Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Ch 5 Pt 3

Chapter Five

The Female Knights’ Dignity

(Part 3)


At last, tears spilt from her eyes, running down her cheeks before falling. Even so, she didn’t let her voice go out as she continued to desperately endure it.

Her thighs that had been trying to constrict the slime changed the way they were moving without her realizing it. She was now moving more like she was rubbing against it, her waist rocking back and forth slightly.

Her mature, womanly body couldn’t help but begin to feel something in this extraordinarily abnormal situation the slime took advantage of.

It wasn’t to the point that her juices were spilling out, but it still felt tantalizing, like foreplay. What dwelled in Alfira’s body couldn’t be called pleasure so much as a feeling of expectation.

“—, —!”

A slight clanking noise produced by her armor accompanied Alfira’s twitching.

The brave female knight did her best to muffle the noise despite convulsing so that Fiana wouldn’t notice.

Her labia relaxed slightly as it opened, the pleasure growing. Her sensitive spots being caressed, her body’s trembling grew in intensity.

Going by the muffled voice coming from behind her gnashing teeth and the look on her face, she was in pain. However, going by her body’s reactions, she was feeling pleasure.

She shot her weak hand up to cover her mouth as her waist convulsed greatly.

It wasn’t even as though her breasts or whole body was being stimulated.

Just by the humiliation of the woman’s greatest weak point being persistently teased, an indescribable emotion whirled within her chest.

A certain amount of time passed. She no longer felt so confused, but she continued to recite a phrase in her mind as though it were a curse.

(I won’t forgive you, I won’t forgive you, I won’t forgive you—I absolutely will not forgive you!!)

Her gaze cast downward, her hatred for the slime increased with each passing moment as she desperately subdued her voice and endured the ever-increasing stimulation.

That emotion helped pin down the pleasant sensation as she stifled the heavy pants that tried to come from her mouth.


Letting out a deep breath, she calmed down. She would endure until Fiana kills the huge slime. All she needed to do was resolve herself and hold out.

Starting to lick upwards, the devious slime went to stimulating her still hidden clitoris.

Decidedly never doing the same thing long enough to become monotonous, it alternated between teasing Alfira’s clitoris and her labia, not allowing her to get used to the stimulation.

However, that much was within Alfira’s expectations.

It could still be considered torment, but her clitoris and labia being stimulated could even be experienced with a human partner and was a sensation she had experienced.

That’s why—



The feeling in her lower body was exceedingly dulled due to the paralytic poison. This was also one of the reasons why Alfira was able to endure.

That is, as her lower body’s senses were dulled, so were the stimulation she was given.

She’d gotten confused due to receiving stimulation from under her clothes and armor—not to mention the other party being a monster—but she was able to endure that confusion one way or another.


“Wai—eh!? That’s—!”


Suddenly, Alfira, who’d kept quiet this entire time, let out a loud voice.

Her voice was filled with surprise—and panic. She couldn’t help it, her instincts as a living being… as a woman, screamed.

Fiana reacted to her voice. It was both sudden and loud. She was concerned that something might have happened to her comrade’s body, but she didn’t have the time to check on her.

The tentacles coming from the Black Ooze spurred forward, a full ten or twenty tentacles darted straight for Fiana in an instant. Even so, all of them were cut into pieces and frozen into icy chunks before they reached the female elf.

(Hiiii!? That’s—that’s the wrong spot!!)

The place that the slime slipped into from the opening her slightly opened labia wasn’t her vagina—it was the modest opening that existed just above it… her urethra.

It wasn’t as though she couldn’t endure the pleasure… it was just that Alfira had never imagined that she would be stimulated at a spot like

The soft-bodied slime slipped into her tiny, tightly closed hole.

Normally, one would only feel pain by having their urethra thrust into. However, all Alfira felt was the sensation of a foreign substance moving into her, along with hatred and fear.

She felt the foreign substance move up her urethra the wrong direction. She felt fear by being attacked by a monster sexually. Furthermore—she felt fear that, despite even her urethra being penetrated, she felt no pain.

It was because of the paralytic poison dulling her senses. At least, that was the excuse Alfira used on herself.

“Wha…!? — F-Fia… n-no!?”

Far from being developed, places that hadn’t been used in this manner at all were now within the monster’s grasp.

Both of her hands reflexively shot downward to her crotch due to the excessively strange sensation. Her action did nothing and was meaningless, of course. However, to Alfira, it held some meaning. It had to, else she would feel as though there was nothing that she could do.

“A-ah, stop—nooo!?”

“Alfira, did something happen!? What—kuh!?”

The female elven knight couldn’t miss the trembling in her comrade’s voice, but her sword didn’t cease cutting down the slime’s tentacles.

She wanted to check to see what was happening with Alfira behind her but was unable. A sense of impatience sprouted within her chest. Being behind Fiana and seeing her begin to rush, Alfira’s disordered mind fell into an even deeper confusion.

Let alone her erogenous areas, it was penetrating her urethra, a place for excretion. This absurd situation caused her to put even more strength into clamping down on her crotch.

Even so, the slime, now crushed by both her thighs and her hands, simply advanced further into its only path of escape—her urethra.


It wasn’t a loud scream, but a voice of despair that wound up being heard by Fiana, who stood directly in front of her.

Tears overflowing from her gallant, strong eyes, Alfira’s face dyed red in shame as she ended up using more strength against the slime.

Pressed ever onward, the slime escaped into her insides while undulating as though to expand her thin urethra.

The breaths she let out were both shallow and short. Her breathing sounded like she was enduring pain, yet her expression was quite different.

Alfira looked down, her eyes wide as though surprised by something.

“Hah, hah, hah—”

Her tongue was sticking out as she gazed down, her breathing rough. She appeared quite like a dog, but Alfira hadn’t realized it.

Not even the slime had noticed the change in the female knight as it continued working on her urethra.

She was still putting minimal effort into trying to crush the slime that was focusing on her urethra, but the slime kept on undulating in attempts to further dilate her urethra.

How long could such a meager resistance last?

Unexpectedly, the undulating slime came across a sensitive spot it could torment that the girl hadn’t thought of.

It had pushed up against her clitoris from within her urethra.


Forcibly pushed out from under its hood, it was stimulated in a way she had never felt before—from being pressed up against by its source.

Frantically attempting to close her mouth, she tried closing her urethra with all her might.

However, Alfira already knew that something like that wouldn’t be able to stop the slime.

Yet even so, the female knight had no choice but to continue with her meaningless resistance.

She didn’t know what would happen if she stopped resisting—but it was exactly because she didn’t know that she was so frightened.

“—on’t lose—-I won’t loooose!”

Unable to close her mouth fully, saliva spilled from her mouth and made its way down her neck all the way to her chest, soiling it

For its next action, the slime exited her. The slime that had been pressing forward and was expanding her urethra suddenly and willingly pulled itself out.


What she felt in that instant was hope and relief—as well as a faint feeling of loneliness, so faint that even she herself didn’t notice.

After pulling out, the slime slid its way back into her still-expanded urethra, progressing at a speed much faster than before.


This bliss was much, much different from what a woman would feel from a man penetrating her vagina.

Having her excretory organ used for sex, a strange feeling of bliss assaulted Alfira.

Experiencing a pleasure so extreme that she’d never felt it before, the female knight wasn’t able to endure it and looked upwards to the ceiling.

Like that, her body went into convulsions as saliva dribbled from her mouth.

“A, ah—…”

In that moment, the strength she’d been using to tighten her urethra left her, the final shackle holding the slime back vanishing.

And so the slime continued onward inside—all the way to the place her urine accumulated.

At that point, she couldn’t do anything.

Forcibly opened by the slime, the climaxing Alfira lost the ability to close her urethra.

As a result—



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