The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist — Prologue




The girl unenthusiastically greeted the guests entering the store.

It was a group of four that’d come in. She hadn’t met them before and it was her first time seeing them.

A muscle-brained swordsman, a gloomy magician, a seemingly malicious healer and a thief with a vulgar smile.

Though they were called thieves, they weren’t criminals, it was just the class’ occupation. She could see it. In addition to their classes, their HP’s and MP’s status as well as their levels were displayed in her vision.

Though while they’re considered a little depressing, it was endured since it’s due to their line of work and are convenient.

“Hey Nee-chan. I want to check commissions, but-”

The muscle-brained swordsman leaned forward onto the counter.

It’s stupid to ask someone before looking once. Swallowing back the words before they left her throat, the girl indicated towards the window on the left.

“There is a list on the bulletin board over there…”

“Ah, sorry!”

The group of four people walked towards the base of the bulletin board.

This place is the guild association’s Lunéville branch.

Its main operations include guild member registration and commission services, then verifying completion.

As a place meant for resting and exchanging information, many guilds were furnished with bars. The Lunéville branch was no exception,  the tables as well as the chairs spread out in front of the girl were for that purpose.

Usually, a branch’s bar wouldn’t be considered thriving, but the Lunéville branch’s tables were currently completely filled. There were even people eating and drinking while leaning against the wall.

The time for lunch had passed long ago, most people from earlier had stayed.

“No one’s working…”

Towards her grudging voice, the group of swordsmen sitting on the other side of the counter laughed with guffaws.

“That’s impossible! This town is for it’s bars and restaurants!”

“Cheap! Delicious! And above all there’s beauties like Ilya-chan!”

“The Lunéville branch is the best! It has our gracious Ilya-chan!”

The two drunk swordsmen stuck our their tankards, getting more and more excited.

(Is it fine if I don’t deal with them…?)

Continuing to be amazed, the girl—Ilya—felt sorry.

As the guild member from a moment ago said, this town’s name was Lunéville. Contrary to its scale, it had few restaurants. The girl knew that she herself was the cause in the decrease of restaurants. Consequently, even though she felt sorry for what she did to the town’s residents…

“Ilya-chan, another cup!?”

The swordsman across from her laughed pleasantly, this man getting her to do something was a former pub owner.

That was said for his honor though, it’s not like he was getting drunk from being a useless person.

He originally made a bar for his love of sake, but as the branch’s restaurant prospered his profits inversely plummeted, eventually having to close the establishment.

However, he was making use of his connection with the supplier here and earnestly asked her.

The swordsman next to him was here as an escort, midday today was when the sake was transported. Right now was the height of its launch.

“Our grandma here is doing it diligently huh.”

“Of course, since Cecilita-san’s knife handling is perfect.”

She answered seriously this time.

Though she really was a help, the men took it as flattery and gave a wry smile.

“I really can’t thank Ilya-chan enough…”

(Though I’m the one that wants to give thanks.)

Besides Cecilita, a lot of the people who had ran the food businesses in this town work in the branch. Though the branch kidnapped tourists, they didn’t give a single complaint.

[If it’s Lunéville, you can eat delicious local cuisine that you haven’t even seen or heard of before.]

Such a thing was passed around, and the branch became famous for something other than its original function.

With more income than the guild branch, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it was supported by its income as a restaurant.

“Nee-chan, we accept this commission.”

The muscle-brained swordsman from earlier showed a commission chart from the bulletin board.

The girl accepted the commission chart, placing it between two glass panels nearby.

“A monster subjugation commission…? Please present your registration cards.”

“Here ya go!”

She took the four presented registration cards, holding them up over the glass panel.

Charging it with magical power, the glass panel glowed with a faint light.

The glass panel was a magic tool, what was called a scanner. Along with previous violations and rank, it compared the contract to the guild record and determined whether or not the commission was possible to be accepted.

The light changed to blue and the luminescence vanished. The luminescence would have changed red if it was unadvised for them to accept it, blue light meant the document was approved.

(Alright, it’s safe.)

With this there was no need for it to come to a complaint.

“The registration is complete.”

Placing the registration cards and commission placed on the counter, she returned them.

“Since subjugation out of the corresponding area doesn’t count, please be cautious… … Good luck.”

“Yeah! Let’s go!”

Gazing at their backs, she saw the group of four off.

“What’s wrong, Ilya-chan? … … Ah, no way, is that your preference!?”

“No way. I was just thinking that with their abilities they could split up into two groups if they accepted another commission.”

“Then… you should have told them.”

“That’s not in the job description.”

She wouldn’t do such a troublesome thing, the girl asserted bluntly.

Ranks were provided to guild members and requests to impose limits on accepting commissions.

Accordingly, she would give warnings to those people challenging ill-advised subjugation commissions.

It was useless most of the time, but those who listened to her warnings would listen to her words afterwards.

“If it’s Ilya-chan, she can see through anything.”

The man who was having his meal at the counter smiled without being sarcastic.

“I don’t know anything…”

Her words weren’t modesty, she couldn’t see a person’s past or emotions with [God’s Eyes].

“Yet again you’re being modest.”

The man said that as he sank his teeth into his favorite dish, fried chicken.

Chewing and swallowing it, a subtle change occurred in his agility and endurance status. When uneasily digesting food, moreover using energy for digestion, endurance and agility would fall more than usual.

Her unique skill  [God’s Eyes]—a unique skill couldn’t be obtained from just effort and talent—was at the maximum level value of ten.

When activated they could see through everything like god’s eyes, seeing people’s status and skills, potential, conditions and equipment in detail.

Not just a person’s but also monster’s skills and status, even details such as the effects of tools were the same.

Able to see a hostile opponent’s remaining endurance and condition, their weak points, it was a skill that carried advantages for combat.

However, she didn’t intend to demonstrate her ability to its maximum.

—She didn’t want to kill anymore.

While living in this world, that was the decision she, who reincarnated, arrived at.

She had always been struggling.

Her biological parents feared her ability and abandoned her.

Driven out of the village, she wandered the world for five years beating down monsters and thieves in her dark past.

Then she arrived here, the Lunéville’s guild branch, seeking haven.


That ordinary young man working like livestock in his previous life, Akino Tomoaki, was no more.

Tomoaki, who met the end of his life at a young age, was offered a completely cheat-filled life as recompense, which he accepted.

Now, his—no, her name is Ilya Schultz.

Working in the guild association’s Lunéville branch, she was the cheat receptionist that gave the feeling of omniscience.




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