The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist v2 — Ch 1 Pt 14

Chapter One

The Festival

(Part 14)


Changing location, the second floor’s private room.

Excluding Ilya, the people who had gathered were Gabriel, Partia, Reginald, and Nina. Nina was confused by the others that had strange presences in the lineup.

“Well then, I will explain this commission.”


She nodded in response to the elder’s question.

“Yes. The commission proprietor is our Amal-san. The content of the commission is to rescue a birdkin that has been seized by Sylph.”

“That will be solved by us, ourselves.”

“No, it will not.”

Ilya’s curt response caused the elder’s face to freeze.

“This is a commission that has been formally issued by the guild, so the participation of individuals that do not belong to a guild will not be permitted. As Eldest-sama has already acknowledged the existence of this commission, in the case that it is impossible to accept, it will therefore be deemed as intentional opposition to the Country-Guild Agreement, and you will become subject to purging. Due to that, please allow Amal-san to accompany you.”

Because this elder, who despite having stayed within the borders of his village, knew of the fame that belonged to the guild by way of the Windia Patriarch Federation where the patriarchs lived, he could not disregard the purging measures that would make them all into enemies. [1]

When Reginald glared at Nina in what appeared to perhaps be frustration, the girl withered.

—Don’t glare at a child, you lolicon!

Giving him a glare with those words in her eyes, Reginald looked openly dismayed from her absolutely scornful look.

“… H-hmph. It’s your lucky day, girl. We will stop that great spirit for certain.”

“It is fine to be enthusiastic, but please follow the strategy.”


Obedience is good, but that much is just gross.

Nonetheless, as the risk to Nina’s life would decrease considerably with the elves’ help, in all honestly, it was a big help to her.

“Although it is a rough strategy, you will first induce the birdkin through Amal-san’s persuasion, separation Sylph from the Crystal Pillar of Wind. Following that, as soon as there is enough distance between them, weaken Sylph with its opposing element through Gnome. Gabriel will focus on defense.”


[I hear and obey.]

Gnome accepted it as well. From the speed of its answer, you could tell just how disgusted he was at Sylph’s wild nature.

“Guard Amal-san and the birdkin while the elves consume the nearby wind elements. Eldest-sama will capture Sylph along with Nina.”

“… Are you sure?”

Saying that was Elder Reginald.

When Ilya figured out the meaning behind his question, she simply smiled at him.

“For you to desire cooperation with Great Earth Spirit-sama… You aren’t that honest, either.”

She wanted to punch him with her smile.

From his reaction, she guessed that he misunderstood her smile as, “I’m trying to make an excuse for us to marry.” The misunderstanding was convenient for her in a certain meaning, so she didn’t correct him.

“When do we leave?”

“We are planning for it to be tomorrow.”

“Understood. The others will use the time to recharge themselves.. Now then, for my bed…”

“Please, do not worry. We have prepared an inn for you and the others to use and relax in.”

“Gu, mu…”

The lolicon, defeated by Ilya’s smile, meekly left the room.

What happened next would be the crucial part. When she focused on Nina, the girl blushed and looked down.

Parta spoke as though in proxy for the young girl.

“I-Ilya-ane, will you seriously marry…?”

“I won’t. I hate elves.”


She once again spoke to Nina who, like Partia, was staring in wonder.

“So please, you must also cooperate.”

“Eh? U-un! I’ll force myself even if I REALLY don’t want to!”

“… As you say. I’ll hand this over to you, Nina.”

“Eh? This is…?”

Seeing its contents, Nina wasn’t able to understand what it was and tilted her head.

Ilya held up her index finger and smiled back at her.

“It’s a love charm!”


  • Note that, mentioned in Volume 1 Chapter 3 Part 12, a person named Katia is a noble daughter of this ‘Windia Patriarch Federation’. Perhaps it might be better to have called her an aristocratic daughter? I might change it as we learn more about the area. Return


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