The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist v2 — Prologue



With neither sun nor moon, the world managed by three world trees and the crystal pillars that governed the four attributes: Rattle Wesvania.

There was a certain country located in the west of the southwest continent.

In a room lit by fire stones used as illumination, there was a man sitting on a chair presenting a sheet of paper to another man on the opposite side of a desk that separated them. Looking over the page, the man looked back towards his superior sitting on the chair without batting an eye.

His superior nodded approvingly and entrusted his weight to the back of his seat, raising the corners of his mouth.

“Do you have any questions?”



To embrace doubts and think about solutions was the work of other men. He would work to complete his given duty faithfully. It was a common view for those at the post he belonged to, as well as the common doctrine.

“Transfer the equipment as usual. Go.”

“Understood. Excuse me.”

The man left the room without any needless movements and headed directly to his personal office.

No one knocked on the door for their own room. Opening the door in front of him without stopping, there was a woman bowing towards the man to welcome him.

“Welcome back. Are you departing soon?”

“Yeah. I am sorry, but it’s just for the time being, so please look after the house.”

“It’s work, so don’t worry about it.”

Those words, were they for him leaving so soon? Or were they meant more for her being left behind?

The man didn’t look as though he was offended by the words that could have been thought of as being cold. He smiled wryly in apology.

“Though it looks like the regular report arrived… did anything happen to anyone?”

“There’s no change with anyone… that Director-sensei’s influence is good.”

It was just a small amount, but the woman’s tone softened a little.

She spoke as though it had to do with someone else, but she had also definitely received that person’s influence.

Thoroughly taking those words in, the man finished his preparations nimbly.

Meanwhile, there was a knock on the door. The woman went to see who it was and received a letter, inspecting its contents. The woman, who was prompted for an explanation by the man’s gaze, closed her eyes all of a sudden and examined the surroundings’ presences. When she felt there was no problem, she opened her mouth along with placing the letter on the desk.

“It appears that when the man who took suspicious actions in the city was arrested, he was identified as a human supremacist.”

“… Again? A diversion… no, maybe the goal was to narrow our view?”


By purposely causing an event at the enemy’s home, they would make them turn their attention inward.

If that were the case, those people had made light of him. The man smiled wryly.

For a person at his level, he was sure to notice there were people that were manipulating people’s thoughts.

Having finished his preparations, the man straightened his posture before the door and turned face-to-face with the woman.

Her facial expression hadn’t changed much since before, but as her old friend, the man could sense her somewhat clouded emotion.

“I’m off. I won’t let the supremacists do as they like.”

“… Yes. Take care.”

The meaning of her words weren’t truly transmitted.

Despite knowing that, the woman continued to stare at the door the man had departed from.



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