Chapter Three

The Decision

(Part 6)



As time passed on by, Lunéville was building itself up as a new inn town.

The highway servicing also progressed, and people like carpenters that worked on inn construction, merchants that aimed at selling off various goods, and blacksmiths from the industry guild each came from all directions one after another to Lunéville.

Everyone expected the association branch’s dining hall and kitchen to get even busier, but it didn’t end at just that.

“The registration has been completed. Good luck.”

Bard was bowing courteously, holding the commission chart out without wasting any time.

“Don’tcha look like the proper receptionist?”

“Thank you. Please present your registration cards.”

Before him was the group of five that he’d registered the acceptance of a commission from before. Receiving their presented registration cards, he began the registration. His hand movements were no longer awkward.

“But there’s really a ton of commissions huh. There’s even talk about about there being more monsters, seriously.”

“Yeah. We can manage to hunt them though.”

Luke was out on break, so Ilya and Bard were at the reception currently.


Ilya noticed the registration’s completion because of Haku’s voice, passing the guild members back their registration cards and the commission chart over the counter.

“The registration has been completed. Good luck.”

“Yeah. Cya, Ilya-chan.”

“I’ll come again~”

“We’ll be waiting.”

Just as she bowed to see the group of mercenaries off, another commission chart was presented to her.

Guiding commission applicants to the parlor if they came, she would immediately create a commission chart while cooperating with the office workers. Receiving completion bonuses together with signatures, she would post the commission tickets onto the bulletin board. Additionally, she would also take turns helping the waiters and kitchen staff when needed.

Lately, Ilya has spent every day being very busy.

“Ilya, Ellie started their break, go back to the dining room if Luke comes back.”

“Understood. Katie, do your best a bit longer.”

“Un. Work hard.”

Although her tone remained same as usual, Katie’s expressions had become bountiful. Both of the two had grown quite well thus far.

Some time later after she finished several acceptance registrations, Hector arrived in the branch with a strange group.

The men who walked in behind him were each wearing coats that resembled a doctor’s, with emblems signifying they were on a research delegation sewn on their chests.

Even in this world where various cultures mixed, their appearances reflected the differences. Although they didn’t stand out, because they walked ostentatiously, the general public’s impression of them was the worst.

“We’ve been expecting you. For the matter regarding the delegation’s guards, I am instructed by the branch manager to guide you to the parlor.”

“Yes, please.”

However, at that moment, someone from the delegation raised their voice.

“Ooh! So there being a young dragon here was true!”

A human male ran up to Haku, hoisting his small body up.


“Blue eyes and white skin…! I’ve never seen a dragon like this before!”

“Mansel-dono, right now is…”

“So fussy! There’s a monster right in front of me and you don’t want me to do anything, what other reason is this research delegation here for!?”

The delegation leader, Effy Mansel, talked over Hector’s statement with force.

Meanwhile, Ilya looked at Mansel coldly as she understood his other meaning.

(This guy, what did he just say?)

Knowing that this country’s research institutions thought of dragons as monsters, she was amazed at how low-level they were.


“Such a rare specimen… just how much could we research it!”

She took Haku back from Mansel. If Haku was left with that man and went into a rage from disliking the way he was being treated, even just his tail would certainly fracture the bone if it struck the indoor-prone person’s arm. He didn’t know that Ilya just saved him, but there was no reason for him to be hostile towards her.

However, Mansel’s smile coarsened when he looked at Ilya.

“So the dragon’s owner truly was an elf.”

“Is something wrong with that?”

“It’s nothing, I don’t mind if it’s a beastkin or anything. So, how much?”

“… I don’t quite understand your meaning.”

Bard included, several people’s faces with good sixth senses all cramped. Ilya was desperately holding her anger back. Nevertheless, the incompetent person in front of her didn’t notice at all and proposed an offer in a very loud voice.

“Our Rondéville’s research institutions will advance no less than ten years beyond other countries’ if we had a child dragon. Although a… person… like you wouldn’t refuse something that would benefit Rondéville’s citizens, it would still be offensive to have you part with it for nothing. So, I will buy it for any price you name.”

(This guy…)

Ilya’s magical power stirred. The whole branch was clad in a barrier made from her magical power, so the atmosphere around them mirrored that change.


(Whoops, not good. It’s alright~. Don’t get angry~)

Ilya quelled her anger and put on a smile to calm Haku when she realized he was whining weakly. She turned back to Mansel once more.

“I will decline.”

“Wha—… are you an idiot!? A mere receptionist like you doesn’t have a choice in the matter, I can have you executed immediately just by reporting to the king!”

He felt discomfort despite being protected by a barrier, his saliva spraying into the air. However, Ilya’s expression didn’t change despite once again being affronted by him.

(The king, is it?)

She couldn’t help but laugh in her heart.

“Do as you please.”

Ilya had met the king several times, but she didn’t remember him as having much courage.

Perhaps because he felt his last resort of insulting her in the king’s name was inneffective, or perhaps because he felt that Ilya’s attitude was belittling him, Mansel’s clenched fists shook in anger.

“Y-you bitch…!”

“Mansel-dono, please let it go.”

“So the lord is trying to interfere now!?”

Ilya, whose surroundings slowly filled with pittying eyes, exchanged looks with Hector and attempted to take them to the third floor for now.

“This way please.”

“I won’t wait on this subhuman!”

(Ah, that’s bad.)


Due to the fuming anger surging across the first floor, Haku raised his voice in fright.

Subhumans… mock-humans. As a derogatory term for all non-human races, it was naturally a taboo since humans were on friendly terms with those races.

Just then, Luke, who had finished taking his break, returned to the counter.

Seeing him, Mansel’s expression froze.

It stood to reason. Luke had come from nobility and was an acquaintance of the king.

Although he concealed his position as a noble nowadays, that didn’t change the fact he was a noble.

“Luke, did you hear that remark just now?”

“Yeah. I did.”

Luke nodded expressionlessly. Even though he was concealing his position, he wouldn’t turn a blind eye to that. He couldn’t possibly disregard it.

“I’m sorry to put you through the trouble, but may I ask you to give your report?”

“Of course. Rondéville recognizes him as a traitor and human supremacy advocate. Please give him the appropriate punishment.”

“That is enough.”

Few people were able to understand the meaning behind Luke and Ilya’s conversation.

Nevertheless, since she felt some slight gratification seeing Mansel tremble, the stagnant air filling the first floor weakened.

“Well then, this way.”

She resumed guiding them once again. Then, after confirming that there were no unrelated people in their surroundings—

“Oh, right.”

She spoke to Mansel.

“This child isn’t a dragon’s child, it’s the dragon god’s.”


Among the rustling delegates, Mansel’s expression hardened with despair.

“I didn’t investigate into what you meant by ‘research’, but I feel you should have chosen your words a little more carefully.”

Eye for an eye. Tooth for a tooth. Use power against those with power. She would tell the dragon god. At least, it seemed he wasn’t foolish enough to not understand that.

In reality, she had no intention of doing so since it was troublesome, but it would be something like a death sentence if she actually did. She decided to have him learn from it, but the effect was even stronger than she expected.

Disregarding the living corpse, Ilya knocked on the door to the parlor.



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