The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist — Ch 1 Pt 2

Chapter One

The Lunéville Branch

(Part 2)


Meanwhile, having left the branch office, Ilya headed towards the south gate.

There was a soldier on guard watching the gate, but loosened his expression when he saw it was Ilya.

“Oh, Ilya-chan. Are you heading out?”

“Yes. For a little stroll.”

“Take care.”

“Thank you very much.”

Then, detouring a little from the south gate, she advanced towards the forest to the southwest.

Even if she went to investigate, she wouldn’t set foot inside the forest. Whether it be Ilya’s past life or current, insects were her weak point. She couldn’t enter forests, they were filled with insects.

“I wonder if this place is fine?”

Confirming that there was no signs of anyone nearby, she activated her unique skill [Clairvoyance].

However, it had been a long time since she’d seen areas like a forest. Making a mistake in the adjustments, Ilya very clearly saw a large quantity of insects.


Without holding back, she screamed because of the horror. Before long she came to her senses and was harassed by chills.

(… Uuu… gross… But… the results were good.)

She then went back to the branch office, clinging to Ria for a while to soothe her emotions.


“Tyrant spider…”

Hector, coming to receive the estimate, heard that name from Ilya in the reception office and was speechless.

The tyrant spider was a huge monster spider with the head of an adult human male.

It’s mouth could swallow a person whole and its exoskeleton couldn’t be damage by unskilled attacks. Its fangs could crush iron and its talons had a paralyzing poison, preferring to swallow its prey alive.

Its legs were agile and had high jumping power, could move quickly, and its threads couldn’t be burned even by low rank magic.

The title of ‘tyrant’ wasn’t just for decoration, it was a monster suited to be the forest’s boss. Among the bosses Ilya memorized, its degree of risk was at the top.

(The other monsters were afraid since something like that was in the forest and ran away then?)

This was the reason why the rondébear appeared along the west road.

Frank was also there, wearing a bitter expression.

“Then, Ilya. You believe that more monsters will be expelled from the forest?”

“Yes. If you get more information from Willville to the west and Ahrew Fort farther southwest than the forest, I believe we will have more conclusive evidence.”

By Ilya’s conjecture, the amount of subjugation requests for monsters coming from the forest would increase.

“Frank. As the branch manager, I want to hear your opinion.”

“The tyrant spider is a disaster designated monster. It seems wise to deal with it immediately by inviting large scale participation from guild headquarters.”

“How long would it take?”

Hector looked towards Ilya.

To prepare the request, it would take a day using messenger magic just for Rondéville’s guild headquarters to become aware of it. But for the request to be passed from there to each branch, it would need five days to gather the personnel. Moreover, since the means of transportation coming to Lunéville was limited…

“Ten days until the departure. As for the reward, an equal split of twenty million gils?”

“Just ten days to get them together?”

“Twenty million?”

Hector’s and Frank’s questions to Ilya were about separate things.

“In the first place, ten days doesn’t leave any extra time, and is also meant as a sieve. Since only the truly strong will be here to take action.”

In many ways. Of course, those words were muttered inwardly.

“Twenty million is the basic reward. If you claim retrieved raw materials as additional rewards, there won’t be able complaints.”

Every top ranked guild member thirsted more for materials than money.

Then, rather than adding a monetary reward for claimed materials, that delicious condition ought to catch their interest.

“Moreover, commission the county’s knights as well. Hector-san, please make the arrangements.”

“Threaten headquarters and the country huh?”

Hector smiled wryly.

“Surely not.”

As if it was a misunderstanding, Ilya produced her best smiling face.

She had nothing but good intentions.

Towards headquarters, it had the hidden meaning: “You can obtain twenty million and rare materials. However, the country will take it if you aren’t quick!”

Towards the country, it had the hidden meaning: “Rather than paying twenty million and the intermediary fee to the guild, the salary and food for fifty knights for a month is cheaper. Please do your best before the guild takes the initiative!”

(You know, good intentions.)

Once again thinking it over, Ilya nodded in her heart.

“Though there certainly isn’t any time to spare, isn’t that a little rushed?”

“But aren’t spiders yucky?”

“” … “”

Since she was answering seriously, they were even more amazed.

Though they weren’t fully satisfied with a few things, Ilya judged there were no rejections and made one last suggestion.

“For this commission, would it be alright for me to put my name on the commission label?”

“I don’t mind but…”

“Could I ask why?”

Naturally, it was unnatural for a guild branch’s reception to submit a commission for a town’s serious affair. Understanding that the two were doubtful, Ilya put on a smile and gave a reason that wasn’t outrageous.


Ten days later, it was the appointed date.

Only five people gathered.

However, when Frank showed them in to the reception office, Hector was not disappointed. However, he was confused and his head couldn’t keep up.

“Ilya Ilya I-ly-aaa~!”

“That hurts, Lula.”

The one who had just embraced Ilya and rubbed her cheeks against her was Lula, a dark elf with brown skin and long ears.

Though elves and dark elves were primarily on bad terms with each other, Lula had completely embraced Ilya. Rather than saying she liked her, saying love might be more correct. She was a yuri girl.

However, Lula was one of the two people that could use ancient magic. When she last saw her, her class was [Mage], but now it was [Master Mage]. It appeared that Lula didn’t neglect putting effort into her studies.

While feeling relieved by that, Ilya pat her head and Lula closed her eyes in happiness.

The boy watching the scene muttered.



“Hiii-! I was kidding! So lower that fist!”

“Selena. Surely, this time I also want to flirt with Selena~”

“Eh? Eeeh~!?”

“Stup-, what are you saying, Eric!?”

Repeating that kind of a comedic dialogue, the trio were the mercenary guild [Stars of the Eternal Night]. Chris the swordsman, Selena the fighter, and Eric the summoner. These three were also Ilya’s acquaintances.

Ilya met them when she roamed various countries in a chain of islands to the east. During their journey they defeated devils, as well as defeating an arch devil duke. Though they weren’t even twenty years old, they had stupidly large ability. She was relieved they continued their lively journey.

“Ilya-sama. Make me your pupil-”



The young elf that crumpled forward was named York.

Though Ilya took a cold attitude towards elves, he respected her and didn’t mind it.

More than that, he glared at Lula clinging to Ilya.

“Lula, you bitch…! Don’t touch Ilya with your standing of a dark elf!”

“Umm… who are you?”

While clinging to her, Lulu looked down on York. With a cramp on his handsome face, he turned his face away from her.

“S-settle down Undine. It’s too early to make an example out of you.”

“Amazing… that spirit…”

Feeling power overflowing from the young man next to her, Selena let out a surprised voice.

Then, by Ilya’s chest, Lulu stared at York with scornful eyes while knitting her eyebrows.

“Undine… elf… ah! You’re York!? That stupid elf that contracted the great spirit of the elf fountain!”

“Watch what you say, dark elf. It would be easy for me to turn you into an icicle at any moment.”

“Hah. Before that I’d crush you flat!”

(Ah… these people just won’t grow up.)

Letting out a sigh, she tore Lula away from her body.

“You two, please stop it.”



With the place becoming quiet, Ilya turned towards Hector.

“I am sorry. It seems that the limitations were a little too severe…”

“No, it’s fine. Quality is better than quantity for this.”

Towards Hector’s words, Ilya nodded in her heart.

The mercenary guild’s master gave the stamp of approval to [Stars of the Eternal Night]’s capabilities. Deciphering ancient magic, and furthermore the best prodigy of the magic guild creating many magics, Lula. Contracting with the great spirit, Undine, whose strength was said to be like a water dragon’s, York the genius.

If it’s these members, they surpassed even an evil god to say nothing of a devil.

“Hector-sama, sorry for the inconvenience but would it be alright to stop the dispatch of knights? If you inform them of these members, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“Ah, yeah. That is, I already stopped the knights’ dispatch.”


Soothing Ilya that had knit her brows, Frank spoke.

“Don’t be angry. There was a directive from the guild association saying the dispatch was unnecessary.”

“Ah, probably because of us.”

Chris, whose cheek had swollen, spoke up.

“We told mercenary guild O-chan to not worry since we were going.”

“I see…”

The guild association knew the people participating so they closed recruitment early. That’s why there were this few people.

“Huh? If that’s the case then how were Lula and them able to receive the request? Wasn’t recruitment withdrawn immediately?”

“Of course, I got the commission by using Ilya’s name.”

“I gave a strict order to the magic guild’s staff to report it to me as soon as they found a commission from Ilya-sama.”

Ilya was a little frightened by the two’s obsession.

(Though it was insurance… let’s not do that from now on.)

Feeling a danger to her body, she decided that.

At any rate, there was no problem with accomplishing the commission. Ilya showed them around inside the branch office, deciding to explain the content of the commission.

“These are the important parts. We will appraise the quality of materials you bring back, please sincerely keep that point in mind.”

“”” Oka~y “””

If they brought back something like its charred remains, she’d be troubled.

“Please don’t disturb the ecosystem… Good luck.”

Ilya saw the five off, looking towards the forest in the distance.

Spider. Rest in peace.

Praying to not be reminded of its appearance, Ilya looked rather calm.


If you were to describe the conclusion, it was a landslide victory for the five.

York sealed the spider’s movement by freezing it’s joints with a spread of Ice Rocks, while Lula destroyed its exoskeleton by dropping a meteor on it from above with Strike Nova.

Finishing it off, Chris’ Transcendent Sword Saint Strike.

Pathetically, the spider was defeated in an instant.

After that, it went without saying that Ilya received the spirited approaches from everyone as they returned. All of the five people wished to live together with Ilya.

However, she didn’t accept their wishes.

“Ilya, is it alright?”

She was asked by her colleague Ria, who saw everything from start to finish. She responded with a clear expression.

“Because I love this town, and everyone in it.”

This is good for now.

It’s up to fate to see if our paths will cross again.

Ilya determined yet again that until that time came, she would continue to take life slow and live happily.



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