Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Ch 3 Pt 3

Chapter Three

The Adventurers Who Fell

(Part 3)


The mouth that had once desperately attempt to hold in her moans now told the slime how she felt all on its own.

She moved her waist back and forth, pushing her clitoris against the tentacle.

A budding excitement formed in her depths as her front-to-back motions and clit-pressing motion overlapped. Satia’s mouth unknowingly slacked open.

Her right hand gripped onto the tentacle that slid along her vagina, moving as though to give it a crude hand job.

Relying on her knowledge, she used her slender, doll-like fingers to grasp the soft, adult male member-sized tentacle and move up and down along it.

The tentacle likely had no sense of feeling, but Satia, unaware of that, kept repeating the motion.

Continuing with that for a while, the girl’s feeling of pleasure heightened as though she were masturbating with the tentacle.

Suddenly, a moan much like a scream reached Satia’s ears. It was Frederica.

She’d heard her the whole time, but she hadn’t paid her any attention due to losing herself in ecstasy, however—


When she looked towards the direction of the girl’s voice, she saw a girl on all fours being drilled mercilessly from behind.

Satia didn’t know her name. This girl might even be the one named Frederica, the one she came to find.

However, she didn’t care about things like names anymore.


She was being taken from behind so forcefully. Her starkly massive breasts were kneaded in a way that Satia’s could never be. Her tongue hung out of her mouth as she continued to gasp for air.

She couldn’t help but be envious of the woman. She was being used even more forcibly than prostitutes could handle.

Seeing her desire to be taken harder, practically to the point of breaking… the budding flame in her roared into excitement, her womb throbbing.

If she begged to be taken as forcibly as her, what would happen?

Nipples and clit worked hard, vagina penetrated all the way into her womb—

Imagining that…


Her genitals and clit being handled, she reached a small, inadequate climax.

Her thrusting motions finally sending her into what she had been wishing for, yet it simply wasn’t enough.

More, she wanted more—


It wasn’t taking Satia’s desires into account, but it did spread the girl’s thin legs open.

Her legs, wet from both her own sweat and the slime’s mucus, were plenty obscene.

However, farther in—her insides. Glimmering wet, there was a place fully prepared to welcome a certain thing, trembling as though to usher it in.

Remembering the way Frederica was being treated, she wholly anticipated what was about to happen.

Spreading her legs and holding her in a position much like one might do when training a child on how to go to the bathroom, it suddenly appeared as though it wanted a better view of the process and hoisted her body into the air.

“… Ah.”

The girl was always expressionless like a doll in Alfred’s memories, but right now, her face lit up in anticipation.

What was about to be done to her?

Raped, penetrated, handled roughly—impregnated.

She forced her eyes closed to withstand the pleasure, her excited expression already vanishing. Continuing on, the slime slowly began to loosen the entrance to her womb while stimulating her vagina.

“Hiii—nnn… so goo—…”

Her tiny body couldn’t hold up against the pleasure.

Her doll-like limbs trembled from the acute pleasure, her hips springing forward.

Those movements caused her vagina to be stimulated that much more strongly, giving her an even stronger stimulation.

Her whole body started trembling, those very trembles turning into a stimulation all their own.


Her quiet voice gradually increasing, her whole body convulsed. It happened once, twice, but even so, it wasn’t enough.

Over and over did her hips lunge forward, her tentacle-laden vagina’s juices dripping in anticipation. Even with that, the tentacle didn’t stop teasing her entrance.

Once the Black Ooze had decided to have Satia cum over and over, there was no stopping it. Things like alternatives or choices didn’t exist.

“Ama—amazing—nn, noo—”

She grabbed onto the tentacle that continued tormenting her vagina, but that wasn’t enough to have it stop.

To start with, that tentacle was only using its tip to stimulate her. Still holding on to the tentacle, she came once again.

Her waist trembled as love juices started coming from her uterus.

—Even so, the tentacles didn’t stop.

It continued teasing her, tormenting her tightly shut opening, loosening it.

Even so, the tentacles didn’t stop.

Her waist trembled, her juices spilled.

Even so.

The strength in her hands grabbing on to the tentacles weakened as her lovely face warped in lust.

Even so—

“Th-at’s… for babies, don’t tease iiiiit.”

She knew that teasing that place would definitely give her amazing stimulation.

Her sacred place teased, her shameful juices continued to overflow as she started drooling.

Unable to endure the pleasure, she came over and over.

And then—

“Haah, haah—ehhhh?”

At last, a narrow tentacle barely the size of a pinky made its way through the entrance of her opening womb.

Inside was a place that no one had ever been before—not even Alfred.

The tentacle penetrated her.

Curling her body forward, Satia attempted to withstand the surging waves of pleasure that coursed through her body with everything she had.

Even though she put up so much effort, her mouth opened up and started panting. Her tongue sluggishly found its way out of her mouth, dripping saliva onto breasts.

Her eyes clouded over in lust, she couldn’t even particularly understand what she saw anymore—yet despite that, her expression was relaxed, looking almost… happy.




“A-amaziiiing!?—I-I didn’t know, it went so faaaar!?”

“Hah, nnn—wha…. what, w-weeeeird… nnuuu!”

Two voices gasping for air could be heard in the cave.

They were from Frederica and Satia.

The obscene sounds coming from those two mages echoed throughout the cave, even drowning out the Poltergeists’ moaning.

It was impossible for them to hold up against the ludicrous pleasure of having their wombs ravished.

Their greatest depths violated, the two climaxed countless times.

Even so, their bodies kept trembling, unable to rest.

All that could be seen was the sight of two humans being raped by a monster. They no longer held something so human-like as dignity or pride.

They no longer uttered words of refusal or anything of the sort. They merely let out their voice as they were raped and moved their bodies as they were prodded.

Frederica—who had experienced pain from the feeling of having her womb penetrated just some time before—had developed to the point that she could get off from the pleasant stimulation of having her womb ravished.

Satia—who had felt shame in having sex with her Goshujin-sama—let out all sorts of moans as she was teased, continuing to climax.

“T-there—ahhh… noo~”

“Goshujin-sama, Goshujin-samaaa…”

The women’s bodies shook yet again.

Despite climaxing, the tentacles’ torment never ceased.

Never stopping this whole time, it likely never would.

As far as the slime was concerned, these two were, in the end… nothing but surrogate mothers for monsters.

“It came out!? W-what!? Eh, wh—aaaaahn!?”

“F-fuahhh—it’s out, Alfred-samaaaa’s…”

Satia’s whisper was drowned out by Frederica’s shout.

But even so, that shout immediately turned back into a coquettish exclamation.

Now that the Demon King was defeated, the number of monsters could not increase.

Therefore, monsters were being systematically eradicated.

However—what would happen if a slime with the ability to produce children appeared?

The end of the world.

The world still hadn’t realized that—laying in wait in the farthest depths of a certain cave—a monster had been born.



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