Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Ch 6 Pt 3

Chapter Six

A Pleasuring Corruption

(Part 3)


The same was happening with her gasping. No longer having even a shred of intention in holding them back, she continued with exclaiming.

(No, no—stop, stop iiiiit!!!)

She thought that, but the only things making their way from her mouth were meaningless gasps.

Looking at Frederica and Satia, the only thing Alfira felt was despair as she brought to a climax by her urethra.

(I-I’m not, I’m not like them—aaaaah!!)

Not like them. Alfira repeatedly shouted in her mind that she wasn’t like those women that had accepted the monsters.

However, her body was accepting the slime’s urethral torture. She no longer even felt pain from it.

Her head hung while her waist kept shaking from the crystal clear pleasure.

“H-hah… Haah-haaaah—”

That dull, pleasant feeling stimulated her from the inside.

Her purple hair sticking to her cheek felt gross.

—Just then, the tentacle that was restraining her wrists let go. Alfira, unable to put any strength into her lower half after being brought to a climax so many times, simply fell to the ground.

Her eyes closed in anticipation for the pain of her cheek hitting the slime-wettened ground, but what she felt was a soft sensation.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a bed of black mucus under her.


Aflira sat up, her knees and bottom still touching the mucus bed. [1]

Her shoulders moved up and down violently. Her eyes were wet dull due to the pleasure, the sharpness they’d once had gone.

And more than anything—even without the paralytic poison, her lower body had gone numb from the excessive pleasure.

Her waist even ignored what her mind told it to do and continued convulsing.


Suddenly, the monster, something she should have hated, shoved its tentacle right in front of her.

Moving it as though to show it off—it exposed its majesty to Alfira.

(Something like that’s—inside… them…)


Alfira swallowed back her saliva.

Her womb throbbed slightly. Her quick, shallow gasps gradually intensified.

However, that was something Alfira herself hadn’t noticed.

Even though she gazed at the tentacle as though she was about to dig in, she didn’t do anything—she kept waiting for the tentacle to take the next step.

It had developed her urethra and it had shown her the two lust-blinded women.

She was also made to instinctively understand the concept *having sex with a monster*.

Through her womanly body, this monster made her understand that it was an existence unimaginable for humans. It was one that gave pleasure through intercourse.

What sort of thing was rape?

She’d been taught that as well.

That’s why—


Her resistance was feeble, so much so that it surprised even her.

It wasn’t the voice of a knight—but a woman. Alfira felt it.

She *felt it.

It wasn’t the voice of a knight that hunted monsters—it was the voice of a woman that was frightened of being raped. She didn’t have any armor on. She didn’t have a sword in her hand. Right then, she was a woman. Not a knight.

“Stop i—-nnn!?”

Her second try at resisting was put to a stop by the disgusting feeling of the tentacle entering into her cleavage.

Making the best use of its characteristically slimy self, it moved through the valley that was pressed tightly together by her clothes.

Continuing on ravaging them, it wrapped around both of her breasts.

Alfira didn’t know exactly what was happening since it was happening under her clothes, but she could feel a slimy sound coming from her breasts.


That was a lie.

Even though they were being jostled about roughly, rather than pain, they only conveyed a dull sense of pleasure.

Because she didn’t know what was happening, because it was happening under her clothes, because of the lewd sounds, she felt like she was being treated with as an object. The feeling that she could not resist was carved into her body.

She at least tried grabbing her own breasts with her now-free hands to hold them in place.


However, she wasn’t able to stop them, nor capture the tentacle from above her clothing.

Dexterously maneuvering away from the hands trying to catch it, the tentacle continued ravishing Alfira’s soft skin.

From a third person’s point of view, her grabbing her own breasts made it look like she was masturbating.

In fact, the stimulation from her own hands was something that Alfira couldn’t ignore.

While the mucus tentacle gently stimulated her skin, her own hands massaged her breasts intensely.

“Haah, haah!! C—c-cumming agaaaain!?”

“Huuu—ha, hah… m… mooore—”

Frederica’s intense panting and Satia’s sweet whispers tickled Alfira’s ears.

And more than anything—

“Kuh—haah… Nn, nuu…”

She certainly heard her own heated sighs as well.

The pleasure from her urethra’s violation, the stimulation from her massaged chest, and the panting making its way to her ears. Each and every one of those aroused the woman named Alfira.

The two hands she’d been using to try and catch the tentacle had, at some point, stopped at her breasts. Her thighs were rubbing against each other, unsatisfied.

Tears overflowed from her eyes as saliva overflowed from her parted lips.

(Shit, shit—for me to… in a place like this…)

She cried out of regret, the tears flowing down her cheeks.

But her emotions were of no concern to the Black Ooze.

This slime was a monster after all. It didn’t care about what humans felt. It giving them pleasure—that was only to bring the mothers into peak condition.

“Kuh… stop it!”

The tentacle that had been violating her chest abruptly moved much more violently.

However, the female knight realized that it wasn’t done in order to give her further pleasure.

Even after moving in a way that would certainly tempt a man, she wasn’t able to escape the slime’s goal.


Her clothes were ripped open from the inside.

With her thick clothes and tight shirt that had been binding her breasts out of the way, the slime was exposed to her eyes.

Not only did the tentacle become visible, but so did her slimy breasts which smelled of a woman in heat. They quivered, undulated, and showed off just how soft they were.


“Y-you! —I will definitely… kill you!!”

—Her nipples. The things that should have been on her breasts were nowhere to be seen.

She had bountiful breasts, with slightly large areola—but she didn’t have any nipples, just a horizontal line on each breast.

(I was seen—by a monster—!)

For Alfira, her chest was nothing other than a complex—she had inverted nipples.

Even though it was a monster, she felt anger at someone else seeing—and sadness.

Although she had associated with several men, none of them were alright with Alfira’s breasts.

For the female knight, she understood that her breasts were different from others’. And that hers weren’t normal.

Men’s desired would cool after seeing her chest, never advancing beyond that. That’s why she only had a meager amount of knowledge concerning sex.

Usually, when seeing something different, people would be vigilant.

But that was simply just something people cared out. As far as the Black Ooze was concerned, it was trivial.

Now that Alfira was only wearing trousers, it extended a tentacle towards Alfira’s chest.


Changing away from the manner it had been using thus far, it started massaging her chest gently, like how it did with Satia.

Her well-developed breasts changed shapes as it played with them, causing no small amount of slimy noises.

Seeing only her chest being used as a plaything, little-by-little, Alfira began to move her own waist. Even she hadn’t realized that, however.

And above all—

(My nipples, they’re—)

Throbbing. They throbbed. She was going to break. If this kept on, she felt that she’d break.

That premonition filled Alfira’s mind.

Although she was trying to hold on to the tentacle with her hands, it were made of mucus and she was therefore unable to restrain it. It just made another obscene, slimy sound.

The tentacle was treating her breasts like toys even as she was gripping on to it. Hidden within her breasts, her nipples were throbbing ever more strongly.


She kept trying to catch the tentacle despite not being able to hold on to it, causing her breathing to roughen further.

Her body’s sensitivity had increased after climaxing several times, so Alfira was currently aroused to a level she’d never been before.

(Why, am I—-)

Why was she feeling this from a monster? Unable to even think the taboo, she felt worse than a wretched beast.

Monsters were the enemies of humanity. Humanity hunted monsters. That was the way of the world.

At the very least, Alfira would say that all of humanity other than the two being pleasured right before her were like that.

(I’m not—like… them—)

She had to be different.

Even if she was brought to climaxing by this monster, even if she felt pleasure, even if she was violated by it—she was different.

A haze filled her mind.

Her thoughts were clouded.

Ignoring her intentions, her body convulsed and the inside of her chest grew pained.

Alfira knew this feeling. It was the sign of something that was engraved on her body this day—the sign she was about to cum.


She clenched her teeth, shut her eyes… and tried to stop panting.


  • She’s sitting like this. Return
  • The ‘gross’ here holds the double meaning of ‘this doesn’t feel good’. While it means both, I couldn’t exactly use the latter. She’s supposed to barely be able to speak at this point. However, please note that the following lines refer to the ‘this doesn’t feel good’ meaning as well. Return



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