Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Ch 2 Pt 5

Chapter Two

The Abandoned Mine’s Investigation

(Part 5)



Her waist trembled one time, forcibly. Due to her thoughts that were going against her intentions, her body started responding on its own.

As the slime played with her, she kept thinking of her beloved man in her mind in attempts to defend her spirit.

Continuing like that for a while, the slime stopped moving. Although Satia didn’t understand what its intention was, she regained her breath and—


(My… mana…?)

Filled with exhaustion after climaxing, she weakly moved her head down towards her own body.

Her mana was absorbed. As a mage, Satia was sensitive to things like that.

(This slime, eats mana…?)

Moreover, it made women climax as well. As far as she was concerned, it was an abominable monster.

Because she’d climaxed, her thoughts were clouded and she had trouble moving her numbed body. If she couldn’t do anything but wait for Alfred to save her, she would just have to make sure to not climax again.

However, contrary to her determination, Satia’s body reacted on its own and unconsciously shook itself against the tentacles that stopped stimulating it.

Satia herself didn’t notice it due to the thick robe that hid her body.

Even still, the slime didn’t move. The girl knit her brows in suspicion, but for now all she could do was try to regain her breath as fast as possible.

“Haah… nn, haah…”

As for the slime, it waited for Satia to regain her breath.

The monster that raped the woman named Frederica understood that the small mage would die if it did the same to her.

That’s why it was gentle as it softened her limbs, slowly spending time to heat her body up.

And then—


Once Satia was able to breathe properly again, the slime resumed moving.

This time, it attacked her abdomen, armpits, and nipples all from the start. Having already met with the pleasure of climaxing just before, her body was susceptible to the stimulation, immediately reacting as it went into spasms.

Once again biting her lip, Satia gave up hope of being able to stop that as she did her best to keep her voice reigned in. She started bleeding from the force of her efforts, but she wasn’t able to keep the sweet, ragged breathing from making its way out of the corners of her lips.

She felt bitter about her body’s reactions being interesting to it.

It wasn’t as though Satia was more sensitive than other people. Although one of them was withered, it was within the knowledge of sex that the men had—her skin was sensitized due to the paralytic poison.

This could be called the combination of technology and skill of men who had grown accustomed to dealing with women.

For Satia, who had never been with a man, it was a match she had no chance of winning in. The slime knew where to go and what to do in order to please a woman. This knowledge was also from its experience with Frederica.

Although Satia didn’t know that, it wasn’t as though her knowing would help either way.

Believing that her gentle Goshujin-sama would come and rescue her immediately, the adorable mage kept on enduring her treatment as though she were a doll. Her thin fingers stretched out towards the ceiling, her well-featured face warped as though in pain, and her untouched genitals throbbed.

No matter how someone saw it, her doll-like appearance looked incredibly obscene, almost like it was trying to lure men in.

But not paying attention to things like that, the slime continued to single-mindedly soften the mage’s body.

Her convulsions gradually increasing in intensity, once the girl was visibly close to reaching her next climax, the slime stopped moving its tentacles.

“Fuu—uu… nn…”

Satia’s waist shook vigorously.

However, there wasn’t anything there to stimulate her.

Once the girl was done shaking her waist several times and after she finished catching her breath, the slime resumed moving its tentacles.


Her body, unable to reach its climax just before, immediately blazed back up as heated breaths made their way out of her mouth. Satia hurriedly bit her lip to stop it. Something that should have been for chanting spell incantations, the mage’s mouth had ended up becoming an organ solely for spilling pleasure-filled breaths. It was vexing, but the feeling of not being able to stop it had already made its way through her chest.

The tentacles that were caressing her stomach area moved around towards her backside and began massaging her tender butt.

Satia’s eyes looked surprised for an instant, but she once again shut her eyes so as to not react as much as possible.

As her soft butt was massages and kneaded, her anus was exposed and opened.

Satia’s cheeks flushed into a deep crimson from the shame, but she kept her eyes shut and kept resisting by not raising her voice.

This new stimulation led the mage’s body towards another climax. Reacting strongly to it, she could no longer hold back her heated gasps as a coquettish voice made its way from her lips.


Just then, the tentacles suddenly stopped moving.

No, it kept massaging her butt as before, but that alone was not enough.

Forcibly grasping the tentacles holding her up with her hands, she prepared to endure the pleasant stimulation.

Satia’s almost sore-feeling nipples rubbed against her wetted robe with each and every movement.

The girl’s body had only ever known the feeling of her own fingers, so her mind was unable to keep up with the rapid developments.

Therefore, Satia was unable to understand the slime’s intentions and didn’t notice her body’s complaints. She could only give it her all to endure it, then catch her breath.

And then—


Once again, the tentacles resumed violating her nipples and armpits. By now, her butt had already been reduced to nothing but a plaything.

This time, the slime, which had unhesitatingly ravished Frederica on and on until she knew nothing but sexual pleasure, as though not wanting to break Satia, gently, ever so gently—gentle to the point of being almost too gentle—tenderized her small body.

Then, when the girl became unable to endure the pleasure as her mouth opened and panted, the tentacles’ movements stopped yet again.


This time, both Satia’s body and her will had objected to the slime stopping.

Her usually sleepy-looking eyes were teary, her doll-like expressionless face was dyed in pleasure, and he small hands that had gripped onto the tentacles in order to bear the pleasure were now gripping them of her own volition.

She questioned the slime with her mouth, but the slime didn’t provide her any answers. It simply used a new tentacle to roll up her black robe.


She rejected it with her mouth, but she wasn’t moving in attempts to stop it anymore.

Perhaps it was due to the numbness, or maybe it was due her hoping for further stimulation—at this point, Satia didn’t even know anymore.

However, even her refusal was simply for form’s sake.

Her robe was rolled up little by little. The first things that could be seen were her dainty, white legs that shined from the sweat and liquids given off by the slime. Next, her white panties were exposed, shining from the lantern’s flickering light.

It kept on rolling up her robe, showing her abdomen that had been massaged by the tentacles the whole time, and then—

“N-no… way…”

From its place on the ground, the lantern’s light lit up her relatively small chest for her age.

Her chest was covered by the slime’s mucus and could be called extremely obscene with how the tentacles were wrapped around its pointed tips.

However, that isn’t what caused Satia to raise her voice.

Her nipples.

Whenever she would masturbate, she would always use her fingers to knead them along with playing with herself. Satia’s most sensitive place—that was where her gaze was fixed.

The things that had never grown past the point of being as large as specks were now as large as tootsie rolls, lengthened to an elaborate size.

Seeing her own nipples at a size that she couldn’t believe even while seeing, she could only stare.

(Eh…? What…?)

“Hyaan!? N-no way!”

Then, as though to show her that they were in fact hers, one of the tentacles pulled her nipple while the other began to knead the other.

She was shown that the pleasure from her own nipples was something that she couldn’t possibly endure and would have to let out her voice.

Her body went into convulsions just from the stimulation of her nipples as a scream leaked from her lips.


What was happening to her right now was entirely different from the masturbation she had done so far. Two arms, ten fingers. That was the only existence Satia had given to the ‘sex’ that she knew until now.

But now, with the tentacles that felt like there were ten of them now, there were ones thin like strings, slippery like tongues, ones more dexterous than fingers, and something she’d only known from her knowledge—ones stout and robust as a penis. These tentacles of various thicknesses pleasured Satia.

The more she tried to endure of this truly never-before known stimulation, the more pleasure she was given.

Satia gave up attempting to resist before she’d even realized it: her lips parted, even hotter pants leaked out, and saliva dripped from her mouth that she had carelessly left open.

However, even though she had been driven so close to the brink, the black ooze didn’t push Satia all the way into ecstasy. Unlike Frederica, this girl had a thin build. What was most important was that it had to tenderize her—it had to make sure she wouldn’t break when she gave birth.

The girl didn’t know how long this slime had continued to tease her.


At that moment, a moment that could be called the worst possible one, she heard the voice that she had prayed for, the voice she had waited to hear this entire time… except for this single moment.

And so—

“No, no no no, nooooo—-Goshujin-sama, don’t looook!!”

Raising her voice as though screaming, Satia begged her beloved Goshujin-sama from over her shoulder. This pushed her over the edge—despite the stimulation not being satisfactory enough, she finally reached her climax.

Her hips shook fiercely and her beautiful platinum hair was disheveled. She somehow managed to just barely pin down her voice by biting down on her lips.

However, the young man that had appeared from behind her saw her butt and back, as how obscene she appeared to due her sweat. However, that shame turned into a source of stimulation and excitement for the girl.

“A slime!?”

The same moment that the man that Alfred was exploring the cave with raised his voice, the slime extended its tentacles towards the intruders.

They were tentacles a few sizes larger that the ones being used to restrain Satia.

Avoiding all four of them, the men went towards Satia.


Alread and the man cut away the tentacles with their swords.

Chopping off the tentacles took a tremendous amount of force—enough for the cut tentacles to spray stuff onto them.

Although Satia had noticed that there was a paralytic poison in the tentacles’ mucus, as she had just climaxed, she couldn’t call out to them and let them know.

No, in the first place, she was still moving her hips back and forth even now after cumming. Kept in suspense from being teased, the pleasure she felt from finally climaxing was profoundly intense.

Coming into contact with a highly dense paralytic poison, Alfred and the man fell down, collapsing. Immediately after that, the slime coiled a newly created tentacle around the man and pulled him into its body.

Now, there were three people inside of the black ooze’s warped body. Alfred bit his lip, wondering if it was his turn next.

… However, unexpectedly, the next attack never came.

“Haah… Haah… Goshujin-sama, run… away…”

“Satia—wait for me!”

Since he couldn’t move his body, he immediately began to circulate his mana, forming an arrow of raging fire in front of him.

Taking aim so that he wouldn’t hit Satia with his magic arrow, he shot it. A few of the tentacles were burned away, but it negated the arrow with an invisible mana bullet.


“Run, Goshujin-sa—maaa!?”



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