Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Ch 6 Pt 6

Chapter Six

A Pleasuring Corruption

(Part 6)


Exactly because there were women welcoming the monsters right before her, her sense of dread felt as though it might become a reality, willing or not.

“No, stop, stop it… Fiahh, Fiana-samaaa—”

She begged for help. She moved her body, giving the minimal amount of resistance.

But her stamina had been entirely used up. The mucus restraining the female knight wouldn’t be broken by her feeble movements, the Black Ooze couldn’t even feel it as an itch.

Her belt was removed as she did that, followed by her thick pair of trousers.

As for what appeared beneath, well, it was a pair of plain black panties. As she placed value on practicality, she’d likely picked the color because not even a stain would stand out on them.

Just by her body being given pleasure, even her excretory organ had turned into something that she felt pleasure from. Upon taking a closer look at the panties, one would only see a change in color around the crotch area.

But those panties concealed a rather tragic state of affairs.

“Stop, stop it—no, sto—”

When the tentacle looped through the top of her panties and out one of the legs, it slid them down to her knees.

With that, although it wasn’t visibly apparent, some liquid other than slime and urine was pulled into a line between her crotch and panties.

Alfira could tell what was happening by sight. Because of her posture, her gaze would inevitably fall to her genitals. She could understand through how much pain there was what the situation was with her genitals. At least, she’d intended to understand.

But in truth, as Alfira was much more wet than she’d expected, her yet-untrespassed labia had already parted slightly.


She felt shame and hopelessness.

Unable to properly handle the emotions swirling within her mind and hanging her head in shame, she once again began to cry.

At the same time as that, the slime and tentacles that had been stimulating her breasts and urethra stopped moving.

She didn’t even wonder if it had finished. When she thought about how it would humiliate her even more than currently, she cried even more.

This wasn’t the end. Alfira knew all too well that there was more to come.

That is, wasn’t Alfira’s future being put on show right before her eyes?

“I’m begging you—”

Alfira’s voice leaked out.

The woman’s voice was weak.

“—please, stop.”

Simultaneously with her mutters, the tentacle stroked her labia.

With a sense of disgust yet a definite feeling of arousal, her hips quivered.

From here on, Alfira would be raped.

It wasn’t that large. It wasn’t the weapon of mass destruction currently assaulting Frederica, at least. It was slightly smaller than that of an adult male’s, even.

Although Alfira couldn’t tell the difference due to her lack of experience, this was something the Black Ooze had considered.

The feeling of pain lead to a waste in intercourse. It had learned this from its acts with Satia. Moreover, its implantation into Frederica—who lusted for pleasure—didn’t go as smoothly as it did with Satia.

It didn’t truly know if pleasure had any relation to conception within its mother bodies.

However, as anecdotal experience, the Black Ooze had learned that mother bodies submerged in pure pleasure were more easily able to conceive a child.

“Sh-shta… stop, please…”

The sound of liquids squishing into each other could be heard as the Black Ooze’s mucus and Alfira’s secretions mixed.

Rubbing against her labia as though a man would to jack off with her inner thighs, it brushed again her clitoris, causing her waist to jump.

This was a physiological phenomenon, not Alfira’s own intention. Even though she knew that, she felt betrayed by her body’s reactions, even more tears of regret and vexation spilling down her cheeks.


Some strength was put into the tentacle rubbing right against her labia.

Knowing what about to happen through the feeling of it, Alfira bit her lip.

She would at least suppress her voice. Convincing herself of that for the umpteenth time, she once again clung to her failed resistance.


Her vagina, never before deflowered, was penetrated by the tentacle.

She felt an overwhelming sensation of oppression and intimidation.

She couldn’t understand why the two were gasping and moaning with cries of pleasure, they must have something wrong with them.

Alfira abused the two before her within her mind. By doing so, she tried to settle herself down.

She cursed that the people with something wrong with them were the two in front of her: Frederica and Satia. Not herself.

She cursed that something like willingly accepting a monster was impossible.

But the Black Ooze wasn’t in a rush as it slowly unwound the tenseness in Alfira’s body. As though it were trying to not break her hymen, it went went back and forth through the entrance the her vagina countless times.

This was the same sort of behavior that was exhibited within her urethra beforehand.

Rather than suddenly plunging all the way in, it would gradually, little by little, bit by bit, adapt her body.

“Fu-uhn, nn… nnn—”

The pain she expected never came.

Even that sense of oppression she’d felt at first disappeared before long.

It was like rolling down a slope after that.

Once the area near her entrance had been relaxed, what followed next was that the slime within her urethra began moving. The bladder far within her urethra and the base of her clitoris were pressed together.

Her empty bladder no longer shouted in pain, instead conveying a pleasant sensation that absolutely no human had ever felt before.

It was the same with her clitoris. How would any human have ever felt their clitoris being stimulated from behind it?

Similarly with her glossy nipples, her right one was pulled on by the string-like tentacle and teased.

Her left nipple was licked, rolled, and entirely visible through the transparent mucus.

She felt like richly colored fireworks were going off within her head.

Her eyes looked towards the rocky surface of the walls yet saw nothing, simply shedding tears. Her lips she’d been biting down on had parted slightly, her glossy tongue and beautifully white teeth becoming visible from within.

“St… op…”

Her body slackened.

She couldn’t put any strength into it at all.

Still suspended by the Black Ooze, Alfira had ended up so weak that she wasn’t even able to resist vocally.

The Black Ooze, having acquired the techniques and knowledge of dozens of men, was much too skilled in pleasuring Alfira, who had barely even known about these acts.

Each time her nipples, clitoris, urethra, or vagina were stimulated, the female knight’s body would react in amusing ways.

She looked entirely look a toy given to some child—a child named Black Ooze.

“Fuah—ahnnn, uu…”

The toy swallowed back her saliva.

Each time the toy was stimulated, she would let out a moan, reacting to even the slightest of stimulation. The way she leapt back and forth between the border of pleasure and resistance was amusing.

“Ha-aah. Nnuu—sho, go-ood…”

“Go, shu… shamaaaa…”

Frederica and Satia were the first to collapse.

It could be said to be natural as they had started being ravished long before Alfira woke up, but those two’s states were wretched.

Their bodies had been entirely covered with mucus, her rich hair clinging to both her body and cheeks.

Above all, some amount of distinctly cloudy liquid from the slime dripped from their vaginas.

The semen that had no room to stay within them overflowed, trailing down their thighs.

Alfira didn’t know what kind of thing a monster’s semen was. However, what she did know was that a human would definitely be impregnated if that much was poured into them.

The duo’s expressions—they seemed incredibly happy, delighted, and satisfied… Most of all, the two willingly brought tentacles that were near their faces into their mouths, caressing them with their tongues and rubbing their cheeks against them. They were willingly attempting to please the tentacles.

(… Ah.)

Would she become like that as well?


Would she also wish to willingly please these monsters?


Another tentacle began to knead her clitoris.

While cursing that her body would climax from that alone—

She felt fear, humiliation, shame, and pleasure. Each of those feelings and each of the various fluids covering her warped her expression.

“Get, aw—… get away, from meeee!!”


Alfira felt like she heard the sound of something tearing.



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