The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist — Ch 3 Pt 11

Chapter Three

The Decision

(Part 11)



The next day.

When Ilya descended the stairs to check the people who gathered, there were some unexpected people.


Brandishing a frivolously wagging long tail, a woman clung to Ilya. Since the person she knew wasn’t someone that would do something like that, she was indeed surprised.

“Katie… how?”

“I came back from Veluun a little while ago.”

Veluun. Hector’s statement from the previous day crossed through Ilya’s mind.

“Perhaps, were you the one to send the report?”

“Right. Bard as well. Come!”

She forcefully pulled Ilya and brought her to the second floor’s private room. Inside, Bard sat on a chair in a bad mood.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time, Bard-san. I’m happy you two are safe.”

“… It was nothing.”

(Even more surly than before.)

When Ilya wondered about that, Katie smiled wryly and explained.

“Really, we wanted to come back with a present of the ice dragon’s subjugation. But he’s embarrassed since it failed.”

“Stupi—, don’t say something unnecessary! T-that’s just… I just tried getting some money to travel with! It’s a misunderstanding!”

Although she thought it to be indiscreet, she couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“Present or whatever, I’m really glad you two are safe.”


Looked at by Katie, Bard averted his gaze. Although he could also feel his favorability become even more extreme, he’d probably be defeated if he minded it.

“So, what will you two be doing after this?”

“Another subjugation commission was published right? We’ll participate in it.”

“We’d be troubled if Lunéville disappeared.”

“Troubled… is it?”

Although Ilya thought they planned on making it into their base, her guess was immediately denied.

“Un. We want to work here again.”

“… You need more helping hands yeah?”

“Bard isn’t honest with himself.”


They certainly didn’t have enough people, and it would just get more hectic after this.

Even though it would be a great help, Ilya turned to smile at the two.

“Eh, so you two will properly receive the examination this time?”


“… Can we pull some strings?”

If it’s these two, they could probably pass it. But that said, spoiling them wouldn’t help them at all.

“For your positions, please do your best with your own efforts.”

If they could do that, they wouldn’t need to feel inferior or like they were being sympathized with anymore.

Since Ilya had an inferiority complex due to her cheat, she prayed that the two would want to build equal relations with everyone.


Katie, together with Bard, headed towards the branch’s dining hall. It was packed full of guild members that came to apply for the second subjugation group.

Including [Blue Sword] and [Scarlet Twin Blades] that returned from the rescue commission, there were some considerably powerful people gathered together.

Normally, the branch’s patrons and guild members would be getting dead drunk, but currently everyone held serious expressions.

(Everyone should continue on the same as always though…)

She swallowed back those words before they left her mouth.

“First, for everyone that gathered here, I thank you.”


Standing on the counter, Haku bowed his head mimicking Ilya. The tension in the dining hall softened slightly.

“For this subjugation, even though I am unworthy, I will propose the measures to take. I am sorry, but only those who do not object to the plan can participate in the second subjugation group, so if you do please—”

“Don’t say so many unnecessary things, Ilya!”

“Right, right! Ilya-chan is too cold!”

Some people raised their voices. Everyone looked towards Ilya with similar expressions.

(Nooo… I’ll be troubled if you put so much faith in me… There’s no choice but to brace myself is there?)

Strengthening her resolve, Ilya looked over the dining hall once again.

“Thank you. Then for the plan this time, forget about grouping people by their parties. Everyone will form groups depending on their roles.”

Everyone stared at her with considerably surprised expressions.

In this world, although there were things like parties with multiple warriors in them, people didn’t organize themselves for battles by role.

“First, please separate yourselves according to the roles written here.”

There were two sheets of paper on the bulletin board that usually had commission charts affixed to it.

One sheet had organization plans.

People who use fire magic. People who use no less than intermediate defensive-type magic. People who use shields. People who take charge of attacking directly. People who are confident in their speed.

Each of these were assigned to A, B, C, D, and E. By the way, when Ilya writes things down, since everything is converted into this world’s characters even if she writes in Japanese, there’s no problem.

“Next, I will explain everyone’s roles and how to work together.”

The second sheet had a simplified ice dragon sketched on it.

“First, the front line will wait on standby outside of the ice dragon’s range for the battle to develop. If it is attacked by fire magic, it won’t just damage it efficiently, but also cause the exhausted ice dragon, which doesn’t like disturbed air currents, to descend on to the ground. From there, approach while keeping formation. Having done that, the ice dragon will use its breath attack to sweep everyone away at once. However, since the breath will be spread out in a wide range, this can be sufficiently defended against by using intermediate level defensive magic. Then, group B will be in charge of using defensive-type magic on the vanguard’s advancing formation.”

Among the few people making noises, one of them raised their hand.

“What would we do if it uses an attack that isn’t its breath?”

“Take formation to restrict its attacks. It will begin to use Blizzard if it develops to a point where it is surrounded, and attempt to skewer those who group up too much with Glacial Lance. As for the former, since everyone will force against it with tough defenses and it will have limited view, it is impossible. Though a similar strategy could be employed for the latter if advanced magic was used as well, it will be fixated on using its breath after being attacked since it is long ranged.”

Without hesitation, Ilya continued explaining.

“Since Blizzard and Glacial Lance are magics that use natural elements, the ice dragon won’t be able to move immediately after. On the other hand, its ice breath is a combination of its body’s elements and magic source. Even if it only takes a few seconds to raise its neck and unite them inside its body again, it still takes time. Everyone, I would like you to approach during that opening.”

“But that guy doesn’t just have those three things.”

Agreeing to the comment someone spoke, Ilya pointed at the figure once again.

“That’s where groups B and C come in. While group A starts the attack at long distance, groups B and C will fortify the sides and group D will rush straight ahead. For its tail and forelegs’ claws, groups B and C will defend the side that is attacked. Attack in that interval, with everyone possible taking aim at its horn. Ah, except those using shields, please place importance on keeping your shields raised. Bodies might be blasted back from the front line.”

Several people smiled wryly at her remark.

Since taking a direct hit was destined for those equipped with shields, they were probably thinking back on personal experiences.

“Aim at its horn? Not the eyes?”

“Yes. Although the basics of subjugation is to aim at the eyes, pay that no heed and forget it this time. I’ll explain the reason next, so please aim at its horn as I previously explained. An ice dragon’s horn acts like a mage’s staff.”

Told that fact by Ilya, the dining room became noisy with people’s mutters.

A staff made the invocation of magic easier and more efficient, along with increasing its strength. As this was common sense for those here belonging to the guild, she omitted explaining it.

“If you can break its two horns, you can inhibit it from using its special attacks.”

“So, what about the last group?”

“Group E’s role is to create diversions and feints. Although I spoke about ignoring its eyes a moment ago, if you’re inside a blizzard caused by an ice dragon, do you know why you’d be helping your enemy? Bard-san?”

“Ah!? Uh, err… smell, or something?”

“That’s a miss.”

Towards Bard that looked frustrated, Ilya thanked him in her mind for answering as she expected.

“The reason ice dragons are able to understand where their enemies are despite having poor vision is because they sense temperatures. Therefore, group E will confuse—or rather, guide—the ice dragon by carrying fire stones.”

Then, the ice dragon would be perturbed.

The people gathered weren’t amateurs that needed to have everything explained to them from start to finish. She omitted explaining that as well.

“I’d like to see and divide the people for each formation for before and after the horns are broken. Based on this here, please forget about your parties and divide into the role that fits you best. If you don’t know which to choose, I will assign you.”

She bowed as she finished saying that. Taking that as the signal, everyone began to shuffle around.


When Haku licked the hand that was holding him, Ilya expressed her gratitude and pat him on the head.

(It’s alright, I don’t regret it. Besides, I will absolutely protect you.)

For people that consulted her about their role, she assigned them based on their status by using [God’s Eyes]. She would have assigned them based on their potential if there was time in order to improve their skills, but it’d be unreasonable to demand that from guild members, which weren’t soldiers, so she decided to instead be business-like.

Then after deciding the commander of everyone after the horns are broken and the squad leaders when the horns haven’t broken, she finished the commission registration after obtaining everyone’s acknowledgement.

“Well then, I will return your registration cards. Because [Pastoral Wheel] will be accompanying you to transport supplies when you leave, please join with them at the north gate… Good luck.”





“Let’s go!”


In this way, the second ice dragon subjugation group departed.



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