The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist — SS Pt 1

Side Story

Ilya’s Cheat Acquaintances

(Part 1)


The five people who departed Lunéville for the tyrant spider subjugation walked along the road.

Chris, Selena, and Eric walked in the front, Lula following after them with York in the back. Rather than calling their current formation something like a subjugation group’s order, it was more like they were tourists taking a stroll.

Chris turned back to face the two trailing behind while still walking.

“The name’s Chris. Leader of [Stars of the Eternal Night].”

Lula and York weren’t able to react to his sudden introduction that well. Selena, seeing them, sighed and gave Chris a cold look.

“Hey, that’s beyond sudden.”

“But really, there’re lots of problems with not knowing their names!”

Chris smiled broadly. Selena gave another sigh and Eric smiled wryly.

“That’s right. I’m Eric. We’re part of the team called [Stars of the Eternal Night] in the mercenary guild.”

“Similarly, I am Selena. Pleased to meet you.”

It seemed the three from the mercenary guild were sociable enough. Looking at each other, Lula and York’s expressions didn’t change much.

“… Lula. Not affiliated to anything in particular. My regards.”

Towards her businesslike manner that changed completely from what it was beforehand, the three members of [Stars of the Eternal Night] blinked.

Meanwhile, York wasn’t surprised at Lula’s attitude and remained calm.

“I am York. Please treat me well.”

“Ah, y-yeah. Treat me well…”

“M—… my regards.”

York smiled wryly at the three who weren’t able to hide their bewilderment.

“Don’t mind this idiot. She’s normally like this whenever she isn’t near Ilya-sama.”

Even being called an idiot, Lula didn’t react at all. She looked like she truly didn’t care at all, from the bottom of her heart.

“I’ve heard the name [Stars of the Eternal Night]. In particular, there was a story about exterminating a demon being talked about even in the magic guild.”

Although he was clearly praising them, the three held mutual wry smiles. Seeing York’s questioning expression, Chris responded.

“We did definitely defeat a demon but well, it wasn’t just us. Ilya was together with us.”

“So saying something like it’s just our achievement is a bit…”

Understanding their previous pained-looking expressions, York smiled slightly.

“Ilya-sama probably said to keep it a secret didn’t she?”

“Yeah! Even though without Ilya’s support I have nooo clue how it would’ve turned out!”

“She has no interest at all in fame and wealth after all.”

“Right right! Even though we got so many rewards from the country and the association, she’d just disappear when I try to give her any!”

Although it seemed like she was just grumbling after that, in fact, she was saying nothing but praises.

Reaching a point where the topic settled down, Selena spoke to Lula.

“Lula-san, would you like to join in?”

“… Not really. For things about other people than Ilya, I truly have no interest at all.”

Although she wanted to say something back at that unusual statement, she swallowed her words back down.

Furthermore, although they weren’t as long as a beastkin’s, Lula’s long ears only ever twitched when hearing something she was interested in. No one would intentionally point that out though.

For example, when York proposed a question to the other three without minding Lula’s condition.

“If you don’t mind, could you tell me about what it was like when Ilya-sama traveled with you all?”

“Of course.”

With her immediate reply, the five of them roused over a common topic: Ilya.


The group, which recovered their stamina by camping next to the forest, decided to wait until the sky brightened before starting their subjugation strategy.

First was to confirm their invasion route.

“—Oh soldiers that exchanged blood with Eric Bridge, show your forms, please lend your strength.”

A shining pattern of geometric lines ran underneath Eric’s feet, expanding.

As the design finished forming along the flat surface of the ground, it rose vertically away from the ground towards the sky.

First were legs.

The pattern rising to outline multiple silhouettes, next to appear were tails, followed by torsos, then wings and arms, then finally their heads. Three wyverns appeared.

“… Wonderful.”

York said in admiration while watching the wyverns bring their heads to Eric.

Although wyverns were just a subspecies of flying dragons, even if they were weaker, they were still a species of dragon.

Compared to flying dragons, part of their wings were assimilated into their forelegs. They had less methods to attack with, but had great flying capability.

Although wyverns seemed excellent if you viewed them as mounts, you normally couldn’t contract them and had to train them.

However, Eric just showed himself summoning them. In other words, rather than training them, he contracted them.

What was required for a summoning contract was magical power beyond whatever the target was, as well as an unyielding strength will.

As a result of having your magical power taken away if you failed a contract, there was a chance of dying even if they put up resistance.

Furthermore, to have three summoned simultaneously would require at least enough magical power for the three of them, to say nothing of the strength of will required to manage them.

Even Lula let out her voice in admiration at it.

“We’ll go in groups of two. As combinations though.”

“Divided into groups of vanguards and rear guards. That way it’ll be easier to work together.”

Chris continued Eric’s statement.

His tone wasn’t different from his usual one, but one could feel the self-confidence and persuasiveness from his accumulated experience in it.

“Next is… what kind of tactics to go with, then?”

“Ilya also said to prevent damaging the area, so we’ll go with a quick attack!”

Ilya’s words. Two people reacted to that.

“Then first I’ll stop its movement.”

“I’ll smash the tyrant’s outer layer with a swift attack.”

“After that, us vanguards will end it.”

Chris finished up York and Lula’s proposals.

Although that strategy was a very sketchy strategy, there wasn’t a single person who felt anxious about it.

As for the combinations mounted onto the wyverns in two person pairs, Chris and Selena were the vanguards, York and Eric were the rear guards. Left over, Lula took one by herself.

There were monsters that could fly in the air nearby, but none of them could match the velocity of the wyverns. Their group immediately took off above the top of the forest into the open air.

Here and there were places mowed down by the tyrant spider’s huge body, there were clusters of living things scattered about that were likely caught by its thread.

Standing in the center of it all was a huge spider, so big as to make it seem like their perception of distance from it was off.

No sooner than the group saw it, the tyrant spider that also saw them displayed a quick movement. It ejected thread from its abdomen at an arrow’s speed.

Easily dodging it, magical power suddenly began to be stimulated.


A giant spirit appeared raising its hands to the sky not at York’s back, but above the giant spider.

At that moment, water spouted from the ground like a geyser erupted. The tyrant spider was unsteady from the force of the impact.

“—Ice Lock.”

The magic that York invoked in that instant was made to freeze its joints.

The surface of the frozen water had no waves. Towards that cooperated magic that flowed peacefully, Eric exhaled in uncomprehending admiration.

Then, in that next instant. Five gigantic boulders appeared high in the sky above the great spirit.

Looking at the boulders, with a slight smile, Undine melted into the sky.

“—Strike… Nova!”

Finishing the chant, the boulders descended at a velocity where they seemed to disappear.

As for the giant spider whose joints were frozen, it wasn’t able to defend properly.

It received direct hits from the huge masses.

By being practically smashed down, the ice restraints that held the tyrant spider broke. It moved slightly.

It’s vitality was admirable, but the exoskeleton that was its strong point had cracked due to the meteorite’s impacts, with its flesh being crushed and torn as well.

Even so, it may have been its pride as a strong creature that had hunted countless creatures, but its mouth continued to move restlessly as though to express its rage, fixing its compound eyes on its hateful enemies.


“Descending Light—”

A sword of light soared down.

“—Ascending Flash!”

Burned by the light, it couldn’t recover itself.

They could feel their enemy’s temperature from that far away.

However, the tyrant that ruled over the unknown world was confused and could only see darkness, attempting to move away and distance itself from this foreign enemy. Unknowingly, this was the first time it had felt fear.

“Forceful Magic—”

It hadn’t noticed that it was stepping further into hell.

“—Colliding Waves, Break!!”

It felt something touch its legs.

Just after feeling that, the magical power in its surroundings raged, ripping apart more of its exoskeleton and exploding its flesh.

The event was so abnormal that the tyrant didn’t notice that its balance had been destroyed.

“Forceful Waves!”

“Gleaming Blaze!”

“” Melting Ground, Scorched Earth!! “”

It realized that the ground below it would suddenly collapse, but the earth that should have collapsed suddenly heated up, its surrounding transforming into a bubbling prison of magma.

The tyrant couldn’t understand it.

Until just a moment ago, it was standing at the top of the world.

Other creatures were nothing but prey to it, running away just from the sight of it. Even if there were occasionally some that fought back, it wouldn’t suffer even a single wound to its body. It enriched its hunger by teasing the weak.

It wasn’t enough to rampage about. It wanted more prey, more prey to chew up.

That’s what it desired for itself.

However, an overwhelming power appeared.

It didn’t expect something like this to happen.

Still, it just wanted to act violently.

As for what could damage that tyrant—

“Transcending Excellence! Transcendent Saint Sword Striiiiiike!”

By the overwhelming heat generated by Chris’ pillar of light that burned everything to nothing, it died.

While feeling the torrent of that enormous power, the group looked at their comrades in satisfaction.

To their feelings—

“… That’s a weird name.”

Lula muttered.



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