The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero

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One day, Katsuragi Daichi and his classmates found themselves in a different world. The god who summoned them to another world divided its power and gave it to them, saying that it wanted Daichi and the rest to defeat the Demon King as heroes. However, Daichi alone was given no abilities. And sure enough, Daichi was thrown away and used as a decoy in a demon’s den. Eaten by a demon, Daichi had lost consciousness and thought he had passed away, though when he came to he noticed his statuses had skyrocketed. He had obtained『Revenge of the Resented』. Every time he died, his abnormal ability powered up.

Chapter 1: Dungeon-Rigal’s Den (Full Text)
Story 1-1: 『Summons from a God of Another World』
Story 1-2: 『Only I Get No Cheats』
Story 1-3: 『Monster House』
Story 1-4: 『Unnecessary Bait』
Story 1-5: 『Revenge of the Resented』
Story 1-6: 『Slaves and Magic and True Skill』
Story 1-7: 『The Real Thing』
Story 1-8: 『The Sixth Time』
Story 1-9: 『Dying』
Story 1-10: 『The Fight Begins』
Story 1-11: 『Kill』
Story 1-12: 『Hero』
Story 1-Last: 『Back to the Surface』

Chapter 2: Dungeon-Labyrinth of the Dreamless Sleep
Story 2-1: 『Sincerely』
Story 2-2: 『Fate』
Story 2-3: 『Begin Preparations』
Story 2-4: 『Improvised Party』
Story 2-5: 『Guiding Two Heroes』
Story 2-6: 『Killing』
Story 2-7: 『Promise』
Story 2-8: 『Provisional Slave』
Story 2-9: 『Changing of Floors』
Story 2-10: 『Attack of Desperation』
Story 2-11: 『Making a Second Demonic Slave』
Story 2-12: 『I Don’t Understand』
Story 2-13: 『The Confrontation』
Story 2-14: 『Someone Loved, Someone Unloved, Someone Who Loves』
Story 2-15: 『Demon Killing』
Story 2-16: 『Revival』
Story 2-Last: 『Best Friend』
Story 2-Another 1: 『Demon Goddess』
Story 2-Another 2: 『Yuji-san』

Chapter 3: Dungeon-Scorching Execution Ground
Story 3-1: 『Chance』
Story 3-2: 『Approaching the Distance』
Story 3-3: 『Acquiring Information』
Story 3-4: 『Reunion』
Story 3-5: 『Hayase Fuuko’s Feelings』
Story 3-6: 『Another Person』
Story 3-7: 『Frivolous Person』
Story 3-8: 『Crimson Eyes of Destruction』
Story 3-9: 『Progressing Separately』
Story 3-10: 『Girls』
Story 3-11: 『Labyrinth Corridor』
Story 3-12: 『Contradiction』
Story 3-13: 『First Contact』
Story 3-14: 『Re: School Life』
Story 3-15: 『Resignation』
Story 3-16: 『Failure』
Story 3-17: 『Making A Mistake, Apologizing, Starting』
Story 3-18: 『Lunch』
Story 3-19: 『Counterattack』
Story 3-20: 『Performance』
Story 3-21: 『Confession』
Story 3-22: 『Bride』
Story 3-23: 『Shield』
Story 3-Another 1: 『Nanamin Religion』
Story 3-24: 『Foolish』
Story 3-25: 『Not Number One』
Story 3-26: 『Starting Fresh』
Story 3-27: 『To Hell』
Story 3-28: 『Revenge』
Story 3-29: 『Scorching Execution Ground』
Story 3-Another 2: 『Repeated Feelings』
Story 3-Another 3: 『Vessel』

Chapter 4: Forest of the Demonic Dragon (OLD)
Story 4-1:『Sleeping Beauty』
Story 4-2:『Demon King』
Story 4-3:『The First Couple』
Story 4-4:『Claria’s Religion』
Story 4-5:『Break Through』
Story 4-6:『Outbreak of War』
Story 4-7:『Search for the Goddess』
Story 4-8:『Twin Guards』
Story 4-9:『Survivor』
Story 4-10:『The Cost of Being Weak』
Story 4-11:『Broken Heart』
Story 4-12: 『Mass Suicide』
Story 4-13: 『Honey Trap』
Story 4-14: 『Passing By』
Story 4-15: 『Because of Love』


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  1. Nice:)
    —Comment below may contain spoilers—
    This story is less awesomer than arifureta from my point of view because our hero here didn’t do much to gain powers from the beginning he had nothing and after dying he gains that power of resurrecting and binding other to slavery. And that is too is easy and too fast for me.

    But in Arifureta, Hajime with his power of synergy, or whatever that is, uses that to build GUNS. Painfully and slowly he gains his power and by doing so we get attached to the character unlike the other who starts a vengeance killing his classmates cold bloodily.

    But this is still awesome and the story shows a lot of potential so I hope to see more chapters in the future:-)

    1. Kinda agree for the beginning… but too bad arifureta went downhill after the finish the first dungeon.. while this seem to be getting more interesting because the mc really follow through on his revenge!.

        1. Hajime is still ruthless after that but he stated when he was there dying that he wasn’t going to live for revenge or hate but his only goal was to survive so these to characters just had different goals from the start.

          1. i absolutely agree with you, although its kind of annoying but he still consider that there’s nothing would do even he kill his classmates which makes me think he kind of badass ><

    2. Dude, Hajime wanted to return to kill everyone, but he doesn’t because he is a pussy.

      But this guy is fucking awesome. Gets out of the dungoen and kills the fucking scrubs. <3

      1. It literally says it in volume 1 chapter 9 ” day ten, his heart was now free of hatred and anger the outrageous god, the backstabbing classmate, hostile demons, the smiling person desiring to protect him, all of them mattered not. To live to earn the privilege to survive everything else was trivialities.” The two just had different goals diachi kills for revenge, while hajime isn’t concerned with it and just kills to live. They are fundementally different in their way of thinking.

      2. Umm, he gave up on revenge, achieved enlightment and badassness and goes around minding his own business and Yue. He had no qualms whatsoever feeding a classmate to a horde of demons *literally* when he labelled them as an enemy…
        But prejudices be prejudices you probly dont care XD

    3. I strongly agree, there are many similarities between the two, but also many diferences. I still thoroughly enjoy Arifureta, it’s just been a bit slow recently, and is sadly spending too much tine on the romance/harem arc (similar to how Mushoku Tensei did not too long ago). This comic however definitely is feeling good, just a bit too fast on how he got his powers, I was expecting at least some sort of time spent ‘dead’ and explanation of it or something. I imagine they’ll handle this with flashbacks at some point.

      I’m also not a fan of how fast it’s developing with Shuri, I’m hoping that it turns out to be at least partially due to the slave status.

    4. I disagree with most of the guys here…
      While arifureta did become slow, it did not go downhill, there are a few things I hate about aifureta and the main character, and there are things that I know I will hate later in the series (because of spoilers), that does not make ‘this’ series a better one. Arifureta is kind of focused on the world, so we have a long timeline for the series and many events, but ‘this’ series focuses more on drama, that is revenge and love…

      They are different no matter the similarities, and both are good. I just wish Arifureta picks up the pace instead of describing things a lot. But I do agree that the mc of arifureta has disappointing decisions towards his classmates.

  2. thanks for the translations, one thing to point out is the naming. katsuragi, kisaragi, sakuragi. pretty confusing. otherwise keep up the good work. thanks again

  3. Thank you very much! Please keep up the very good work! I got no social life so reading translated novels like this one is a godsend. I hope you keep updating them soon. :3

  4. Holy! damn dude! you work translate fast! Thank You soo much for the updates.

    > But please take care of your health & remember to keep some breathing room to renew your motivation, or else you’ll burn out.

    Again Thank You! 😀

  5. I think those god/goddesses from LN should grow some balls and start to deal with their own problem instead of transporting high school kids to do it.. =/

    1. In this case they probably didn’t have much choice. Their powers are supposedly equal to each other. I assume later on we’ll learn why they can’t interfere directly.

        1. Not entirely. I had planned on releasing some during the weekend last time but some stuff happened that prevented that. Some drama happened in WoW (big surprise right?) and I had to sort that out the past two days so I didn’t get around to finishing the next chapter. All said and done, I ‘plan’ on finishing two or three this weekend but I’m not certain. Just managed to hit a few bumps this past week.

          I haven’t abandoned this, so don’t worry! We’ll all see this story through! ^^

  6. i just wanted to confirm something. You have had fast updates for the previous chapters, which is a awesome bonus, but there have been no chaptes beyond 2-12. Either i cannot find the chapters on the site or they have not been posted. Please clarify this. Also, as you said before, does it mean you will do very little translations this holiday and start properly again after they are over?

    1. There are currently no chapters listed beyond 2-12 because the translator has not translated them yet.

      Ziru has said that he or she did plan on doing two or three chapters over the weekend, but that he or she was not certain due to some drama.

  7. Thanks for your hard work,
    after finding this story here i just couldn`t help myself and took a look at the raws and after reading through the beginning i noticed that the name 馬原圭斗 (Mahara Keito) …chapter 1-1 was later coming up again in chapters 2-4 to 2-6 // here he changed to Umahara …. but they are the same person.
    Daichi already got already someone from the direct perpetrators at the beginning. (this is just to let other readers know / editing

    Keep up the good work 😀

    1. Fixed that discrepancy as well as many others between my translations and the original TLer of volume one.

      Took me a while to notice this comment but hopefully this’ll help new readers! Thanks for pointing it out.

  8. Thank you very much !!! 😀
    I am delighted to see that there is finally an MC that is ruthless, coldblooded and burning with black flames of hatred to the fullest.
    I am soooooooooooooooooo happy that you translate this series Ziru 😉
    That you provide me with relief from boredom and make my life, with social relations infinitely close to zero, brighter and happier ^_^

      1. As a reader I felt that I ought to do at least this much to show the bare minimum of fan support and appreciation to your work 😀
        Though I seriously didn’t expect to hit a high-score with it… XD

  9. I’ve been wondering… are you dropping this series ziru? ): You used to update a chapter every 1-2 days and now it’s been 8 days and no releases. I love this series and your translations… I really hope you can start translating again like before.. T-T

    1. Still working on it. RL stuff happens, can’t update at the rate I was before. Will have 2-14 some time this weekend if not tomorrow

  10. When you get to chapter 62, please don’t repeat the mistake of leaving ビッチ as ‘bitch’. It should be properly translated as ‘slut’. Leaving ビッチ as ‘bitch’ like some other people do would be the same as translating ワンピース as ‘one piece’. It’s not a one piece (swimsuit). It’s simply a dress.

    ビッチ is used almost exclusively to mean slut. It is almost never used in the way that we do in English.

    Please don’t do the same stupid shit that everybody else does.

  11. Think about it this way – would you translate ‘アバウトな奴’ as ‘an about person’? You wouldn’t, right? You’d write ‘a careless person’.

  12. im loving this series its like Arifureta but a whole lot more bad ass. I’m ganna post a link on the japtem site comment because similair readers would love it!!! also maybe get more translators to help!

  13. thanks for the translations. just finished reading through. kind of like arifureta but in fast forward. honestly, he should just let himself die like a hundred times in a row, then he’d have plenty of power and slave spaces open.

    I look forward to your update.

  14. Would you translate ‘スタイル’ as ‘style’ or as ‘figure’? Obviously ‘figure’, right? You’d translate ‘マンション’ as ‘apartment building’, right? You’d translate ’ワンピース’ as ‘dress’, right?

    So why would you translate ‘ビッチ’ as ‘bitch’? It makes no sense, right? You’re going to translate it as ‘slut’ or ‘whore’ or something, right? You will, right?

  15. People argue, “but bitch means female dog. The implication is that they’re as loose as an animal” but that is not justified.

    When Japanese people hear ビッチ, their mind is not going

    ‘bicchi -> bitch -> female dog -> loose -> slut’

    It’s simply ‘bicchi -> slut’. It’s basically a direct translation.

        1. I just had a eureka moment, remembering this comment. HOWEVER — he refers to Arianne as クズビッチ, which I do think that “trash slut/bitch” is pretty similar to “bitch”.

          Thoughts? Are you still there? <3

    1. Well, I -did- leave a loophole. Mall day happened, my sister wanted me to take her and I hadn’t gone outside other than school in quite a while.

  16. Is there ever going to be an update, cuz i keep checking and there never is one for a very long time. Dont get me wrong, im thankful for the chapters so far but i was just wondering wether it was worthwile to continue following this and being in antisipation of the next chapter. TBH i like this a little better than arifureta because this one is more direct and the MC is more upfront about his revenge. Hope you can continue updating!!
    ~~A FAN~~

  17. (im am a fan of the translater of Coiling Dragon and are mad because of his hard work getting tramped on so i am helping innforming about a great crime p.s the text below are from the translater of Coiling Dragon)
    I rarely do the name and shame thing, but I’m going to do it right now. Earlier today, I received an email from a reader informing me that he had seen whole chapters of Coiling Dragon copy/pasted up on a website called Wattpad, with zero attribution. I investigated, and it looks like Wattpad is a quasi-blogging platform. The username of the person who has put up the stolen content is ‘TundeVictor’. I’m not going to dignify him by giving him a link, but if you want, you can find him via a Google search.

    Here is the Public Service Announcement part of this post; this person hasn’t just stolen and posted my work (67 chapters), oh no. Looking at his profile, this scumbag thief has also stolen and posted the following translations:

    57 chapters of ‘Doulou Dalu’
    23 chapters of ‘Tate no yuusha no Nariagari’
    57 chapters of ‘Mushoku Tensei’
    11 chapters of ‘Gun-Ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei Shitara’
    12 chapters of ‘Overlord’
    26 chapters of ‘Suterareta yuusha no Eiyuutan’

    Now, I’ve never read any of these before myself, but I’ve seen you guys talk about some of these translated light novels. So here’s my request to you guys; if you know/interact with the owners/translators of these novels, please reach out to them and let them know that their hard work has been stolen by this TundeVictor guy on Wattpad. Wattpad only allows the original author/translator to file complaints about stolen content, so while I am filing a complaint for Coiling Dragon, I can’t do anything for the other six stolen works. So please, if you know the above translators, I am sure they would be grateful to know that their hard work has been stolen.

    Anyhow, because I wasted quite some time on this, the next chapter is going to come out a bit later (maybe 30-60 minutes later than usual), so sorry about that guys. But this really cheeses me off, as you can probably tell from the long post.

    Thanks so much,

  18. Are there any actual negative effects from death for him? Or does he not want to die because he hates the feeling/pain?

    1. From what I understand he doesn’t want to test whether the deaths are unlimited or not. The pain probably factors in, too.

    1. While I share your craving the next chapter as a fellow leecher I think that the way you have expressed yourself was quite rude, considering that all of that translation was done due to nothing more than Ziru’s goodwill. No one pays him to do this and whether he translates another chapter depends greatly on his willingness to do so and the actual free time. Everyone’s just human and they have thier own lives too, therefore as readers we should be grateful that someone had been willing to translate the chapters for free. In my oppinion as readers we ought to patiently await next chapter and behave politely at the very least. Even in the boundless see of the Internet one ought to keep the minimum amount of etiquete, especially when asking for something.

      1. I like you. Honestly the only thing that has kept me from TLing the chapter recently is procrastination–remember how I said this next one is big? Its big enough to make me groan when I think about it.

        Another comment here is saying I should drop it so another person can TL it, though I don’t recall claiming this series as “mine” and “not allowing” someone else to. I am all for doing this as a join project and openly admit it would likely be a better quality than I have brought you guys.

        This is a hobby of mine, and as most hobbies I don’t want this to cause me any stress.

        This feels like a cop-out but all I can say is that the next chapter will arrive “eventually” and that if another TLer releases it before me, let me know and I will link to it like I did for Vol. 1 so everyone who looks at this blog will have an easier time finding it!

        tl;dr: The chapter is about half done. Time schedule — eventually. I am working on it, but not at any fast pace. Upside is that my spring break is somewhere at the end of March and releases should be rapid for a few days like how they were in December.

        Oops, the tl;dr became another paragraph.

        tl;dr the tl;dr: Things. (And seriously, sorry) <3

    2. If he really doesnt have anymore motivation to translate at all.. its better for him to just drop the project. So other people can pick it up.

  19. To Ziru : all i can say is thank you and keep up your good work…dont strees yourself ( cause it will make your release pace slower if you sick )

    To fellow leechers : come on guys….i understand your feeling ( cause i’m a leecher too ) …but,”a begger cant be a chooser”…let him work on his own pace…no need to rush him…nothing good will come out from rushing ( based my own exp )

    note : sorry for my bad english

  20. How did I miss there was an entire second volume up? Best mistake ever. Now I can read them all at once instead of a chapter at a time. Thanks.

      1. Hey Ziru, would you mind if i posted a link to my web novel. It’s nothing special, more or less a beta test of what i want to write. But every person who sees it is one more chance at feedback, one more chance to make it awesome.

        I don’t want to just randomly post my links on your site though, that’s not cool.

    1. I’d actually like to have a power like that – get a nice boost every time I die and revive – after about a month of suffering all kinds of death I would be literally unkillable XD

      1. Isn’t immortality often considered a terrible thing though? Your friends and loved ones, their children and your children, allies and even your enemies will all die without you being able to die with them.
        In a few hundred years, no one will really know you, and anyone you take the time to tell about yourself is eventually going to die too.

        Besides that, what if you’re trapped in a perpetually deadly situation like falling in lava or dropped to the bottom of the sea?

        1. Even in perpetually deadly situation, where I’d be dying over and over again, I would end up getting more and more boosted, to the point where the temperature of lava would become insufficient to kill me and I would be able to swim from the bottom of the sea in a blink of an eye. I think that with enough boost I would get powerful enough to crawl out of a black hole on my own and survive in outer space without a spacesuit(after all we’re talking about one of the most overpowered and broken abilities ever).

          I am aware about the pros and cons of immortality – it would make me one of the most lonely beings on earth, but then again do you think a guy who says he’d purposely kill himself to get a powerup will mind being lonely? Or maybe I’m just weird, but believe me, I know what I’m talking about – it’s just that I don’t think that internet is a place to share my personal history too deeply (though some people might think otherwise).

          Anyway, just like any coin, immortality has two sides so it just depends on what one considered to be greater torment: eternal loneliness or end of existence. Personally I would likely pick being an eternal wanderer instead of perishing into nothingness (religion aside, I don’t believe I’m a good enough human to earn my place in heaven/nirvana/valhalla or whatever utopic paradice … at best I’d get sent to purgatory).

          1. Thing is, it never mentions that it is true immortality, just that he doesn’t die after being killed, harmed or something of that nature. The skill never says that age wouldn’t kill him. Also, the fact that your mental state after suffering so much would snap. If it’s Wolverine level immortality than no worries since it will regen your brain, just not your memories. Problem is, you still have to bear the pain. It would suck horribly.

            Just saying.

            1. Hmmm, yeah… aging would suck… Being a badass old man definitely isn’t my thing ( a shriveled old man with wrinkles all over and strength and agility 1490 times better than most youngsters… kinda like old men from “The Breaker: New Waves” but totally not cool).

              The pain is nothing but a state of mind. Apart from choosing relatively painless ways to die one could apply some drugs that dull or completely remove pain (you know, anesthetics). And after boosting myself with some deaths I would be quite satisfied – after all it would’ve been a simple and fast way to get a better body.

              I do agree about the fact that I could go totally insane (more than I am now at least) and that would suck a lot – especially if I somehow ended up forgetting my initial objective and my personality whatsoever. But, well, “No risk, no fun” as the saying goes XD.

              Btw. It’s fun having some conversation here 😀

                  1. Going insane from pain wouldn’t necessarily stop you from remembering your goal or such, depending on the level of insanity mind you (ala Joker insanity level being a bad example) But over all, if you are able to find anasthetics that don’t hinder your performance I would so jump on that band wagon any day. Also New waves old people are just bloody monstrous in general. Goomonryong being the black sheep of the bunch along with Shioon(or however you spell his name)

  21. Imagine when he gets old, and it’s the end of the line for him, he’ll be practically be dying everyday from old age and can’t do a thing abt it.

    That or, a more intelligent enemy tear him to shreds and throw him into magma/bury pieces of his body in concrete. I don’t think he can regen/revive in concrete.

  22. so hows work going anyway? I keep checking ever few days or so hoping a new chapter is up. I would offer help but just about the only thing i can do is work as an editor.

  23. Well, since it’s finally march I have decided to finally post something leecher-like for once.

    Our light of hope showing us what we yearn for, oh great and almighty translator, hailed by legions of leechers and leecherees, our merciful and kind benefactor, Ziru!
    I humbly ask of you to show us the fourteenth ray of hope as our minds have grown weary due to this long draught and darkness. Please show us your benevolence once more and disperse the shadows looming over our withered souls. The flow of time had taken its toll on your people and their faith. Please show those lost lambs that you have not abandoned them.

    Your faithful follower, the count of Forest of Spikes bows his head to you with sincere respect.

  24. Fuck yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The blinding light of new chapters is shining brightly and illuminating the grey reality with thousands of various colours, tinting the vision of the beholders!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Ziru 😀 😀 😀 😀 !!!!!!

  25. I thought instead of killing those two, it was better if he just torture then and keep then alive. So, whenever they wake up, he could torture then again, and again. I think this was way worst than just putting then on dispair and killing both. I think, cutting of the feets, and leave then unable to run was enough for a start. Afterwards, when he got new companions, and got more stronger, he could use their broken minds and bodys as a showoff to the others heros. I think this was the worst thing he could do.
    Btw thanks for the translation. I just found this novel for luck, but I really liked it, it’s some similar to arifureta, but with so much more hatred; I personally liked de MC, if he don’t follow the rule to get a harém and start to being a jerk, this novel can be great. If just the autor follows the premisse of revenge above all, this will be great for a novel!

  26. Are you going to translate more? I read these a couple months ago and loved it, but you stopped, so I was just wondering if you were done or would start up again.

    1. No guarantees for anything, though I’ll be working on this in my spare time as usual. I just happened to have a lot of spare time this weekend~

  27. Ziru, if you doesn’t mind. I’d like to help translate via MT then send it to you. I hope, it will help reducing translation work
    the format is as followed
    mt meaning
    and hopefully give a feedback to the author. lol

  28. “I saw an earlier comment say that you did not have enough love…. right now you have so much love that 95% of this page is filled with it, the other 5 is what gained you it.”

  29. At early chapter, i really feel this novel same like Arifureta
    But after few chapter this novel more dark and made “revenge” as main object
    I think thats really nice approching for different view of human based desire to pay back

    Thanks for your hard work to keep this translation update daily

  30. in 1-2 it stated “regals den” was the toughest dungeon in ristonea. now in 1-3 it states its beginners dungeon. so its the beginners dungeon is the toughest?

    1. No clue, I didn’t TL the first volume. When I finish all of the currently released chapters I’ll probably edit the first volume. I assume it was meant as toughest place to go nearby or something *shrug*

    1. Yeah, a lot of LNs/WNs of this genre exist. This one lacks a lot of the description that one like Arifureta has. Thankfully though, having depth isn’t a requirement to be enjoyable. ^^

  31. This update really made my day thank you so very much! Another work I am reading really took a digger and left me pretty disappointed so this was a wonderful surprise. Please keep up the great work.

    1. My day would be made if Alice Tale got an update. Seriously considering reading it from the raw… I love it T-T

  32. Ziru, i don’t do this kind of thing often, but here it goes, a MILLION thanks for your efforts on translating
    (i then to read and just thank the translators im my heart … my dark dark heart.)
    anyway, keep up the good work, and fight the good fight, and remember that theres always someone that appreciates your work.

            1. “suterareta” mean to “throw away/forsake” (as in to throw away garbage) in Japanese. Japanese was my foreign language in high school, so these were terms we had to memorize. Taken literally, the title means “The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero”. It also alludes to the MC’s circumstance of being thrown away (like garbage) by his classmates.

    1. Interesting, they work for me… well, someone offered to edit the chapters. I’ll get them up later today with crediting etc… sorry for the wait ^^;

  33. Dachi is awesome. To get back at my classmates i would kill myself over abd over until i have enough slots for all of them then i would kill them abd make them my slaves. What better irony is it than to be a slave of a person you consider trash

      1. sorry to bug u but I still can’t access vol sent to Google docs which isn’t a problem if I can actually read it…I can access vol 2 & 3 just fine tho…

        1. I read it completly on my mobile today. Google docs were somehow really bad on my phone, but still worked, so i believe the problem lies with you somewhere.

  34. A chapter is missing in the first ePUB file. I believe it was chapter 6, only the title was there, but no text.

      1. Chapter 6: Skills Magic and True Skill. Just double checked to be sure. The only thing in that chapter is: “H-Huh? I’m… alive? Didn’t I die?” The next thing is Chapter 7.

  35. am i the only one that thought this goddess has brain damage from chapter 1? the goddess that summoned those douchebags then called them heroes.
    well anyways thx for the translation seems interesting this story. just read chapter 1 and ^ thats my impression so far :/

    1. I think she was just looking for a easy to control group of people and in that group all she had to do was be able to manipulate the leader to get the rest to do what she wanted.

      1. The topic as to why she chose that group is talked about somewhere in volume four if I recall correctly.

      1. Busy with RL stuff that I wasn’t planning on this summer. Should have more time starting in a week or so. Might have a chapter out this weekend

  36. Are there no more updates, or has this series been dropped? I haven’t seen any updates in some time .

    1. Just a lot of IRL things. The little free time I’ve had has been used to accustom myself to Unity as a way to teach myself c# for my next semester’s classes.

  37. There was a comment somewhere I posted a link to your website by someone going by the name Ziru saying my link caused a traffic build up on your site if it was true you, I’m sorry Ziru. I wasn’t trying to cause you trouble.

    1. (That comment was me)

      I was just looking through the link traffic for the heck of it and noticed the most was from that link. I found it pretty amusing so I clicked the URL where the link was posted to see what chatroom thing it was.

      No trouble~ I enjoy having more people read what I do!

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      If you find anything I’ve overlooked let me know~

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