Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Ch 6 Pt 2

Chapter Six

A Pleasuring Corruption

(Part 2)


(I have to get away… before, before…)

“Haah, haah—nn, fuuu… ah…”

Still being shone the two women’s passion, Alfira attempted to remove the restraints on her arms in a panic.

The teeth that she once used to bite her lips were now wide open, her mouth letting out heated, shallow breaths.

Her white teeth played with the light, her small tongue just barely visible beyond them.

Blushing all the way to and including her ears, it was practically a miracle that her eyes maintained a glimmer of clarity—because her expression had already been warped by lust.

“Haah—stop, get oooout…”

The continuous, dull sensation stimulating her urethra was annoying. She wanted to try and run, but her mind trying to endure it was being worn away little by little.

Her wrists’ thrashing was slowly but surely beginning to lessen, her waist’s spasming conversely becoming faster.

The carnal desires making it past the knight’s will influenced her body. Forced to urinate, her body now anticipated the pleasure she’d soon be feeling.

“Damn, dammit—Haahn… no, no…!”

Alfira, desperately struggling to remove her restraints, started to repeat the same word over and over in delirium.

Even so, her movements were awfully dull compared to when she first started. She couldn’t even put any strength into her fingers by now.

Yet even so, the reason she didn’t give up on her will to escape was because she feared that she would die not as a knight, but as a woman.

Alfira didn’t even want to imagine what it would be like to be raped like those two women.

The female knight that only knew about standard sexual intercourse, even in the stories she’d heard, what was playing out before her eyes was—

Something entirely unknown to her.

She looked towards Fiana, who was still fainted.

It was at that moment.


The slime inside her urethra began to thrust back and forth with an unprecedented intensity.

Worked on by the slime, her urethra had grown around large enough for a thin rod to fit inside it.

In a state where her crotch was stimulated even with her clothes still on, she’d failed and became fully aroused.

She was unable to hold back her panting due to the sudden thrill shooting through her. Her eyes rolled back into her eyelids as her voluptuous body convulsed many times over.

Her vision wavered. She even lost feeling in her body, so while her eyes continued forcing their way upward, she left everything to instinct and kept convulsing.


(N-no—no way… I-I… c-came…?)

Just how long did she convulse for?

An instant? Several minutes?

The usual dull, painful sensation still stimulated the woman, so she would wind up going through intermittent, smaller spasms.

However, getting somewhat used to that stimulation, she calmly thought about her current state.

She’d cummed. Climaxed. Orgasmed.

Like the time she confronted the Black Ooze in the cave, she was forced to feel it despite a state of extreme confusion.

Conscious that her urethra was being violated as she watched the two women having sex—she’d climaxed as a woman.

Dumbfounded, she realized that—and tears spilled from her eyes.

“Haa—uahnn!? W-wait—I’m—!?”

The slime’s piston-esque movements accelerated once again. She could no longer even see any of the other women.

Her eyes shut tight as she bit down on her lip hard enough to cause herself pain. She did her best in trying to bear the pleasuring assaulting her body.

The slime responsible for giving her that pleasure forcibly and violently pressed its way inside her.

Already developed from its opening all the way to her bladder and even despite feeling a sharp pain due to its intensity, her urethra felt it as pleasure.

A licentious liquid made its way out of her yet-untouched vagina, wetting her underwear and trousers.

Her waist ignored what she told it as it convulsed.

Although Alfira started struggling with a renewed vigor due to the slime’s sudden brutality, she couldn’t remove the restraints on her wrists.

“Nna-aaah!? S-stop iiit!? Don’t mooooove!!”

The fingers she’d been using to attempt to remove the restraints cramped as well. She was unable to put any strength in them.

Additionally, her body once again succumbed to the pleasure rushing into her through her urethra. Unable to defend against the surging tides, she fell back into a violent fit of convulsions.


Unable to withstand it, she reached her second climax.

A short cry making its way from her mouth, her head fell back as her eyes rolled up under her still-closed eyelids.

She forced her eyes open. The walls around her were covered in slime mucus that played with the scant amount of light. However, she didn’t pay attention to any of that.

Still dazed, she was only able to think about the reality of her climaxing one time after another.

“A-ah—n-no… st—p…”

Her voice did contain pleasure, sure… but it also housed a strong fear.

She was frightened.

Even Alfira had experienced masturbation many times over. However, she’d never climaxed back to back.

She was able to satisfy herself by reaching it once and could cool down any sudden flashes of arousal by doing her work as a knight.

Therefore, this was the female knight’s first consecutive climax… and it planted a seed of excitement and fear into her.

Alfira looked down in a panic. She was crying from the aftershocks of her climax and gulping back the saliva that had pooled in her mouth as she looked at the lower half of her body.

She wasn’t able to stop her waist from spasming. She couldn’t put any strength into her body that had just climaxed.

—And she couldn’t withstand the pleasure.

Despite still being clothed, she currently felt even more embarrassed than if she were nude.

Desperately biting down on her lip, she tried tightening her urethra to stop the slime.

“Stop, stop stop stop stooooop!!!”

Still pleading frantically, she put everything she had into her lower body.

The more she tried to stop it, the more powerful a strange feeling within her lower abdomen became. The pleasure she obtained from it became stronger and stronger as well.

Even though she knew somewhere in her mind that this wouldn’t stop what was about to happen, she couldn’t stop trying. She put every last drop of willpower and strength she had into trying, so much so that her vagina and hips started to tremble strangely—yet even so, the outcome wouldn’t change. It would only delay the inevitable a mere few seconds.

The discomfort in her urethra grew as time passed. Together with a painful sensation in her bladder—the slime rushed into her bladder.


She couldn’t speak. No sound came out. She didn’t know what had just happened. She could only sense a feeling of freedom in her abdomen as her body lost all strength. Even her expression grew loose to match her body. In a matter of seconds, she went from looking like an adult woman to having a shameful expression on her face.

Unable to see the way she looked in this place without mirrors, Alfira was sighing heated breaths due to the extremely pleasant sensation coursing through her from that feeling of freedom.

“Aah… aaah…”

The voice was muddled.

Whose voice was it?

She didn’t know who that voice came from as she laid there with an unfocused gaze.

All she knew… was that she felt good.

It was too great a pleasure to be some ordinary climax. That climax invaded her mind like a deadly poison, blowing away even the sense of disgust she felt.

Her waist’s quivering didn’t settle down for a while. Even those small movements would reverberate in her bladder, causing her to feel even more pleasure.


Various body fluids leaked from her, telling that she’d reached complete ecstasy.




Consecutively brought to a climax from an excretory organ that she should never have felt pleasure from… Alfira, finally coming to, was frightened.


As though it were waiting for Alfira to return to consciousness, the slime inside her urethra resumed its activities.

As for why it felt even more oppressive than before, that was because it had absorbed the juice that she’d been collecting within her bladder.

It wasn’t that she could check its size, but she suddenly felt that her urethra and bladder might be pulled out altogether.

Her tongue thrust out, her own voice joined the other two in the abandoned mine’s darkness.

Her body’s sensitivity had increased after climaxing, allowing her to feel the slime inside her urethra even more.

She didn’t just feel its violent back and forth motions, but even the ripples in the surface of its liquid body. She was getting close to climaxing yet again.

She knew that this one would compel her to a sense of hopelessness, but she was helpless to stop it.

She couldn’t endure even after trying to endure. She couldn’t escape even after trying to escape.

“No, no, nooooo!!”

Already convulsing for some time now, her lower body went into even more fervent convulsions.

A voice dyed in fear erupted from her throat.

“A-aaah!? Hii—s-sto… ooop!?”

The female knight was being tormented.

The convulsions assaulting her body grew ever more intense with no end in sight.



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