The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist — Ch 1 Pt 1

Chapter One

The Lunéville Branch

(Part 1)


“Ilya. Good work today.”

“Yeah, good work.”

Ria turned up at the counter from the office.

Ria was a black cat beastkin, hardly different from a human other than her ears and tail. Her bluish-black hair grew down to her shoulders, bobbing here and there. A very charming beautiful girl.

“Ilya, Lydia-san No. 5 so can you go to the kitchen?”

“Got it.”

No. 5 was for clocking out of work, No. 7 was for the restroom, No. 10 was for criminals, etc. In the guild, it became a custom to talk by saying numbers.

By the way, Lydia was the former proprietress of an old-time d’hote restaurant. The branch made use of the d’hote menu without changing it, but Ilya used her skill to alter the seasonings a bit.

Ilya left the reception to Ria and headed to the kitchen.

“Ilya-chan’s in the kitchen!?”

“Did you hear that you bastards!?”


Though she heard the cheers behind her, she pretended to not notice and continued.

When she put on an apron and washed her hands after entering the kitchen, she came across Lydia leaving work. Ilya stopped walking, bowing respectfully.

“Thank you very much for today.”

“No, that’s what I was hired for right?”

Lydia laughed along with the kitchen workers cheerfully.

“Always with the formality.”

“Because I am grateful for you doing this for me!”

“Really! Because originally you bankrupted me!”

“”” Ahahaha “””

From the overlapping laughter, Ilya’s heart warmed a little.

“Ilya! The orders!”

“Oh, yes!”

In the kitchen, a frantic voice could be heard coming from Rachelle, a human waitress in the dining area. Ilya ran to the station in a hurry. The human species spreads far and wide, acquainting themselves with other races. A general race name for those that don’t have animal parts or the extreme skeletons of dwarves and the like.

Entering, Ilya took the grilling area spot. She could easily adjust the temperature in precise amounts thanks to the [Appraisal] skill, as well as adjust the amount of seasonings.

“Ilya-chan, you’re so lively compared to when you’re at the reception desk!”

“It’s just the shabby men then, don’t you want to be lavished with compliments as well!?”

“Ahahaha! That’s for sure!”

While the madam was having a conversation like that, she continued with her skilled cooking. Even with the assistance of her skill, Ilya was completely beaten by her in proficiency.

(Ah~, I want to be with Ria more.)

Likely due to her retaining her memories from prior to her reincarnation, she was still completely uninterested in the opposite sex. Rather, taking advantage of being the same sex, she wanted to flirt with Ria.

She grappled with the fire for four hours while holding such worldly desires.





“Chocolate banana parfait, vanilla ice cream…”


“… Closing~”

It was time for the restaurant to close. From late night onward, it became a bar with nothing but light snacks on the menu.

Endurance wasn’t a big deal, but there’s no way to get around mental fatigue.

“Ilya, good work today.”

“Yeah, you too.”

Frank, who was taking over the kitchen now, called out to Ilya. Like many humans, he had blue eyes and brown hair. He always wore a gentle smile, the type of man like a reliable elder brother.

The townspeople consider him an innocent-looking man, but the reality was different. Assuming the position of guild branch manager at the young age of twenty, his status and skills were higher than kingdom knights’. Above all, he was influential enough to drive out the thieves guild that built its nest in Lunéville. That was the true nature of the man named Frank.

“Have you taken your break yet today?”

“No, I wanted to prepare the kitchen for tomorrow.”

Though Ilya used a polite way of speaking as a default for anyone, she used it for him to show sincerity.

She owed Frank a debt of gratitude. She was outclassed by him.

“Is that so? Thanks as always.”


Thank you. Whenever she heard words of thanks, she was attacked by guilt.

In Ilya’s own status, her charm level, which is categorized in the sub-status, was 9999.

The effect was tremendous, continuous activation, S-rank intensity, and resist immune. Those who have seen the owner, those who were seeing the owner, those who were hearing the owner’s voice; it interfered with their minds, turning them into slaves.

Since the effect couldn’t voluntarily be turned off, it could already be called a curse.

Consequently, she used one of her unique skills, [God King Barrier]. [God King Barrier] blocked both the owner’s and opponent’s physical attacks, magic, spirit magic, ancient magic, sacred magic, and curse magic. Nullifying all skills, it interrupted all status abnormalities and mind interference.

Though the barrier was invincible, it consumed 999 magical power per second. Ilya being able to maintain the barrier with her nearly inexhaustible supply of magical power was a feat.

Although using the [God King Barrier] would stop things affecting her status, whenever she was talked to with kind words she would be seized with anxiety, “It isn’t stopping the effect”.



She always brooded deeply while stocking goods. When she came back to her senses from the voice, Frank was looking at Ilya’s face with an expression of worry.

“Are you alright?”

“Ah, sorry. I was just thinking a little.”

She used the [Alchemy] skill and [Mixing] skill to create the remaining miso and soy sauce.

Since Frank knew that Ilya had these skills, she was able to use them without hesitation.

She actually used ancient magic’s space-time magic for maturing and fermenting, but she convinced him it was alchemy. Modern people couldn’t decode ancient magic, with only two people in this world being able to use it. Moreover, space-time magic was designated a taboo.

Since she didn’t want troublesome things as much as possible, she asked the agriculture guild to prepare sake and vinegar for miso and soy sauce, but the results weren’t that good.

“Alright, now…”

Continuing to prepare the soy sauce and miso for a while, she also prepared desserts like iced pudding, tiramisu, and créme d’anjou.

“Branch manager, I’ll be leaving first.”

“Yeah. Good work today.”

The moment she heard the casual words of appreciation, Ilya yet again realized how comfortable her current circumstances were.

She woke up early in the morning after sleeping soundly.

Brushing her teeth and taking a shower, she changed from her pajamas into her exclusive equipment [Miko’s Restraint].

Her bra, panties, long gloves and knee socks were snow white with light blue lines here and there.

Though they were originally cursed tools that lowered someone’s status and turned them into an evil god’s sacrifice, Ilya inherited them when she defeated an evil god. She increased the effect of her equipment by twenty times with the [Training] skill and equipped [God’s Divine Protection], a choker that doubled each piece of equipment’s effectiveness. With this she was roughly at the level of an average grown man, though since it had no effect on her sub-status, [God King’s Barrier] was essential.

Putting her uniform on top of those, Ilya descended to the first floor. Though it still wasn’t time for work, she was still ready to leave at any moment in case of emergency. Doing this first thing in the morning had become a habit.

“Good morning.”

As she went behind the counter from the staff entrance near the office’s entrance, she greeted the two receptionists. Human relations was important.

“Ah, morning Ilya.”


Ria was at the reception desk today.

Her tail swaying above her rather short skirt doubled the cuteness, healing Ilya’s heart.

The other person, Luke, was human. Though he was generally blunt when interacting with Ilya, he was really just trying to hide his embarrassment.

Ria also didn’t mind him and told Ilya there was a message for her.

“Hector-san was looking for you. He said he wanted you to go to him as soon as I saw you.”

“Hector-san? Got it.”

“E-even though you said you got it, why haven’t you stopped stroking it?”

It was natural since Ria was so cute.

(Please let me heal a bit more.)

When she thought that, a group of two that seemed to be tourists came in.

Ilya reluctantly stopped, deciding to head towards Hector.


Hector was the town’s lord.

Earning military achievements in the neighboring country Filéalemis’ civil war, he was originally a human knight given a court rank and territory. However, a commoner rising up drew opposition from nobles. Driving him away was a huge problem at the time, so he become the lord of Lunéville.

He himself wasn’t dissatisfied, though, and could often be seen strolling through the town. Due to Hector’s friendly disposition, he gave aid to townspeople that didn’t have jobs while exchanging jokes with them.

When she arrived in front of the lord’s manor, the private gatekeeper guard told her that Hector had headed to the west gate. Of course, Ilya was accustomed to being sent around this much and didn’t get discouraged.

While exchanging greetings with people on the street, she once again arrived at the west gate. She saw Hector surrounded by escorts and gatekeeper guards.





“Good morning.”

“Ah, Ilya. Morning. Sorry for calling you.”

Hector bowed his head.

She felt like a lord shouldn’t depreciate themselves for a person, but she decided to leave that alone since the surrounding people were smiling wryly.

“No, it’s fine. Rather, is something wrong?”

That is, when he called for Ilya, nine out of ten times it was related to a request for the guild.

Though Charon was generally in charge of public relations, the office’s staff couldn’t leave the office due to accumulating paperwork. The branch manager casually leaving the branch would also be a problem.

So Ilya was recognized as the errand runner.

As for the lord, he was perceptive and tight-lipped. Though he called Ilya because he had a general evaluation of her knowledge and judgement capabilities, towards the girl who retained memories from her previous life as a man, that intention was never transmitted.

“There’s no conclusive evidence yet, but… apparently, it seems that a rondébear appeared on the westward road.”

The Rondéville bear, commonly called the rondébear. Inhabiting areas throughout the country Rondéville, it was a bear-type monster that had well-developed and powerful forelimbs. Gentle for a monster, it was low risk since it was omnivorous. However, it would go into a rage and start attacking people immediately after waking from hibernation, becoming unmanageable for unskilled mercenaries. It was a comparatively high leveled monster.

However, it was the middle of spring, and omnivores should’ve had no reason to appear on the road.

“… That’s strange.”

It wasn’t just about the food.

That group of four from the day before accepted a monster subjugation commission around there, near the road to the west.

Though it would be good if it was needless worrying, it would be troublesome if they were related.

“I’ll return to the branch and look into it at once. Will a subjugation commission be put out?”

“Yeah. Please give me a quote.”

“Alright. Then, later.”

When she returned to the branch, the dining room was crowded with people who came to eat breakfast.

(Work, you guys!)

She kept complaints like that to her mind, immediately heading towards the office.

“Claude-san, estimate the reward for a rondébear subjugation commission, please and thank you.”

“A rondébear huh? Got it! I wonder what the going rate is~”

While Frank was young, Claude had been working at the branch office the longest and handled his work pretty quickly.

After that, he looked towards Desiree, a dog beastkin woman sitting down opposite of Claude.

“Desiree-san, please look for a subjugation commission near the west road.”

“Is around two months fine?”

“Yes, thank you.”

Though almost everyone at the branch was Ilya’s senior, Ilya always felt admiration towards their obedience. They worked fast and didn’t put stock in useless pride, nothing but skilled personnel like that.

Since she was no longer worried about the preparations of the subjugation with this, she went outside to investigate something.

(My clothes… are they fine as-is?)

Just then, she noticed Ria and Luke’s gazes from the reception desk.

“Is something wrong?”

“N-no! It’s nothing!”

Ria turned back to the reception desk, flustered and blushing. She thought it was odd, but since it was so adorable she decided to not mind it.

Watching Ilya’s back as she continued out of the branch office, Ria turned towards Luke while waving her arms buzzingly.

“Just now, Ilya looked so cool!”

“… We have to obey the rules.”

Ria had on a flushed expression and Luke recalled Ilya from just now with a wry smile.

Though Ilya didn’t seem like it, when an emergency request came in to be prepared, her atmosphere completely changes from her usual languidness.

“I wonder if a woman can do it. You’d better not show off!”

“You’re also aiming for her, Ria? Your names are similar too.”

“That has nothing to do with it! … Let’s try it.”

“Try what?”

Clearing her throat, she gave a cool expression.


“You don’t look foolish enough to do it.”

“I haven’t said anything yet!?”

“You guuuys, your salaries are going to be lowered if you keep playing arooound.”

“” Welcooome “”

Hearing Claude’s voice from the office, the two straightened themselves and turned back towards the dining room.

The dining room was filled with the regular customers’ laughter from seeing their exchange and what happened immediately after.



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