a sound.

It was even more quiet than the panting sighs coming from her thus far, quiet to the point that not even the person giving Fiana this pleasure would be able to hear it.

Even so, it was something she spoke despite feeling so much shame.

But as expected, her voice didn’t reach him as he continued to caress her breasts.

Or perhaps he did hear it, causing him to continue caressing her so tenderly so that she could say it more clearly. Suddenly realizing that, Fiana looked at the man before her.

Her eyes, having been shut out of shame and thoroughly wetted by tears of joy, weren’t the eyes of a knight, but of a woman.

“… —ong, er…”

As if to urge her to speak, the caressing on her breasts continued on gently.

It wasn’t enough. What did she need to say?

Even though it was such a tender, gentle action, Fiana found it increasingly cruel.

With an emotion that could be called suffering, the woman was entirely turned on.

“D-do, it…”

Although she spoke somewhat more clearly this time, it was easier than before.

But even with that, he remained as gentle as ever.

What did she need to do for him to be more forceful? She felt like she was being tested.

Pleasure and shame. Then, along with unbearable heat building within her chest, tongue, and ears, as well as the caresses that teased her breasts, her abdomen began to throb.

Fiana’s hips moved ignoring her own intentions, her bottom, still clothed by her white trousers, swaying back and forth.

An embarrassing stain might have appeared on her underwear. One caused by nectar flowing from her womb.

When she realized that, she wondered just how much shame she felt right then—yes, Fiana was exciting herself even further.

“Muueh—m-massage, stronger…”

Fiana felt her voice sounded passionate.

This was the first time she’d ever made a voice like that.

Her surprise disappeared in an instant as the man’s hand began to violate her breasts.

Not massage. Violate.

“H-huah! Fuaannn…!”

Heavy breathing with a certain heat to it passed her lips.

They were covered by her clothes and bra, but even so her unconcealable breasts were kneaded like bread dough.

Even when they were dealt with in such a way that it would normally be painful, she could only feel it as just enough after being aroused to the point of feeling agony by the extreme gentleness prior.

Her right breast was massaged from the bottom upwards, the opposite for her left breast. No sooner did she think that he was massaging them as though to rip open her clothing did he strike them so hard that they clashed into each other.

As for Fiana, she was feeling more pain from the way her bra was digging into her than from the way her breasts were being treated.

Normally, her pure white bra was something that served and protected her breasts, but it now felt more akin to a torture device.

But the problem was that it wasn’t just her skin but also her nipples that rubbed against the bra. Her clothes absorbed the sweat coming from her skin, becoming transparent and showing off the skin beneath. Just how much had she perspired? Even the skin beneath her white-colored underwear was becoming visible.

As for what stood out, well, it wasn’t the fair skin beneath her clothes. It was the faintly peach nipples standing on the summits of her breasts.

But for some reason, the man went out of his way to never touch them, the most erogenous portion of her breasts. Following what Fiana said, he was just massaging her breasts ‘stronger’.

Having given herself to the pleasant stimulation, Fiana realized that a short while later.

No matter how much lust clouded her thoughts, she would still think about what she needed to do to feel even more stimulation.

“M-my… n-ni-nipples, too—”

But what came from her mouth was an uncouth voice, shaking from the ravishing it was receiving even still.

Even so, hearing Fiana’s voice, the man’s actions shifted to satisfy Fiana’s desire.

The intensity assaulting her chest abated slightly before being joined up by that much stimulation being applied to her nipples. Her right nipple was pulled out in all directions as her left one rolled about here and there like he was trying to press it into her breast.

This multi-fronted attack caused her expression to be dyed in ecstasy as her body began to twitch.

“Sho, guud… sho gu-guuuuud…”

Naturally, her true thoughts came from her mouth.

Even though she’d tried to hide it, she couldn’t endure anymore and ended up saying it out loud.

Elves were terse and dull when it came to intercourse. Exactly because of their long lives were they also just as old-fashioned in their sexual ways. They were a race that would go tens—no, hundreds of years without attempting to make a child, only seeing child making as a ritual and not as something for pleasure.

This was proof that they didn’t place anywhere near as much importance on intercourse as humans did and was unsatisfactory to Fiana and her sensual, ripe body.

It was similar to the man she’d associated with, he was very dull when it came to intercourse.

He would just put his genitals to hers, simply having her vagina take his penis in.

Even displays of affection were treated similarly by the elves, so when the time had come that they had intercourse for the first time, what they felt seemed like a taboo.

When that man was attacked by a monster and fell in battle, she had drowned in sorrow. Later, when she found a human that she liked… Fiana’s world was opened.

Compared to elves, the short-lived humans’ way of viewing intercourse was, in a single word, wonderful.

Plentiful with their caresses, they would even whisper sweet nothings to each other during the act.

As for Fiana, she was greedy when it came to sex. She probably had that sort of personality to begin with.

But that man had also died, unable to live for too long.

The man who’d taught the beauty, Fiana, what intercourse truly was, was dead. She had repeated this again—in her many years, she’d loved many people.

They were all of the same race, all humans.

And now—

“Feelsh, guuud…”

Her ears, her eyes, and her breasts were all being ravished.

The pleasure she felt at that moment was by far the best she’d ever felt.

Despite her mind being unraveled by that comfort, she didn’t hesitate to say what she felt.

She said that what felt good felt good, where she was feeling it the most, and what she wanted to be done to her.

Lost in that dreamlike feeling, little by little, Fiana’s spirit dissolved.



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