Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Ch 6 Pt 1

Chapter Six

A Pleasuring Corruption

(Part 1)


“Ku—hu, uu—nnaaa!”

Both of her hands restrained above her head, the female knight—Alfira—writhed her waist back and forth as though to endure something.

Her purple hair matched the rhythm created by her waist, thrumming as her hips moved seductively. However, she wasn’t looking straight ahead of her, but rather the ceiling and the surrounding rock walls.

She did her best to not look at what was happening right before her.

The white knight Fiana was in a spot a little ways away from her. Her arms were similarly bound overhead, but she appeared to be unconscious, not even twitching.

“There! Right there! Deep—deeper!”

“Nn, haah—my boobs, don’t stop…”

In front of the girl were two women, one with silvery hair, the other with blonde hair, that were being ravished by mucus monsters.

A tentacle as large a child’s arm was shoving itself into Frederica forceful enough to lift her heels from the ground.

Let alone her hips, each time she was pressed into with enough vigor to penetrate her body, her breasts shook violently. This was a sight that would certainly cause any man to burst in carnal lust just by being there, but as a woman that would soon be having the same thing done to her, she couldn’t take the sight of it.

Meanwhile, Satia didn’t have a tentacle inserted into her. Instead, her lower body was being caressed by the Black Ooze’s tentacle while her tiny chest was licked and massaged by the child slimes.

Covered by the translucent slimes, the nipples atop her modest breasts had grown considerably large. The imbalance gave off a rather obscene feeling.

Satia let out her voice while watching her own nipples being kneaded and pulled on through the slime.

Both of the women were being ravished while standing in the same way as Alfira, but they were different from the knight. They stood of their own will, accepting it. Their stances widened to shoulder width so as to not fall down, their sensitive bodies accepted even the slimes’ slightest movements. And above all—they moaned in pleasure with their mouths wide open.

All of this added together into something that Alfira simply couldn’t understand.

“—Nn, huu…”

Being shown the two treated like that, Alfira’s lower half was being tormented by the slime who was even now still inside her urethra.

The slime’s paralytic poison was still affecting Alfira, but its effects had weakened considerably.

She felt some strength in her legs now, she could even move them about freely as they weren’t restrained.

However, the female knight, knowing full well that she should escape, simply kept biting her lips to hold back her voice while rubbing her thighs together, enduring this hellish shame.

People being raped by monsters was an extraordinarily abnormal spectacle.

Moreover, people that accepted the monsters’ advances and immersed themselves in the pleasure.

Be it in ferocity or in tenderness, it was at a level that no human male could ever achieve.

To a normal person like Alfira, far from understanding and embracing it, they would feel disgust.

Unable to look straight on at the spectacle, the female knight deviated her gaze away from them, enduring it all while biting her lips.


It also looked like Alfira was feeling the torment her urethra was receiving. A stimulation absolutely unobtainable and unsavorable through living an ordinary life assaulted the female knight.

If her hands were free, she might have covered her ears and curl up in a corner of the room to tremble. Humans were being raped by monsters, accepting their advances, and even her own urethra was being expanded. Seeing this reality play out, it was obvious that she wouldn’t want to hear anything and push it all from her mind.

The sound of the two women’s passionate cries penetrated the female knight’s ears as the slime violating her urethra continued incessantly caused her to feel a dull sensation.

Now drenched by her own love juices, her trousers felt gross to wear. Her armor and sword were taken from her when she was brought here and left back in the cave. She didn’t know where they were.

Insecure about being left in only her thick clothing, Alfira did her best to avoid looking at the lunacy in front of her while holding back her voice.

“Nnaah! A-aaah!! —Cu-cumming… p-please, no moooooore!!”

Her beautiful blonde hair spread out, Frederica’s bewitching body arched back for an instant. Following that, she spasmed strangely a few times much like she’d broken.

Her breasts, so alluring that they were attractive even for women, shook from her spasms. They were constricted by tentacles as though they were being milked in the next moment, however.

“Huaaaah!? O-ow—b-but I’m still…!”

Her still-convulsing body was prodded and pressed into so as to keep it rocking up and down. Matching this, the slime also continued massaging her breasts while it tugged on and kneaded her nipples.

Her screams expressing just how intense of a climax she’d reached, the beauty’s expression reddened further from the pleasure, her tongue thrust out as she panted like a dog.

That the beauty had to be accepting the intense torment because she wouldn’t be able to stand without the slime’s restraints flickered through Alfira’s mind.

She wasn’t permitted to collapse. This woman dripping with so much love juices and saliva couldn’t be the same person as before.

Alfira thought about how normal sex would finish once the man and woman climaxed one time. She didn’t have experience in the matter, but she did know about it.

She knew about the listlessness that would follow a climax, causing hesitancy towards doing it again. Even so, despite Frederica climaxing and saying as much, the Black Ooze showed no signs of stopping.

How long would it continue? By the way things were going, she would die by cumming too much. Despite appearing to realize that, Frederica looked as though she would accept anything that came.

“… …”

In that manner, she was brought to a climax over and over again, never once looking as though her being ravished was against her own volition.

Her entire body teased by the tentacles, the woman’s most vital area was pierced so forcefully that it looked like she might break. It was a kind of sex where she was used like a doll.

This was something that didn’t exist in Alfira’s knowledge, it was an unknown kind of sex.


Realizing that she’d been captivated by Frederica’s voice at some point, Alfira hurriedly avoided her gaze.

She was embarrassed that she’d wound up so entranced by it.

(I have to get away somehow…)


But at that moment, the slime in her urethra began to move back and forth. Her body had already grown heated by seeing what was being carried out on Frederica and Satia, so her whole body trembled forcibly.

She didn’t pee herself because her bladder was emptied earlier, but she heard the squishing of other secretions overflowing from her vagina.

She wanted to cover her ears after hearing those lewd sounds coming from her own body, but the tentacle restraining her hands didn’t loosen.

She wanted to escape from this hell as soon as possible.

This place frightened Alfira. Monster were this world’s enemies. Yet there were people that would accept those very monsters’ ravishing.

Moreover, they were right in front of her. Women just like her were accepting these monsters’ advances.

She was unbearably afraid.

Afraid that she herself might become like these women.

Even so, despite being made of mucus, the tentacles holding her wrists restrained overhead were strong. Alfira’s slender arms couldn’t break the restraint.

She only felt a disgusting sticky feeling each time she tried breaking it.

“A-ah—d-don’t suck on my boooobs…”

The next thing to reach Alfira’s ears was the opposite of Frederica’s bestial breathing, it was Satia’s childish voice.

Caressed by the Black Ooze and various colored slimes, the girl didn’t seem to feel any pain at all as her breasts were massaged. The only emotion she could hear in her voice was pleasure.

Her legs trembled slightly as she received the caresses to her chest, so the slight stimulation in her breasts must have been beyond gentle.

Although her small breasts were being rubbed, their shape only changed a little. She could see the girl’s nipples through the mucus. They were being stretched out and pressed in so strongly that they looked like they might break off.

Again, this was something rather obscene.

Her immature body smeared with mucus, she looked like she’d been tainted by the pleasure and fell from virtue.

“Goshujin-sama… Satia, too… do it to Satia tooooo…”

She looked like she might collapse for an instant when her restraints were removed, but a tentacle kept her from falling by gently grabbing her. Rather than restraining her hands, it didn’t allow her to fall by restraining her waist.

Her now-free hands tried shooting towards her crotch, towards her most vital spot as a woman, as she was unsatisfied by the light pleasure she’d received thus far.

The girl looked cute, like a doll, but after seeing her succumb to the pleasure and try to start comforting herself, Alfira gulped.

However, a tentacle captured her right hand, not allowing it to reach her vagina. Some of her silvery hair that was tied into a side tail clung to her cheek, her doll-like expression giving off a feeling of allure.

“… Please, mercy…”

Spreading her legs that were still being caressed by the black tentacles, she thrust out her waist and, with a much too wretched stance for a girl as beautiful as Satia… she invited the tentacles in.

Yet even so, the female knight could only see a youthful bashfulness in the expression of the girl doing such an embarrassing pose. The gap between the girl’s body and her expression caused the mood to feel even more abnormally immoral.

“—uaaah! Aaah, aaah!!”

An unsuitably large tentacle pushed its way into the flower that was of a matching size to Satia’s body.

Secretions dribbled out from her, trailing down her thin legs and creating a pool of its own in the ground.

Unable to endure its insertion, her small body shook and her knees gave out. Her vagina spread to the limit, her face looked like she was in pain.

Yet although Satia still did her best to stay standing, it was clear that she was at her limit.

The mucus tentacles wrapped around her seemed almost kind as they supported her.

“Goshujin-sama—th-there! All the way iiiin!!”

Satia’s limit had already been reached.

She was still lacking in sexual experience and the depth of her vagina wasn’t too large, so the tentacle reached her deepest point immediately.

When the entrance of her womb—what could be called a woman’s greatest weak point—was pressed again, her small body went into some incredible spasms as she climaxed.

And, just like with Frederica, the torment didn’t end even after she climaxed.

“Nnaa!? Huuu, haaah! Aaah!! Aan—aaaaah!!”

Rather than being pierced forcibly like Frederica was, Satia was handled ever so carefully.



Even now, the sensation of having a foreign object in her urethra still assaulted the knight.

Unavoidably, she began to feel unsatisfied



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