The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist v2 — Ch 3 Pt 2

Chapter Three


(Part 2)


Spirits were the attributed elements that existed all over the world, but contrasting those existences that changed into living things after receiving Spirit Source—the origin of life—a Great Spirit was something given life by a Crystal Pillar producing and releasing its attributed element and was an existence closely related to the world’s foundation.

Even a Divine Beast that was at the summit of all that lived within water would be unable to do anything with water against Undine, an existence that could be said to be the very water itself.

Another thing that would be necessary would be enough power to stop its massive body.

“Gabriel, Partia.”

Calling those two, Ilya showed the commission chart to the three of them. Although the Elder was acting selfishly before, he couldn’t misbehave so imprudently before York and was currently behaving like a meek lamb.

“Would you three please accept this commission?”






The only person unable to understand what was happening was Partia.

Although Gabriel and York agreed, it wasn’t as though she wouldn’t still explain.

Not yet completing the registration, Ilya took the three to a private room on the second floor to explain the contents of the commission to them.

“There is currently a monster causing damage in Akradist, but to be exact, it isn’t a monster. It is a Divine Beast.”

“”” !! “””

Although the three had all been surprised, Ilya decided that their reaction wasn’t out of being unable to understand but rather because they grasped just how weighty of a matter it was, so she continued on.

“Consequently, what I would like to ask of you three isn’t to subjugate it, but rather to protect it. After talking with a mermaid that lives in the waters nearby, I’ve come to learn that the Divine Beast means no ill will. It seems that the cause of its unrest is due to a Sacred Tool being stuck in its body.”

“I see. The sea… so Undine’s power could be demonstrated to the maximum in water.”

Nodding in response to York’s statement, she was hoping for Undine’s direct assistance.

[I give my consent, oh Child of God.]

—she ended up receiving it all to easily.

Ilya thought that she would be belittling the importance of Undine and York’s hierarchical relationship by asking directly, but she failed due to the Great Spirit’s total loyalty to her.

Even if she tried admonishing her here, there was a good chance that it would only cause unnecessary troubles.

“Thank you.”

Bowing, Ilya then turned towards Gabriel and continued talking.

“Gabriel, please stop the Divine Beast’s movements.”

“… Alright.”

Gabriel hesitated just a little.

As a part of the Demon God’s family, Gabriel had become extraordinarily strong through the grace of his demon elements.

The sheer amount of things that he’d accidentally destroyed with his strength wasn’t small, so his hesitation sprouted from generally not using it against things that he didn’t deem an enemy. That’s why, even though he’d taken a decent number of subjugation commissions while he’d been in Luneville, not a single one had been one aiming for a capture.

His feelings on the matter was something that Ilya, who’d roamed around looking for a way to suppress her power, was able to understand well.

“Partia, please use your magic and sacred magic to heal and strengthen the Divine Beast.”

“Kay, will do—… huh? Umm… you said you want me to strengthen it?”

Not just Partia, but Gabriel and York looked similarly perplexed.

As for why they were perplexed, the reason was that even though it was true that they’d be protecting it, restraining a strengthened opponent was difficult.

Taking their surprise as a natural thing, Ilya explained her thoughts.

“I want you to increase the Divine Beast’s strength after figuring out the difference in its strength and Gabriel’s. You should know about Gabriel’s strength the best and you are the only one who can see through the Divine Beast’s strength.”


Given how Partia’s tone was weak and how she was looking down, she probably felt pressured.

“Gabriel will be doing his best to adjust the amount of strength he uses as well, you’ll be fine. Just think of it as insurance in case something goes wrong, alright?”

“… Partia. I believe in you, so believe in me as well.”


Ilya smiled at the fairy that now looked noticeably energetic.

(The power of love is great ☆)

The last remaining problem was the Sacred Tool stuck in it, but considering that Bahamut’s god elements were weaker than its parents, that wasn’t something to be so careful about.

She judged that since its god elements’ rank were low, it would be unable to use the original method of using the Sacred Tool… that is, since Bahamut’s elements were ranked too low to invoke its ability of interfering with information itself, it wouldn’t have the ability to interfere with these three. [1]

Assuming they agreed to go, Ilya turned back to York to recap.

“Partia will be support and both Undine and Gabriel will restrain the Divine Beast. York, you must retrieve the Sacred Tool.”


Finished with confirming what the commission entailed, she received the three’s registration cards and registered their acceptance.

Fortunately—and possibly due to the chaos having not yet reached it—the subjugation commission hadn’t yet been accepted in Akradist’s guild.

“Here are your registration cards.”

[Miko-sama, what should I be doing?]

[Please be Gabriel’s support, Gnome.]

With that, she suddenly had an idea.

[Also, take care of the Sacred Tool’s burial.]

[Are you sure?]

Hearing Undine’s voice, she nodded.

“Please sink that Sacred Tool down to the bottom of the sea.”

Sacred Tools were things that the ancient gods’… the plethora of Beast Gods’, Bird Gods’, and Fish Gods’ corpses had transformed into. Many Sacred Tools could be found within timeworn ancients and altars, places where they had died, withered, and where their God Elements had merged with other Elements.

If they didn’t feel like coming out into center stage, it would be better if they just slept quietly.

That this was merely her own arrogance, Ilya knew all too well.

“Since there is nothing concerning the Sacred Tool contained within the commission, you may handle it at your own discretion. However, please do not forget the influence a Sacred Tool has.”

Not just York but even Gabriel and Partia nodded solemnly in response.

As far as Ilya knew, there were fewer than ten people born with a mutation to carry God Elements other than the Dragon and Demon Gods’ families.

Nevertheless, most of them were either persecuted due to the eternal life God Elements bestowed, had long since lost interest in worldly matters, or were strong individuals who merely wished to see the world burn.

There were many peerless abilities contained within the various Sacred Tools. One could manipulate the weather without even needing to use mana, one could generate ten thousand blades with the wave of a hand, one could attack while disregarding their target’s physical defense and skill assistance… even if they held a restriction in that they could only be activated by a specific rank of God Elements, their capabilities were beyond dangerous enough to allow to be used.

In contrast, Ilya knew of a person named Orion. He was a beastkin that mutated the ability to have God Elements, an unusually rare type.

Setting aside the matter of dealing with them, now that the first part was done with, they met up with Helly, who she’d had meet with them outside.

When she introduced her to the three people that would be her guards, Helly only displayed a small amount of confusion.

There weren’t many of them and neither Gabriel nor Partia had the look of a fighter, it was to be expected. Although Ilya thought that was why, the reason she was dissatisfied was something else altogether.

“U-umm… Ilya-sama isn’t going to come with me…?”


Thinking back on it, she certainly gave off that kind of feeling with how she spoke.

“These people here are friends that I trust. If it weren’t for them being here, I would be going as well.”

“… Is that, so…?”

Her dissatisfied expression hadn’t gone away.

“Like how Siren relied on me, I trust their power and will be relying on them. Although it won’t be my direct power… I believe that knowing them can also be considered a kind of strength. Is it that you are unable to believe in those that I do?”

“Eh? Ah, no! Of course not!”

As Helly said that, she couldn’t see how to get rid of her dissatisfaction.

What was she dissatisfied about? Thinking about that, Helly looked away from Ilya’s gaze with red cheeks.

“… Umm, when I heard that Ilya-sama would be accompanying me, I was so happy…”

(So that was it~)

Understanding the problem, Ilya couldn’t help.

“I am sorry that I am unable to meet your expectations.”

She preferred women rather than men, but she didn’t intend to leave for that place.


  • This could mean something slightly different given a different context. I might have to come back to this line later. Return



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