Inside the Cave of Obscenity v2 — Ch 1 Pt 1

Chapter One

Fresh Prey

(Part 1)


In that place, the constant sound of water dripping from the ceiling was no longer accompanied solely by howls of resentment from those who had died in the cave.

There was an area that was gloomy, impure, and had wound up distorting.

In that area, a slow, sensual sound—a woman’s voice—was echoing off the walls. A part of the ceiling collapsed in the interior of the cave where no light shined, allowing a small shaft of light to beam down.

Inside this abandoned mithril mine, a monster had been born. Far inside, there laid a women.

It wasn’t that she was asleep. Her arms and legs feeble as though forgotten, she quivered in response to the stimulation at her hips. It didn’t appear as though this was intentional.

The only thing on her upper body was a black undershirt. Her lower half was completely exposed save for the boots on her feet. Those almond-shaped eyes that had once shown the woman’s willful nature were now clouded, not reflecting anything. Here brows drooped in defeat, in surrender, all that could be seen was hopelessness.

Violated by the slime—what she judged to be a black ooze, a monster—her mouth that had once spouted her rejection and unwillingness was now degraded into being nothing but an orifice for panting and conveying her pleasure.

By these past several days, her body that had been ravished to the point of fainting was exhausted, even her throat in pain from screaming.

Her prided breasts, at one time hidden behind her robe, were violently shaking out of her black undershirt. Her nipples that had grown to the size of tootsie rolls a while before were making their existences known.

Her torn robe and thick trousers were cast aside nearby, telling just how intense her assault was.

There was something that covered her lower half. It was a black slime, almost like a distortion.

Violating the female mage… Frederica, it was an existence that drove one’s mind into a corner.

“A-ah… ah! Ii… ehhh… iii!”

Her limbs were numbed by its paralytic poison so that she wouldn’t run away. However, that was very likely already unnecessary.

Three days had passed since Frederica was brought into the cave, but the woman hadn’t showed any behavior as though she wanted to escape. Was it that she didn’t think it was possible to escape? Was her will simply broken? Or maybe she was waiting for a chance?

Although the black ooze didn’t understand it, that didn’t change what the black ooze would do.

It would rape this woman.

Up until now, monsters hadn’t thought for themselves. It could be said that monsters were imprinted with certain instincts, warped intents.

Charging into her vagina, banging against the entrance to her womb, it sometimes dominated the deepest reaches of the woman’s womb. Letting out a coquettish voice when the monster nudged against the top of her womb, her waist trembled as though to tickle her womb’s entrance. Her vaginal fluids overflowing, a healthy serving of muddied white juice leaked out after several minutes of being violated.

In these three days, Frederica’s spirit was driven to its final line of defense and her body had been changed into an obedient female sow.

Her mouth that used to beg for release now unknowingly taught the slime her weak points. She preferred her vaginal lips to be pulled on, to be gentle with her clitoris at first, before being forceful midway, to include her armpits as along with the other areas, to be anally penetrated both rapidly and shallowly.

If she kept being violated in this cave as is, in the end, she would even forget how to speak, being reduced to nothing but a beast that craves sex.

“There—there, haaarder…”

Using just a tiny amount of strength that she had recovered from fainting, she shook her hips towards the monster that should have been detestable to her on her own volition. An adventurer that should kill monsters… begged a monster that should have killed her.

She wouldn’t be spared, nor would she be released… so she begged to be violated.

If someone who knew Frederica saw this, they might not believe their eyes. She was a beautiful woman, ever full of confidence in her ability.

That Frederica did not exist here.

This was a woman that parted her legs towards the monster, pleaded to be raped, and exposed her body that would turn men’s eyes with lust unashamedly.

This was the Frederica that existed within the abandoned mind.

“Harder, harder… hardeeer—”

Her words didn’t feel strong at all. She simply kept voicing her bodily desires, mumbling in delirium. Even so, while her voice was feeble, it felt to those hearing it as though it was a voice that came from her heart.

And so, obeying her voice, the slime earnestly and resiliently rammed its tentacle inside the woman. Drilling inside her soft meat and beating against the entrance to her womb, it massaged her violently swaying breasts while vigorously rubbing her nipples as though to light them on fire.

Despite being assaulted by the pain, the only thing carved into the woman’s face was delight.

Tears ran down her cheeks and her nose dripped with mucus. The form of a helpless sow. Even prostitutes wouldn’t show off a face like hers.


The woman’s body gave in to particularly violent convulsions. Both her words and her body told of her climax.

Filled, the woman’s once-dignified face was now perverted and unsightly, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she fainted.

At the same time, there was also a change in the slime.

Although it did not know why, when it brought the woman to a climax, the female mage’s mana flowed into the slime.

One of those three men it absorbed, likely one of two young adventurers, had an aptitude for magic.

What was mana? It was a sensation that could be called like a warm vitality. Although the slime wasn’t able to comprehend it that well, mana seemed to be a kind of vitality birthed from the body.

That answer was wrong. In reality, existences that were able to amass mana that overflowed from the existence of the natural world were mages; however, since the slime still had not digested a mage, it hadn’t obtained that knowledge.

Even so, it did manage to come about procuring a vessel that could amass mana by absorbing someone that had an aptitude for for magic. By nature, it was a slime that didn’t do the thing known as thinking. Even if it obtained something that didn’t exist in its knowledge, it didn’t intend to examine it further.

Functioning on pure instinct, the male black ooze that knew about violating women from absorbing that man would violate women. Violate them, conceiving a child.

And so it would continue.

This slime, everything the black ooze was, could be called a mutation.

The slime divided its body to shackle Frederica’s limbs to the ground after she’d climaxed and fainted again and again.

In the center of the light that beamed down from the abandoned mine’s collapsed ceiling was a beautiful woman whose limbs were restrained by black fetters. Wearing nothing but the black undershirt that just barely concealed her plentiful breasts and her leather boots, her figure was more than enough to stimulate a man’s sexual desire.

And then… it crammed a tentacle about the thickness of a rope into her uncouthly slack mouth.

“O—, gu—-!”

Ignoring the muffled screams coming from her, it managed to reach her stomach through her throat. Like that, it poured digested wild grass that held no toxins for beasts and humans directly into her stomach.

The black ooze understood that humans easily died if they didn’t take in nourishment. Although it was probably best for Frederica herself to eat a meal, as there was the danger that she would run away, it did it like this.

Besides, it didn’t think that the woman who had drowned in pleasure would do something like prepare a meal for herself. She was wriggling as though trying to draw a circle with her hips; did she feel pleasure from this meal as well?

After pouring nourishment into her for a short while, it retracted its tentacle from her throat.

“… Hau—n…”

Her hips trembled a few times. Food was poured into her forcibly. Her body reacted to this deed as well, reaching a soft orgasm.

Even though she’d lost her senses, what would the Frederica of old thought about her body reacting as such?

Overflowing with pride and will, that was the sublime and powerful mage named Frederica.

Now, however, she held a body more sensitive than a prostitute. Even comparing it to a wild beast’s wouldn’t be enough, she had come to covet sex.

A beauty. Now with a lewd body.

Now that her body had become like this, she would very likely be unable to return to a proper life after tasting heaven.

But even so, that topic had nothing to do with the slime.

Although she wasn’t aware of anything, she moved her hips back and forth with an expression dyed in ecstasy, as though begging for stimulation… or perhaps, begging for a male.

As for the slime, as the woman’s body continued to plead for it, it penetrated her vagina with its tentacle.

As always… even though she had fainted, Frederica continued to cum endlessly. Even if she awoke, she would swoon once again by giving into the pleasure.

This could possibly be called a hell.



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