Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Ch 2 Pt 4

Chapter Two

The Abandoned Mine’s Investigation

(Part 4)


She wouldn’t cry. That was the only thing that her honor would not allow. She swore to herself that she would answer Alfred’s expectations, that she had to be at least that strong.

Thinking that, she glared at the slime. However, the moment that Satia glared at it, the tentacles that were holding her raised her a little farther into the air.

Both of her hands were raised above her head and restrained by a single tentacle. However, her legs were left open, making her body take the form of a human [人]. [1]


Unable to hold it back due to the sudden change, a small scream leaked from her mouth.

Adding to the two tentacles that were stimulating her abdomen, another two did the same.

They were thinner than the ones that were already there, but that wasn’t of any consolation to Satia. Fear found its way into her usual doll-like calm. Her breathing becoming rough, she did not stop glaring at the black ooze.

Satia’s body was stiffened for what would be done to her next. She only felt disgust towards any kind of stimulation. What did it matter what kind of stimulation it was?

… As though to break down her determination, a thin tentacle stimulated the area in and around Satia’s armpit.


Because of the strange sensation that was somewhat different from ticklishness, Satia accidentally let out a weird sound.

However, the tentacles’ torture definitely wouldn’t end with something at that degree.

Caressing her right armpit with a tentacle that felt entirely like a giant tongue, it started moving another tentacle to do the same to a slightly lesser degree to her left armpit. Feeling the assymetrical stimulation on her armpits, her tiny body shook as though trembling.

Only knowing masturbation, her body didn’t know how to endure this level of stimulation it had felt for the first time ever and was being toyed with. She trembled slightly to the licking and trembled to the tickling as well. Whenever her abdomen was caressed, her numbed body would simply send information to her brain that she was receiving a keen stimulus. Her body, not knowing how to endure that either, was able to be toyed with much like a child’s plaything.

Her body trembled slightly from each and every one of the black ooze’s minute movements. Even if each stimulation was incredibly small, her adorable mouth started letting out her voice. The more she endured, the more humorous her appearance became.

Meanwhile, the sensation of the tentacles caressing her stomach that she could only feel as disgusting started to change into a ticklish feeling.

They rubbed and caressed her tender stomach, looking as if they were massage it.

“… Nn.”

Satia remembered something from that strange ticklish feeling.

It was from when she first masturbated while thinking of Alfred. Her body, not knowing things like sexual arousal, remembered it as a ticklish feeling, not a sexual stimulation to feel good.

(No… This is, so, different…!)

Shutting her eyes, she closed her mouth.

Denying it in her heart over and over, she decided to be unresponsive like a doll until her master came to save her. She’d arbitrarily decided that the slime was doing this to get reactions out of her.

However, even though she decided that with her heart and denied the feeling… her body still reacted slightly. Experienced in the feeling of masturbation, her small-yet-adult body knew that the sensation was a pleasant one.

It had flared up in pleasure countless times while thinking of her master at night. By now, Satia’s body had been developed so thoroughly by her own fingers that it was incomparable to her first time.

But in the end, they were simply her own fingers.

Her armpits licks and sucked on by the tentacles, her abdomen was stimulated at the same time.

Experiences like this were things that generally no living human should be able to experience. Slowly but surely, this strange stimulation ignited a flame inside Satia’s womb.

Her waist was moving back and forth.

At first, the movements were small, but the interval between each thrust shortened as time went on.

Satia, whose eyes were shut tight, didn’t notice the change in her body, now pushing her waist forward and back even more strongly.

Although she’d closed her mouth as well, the breaths making their way out of her mouth were gradually growing more rough.

Even so, the brave appearance of a mage trying to forcibly subdue her reactions could be dimly seen through the darkness of the abandoned mine.

Her small hands that were clenched shut as though to display her desperate resistance opened, her slender fingers pointing outward to the ceiling. She had the strength to keep her fists closed no longer. At this point, the paralytic poison had circulated through her entire body.

The girl trying to mask her reactions to the sexual arousal as though she were some kind of doll was something that men all over the world would desire.

“Fuu… Fuu…”

Biting her lips, she desperately tried to keep her voice down. The fact that her figure could only be seen as excessively lewd was something that she herself hadn’t realized.

Her black robe wasn’t sticking to only her arms but her entire body by now.

It was fortunate that it was thick, as it concealed her budding small breasts, but her round bottom was showing its shape vividly.

Her waist was sweating, and along with that sweat… there was a feeling of her mucus-wettened panties biting into her. It was disgusting, so she shook her waist. It was an action out of disgust, but if anyone were to see it, ten out of ten people would say that it was an obscene action born from pleasure.

Satia hadn’t noticed it herself, but despite embracing the thought that it was absolutely disgusting and forcibly shaking her numbed body to expel the tentacles—

—her body that had never known a man… was feeling pleasure.

Concluding that, the slime sent another two tentacles into her robe.

Her eyes still closed, the girl felt the existence of tentacles from the new sensations, but she swore in her mind to ignore them.

(If I don’t react—)

Thinking that, she closed her eyes even more strongly, biting her lips as well.

Climbing her leg, going past her panties, over her abdomen—the girl’s eyes opened wide.

“N-no… not, there…”

The words she spoke in reaction were excessively weak.

She desperately shook her body intending to resist, but the black ooze simply continued on, not minding her.

The place it was aiming for was a place it hadn’t touched thus far… a place where there were two swelling, cherry blossom-colored projections.

Her all out effort was useless as the thin tentacles finally reached her nipples… twining around them. Despite not being touched, both were already tapered into points and standing at attention.


At that instant, the small mage’s body jumped.

With her back and head arched backward, she frantically tried to endure the stimulation by biting her lips as a coquettish voice found its way past her lips.

She couldn’t possibly bear the slippery tentacles. It was a feeling completely different from her own fingers, a not-yet-known pleasure.

Satia painstakingly denied her voice from continuing any further, but because of the pleasure she felt from the tentacle gently rubbing her nipples, she couldn’t stop her body from denying her intentions as it shook. This was a natural reaction for a human body to have.

Even if she knew that, her body, convulsing from the six tentacles playing with her, was beyond obscene enough to capture a male’s lust.

Despite those convulsions, she desperately tried to keep her voice reigned in.

The slime didn’t pay any attention to her praiseworthy reaction, simply accelerating its tentacles’ movement.

It pressed on her abdomen, licked and sucked her armpits, and rubbed and pulled on her nipples.

“—Nn, uuu—!!”

Knowing sexual pleasure, Satia couldn’t bear the extraordinary pleasure. Her body immediately convulsed greatly over and over.

She was able to suppress her coquettish voice, but that was all.

Her lips slackened after a while and opened slightly. From that small opening, her tongue moved about as though to ask for something.

Saliva slipped out of her mouth, making its way down her throat.

Her small and weak body convulsed as she once again climaxed, liquid flowing from her so far yet untouched genitals.

Due to her definite climax, tears spilled from the girl’s eyes.

(Goshu—… Alfred… sama…)


  • Edited the line slightly to hopefully keep the pun. The kanji in this line means “person/human” as well as the shape her body is making. Author bolded the kanji to make it even more noticeable, as he has done in previous chapters with various things. Return



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