Happy Peach

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A boy who obtains a mysterious peach, a heartwarming Ero Novel. The main character is a natural devil. One who doesn’t like attention.

WARNING: Depictions of rape-like actions.

Chapter List:
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six


39 thoughts on “Happy Peach

  1. The fact that i didn’t find this that weird is probably a indication that perhaps i read to many strange things. Oh well


    1. Pfft, please. Something of only this level is obviously nothing to true veterans like us who has braved countless legions of anime, manga and LNs. Your days of thinking anything is weird are now over.

        1. What about Buggs Bunny slowly approaching his testicles from a rat-trap when *SLAP* and he starts crying in pain and yells “Who’s the boss ?!” whilst masturbating ?

  2. What is the basic outline of the plot? Is it just him training a harem of girls, or does it focus on main girl?

  3. The fact he’s taking such pleasure in an inanimate object is quite interesting, a nice reflection of teenage boys’ infatuation with sexual exploration. The writer seems to be exploring male sex devices and their growing acceptance, as well as their separation affects on real relationships, the objectification of women, and disregard for consequences.

    It would be interesting to find out how much of this work is motivated by wanting to explore these concepts, and how much is just the writer’s own perverse nature.

  4. Would anyone here know name a LN where and adventurer adopts demon race girl an he starts becomes a lolicon, or over protected father

    1. try este’s mc’s w/vagina archive I remember he translated one as a teaser or was it ln addiction? raising the dead? I can’t remember I know it’s about a little demon girl blessed by the rainbow gods when she was born, an adventurer picks her up when her father died. Can’t remember the title though.

  5. Silly me! When I was a student instead of study I should have spent my time playing with asses to improve my grades.

  6. What in the…….. damn! This author really went wild with his fetishes there…..
    *cough* Ill go search for canned food or something.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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