Forsaken Hero — Chapter One: Dungeon-Rigal’s Den

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Chapter 1 “Summons from a God of Another World”

Oginomiya Academy. This is the school I go to; saying it’s the place of my execution isn’t an exaggeration either.

Violence and slander could be noticed everyday.

I didn’t feel any pain. I didn’t feel any fun.

But, I can’t escape.

This is a boarding school so you can only go back home during the long holidays.

If you tried to be a shut-in, the teachers will drag you back and you’ll be branded with new names.

That’s why I endured the bullying.

“Oi, get up you pig!”


A thick smacking sound echoed. A blow from below struck me in the stomach.

I fell down on my knees.

“Don’t kick the bucket yet! Here!”


A heel kick aimed at my neck. Pain as if my neck was going to break ran through me.

Now I certainly fell on the spot.

“Look, you’re kissing dirt! Fitting for you!”


My head is being stomped on. Every time, it’s the same pattern.

What am I supposed to say?

Why do I have to go through all of this everytime?

“Eww, he’s disgusting!”

“Really! I don’t want to breathe the same air as him!”

“It would be great if he’d disappear, really!”

I can hear insults towards me from here and there in the classroom.

It’s not like I want to be here, dammit.

“Well, calm down, Katsuragi. We’ll make sure to be your dust cloth in your place.”

While wiping my face back and forth on the floor, Samejima Shinji, the “leader” of the class, said.

He’s an honor student with good looks, grades and athletic ability. Moreover, he’s the board chairman’s grandson.

That why, anything he does is OK. They even look away from him bullying me.

Samejima’s pretty black-hearted. He’ll erase anything he doesn’t like. He’ll try to get anything he likes at any costs.

He’s the embodiment of such crap.

The one who punched me before was Kijima Takeshi. The one who kicked me was Umahara Keito.

They stick to Samejima like small animals. They’re just like live sharksuckers.

“Well then, what should we do next?”

As Samejima listens to the requests of the classmates behind him, he parts his legs.

And it was then, when it suddenly happened.




A light that grasped the whole class blinded our eyesight, and then the earth shook with a sound of an explosion.

It felt as if our bodies were floating.

“Where… is this place?”
As our eyes timidly opened, what we saw was a place we didn’t know.

It was white. Everything was white.

There were no tables or chairs or the blackboard. Everything was blank.

“O-oi! Where is this place!”

“What the hell just happened?!”

The others stirred a commotion. I didn’t say anything.

I was able to escape the pain for a moment. If I were to speak, surely, I would be answered with more violence.

There were people who started crying, some started to call out the names of their families.

There were also idiots calling it a dream.

It couldn’t be a dream. I haven’t heard of a dream which thirty people are having it at the same time.

Nonetheless, it is certain that we know nothing of our predicament.

I’ve never heard any place like this on Earth.

A world without flora, fauna and anything but us.

It’s as if someone called for a hero from another world in a book.

That’s what I thought. And that when it happened.

“Please settle down, heroes.”

It was a beautiful voice that made everything transparent.

The owner of the voice suddenly appeared in front of our eyes.

Golden locks that ran down to her waist. Charming scarlet eyes that would suck you in.

A large curve described her chest area, and slender stretched-out legs below her hips.

The guys had their eyes nailed on her.

To that, the girls looked at the guys with a cold look.

Wait, moreover, what did that person say?

My name is Claria, the goddess that called upon you heroes all here.

Goddess. Hero.

Just like this I, who knew some vague details, put together the pieces of the puzzle. I became closer to the truth of the situation.

There’s no mistaking it. This is-

“I summoned you all from another world.”

What the goddess replied was exactly as I thought.


After the shock of what the goddess Claria said, she started to explain right after everyone had finally calmed down.

First of all, this is a divine plane where only gods are allowed to exist.

Then, why we were summoned to such an awesome place? Apparently the world she resides as a goddess in is being threatened by the revival of the evil demon lord and she wants us to take him down… I think.

The ones to defeat the demon lord. In other words, we’re all “heroes”.

“The more heroes the better”, the goddess thought. She’s probably correct.

However, we’re just students. Suddenly telling us to defeat the demon lord is impossible.

-Which she also seems to understand.

“I will bestow you with a portion of my power. It is very powerful. Please, defeat the demon lord.”

She deeply bowed her head.

Everyone was hesitant.

But of course, there’s no reward for us.

I’m against it. I’m certain I would be risking my life fighting.

“Of course, I won’t say it is without reward.”

And yet, it’s evident that everyone became off after listening to that.

“…Reward? What is it?”

Samejima, taking the leader role, asked.

“I shall grant each of one of you a single thing that you wish for.”


The class’ eyes all gathered at her.

“I-If we defeat the demon lord, all of us will-”

“Yes, of course.”

“Any wish?”

“Anything that you desire.”

After listening to that, Samejima’s attitude changed. I, who was always reluctant to get involved with him, knew.

That was-Someone who had eyes like a ferocious beast’s.

“…I understand.”

Samejima went towards Claria, and like a Western knight, kneeled down.

“We will defeat the demon lord. And then, bring peace to your world.”


“Everyone, you’re with me, right!?”

When someone was about to complain, Samejima turned around.

Those evil eyes glared at the guy who was about to state his objection.

“…No, it’s nothing. I agree.”

If he would oppose, who knows what would happen.

Everyone turned to agree.

To add, I didn’t agree but I wouldn’t be counted anyway in the 29 responses.

Once again, Samejima turned towards Claria.

“This is what we believe. Please, give us the power to defeat the demon lord.”

To swear loyalty, Samejima lightly kissed the back of Claria’s hand.

It was repulsing.

However, Claria’s cheeks became reddish instead.

I didn’t know goddesses were that easy.

“I shall now send all of you to the imperial palace. There, please aid the king, as he will give you his support.

I have given everyone my power. Please do not use it in vain.

“Leave it to us. I shall defeat the demon lord with these hands.”

“Then, everyone. Please, save Rostalgia- the world that I dearly love.”

As Claria said that, the same light which brought us here enveloped us again.

And then, as I opened my eyes, this time we’re in some sort of high-class building.

A chandelier that you would only see on TV. A self-portrait on an entire wall. Stairs adorned by a red carpet.

I’m so shocked I can’t bring myself to utter anything.

A woman approached us.

Grabbing the hand of Samejima, who was at the front of the pack, she said:

“Heroes, please save our world, Rostalgia.”

There’s no chance of running.

And thus, our lives as heroes have started.

Chapter 2: “Only I Get No Cheats”

It’s been a week since I’ve arrived at the imperial palace.

On the first day, Samejima was discussing the support we would get from the royal palace.

The information I’ve acquired is as follows:

The nation that this palace is in is called Ristonea. Aithin Rostalgia, it’s one of the more developed nations.

The king, Ginger, seems to be wiling to entirely support Samejima and the others without saying anything.

In the palace, the country’s most prominent masters of swordsmanship, magic and martial, were present there so as to train with us.

There seems to be a maid that would take care of everything in each of the private rooms.

And, this is the most important part.

I’m not included in that.

For whatever reason, it came down to the skill inspection that happened five days ago.

I can clearly remember what happened in detailed.

First of all, we were gathered in the palace’s largest space. They were confirming our important statuses in battle.

Everyone looked confused and asked “Statuses? What’s that?”, in which Phage Stross, the Ristonea army commander, kindly told us,

If you were to say “Open” in Rostalgia, a window with your statuses would open up.

“Stamina” was self-explanatory. If it reached zero, you wouldn’t die, but would pass out instead, being unable to move.

Passing out in a dungeon was pretty much the same thing as death, so we were warned to never have it reach zero.

“Magic” referred to the how much of the resource you spent when using magic.
The lesser it gets, the more weaker you become, so we have to be careful of not using it too much.

“Physical” meant our power. In duels, the one with more Physical would win.

“Resistance” referred to how much damage is reduced. The more you’re used to pain the higher it is.

“Agility” dealt with how fast your actions were. The higher it is, the easier it is to dodge attacks.

As I thought it was just like a game, I checked my own status screen.



Katsuragi Daichi Class: Hero Level 1

Stamina: 75

Magic: 20

Physical: 50

Endurance: 300

Agility: 10

Special Abilities: None


…Huh? It doesn’t really seem too strong…?

Didn’t I get some power from Claria?

…No, maybe, this might actually be in the strong classes.

I mean, my endurance is abnormally high… Probably because I’m familiar with pain.

And just as I expected, that faint hope disappeared.

“That’s amazing, Shinji!”

While breaking character, Phage happily shouted.

The statuses he saw were all high figures.


Samejima Shinji Class: Hero Level 1

Stamina: 500


Physical: 480

Resistance: 300

Agility: 680

Special Abilities:
“Sacred Guidance”: Increased damage for Light-attribute magic
“Crisis Sense” 10% increase in Agility while an enemy is attacking


Each of his statuses were five times more than mine.

Even more, he has actually gets special abilities.

I mean, i’m shocked my Endurance was up to par with his. I don’t have any strong points.

The others were also checked one at a time, and everyone else had a special ability.

Their statuses were comparable to Samejima’s. Even the lowest of them was possessed stats much more that mine.

They were all definitely blessed by Claria. The fact Samejima’s was the highest confirms this.

I heard this later, but the common soldier has over 100 for all statuses.

Phage, the most capable soldier, has around 400 for each of his stats.

In any case, my fighting capabilities were even lower than a common soldier’s.

I could use my Endurance and be a defense-oriented character. However, my Stamina is low, so it would quickly drop.

I’m useless.

Why is it only me?

Is it because I’m weak?

Because I’m disgusting?

It doesn’t add up.

After that, my statuses were of course made public, and I was known as the “Talentless Hero” in the palace.

I was quickly abandoned by King Ginger. The other 29 were surely high-spec heroes, so they stayed.

They couldn’t figure out any strong points about me.

My bed was a horse stable. I was left out of the classes of swordsmanship and magic and was made to self-study.

It’s crazy. But, if I was to complain I would probably get kicked out. I wish I would be forgiven.

I was a weakling.

I can’t do anything. I can’t defeat anything. I can’t win anything.

I didn’t want that.

At least out of pity, they’re taking me to the dungeon exploration this time, to decide if I would be of any use.

Then my life in this world would probably end.

I think anyone would have guessed.

That’s why, for this week I desperately worked hard. More than I did before.
I reduced my sleeping time to the very limits.

“98… 99… 100!”

I would swing my sword at least a hundred times in three sets per day, and went running.

“Burn, Fire Seed!”

I also practiced magic, to the point where I was able to produce a fire the size of a lighter.

The others were learning more effective and powerful magic. But if I lose any hope, it’s over for me.

In retrospect, I want to praise myself for getting this far by myself. Good job, myself.

I was able to deceive myself that way.

I was able to slim down a bit. It was probably the results of having less food and the exercise.

However, my statuses haven’t changed much.

My Physical and Stamina grown a little bit. Apparently just using magic won’t bring up my Magic status.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring up my Magic, as I didn’t know the logic of this world.

It’s something to do with my spirit, so if I have fun, will that do?

To test it out, for the entire day I kept smiling. Without thinking negatively, I kept on with the positive thinking.

Bystanders thought it was weird, but I kept going.

My Magic only increased by 1.

I promised myself to never do that ever again.

I tried every other method I could think of to increase the figures as much as I could.

–And, it finally became that day.

With Phage and six other soldiers, we went to Ristonea’s toughest dungeon, “Rigal’s Den”.

Everyone went into the battle with confidence.

As if they were grade schoolers going on a field trip.

I have no idea why they were able to smile.

Even though I want to go back as soon as possible.

…At least let me be in a position where I can escape first, since I only increased my Endurance by 3.

As I went into the dungeon last, I followed the classmates in front of me.

I probably knew it well at that time;

About the cruel future I was about to fall into.

Chapter 3: “Monster House”

“Rigal’s Den” was a dungeon for beginners.

There were many dungeons in this world, but this one, apparently, is the one everyone starts with.

There were a bunch of reasons for this; first of all the monsters that come out in here have low levels.

Second, the special monsters here, Rigals, give out a lot of experience.

The vanguard already started to fight.

“Spirits of the wind, blow everything away! Wind!”

Wind was produced by a female student’s magic, and stopped three of the Rigals’ advance.

A Rigal is a monster that looks like a scorpion that’s five times the size.
It’s body was wrapped with a tough carapace, so physical attacks are ineffective.

However, it was weak to Fire-attribute magic.

Even the weakest Fire-attribute magic, Fireball, can defeat it.

Though I still can’t use it yet.

“Spirits of the flame, burn everything! Fireball!”

Samejima shot three Fireballs at the Rigals.

The monsters met an agonizing death in a blaze and disappeared into dust.

“I did it! I got to level 17!”

The female student who held back the Rigals with the Wind spell raised her arms in a triumphant pose.

That’s awesome. It could’ve been from being in the front lines for all this time.

By the way, I beat two big ant-looking demons and got to level 2.

For someone who can’t use magic, they were tough foes.

I got hit a bunch of times, so I was ordered by Phage to be sent to the back, as he said I was a “nuisance”.

I had little Stamina left.

I wished someone gave me some healing magic.

“I see, congrats. Good assist, Shuri.”

Samejima praised Shuri. This guy, even though he has that personality, is popular with the girls.

“Is that so~. Ehehe, thanks!”

The female student named Shuri had her cheeks turn red in delight.

“Ah, don’t be screwing around, guys. Don’t let your guard down.”

Breaking the sweet mood, Phage warned them.

“I know. So, Phage, there’s a flight of stairs there… Should we head down?”

While making a smile that he always fakes, Samejima points to the stairs at the far end.

The moment he listened to the suggestion, Phage suddenly looked sour.

“No can do. Beyond that is unmapped, unknown territory.”

The mapped area in Rigal’s Den for beginners is comparatively smaller than other dungeons.

After heading down fifty floors, it would be no problem to go to the next dungeon.

The country purposely thought out the places that aren’t too dangerous, so the current mapping was up to 50 floors only.

Knowing from the flow, we reached the 50th floor.

“Don’t worry we have this much people. Besides, our current power should be in the safe margin.”

“But, there are “what if’s” in this world. What will you do if there was a monster you couldn’t beat?”

“There aren’t. Isn’t this a dungeon for beginners? The monsters below could’ve come up to this floor.

However, there haven’t been any stronger monsters in the 50 floors we’ve been through, right?”

“That’s true, but…”

“It also got harder to level up, right? It’s fine, isn’t it? It’s to reduce the number of days under the suppression of the demon lord.”

Samejima said, pressing for an answer.

What he said was all true. There was logic in it.

It’s almost certain that the chance of him dying upon stepping into the 51st floor is pretty much zero.

However, Phage seems to have sensed some sort of danger.

Even asking “from what?”, he probably couldn’t answer. Maybe, it’s the intuition he got his’ experience.

However, Phage was troubled as to how to answer.

The time we spent worrying became fatal.

“It’s fine! Let’s go, Shinji!”

“Yeah wait up, Kou!”

“Ah, Samejima!”

“Hey, you guys! Dammit!”

That was the green light. People started descending from the 50th floor one by one.


I, who was left behind, spaced out.

I have no reason to follow those guys. Even if I went back first I would be treated the same anyway.

I shouldn’t worry about it.


Katsuragi Daichi Class: Hero Level 2

Stamina: 18

Magic: 21

Physical: 58

Endurance: 305

Agility: 14

Special Abilities: None

I immediately realized that escape was impossible.

“…Yeah, going back would be bad.”

I hurried down the steps.

Dammit, you guys, you disappeared too quickly!”


I, Samejima, arrived to the 51st floor, which nobody has ever stepped into.

Wondering what monsters would pop up, I’m getting excited.

Killing monsters is fun.

The more I kill, the stronger I get. Stronger than anyone else.

If anything doesn’t go my way I won’t be able to live with it.

Right now, I want Claria. There wasn’t any woman like her.

Claria may be a god, but if I become a hero and beat the demon lord, she’ll keep her promise and I’ll make her mine.

Perhaps there’s someone who has the same wish as I, but I’ll leave that aside.

To get Claria.

I need “power” for that.

“Samejima! There’s an Ariant in front of you!

“Got it.”

I took the sword that bug was holding and sliced it.

Cutting it in half vertically, it disappeared after hitting the wall.

“There’s been a lot of monsters attacking alone. I wonder why?”

Shuri, who had always been in the front lines, shook her head.

It was true that unlike the previous floors, the monsters that attacked alone increased.

“Should we care that they’re all dying in vain by now?”

“…I guess. There’s no loss.”


Looks like Shuri agrees.

I could use her. She knows what I find favorable, so if I use that well I could add her into my group.

Shuri’s special skill can heal both Stamina and Magic, the “Saint’s Smile”. Being able to heal both statuses, it’s a valuable skill.

“Oi, Shinji! Doesn’t this door look suspicious!?”

And then there’s Kou, who can’t really take things in as well as Shuri, who stumbled upon a door with a geometric figure written on it.

“This is… It seems to be a magic circle. I haven’t seen it before.”

Phage, who was tailing behind, came up to the door and examined the magic circle on it.

A magic circle that a veteran soldier hasn’t seen… A new type of magic circle?

“Let’s open it!”

“…Yeah, I guess. Everyone, get prepared for battle.”


As I give out the order, the classmates ready out their weapons.

Looks like Phage doesn’t want to say anything. He pulls out his blade.

I nodded to confirm what was inside. Using Kinoshima’s ability, “Super Strength”, the heavy looking door easily opened.

A heavy sound resonated.

What appeared behind was a broad space with nothing.

“What’s this place…?”

“Looks like there’s nothing…”

Everyone came inside in succession to take a look.

And then, in the middle of the room, something happened.

A high-pitched shriek echoed in the room. “Boo! Boo!”

When the screech stopped, a bright light shined through the ceiling.

“What’s this light!?”

Everyone looked up together.

The light slowly disappeared, and the ceiling was covered in darkness.

As they gradually dropped down, everyone’s eyes finally recovered to be able to see the figures.

“M-Monsters!! A group of monsters appeared!”

Everyone yelled at the beings.

A large group of Rigals dropped down. It wasn’t like the previous number. At this rate everyone will get eaten.

“Let’s quickly get out of here!”

“It’s no use! We’re surrounded!”


We didn’t know it as we were too preoccupied with the ceiling, but the wolves and Ariants surrounded us.

It’s just like a trap in a game that I have.

Ah, I’m pretty sure this is what they called it in the game.

“–A Monster House.”

Chapter 4: “Unnecessary Bait”

“Spirits of water, become bullets that shoot the game! Splash Gatling!”

Bullets of water form midair. They drop on the Rigals.

The others around me do the same in succession; it cleaned up most of them but it cost us a lot of Magic.

Even so, there were monsters still surrounding us.

“Dammit! There are too many!”

“Everyone! Calm down!”

“Hurry up and shoot more magic! We’re making a path to the exit!”

Shouts fly about the room.

The monsters and classmates became jumbled up together.

We triggered the Monster House, and caused our group to panic.

“Those nearby the entrance, open up a way! Do whatever it takes!”

“Spirits of the flame, Burn our enemies to ashes! Burning Wave!”

“Spirits of the wind! Cut us a path! Sonic Wave!”

The students near the entrance listened to my orders and started casting their strongest magic spells one by one.

Waves of fire and wind burn and slice through the Rigals, becoming light.

However, a wolf leaped and dodged the attack.

“Wha- Phage! What is that thing!?”

“It’s a High Wolf! It’s smart and strong! Be wary of its speed! That guy shouldn’t be in this dungeon!”

Listening to Phage’s advice, I focused my senses on the High Wolf.

The wolf snapped forth with its sharp teeth. I rolled to the side and quickly stood back up.



We glared at each other, unable to move.

Moreover, I finally figured out a way out of this place.

“You guys! Fire some light at me! Escape to the stairs after that! Got it?!”

The battle’s become so intense, I didn’t know if my orders reached anyone. But, I can’t just do nothing.

Because, my own life is precious too!

“Oh sacred light! Shine the sun’s light upon those shrouded by darkness! Shining!!”

Tossing up my right hand, the magic stored in a ball flew up into the sky.

A divine light, along with the sound of an explosion, covered the room. As the monsters howled in pain, I promptly ran to the stairs past the entrance.

Everyone else also did the same. However, the High Wolf caught a girl.

“Help! Somebody help!”

Nobody looked back at the girl’s pleads, thinking only about protecting himself or herself.

“Ah, Shuri!”

“Oi, Shuri! …Tch!”

Shuri, who was running beside me stopped and turned back. I smacked the back of her neck with the hilt of my sword and knocked her out.

I grabbed her and carried her out.

This is for the best. Throw the ones I can’t use away, and keep the ones I can use alive.

“Hurry up! They’re catching up on us!”

The blinding light started to dissipate, and the group of monsters started chasing out tails.

Crap, crap, crap, crap!

The fight till now drained most of my Magic.

Magic is our soul. The lesser it is, the harder it is to think straight. That’s the only thing I want to avoid.

“Am I… Going to die…?”

“No! I don’t want to die!”

From here and there I can hear sounds of despair and fear of death.

They probably used too much magic and their minds have become weaker.

Looks like we can only use physical attacks for now.

How do I run away from those guys… How?!”

“…Hm? Wah!? What’s with this group!”

A healthy voice reached my ears. One not drowned in despair.

Looking up, I saw Katsuragi.

–I got a good idea. How to break through this situation.

“Oi! Katsuragi! Run to the staircase! At full speed! A group of monsters are chasing us!”

I ordered Katsuragi. With his personality he wouldn’t refuse.

“Wha- You lie, dammit!”

As I thought he ran towards the staircase. He probably was left behind trying to escape.

Crap ran towards the stairs in the shortest route. We quickly reached the staircase.

He tried to get up.

And this is the perfect timing.

“Thanks, Katsuragi!”


He turned his face over in disbelief of my words of gratitude.

He stopped moving for a moment.

He was there standing still.

“Spirits of the flame! Burn everything! Fireball!”

I fired a fireball at him.

“Wha- Whoaaaa!”

Burning his clothes, he got surrounded in flames.

At this moment, he shouted in pain and agony.

“Everyone! Use this chance to get up!”

On my word the classmates climbed up after me.

As my spirit was weaker, I couldn’t think of anything but escape.

The soldiers didn’t complain of my errors. Only Phage looked towards me, staring silently.

“Is everyone here!?”

“Wait! I’m still here!”

The hoarse voice belonged to Katsuragi. Parts of his clothes were burned off.
Those parts had darkened skin underneath. Probably burned.

He tried to climb up the stairs on all fours. The monsters were chasing behind.

“Shut up. You got an important role. Everyone! Help me push this guy down! That way the monsters won’t come up!


“Really!? Really!?”

“We’ll live…?”

“We have to… Or we’ll get killed!”

It was humorous after that.

One of them stopped Katsuragi’s feet with Earth magic, and the guys pushed him down.

And then, without hesitation, they threw him into the monsters.


A stupid voice; a stupid face.

Katsuragi readily fell into the monsters, buried beneath. No sign of him was left in sight.

He would be eaten by the monsters to the bone marrow.

This was the best method I thought of.

To stop the demons, a bair was needed. However, us heroes can’t be bait.

However, there’s one. Our useless classmate, Katsuragi.

If it were the “Talentless Hero”, the country wouldn’t mind.

He has fulfilled an honorable role. The monsters are focused on eating him.

“See ya, Katsuragi. It’s great isn’t it; in the end you finally became useful.”

I sealed the staircase with magic so that nothing could come back out.


…Ugh… Where am I…?

I can’t move my body. The memories are flowing in my head.

I was tricked by Samejima, became bait, and was killed by the monsters.

What a terrible life…

But, I guess it’s fine. I was able to escape from those guys.

If I meet them again, no matter what happens I wouldn’t just kill them.

Kill them just once. No, I’ll torture them to death. Bring them pain until they die.
I’ll crush their fingers, rip off the flesh of their feet and break their heads just as they did to me.

And then, I’ll finally feel refreshed. I don’t care what happens to me afterwards.

……. Hold on…

Right now, I’m conscious… Does this mean, I’m reincarnating to my next life!?

That’s the only explanation!

This time I’ll get cheat powers, and create a harem!

Even without that, at least let me marry and have an enjoyable life!

All right! Let’s go.

Lets reincarnate in this other world.

I opened my eyes with that in mind.

I’m shocked. I thought they wouldn’t open. However, that isn’t the reason.

For some reason, what came into my eyes was-


The dungeon where I died, “Rigal’s Den”.

Chapter 5: “Revenge of the Resented”

Katsuragi Daichi, 16 years old.

Who thought he was dead, was living.

No no no!

“…What’s the meaning of this?”

I’m confused. I woke up in such a mess, that the information got jumbled up.

Let’s fix that. Calm down. It’s times like this where a deep breath helps.

Hnggg- No wait, I’m not pregnant!

Breathe in… Breathe out.

…Alright, let’s get this straight.

Whether this is Rostalgia, or another world similar to it.

Good thing there’s a really simple way for me to quickly check.

To speak those words.


And it appeared silently in front of my eyes.

Katsuragi Daichi Class: Hero Level 2

Stamina: 1300

Magic: 2520

Physical: 3400

Endurance: 2600

Agility: 1400

Special Abilities: “Steel Heart” During battle, Endurance increases. Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Berserk has a 1/3 chance of not working.
“Persistent Soul” Magic cannot be less than 100.

“Wight King”: Able to make contracts with living beings near death, to revive them and make them obey to your will. Every time the user dies twice, increases the limit to the number of contracts. Currently two contracts are available.

Unique Ability: “Revenge of the Resented” No matter how many times you die, power stored in the abyss of death is taken for revival.

Currently, number of deaths: 5 times


I rubbed my eyes. It’s a lie. No way.

Once more, I closed my Status and opened it again.

The floating numbers shown didn’t change.

“What with these crazy numbers!?”

Four digits. Every single status.

Even higher than Samejima’s 500, my statuses are above 1000.

It’s a number of times over his!

No, it’s not the right time to say that.

“What’s this, a unique ability?

If I swallowed the explanation, I can’t die. The part “power stored…is taken” would explain the ridiculous numbers. Looks like it’s different from a Special Ability.

Putting that aside, I already died five times…

W-Well, I’m fine now. I can’t change the past. I’m alive. OK.

Putting that aside, I gained some Special Abilities. They’re all pretty powerful.

Especially “Persistent Soul” and “Wight King”.

My Magic can’t drop below 100. I can use all the magic I want.

I wonder if I can control any monster.

The details aren’t well written, but I’ll figure it out through use.

“Well, these Statuses mean that I’m in Rostalgia…”

I died and revived five times. Probably, I was revived and eaten, revived and eaten…

Probably through that loop of events.

As long as I have this “Revenge of the Resented”, I can’t die.

This is the only thing I’m certain of; I trust in my Unique Ability.

Hm? If that’s the case my Statuses are the real thing.

I’ll need to put this into practice. I know that experience is valuable.

I might not need it, but just in case. This isn’t the world I once knew. This is Rostalgia.

“Next up is actually testing it out.”

I looked around.

The floor wasn’t brown but it was splattered in red. It’s organic material.

As I touched it, a splatter was heard.

I would’ve preferred if it was water, but it was blood.

“…This is my blood… Isn’t it…”

There’s quite a lot. I died five times, so it can’t be helped.

…Am I… really alive?

I patted myself down, all bloodied. I rolled up my shirt to check for scars. Not a single scratch could be found.

My clothes got soaked in blood and turned red… It’s a weird feeling.

“…Now then,”

I got up and stretched a bit.

“What should I do next?”

The first objective should be to get out of this dungeon.

To get up I’ll have to use the staircase, but that’s been blocked by Earth-attribute magic.

I only have a copper sword with me. Moreover, it was cracked in half. Probably done by the monsters.

My stuff turning back to the state before I died was one of the unlucky things in the pile of blessings.

“-Which means I’ll be going unarmed, huh.”

It’s unsafe. However, It’s the same if I don’t move. I don’t have food so I’d die of starvation, probably.

I don’t want that. I don’t want to stay here.

I have to use these lives to the fullest.

This time I’ll fight back. I’ll do what I think is right.

That’s why; I’ll have my revenge on those guys. I’ll kill them all. I’ll hit them with all the resentment I’ve piled up till now.

That’s what I resolved myself into.

If that’s what I decided, I’ll do it.

“For now, I should increase my Level and Statuses…”

No matter how high my Statuses are I’m still against 29 heroes.

I don’t know how to fight against many targets, and I don’t even know magic.

If that’s the case becoming stronger isn’t a bad idea.

If I beat the final boss in this dungeon, I might be able to get out. This was just like a dungeon crawler, and in those games, if you beat the boss you’ll get transported out.

Trying it out wouldn’t be a bad start.

“Alright, let’s find the staircase.”

I grabbed my bag on the floor, and started walking.

After a while, I reached a big room with a large open door.

“This is…”

The doors wouldn’t close.

The room was drenched in red and green blood. The green were the monsters’, and the red were Samejima’s and the others’, huh.

“Looks like there’s nothing else… Hm?”

I looked from the left corner to the right corner of the room, and I found a corpse.

And also, the silver wolf eating the meat off of it.


The grotesque scene unconsciously made me blurt out a sound.

It was enough to attract its attention.


The wolf came towards me. With unrivaled speed, it came close to me- and leapt.


The wolf jumped in a straight line, like a bullet. I tossed out a punch in reflex.

At that instant, the sound of my fist made a rugged sound on the bones, and the wolf’s head burst.

“Eh, did… I kill it?”

My arm pierced through between its head and neck. I could see my fist on the other side.

The wolf convulsed, and its limbs drooped down in an instant.

It died. With one punch of mine.

“…Haha… Hahaha! Amazing! Awesome!”

I realized the greatness of my feats, and laughed uncontrollably.

I killed the monster Samejima and the others were afraid of. Just by myself, in one punch.

It couldn’t be helped that I was ecstatic.

It was the first time I felt this way.


I pulled out my left hand from the corpse and tossed it backwards. At that time I crept closer to the corpse I was so indulged in.

“This is…”

Black hair dropping down to the waist. A large chest that didn’t fit the half-eaten body, and most importantly, a small figure.

There’s no mistaking it. Only one person I know has this feature.

The person dead in front of me was Hamakaze Shuri. A kind of mascot in our class.

“…Isn’t this fine?”

I don’t mean this situation. I’m not that perverted.”

She was the most suitable to test out my Special Ability.

“According to the explanation, I can use it on dead beings, right…?”

I tried to remember the explanation I saw. If my memory serves me right, it was so.

“Then, let’s test it out. Let’s try to get the hang of this.”

I activated my Special Ability “Wight King” on Hamakaze. And then, the method on how to use it flowed into my head.

“You. Now, I shall give you new life. I shall give you a second life. Here, sign a contract with me, and fulfill your duty as my servant. “Wight Back!”

Blue sparkles dropped from my hands to Hamakaze. Under her, a magic circle in the form of the Star of David flared up.

“The wounds heal too, huh!”

It became sort of interesting.

Her injuries quickly healed.

I would definitely prefer if her innards weren’t minced meat.

The light grasped onto her for about ten minutes.

Finally it disappeared.

Probably, it was a signal for her revival.

“Oi, Ooooi, Hamakaze. Wake up.”

Timidly, I poked her soft cheeks to check if she turned back to life.

And then, her closed black eyes opened.

It’s not cloudy. They’re eyes with a soul.

She’s even breathing. Her chests, exposed to the limits, were faintly moving up and down.

“Experiment… Success!”

Today, I received a power that ignored the laws of the world.

Chapter 6: “Slaves and Magic and True Skill”

“H-Huh? I’m… alive? Didn’t I die?”

Her words were trembling. Without batting an eye to me directly in front, she checked her own body.

…Deja vu.

“Oi, are you alright?”

I can’t just stand here with her.

If more monsters come it would be a pain. I don’t have time to waste.

And so, I called out to her and stretched out my hand.

In any case, she probably would just insult me.

And then I would punish her,

… Or so I thought.

“Ah… Y-yes…”

Hamakaze replied, with her cheeks turning red. As she stood up, grasping my hand, she blankly stared at me.

Just like a maiden in love.

…No no no, I can’t be saying that.



“I-I’m Hamakaze Shuri. Um… May I know your name?”


What is she asking? Doesn’t she know I’m Katsuragi Daichi?

“U-umm, do you not want to? I’m s-sorry.”

Hamakaze, humbly averting her eyes.

H-Huh? What happened?

I need to confurm the situation.

“Oi, Hamakaze.”

“Shu-Shuri is fine.”

“Sorry, but I’m not one you would like to be called that. I’m Katsuragi Daichi.”

“…Eh? Katsuagi Dai… Eh?”

Hamakaze, mumbling and pointing at me. It’s hilarious.

“Yup. The one who was summoned with you.”

“No-No way…!”

Hamakaze, sitting down.

Looks like the fleeting hope I had broke down.

It felt a bit refreshing.

“Hey, Hamakaze. There’s something I want to ask of you.”


“Oi, Hamakaze.”

“…Don’t talk to me, Katsuragi.”


When she knew who I was, I get replied with the back of her hand. Looks like things never change.

But, our positions are different than before.

I’m the strong one, and you are the weakling.

“Hamakaze. This isn’t a request. It’s an order. Answer the question I’m about to give.”

“What are you saying? Don’t you know your place?”

And then she casted a spell.

“Spirits of the Flame, burn everything to ashes! Fireball!”

The floating orb of flame didn’t come out. Hamakaze blinked.

“Wha-Why!? I should have a lot of Magic left!”

“Won’t you know through your Status?”

I made a grin that a villain would make.

I think I know why she can’t use her magic.


Hamakaze Shuri Class: Higher Slave Level 12

Stamina: 620

Magic: 520

Physical: 190

Endurance: 200

Agility: 320

Special Ability: “Auto-heal” Heals 5 Stamina every 10 minutes.

Special Status: “Higher Slave” Owner: Katsuragi Daichi

Seals all abilities against him until release.

“Wha-What is this…”

She was dumbfounded.

By the way, I can see the Statuses of my slaves.

Hamakaze is seeing the same Status as I am.

“Do you understand, Hamakaze? I’m the master, you’re the servant. You can’t defy me.”

“I-I can’t accept that!”

“It’s the truth. After all that, isn’t this punishment from the heavens for all that you did to me?”

“I-I didn’t do anything!”

“Mhm. You didn’t really bully me, but you didn’t try to help. It’s the same.”

“No way…”

“Do you understand how I felt? Probably not. Every day that comes, I get hit, insulted; you wouldn’t understand my feelings.”


Hamakaze was unable to reply. Obviously. She can’t really understand.

She only knew that I was mad.

“…Tch, just answer my question… Oh, here.”

I passed my robe to her.


“It’s a robe. You can cover yourself, right? Are you trying to tempt me?

“Hide…? Ah- kya!!”

Looks like she finally realized. She grabbed the robe from my hands and covered her chest, hugging it.

She glared at me with a sharp gaze, and murmured something softly.

“Huh? Did you say something?”

“It’s nothing! Don’t look here!”

“…Well, fine by me.”

I left the room, and Hamakaze followed behind.

“…Thank you.”

Let’s keep it a secret that those words I haven’t heard in a while reached my ears.

… Sometimes, it’s not bad.


After that, while looking around the floor for the staircase, we talked back and forth.

“Eh… Then, we have to fight those guys?

“I guess.”

“No way… It’s impossible…”

“Why do you think that?”

“I mean, Samejima even faltered! How can we even beat him?”

Before, I showed her my specs, which were way higher than Samejima’s, but…

She doesn’t seem to believe in it.

I probably don’t need to correct that now.

“Don’t worry, Hamakaze. I’ll protect you.”

“Wha-! I-Idiot! Even though you’re Katsuragi, the weakling!”

Hamakaze suddenly turned red and started fiddling her fingers.

What is this, is she this easy?

Or maybe it’s that I’m not my usual self.

She’s misunderstanding it. The ones protecting you will be subordinates, and the more, the better. I already died five times.

And so, when your consciousness gets back to your body there seems to be some sort of lag. In this moment I want them to protect me to the death.

When I die, I bring them with me.

It’s not something out of kindness.

And then I settled the question.

What I knew.

First of all, my appearance changed.

My face became better, but my stature didn’t change. I didn’t get fatter. My figure became better. Was my fat that delicious?

I don’t think I’m far off, but this is probably the effect of “Revenge of the Resented”.

“When I first saw you I my heart was racing, but inside it’s Katsuragi…”

“Be quiet. This personality was because of you guys.”


Hamakaze became quiet.

Speaking of which, I wonder how she feels getting thrown away by her classmates.

Betrayed; Cast away; Hamakaze came to this side.

If she resents Samejima as well then she would be willing to perform vengeance together.

Since I’m so much more familiar with such pain and suffering.

Next I learned the magic Hamakaze herself can’t use. Thanks to that I got more variations in my attacks.

Two hours passed having such conversation.

We went back to the large room we started at.

However, this time the door was closed.

“Hm? Why is it closed?”

“I wonder… Ah!”

Looks like she remembered after shaking her head.

Seems to be an unpleasant memory.

Her face looks horrible.

Speaking of which, she died in this room. It’s trauma, I guess.

“Hamakaze… Tell me what happened here. If you don’t, I won’t be able to deal with it.”

Hamakaze weakly straightened herself.

“After opening this door, suddenly monsters attacked in waves. Maybe this time it will happen again…”

“What types?”

“Rigals, Ariants and a High Wolf.”

Weren’t those the ones that ate me? I got to settle things.

Time for a revenge match.

“I see. Thanks.”

“I think we should back off and check things out further…”

“Alright, let’s go in.”

“You already decided!?”

Fighting waves of monsters was favorable. It would be easy to see my actual strength.

There are things numbers won’t be able to show.

The worst outcome is that I would die and revive, and I probably can revive Hamakaze as well. Even though I don’t like pain.

I pushed opened the gates.

Empty space. I walked to the center together with Hamakaze.

Suddenly, a light shone from above. “Eeek!” Hamakaze was about to cry, but I can’t be worrying about that.

“Hamakaze, stand by. If monsters come to you be prepared.”

“What about you!?”

“I’ll beat all that come out.”


“They’re coming! Smash them with magic! Grab onto me!”

“Eh- Wait! Ah…”

I embraced Hamakaze, who was dawdling about.

To be truthful, I wanted to test out how far I could grope her.

“First, I’ll go with full force!”

My Magic focused in my right hand, as if it was compressing.

“Wha-what is this!?”

Winds whirled around me. To not be blasted by the wind, I bent down, lowering my center of gravity. The winds that gathered became a sphere floating upon my palm.




The waves of three monsters appeared. From everywhere, they attacked.

At the same time, I was ready.

“Emperor of the Wind! Cut through those who oppose my rule of right! The rule of the royalty that spew forth storms! Form upon! Turn everything to dust, and return them to the earth!

Berserk Tempest!!”

As my incantation finished, the ball of wind shot forth.

A high-pitched metal like sound resonated.

It was so loud the monsters’ howls disappeared.

In an instant the space turned silent.

The silence was broken with sounds of entrails spewing forth.

“…Eh, no way…?”

Hamakaze, who was closing her eyes, lost her words upon the shock of such view.

The person who used it, myself, had the same thought as Hamakaze.

The room was painted in green, filled with grains of light.

I was able to kill all those monsters with one strike.

With such over-the-top power, we were unable to move.

Chapter 7: “The Real Thing”

Dumbfounded to what just happened, we snapped back to reality as we heard a crumbling sound.

Looking over, a part of the wall broke down, revealing the staircase towards below.

I see. So this was where the path to the 52nd floor was hidden.

It’ll be like this again, probably.

Up to the 50th floor the staircases were already found, so onwards the conditions to progressing might be different.

If that’s so… That’s pretty depressing…


As I glanced at the classmate clutching on to me, her expression was something I couldn’t really express.

“…What is it?”

“What is it?! It’s this power! Are you a monster?!”

The magic I used, “Berserk Tempest”, was an Imperial-rank magic.

Magic has different ranks; from the strongest they are God-rank, Imperial-rank, Ancient-rank, Royal-rank, Soul-rank and Spirit-rank.

From Imperial-rank, they require a lot of Magic, so they’re not something so easily used.

Just now, I experienced such wonder. If anyone could spit out such magic it would be a problem.

Usually people start learning from the basic Spirit-rank spells. Even Samejima can still only use Spirit-rank spells. Putting that aside, Hamakaze’s saying something.

She’s talking to me on and on very quickly.

“How did you get that strong, Katsuragi?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Tell me~, teach me too!”

“Then, go die five times.”

“That’s mean!”

It’s not. I told you the truth. It’s just you haven’t realized it.

Even if you die, it’s not guaranteed you’ll be brought back.

Hamakaze, not making any progress reluctantly pulled back unsatisfied.

“Anyway, check your Status. It’s important your body is in proper shape.”

“What will you do then?”

“Just do it.”

“…Alright. Open.”


Our Statuses popped at the same time.

Katsuragi Daichi Class: Hero Level 28

Stamina: 1340

Magic: 2600

Physical: 3500

Endurance: 2680

Agility: 1500

Special Abilities: “Steel Heart” During battle, Endurance increases. Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Berserk has a 1/3 chance of not working.

“Persistent Soul” Magic cannot be less than 100.

“Wight King”: Able to make contracts with living beings near death, to revive them and make them obey to your will. Every time the user dies twice, increases the limit to the number of contracts. Currently two contracts are available.

“Absolute Order” Appears when those bound by a contract are lower leveled than the Wight King. Any order will be accepted by the slave until it is cancelled.

“Murderous Magician”: Killed targets within a radius of 10m will deal the same damage to all units of the same type.

Unique Ability: “Revenge of the Resented” No matter how many times you die, power stored in the abyss of death is taken for revival.

At the moment, number of deaths: 5 times

Hamakaze Shuri Class: Higher Slave Level 23

Stamina: 1000

Magic: 720

Physical: 680

Endurance: 420

Agility: 400

Special Ability: “Auto-heal” Heals 60 Stamina every 10 minutes.

Special Status: “Higher Slave” Owner: Katsuragi Daichi
Seals all abilities against him until release.

“Huh!? My Status also increased!?”

Hamakaze, engrossed in her Statuses

Looks like her level also increased…

Maybe it’s because she’s a “Slave”. Speaking of which, Hamakaze’s class isn’t “Slave”, it’s “Higher Slave.”

Maybe as a “Higher Slave”, she gains the some of the experience that I get.

In this world the concept of “experience” doesn’t exist. They believe that levels are gained through battles and victories. It’s not listed on the Status, too.

In other words, this “Higher Slave” was a class I made. If not, this would be against common sense.

… Now then, let’s leave this here. It’s not the time to be escaping reality.

Leaving that aside, there’s a more serious problem.

Why is it that my Statuses didn’t go up that much?

Even though I leveled up quite a lot.

Is it because of “Revenge of the Resented”? Or maybe some other reason? I don’t know.

Dammit, I don’t have enough information.

“Katsuragi! Katsuragi! My Statuses increased!”

“Be quiet. It’s not time for that.”

“What’s with that!? Don’t you have anything better to say?”

“Yes, yes… It’s great, isn’t it! It’ll be useful for myself.”

“Who would do t for you!?”

It’s not fair.

She’s saying it again, this amateur. Looks like there’s still a need for showing her place.

“… Hey, Hamakaze. I actually want to test out something.”

My Statuses haven’t changed much, but in place I got a new ability.

It’s “Absolute Order.” According to the explanation I need to be a higher level.

So, before it wasn’t there. It was thanks to those monsters that I suddenly leveled up (I think).

Even so, the condition that I need to be a higher level… It’s just like how a king needs to be stronger than his subordinates.

Let’s leave that for now.

The part that I’m very interested in.

Being able to give any order.

I bet every male high schooler would be jealous of my power.

In my line of sight was Hamakaze.


Hamakaze turned around, hiding the two plump hills to where I can’t see.

“Pervert! Molester!”

“Aren’t you noisy… Would I do it here? I’ll only lay a hand on you once we get out of this dungeon. For now, be assured.”

“How can I feel assured!? What about my right to refuse!?”


I clearly blurted out.

“Brute! You should just die!”

“Even though I’ll revive and power up…”

“I don’t get it!”

She hit my chest. I was thinking that next time I’ll grope her back, but the next thing she said stopped me.

“You… And I… Everything, I don’t get it. Killing those things… Becoming a hero…”

Her shaking fists became slowly weaker.

“… I… Don’t understand!”

The usually naive girl’s voice lost it’s face, and became weakly.

“I don’t want it… What is this place… Why did this happen!?”

Hamakaze crouched down and started crying.

Looks like her heart couldn’t keep it up after coming this far…

The breakwaters that protected us from reality broke down.

It’s not like I don’t understand her feelings. I bet I would be in the same place as Hamakaze, with mucus dripping from my nose crying.

I can understand her state of mind to an extent.

–That’s why, this would be a chance to make Hamakaze “mine”.

I’m such a bad person. Thinking only about this…

“… Oi, Hamakaze.”

“… What?”

“Why do you think we got into this mess?”

“… What good would it be asking that…”

“Just answer me. Why do you think so?”

Hamakaze went back her memories to figure out the reason.

“… Is it because we were summoned by the goddess?”

“Not exactly.”

“Eh…? Then, what is it?”

“It’s Samejima.”

In no time, I quickly stated the target of vengeance.

“Wh-why? I mean, that person requested us, right?”

“Ah, exactly.”


“But, we had the right to refuse. Who took that away?”


Hamakaze was hesitant. She realized who the real criminal was.

“It’s him. He accepted as he pleased, and we all went along with it…”

I whispered into Hamakaze’s ear.

“He tossed you aside, and betrayed you.”


She grounded her teeth involuntarily.

Looks like she finally opened her eyes to the truth, as well as to the whirling anger and hatred inside.

Even so she endured it. I don’t know why, but I don’t need to know.

She only needs to drown in her emotion.

“…Why… was I… thrown away…?”

Her crying voice faintly leaked out. Just like a baby who would cling onto a parent, Hamakaze grabbed my sleeve.

“It’s because you were weak”

I shook my arm, and she let go.

“I… liked… Samejima… I tried, you know? Even though I was scared, I tried to get stronger…”

“There are many who like him. It wouldn’t be problem if you were gone.”

I let out a cold tone.

“…I guess.”


I didn’t sympathize with her.

“U… Uuu….!”

–But, that wouldn’t be enough. Here, I’ll make her my ally.



I put my arms around the crying Hamakaze’s hips, and embraced her.

“Ka, Katsuragi? Wha- What are you-”

“I won’t throw you away.”

Her fragile heart overreacted.

“Won’t… throw me away…?”

“I’m different than him. I want you. I want you to be by my side.”

“No way… Even without me, Katsuragi…”


I strengthened my embrace. I wanted to convey my feelings.

“Follow me. I won’t throw you away. I’ll say it many times. I want you.”

“Katsu… ragi…”

The teary eyes that looked at me were left with a small glimpse of light. If she were left alone, she would die.

Just like me in the past.

“Would you… accept me?”

She closed her eyes, and the face soaked with tears came closer.

Lips bloodied from biting came into my eyes.

I’m not sympathizing with her.

I’m not comforting her.

This is fine. Just making her my ally.

Don’t think about it anymore.

I got a wonderful subordinate.

That’s it.



My first kiss tasted like blood.

On that day, I got a real slave.

Chapter 8: “The Sixth Time”

Hamakaze and I reached the 60th floor. I think four days have passed, although my senses are a bit fuzzy.

To put it simply, floors 52 to 59 were a pain. One part was the dungeon; the other Hamakaze Shuri.

After that, I had to increase Hamakaze’s Statuses. First I had her kill monsters which I almost killed, and through that she increased her level.

In the middle Hamakaze became impatient, and desired to fight.

She thinks that if she were was not useful she would be thrown away. A good trait for a slave stuck on her.

In the end, it was astounding. Even without me laying a finger, Hamakaze would strike upon encounter. In the next moment they would be turned into dust, and it happened over and over.

Hamakaze out leveled me, but if she would have an attitude or rebelled I could just release her from the contract.

I figured out something new from my Special Ability.

If I released the magic from “Wight King”, the revived creature would go back to being dead. I tried this before with a monster before it disappeared.

First of all, if the monster doesn’t receive a fatal wound and it won’t turn to dust. For instance, in a High Wolf’s case cutting a leg off won’t make it disappear. The cut off leg behaved the same way.

This was really helpful.

Hamakaze and I were unable to eat a lot, and were on empty bellies. We were able to eat meat, so that crisis was averted.

It’s a shame that the monsters’ meat isn’t that tasty.

By the way, this were my thoughts on our progress.

“Daichi. Please open your mouth.”


Hamakaze brought up the wolf meat cooked with Fire magic and brought it to my mouth.

After that day, Hamakaze changed drastically, from the way she speaks to what she does.

She’s a really obedient and honest girl. Sometimes her annoying over dependence shows up, but as that’s how I trained her it’s fine if it’s just a bit.

However, I would like it if she’d stop hugging me every time we go to sleep.

It would be a problem if my desires would be released. I’m a guy, too.

Those were Hamakaze’s annoying points.


It’s helpful if she’s taking care of me. I didn’t make a mistake that time.

Yeah, I didn’t.


“Nn, Thanks.”

“Thank you very much.”

My Stamina’s recovered from the food. Hamakaze’s also eating.

For drinks if we can use weak Water magic it wouldn’t be a problem.



“U-Um… Can I get you to feed me?”

Hamakaze, timidly asking. Her cheeks had a rush of blood.

“Eat by yourself. Why is it that I have to do so?”

“Y-Yes… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it… After we get out of here I’ll think about it.”


Hamakaze delightfully bit down on her High Wolf meat.

Just like a carrot and stick.

After finally eating a meal in days, we sat cross-legged on the cold floor.

“What do we do after this? Am I fighting again?”

“Ah, that was the plan. But, we don’t know where the staircase is.”

“The enemy’s Statuses don’t really matter, do they?”

“Ah, speaking of which I haven’t checked yet.”

I backed off a bit and met eyes with the dead High Wolf.

This guy was also a slave, wasn’t he? I was planning on using him as food, but I forgot.


Katsuragi Daichi Class: Hero Level 46

Stamina: 1430

Magic: 2690

Physical: 3630

Endurance: 2770

Agility: 1600

Special Abilities: “Steel Heart” During battle, Endurance increases. Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Berserk has a 1/3 chance of not working.

“Persistent Soul” Magic cannot be less than 100.

“Wight King”: Able to make contracts with living beings near death, to revive them and make them obey to your will. Every time the user dies twice, increases the limit to the number of contracts. Currently zero contracts are available.

“Absolute Order” Appears when those bound by a contract are lower leveled than the Wight King. Any order will be accepted by the slave until cancelled.

“Murderous Magician”: Killed targets within a radius of 10m will deal the same damage to all units of the same type.

Unique Ability: “Revenge of the Resented” No matter how many times you die, power stored in the abyss of death is taken for revival.

At the moment, number of deaths: 5 times


Hamakaze Shuri Class: Higher Slave Level 57

Stamina: 2000

Magic: 1750

Physical: 1900

Endurance: 1000

Agility: 980

Special Ability: “Auto-heal” Heals 300 Stamina every 10 minutes.

“Loyal Heart”: When the master’s life is at danger, all Statuses increase by 1.5x.

Special Status: “Higher Slave” Owner: Katsuragi Daichi
Seals all abilities against him until release.


High Wolf Class: Higher Slave Level 30

Stamina: 950

Magic: 350

Physical: 1200

Endurance: 600

Agility: 1300

Special Abilities: None

Special Status: “Higher Slave” Owner: Katsuragi Daichi
Seals all abilities against him until release.


“It’s higher than I thought.”

“Yup. Even better than the crappy hero.”


Some sort of defect? Hamakaze, shaking her head ,smiled.

I didn’t think it was too conspicuous… To me it’s a good sign.

It’s best if her desire for revenge becomes stronger.

“…No, it’s nothing. Let’s prepare for the 60th floor.”


“Let’s what?” I didn’t confirm.

“Alright. Let’s kill some monsters.”

“Then, how about we start from this dog?”

“Ah, that’s fine by me. Don’t think it’ll be useful as a shield anymore.”

“I understand. Spirits of the Wind, Cut through the sky. Wind Slice!”

By the blade of the invisible wind, the legless High Wolf had its neck sliced.


As we were looking for a place with a lot of monsters, we reached a suspicious spot.

A chain in the shape of a cross was hung on a door.

Sinister smoke came seeping out the door.

…Is this… Magic?


Looks like Hamakaze didn’t sense anything. She glared at the rigid closed door.

…Is this going to work?

Past this point there’s definitely a monster that’s incomparable to the others we faced so far.

And, if we beat the thing inside, the road to the next floor would open up.

This was how it was before. In the floors before there were strong monsters. Maybe it could be a Monster House trap.

“…If we don’t… We won’t be able to take revenge…”

The hatred growing in her heart covered over her fear.

“…Let’s go.”

I made a fist.

“Yes, Daichi.”

“Hamakaze. Let’s do it how we did it before.”

“I understand.”

Hamakaze straightened herself.

First I readied “Berserk Tempest”.

Hamakaze became my specialized dagger.

“Spirits of the Wind, cut through the sky! Wind Slice!”

The chains sharply cut. The sealed door opened by itself.

I can’t see very well through the mist. Then…

“Blow away the mist!”

I ran into the room first, as the door opened up to fit one person through.

The early bird gets the worm. I’ll shoot out Berserk Tempest upin entry.

I had the magic onto my hand, about to shoot.

“Turn everything to dust, and return them to the earth! Berserk Tem-”

But, I didn’t complete the magic.

My arm flew midair.

…Eh? My arm? Why?

Huh? Eh? Huh?

I couldn’t think. The pain seeped through my entire body.


The blood continued gushing.

The unbearable pain attacked me.

It hurts, it’s painful, it feels bad.

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!


I felt like I wanted to vomit, and as that happened the inside of my stomach burst out of my abdomen.

“Ha… Ha! Uaahhh…”

My vision became hazy.

Is it because I lost too much blood? No, first of all I need to get out of here.

Let’s do that. I don’t like pain. If I get out, Hamakaze should be ready with healing magic outside…

As I stood back up, the hand I put on the ground was cut by the wind.

Cut… by the wind?


I lost both arms. Without any support, I fell flat onto the ground.

The upper half of my body dropped into the inside of the room.

Ah, this is bad…”


Some sort of large roar reached my ears.

As I looked up-

My vision became covered in darkness.

Feeling the sharp pain of my neck being cut off, I lost consciousness.

Chapter 9:”Dying”

Darkness. Pitch black. It’s dark.

It’s the only way I can describe this place. There’s no ground. I’m floating. If I try to put in any strength, some sort of force is putting me down.

“Welcome, hero.”

As I point my body towards the voice, I see a girl.

Her long black hair hid her face. She’s in the middle of the darkness and yet you can see the jet-black dress she’s wearing.

She reached out her hand, and walked towards me.

In that moment, something happened.

Murderous intent without regret flowed out. The girl broadly smirked.

“Welcome back. And, good day.”

The cold sweat couldn’t stop dripping down. My head is telling me to run, over and over.

But, I can’t move. My body feels as if rocks bind it.

“Who-Who are you!?”

I managed to raise a question.

However, she didn’t answer.

She was only smiling. It was nothing short of a lunatic laugh from a devil.

Each step she takes closed the distance between us.

“Die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, DIE!”


My body instantly reacted to the word “die”.

Why do I have to taste that pain!?

Why is it that only I have to feel such pain!?

I can’t move. I can’t resist.

Move! Move!! MOVE!!


In that instant, the white, slim fingers from her hands reached out to my neck–





I jumped towards the girl’s voice. I grabbed her hips with both arms.

If I don’t kill her I’ll get killed!

I’ll use all my Magic!

“Spirits of the Wind, cut through the sky!”



As I was about to finish the incantation, my name was called out, and I stopped the magic.

As I pulled my hand out, I saw a face I knew well.


It’s her, my slave Hamakaze Shuri.

“Yes… it’s Hamakaze Shuri…”

“You’re lying! You’re a fake. I mean, you were about to kill me just now.”

It was the vivid in my memory.

Yeah, some unknown girl grabbed my neck.

But, the scenery is totally different. This is inside a dungeon. I remember the old monochrome colors.

What just happened!?

Somebody was… trying to kill me…

“Please calm down, Daichi.”

Hamakaze’s voice stopped the thoughts fallen in confusion.

“I don’t know what just happened to you, but I can help.”

Hamakaze grabbed my lost hands to her chest.

“Nn…” I sighed.

“I won’t mind anything you would do to me. If it’ll bring you back, I’ll do anything. So please, calm down for now.”

The sweet voice infused my mind, removing the confused thoughts, and untangled the cluttered strings of my emotion.

As my mind became more clear, I was able to put things in order a little.

My jumbled up breathing returned to a smooth rhythm.

“…Daichi… Are you alright?”

“Um, Yeah…”

“I see. That’s great…”

Hamakaze let out a sigh of relief. It was a sign that I was acting very off up to before.

Dammit… I was seized by the fear of death.

“Um… Daichi,”


“Um… If you so desire, we can keep going…”


I was on top of Hamakaze. Even more, my hands were on her plump breasts…

I figured out what she was trying to say.

“N-No, I didn’t mean to. I’ll get down. Just, wait a bit.”

Taking heed of my recovered brain, I wanted to verify something.

The possibility of her being a fake.


Katsuragi Daichi Class: Hero Level 46

Stamina: 3100

Magic: 3240

Physical: 4080

Endurance: 3400

Agility: 2130

Special Abilities: “Steel Heart” During battle, Endurance increases. Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Berserk has a 1/3 chance of not working.

“Persistent Soul” Magic cannot be less than 100.

“Wight King”: Able to make contracts with living beings near death, to revive them and make them obey to your will. Every time the user dies twice, increases the limit to the number of contracts. Currently two contracts are available.

“Absolute Order” Appears when those bound by a contract are lower leveled than the Wight King. Any order will be accepted by the slave until cancelled.

“Murderous Magician”: Killed targets within a radius of 10m will deal the same damage to all units of the same type.

Unique Ability: “Revenge of the Resented” No matter how many times you die, power stored in the abyss of death is taken for revival.

At the moment, number of deaths: 6 times


Hamakaze Shuri Class: Higher Slave Level 57

Stamina: 2000

Magic: 1750

Physical: 1900

Endurance: 1000

Agility: 980

Special Ability: “Auto-heal” Heals 300 Stamina every 10 minutes.

“Loyal Heart”: When the master’s life is at danger, all Statuses increase by 1.5x.

Special Status: “Higher Slave” Owner: Katsuragi Daichi
Seals all abilities against him until release.


The figures were unmistakably Hamakaze Shuri’s.

My Statuses also increased.

The contract limit for “Wight King” increased to 3.

Moreover, my death counter became 6.

Which means, this wasn’t just some sort of daydream; that world that I saw between that door.

It was all real…


I loosened up, and dropped flat on the spot.

A feeling of relief passed, and my nervousness was cut.

“What happened!?”

Hamakaze asked about my well being.

“I’m just tired.”


“Don’t worry… I’m just sleepy… I can’t… Anymore…”

The feeling of safety was unable to win against my drowsiness, and I closed my eyes.


“Then, let’s start the meeting on how to beat the boss.

I was at the staircase leading to the 59th floor, resting on Hamakaze’s soft lap.

Hamakaze looked to the opposite. Being near the stairs, she’ll be able to escape if something unexpected happens.

“First, Hamakaze. Tell me what happened after I died.”


Hamakaze followed my demands and explained in detail.

“After you were cut up in the gap of the door, I brought your lower half to a safe location. I believed in your ability.

“How long until my body came back?”

“About three to four minutes. Also, the enemy did not give chase. That, and two other odd things.”

“Tell me. Right now, any information is priceless.

“I understand. First of all, the enemy stopped attacking.”


Hamakaze nodded lightly in confirmation.

“After you died, the flurry of attacks stopped. That’s why your lower half was safe. The other half was probably being chopped up.”

After my death it didn’t attack. Hmm, so there are monsters that do that.

I’ll need to verify everything.

“The other thing?”

“…Um, the second… um… It might that I was just imagining it, but…”

“It’s fine. Right now our lives are more precious. To beat the boss, I’ll need any details. Tell me.”

“…Please don’t be surprised…”

She reassured it again, but what she said was the same thing I saw.”

“The figure of the thing that killed you wasn’t of a monster; it was something we’ve never seen before. It’s as if–it was a human like us.”

Chapter 10: “The Fight Begins”

“Like… A human?”

There was a person in. If it were a regular dungeon, it wouldn’t be odd. There’s a class called “Explorer” as well.

However, they wouldn’t be where we are. Especially since we’re in the unknown 60th floor.

If what Hamakaze said a moment ago was true it would be a turn for the better.

Probably, the answer was no.

“Yes. If it is a human then you might be able to talk to them.”

“Yeah, it would be nice if it goes well.”

If they don’t have any hostility they won’t attack. I’m pretty sure if some unknown person came in and started attacking, they would unmistakably try to kill me.

“If it was sealed that tightly there must have been a good reason.”

“That’s… Right.”

“However, we can’t throw away the possibility- even though that’s very slim.”

I took a deep breath.

“Anyhow, the thing that killed me should be the key point here.”

That strength was absurd. It doesn’t compare to any of the monsters we’ve fought. It draws a line.

“What do you mean?”

“If we beat it we I can get a strong servant, and clearing the dungeon would be a breeze.”

It completely ignored my Endurance and sliced me. I can definitely use it.

Also, there’s one more thing. It’s only my hunch, but…

“What if we beat that thing, we clear the dungeon?”

“If that’s so, maybe this was why this place was sealed up?”

Hamakaze didn’t deny my opinion. However, she pointed out the contradiction.

In the end, a third-party really does help, and grasps things that I don’t. I’m not perfect.

It would be stupid to dismiss another person’s opinion. What ever it is, if it’s usable I’ll use it.

Hamakaze smoothly agreed with me and also added some doubts to consider.

“That might be valid. Whatever the reason, in the end there’s only one more route to go.”

Putting it that way makes things simple, but in practice it’s difficult.

However, I can’t just stand here, or I can’t beat the crap out of Samejima.

“Getting back to topic, Hamakaze. Tell me how I was when I was killed. How and from what did I die? Just tell me what you know.”

“… There’s a limit to how far I remember, but…”

“First, when you opened the door you were about to use Berserk Tempest. Also, you weren’t in the room yet.”

I do remember that. I then suddenly realized my arm flew off… Remembering that sort of brings back the feeling of the pain.

“After that, you suddenly fell flat. After that…”

“I died, right?”


“What happened after that?”

“Your lower half was fine… So I took it and moved away. That’s all.”

“That’s it. I’m sort of hung up there… Why did the enemy let me go? If you were able to retrieve me then you should’ve been inside its attack range.”

“…I, also thought about it. Is there some sort of reason?”

…A reason, huh?

Why didn’t it attack… No, it couldn’t attack…?

If I were the enemy, I wouldn’t let myself escape. I’d take their life.

Hypothetically speaking, maybe there was some sort of condition, and because of that it couldn’t attack…?

The chains sealing the room were tightly shut. That means it was set up so that the being inside wouldn’t be let out. However, with Hamakaze’s magic it was easily cut.


I remember an odd feeling.

If the chains were easily broken by Spirit-rank magic, it would easily break out.

But, it didn’t.

Which means, it wasn’t the chains, but if it’s something the enemy itself can’t control then–

The doubts were solved, and I figured it out.

“…Hamakaze. When I died, where was my corpse?”

“Your… corpse?”

“Yeah. What if… My lower half was outside the room, and my inner half inside…?

“Y-Yes, it was so…. Do you remember anything after you died?

Hamakaze looked frankly shocked.

“…No, it’s just a guess. A guess… but I believe in it.”

It didn’t come out. It didn’t reach out.

In that case, there would be many ways to lay my hands on it

“It killed me once. I’ll need to return the favor… right?”

I dusted off the dirt on my rear. Hamakaze, who was already standing up, came to my side.

“I’ll kill it, the monster sealed within.”

“As you wish.”

We moved out to grab the things I needed in the plan I thought up.


The doors opened again. The chains were just like the Monster House in the 51st floor.

As I thought, this room has some sort of importance.

The smoke came out from the gap. Only this room rewound time.

The slaves I have are Hamakaze, High Wolf 1 and 2.

“As the door opens, High Wolves 1 and 2, rush in. Hamakaze, protect my life.”

I gave out their “Absolute Order”.

To attack, I’ll need to get rid of that mist. However, we don’t have the time for that.

As Hamakaze said, the enemy didn’t come out for me. I think it “couldn’t come out”, instead of “didn’t come out”.

Moreover, the part that was cut off from me was the part that was inside. The latter didn’t get cut. It didn’t lay a finger on it.

Which means, it’s safer to attack from the outside.

That’s what I think.

Of course, while looking for the High Wolves, I explained it to Hamakaze as well. She concurred, and even swore to defend me by my side.

And then, we arrived here.


“This time I’ll kill it with Berserk Tempest. You protect me.”


Hamakaze readied her knife, and started casting Wind, while I readied Berserk Tempest.

High Wolf 1 was to bait it so as to attract attention.

“Alright! Hamakaze! Open the door!”


Hamakaze opened the heavy gates.

It was the signal to fight to the death.

“Number 1! Go!!”


The howling silver wolf jumped into the room of death.


A ferocious cry erased the High Wolf’s roars. I remember hearing it, but I can’t see it.

The giant shadow it cast was enough.


The wolf was recklessly cut. At this timing, Wolf 2 rushes in.

At the same time I released my magic.

“Berserk Tempest!!”

The gales blew forth. The smoke dissipated, and it went towards us.


Hamakaze blew away the smoke that covered out vision.

At this moment I couldn’t move away my eyes.

A metallic sound resonated.

The sliced up High Wolf’s flesh dropped down.

The smoke disappeared, and the room became slightly brighter.

The smoke finally cleared== And the being inside opened its eyes.

The giant shadow was just an illusion.

There was no giant; instead there was a girl adorned in a black robe.

The wind magic blew off her hood, her features became clear.

It wasn’t far off from what Hamakaze described.

It wasn’t a human, but it was in the shape of a human.

“…Oi, are you kidding me?”

“…It can’t be…”

They were told in legends of the previous world.

They’re the incarnation of people’s fear. The long sword stained in blood. Red skin. Burning scarlet eyes.

Shining horns growing from the head.

Yes, they’re…


“This is the second time we face, heroes?”

A hostile smile and short teeth.

My senses are telling me danger.

That woman had the same murderous intent.

She was the one that killed me.

Her body above all told me.

It was the figure of one who hunts lives.

In front of her, was us.

“Now then… Shall the killing begin?”

The impending slice finally cut down the curtains of this fight to the death.

Chapter 11: “Kill”

I closed in after that one strike. I came in past the border where she couldn’t hit me–


Unexpectedly, confusion ran inside. For now, we need to dodge. And yet, Hamakaze didn’t move, just like a statue.

Did she get done in by the Oni’s blood thirst!?

“Jump to the side!!”

I shouted as loud as I can, unable to move my body as well.

Through “Absolute Order”, Hamakaze jumped to the right unconsciously as I did.

The shock wave from the sword hit the walls of the dungeon and burst. The wall remained undamaged, but there was the sound of an explosion.


It was a sound so loud it could’ve burst my eardrums, but I took notice of the girl fallen down on my side.

“Get yourself together, Hamakaze!”

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry”

Hamakaze couldn’t hold her conscience. She’s just like a frightened child.

Dammit, she just lost it.

“As expected of a hero. My “Oni Pressure” didn’t drive you mad.”

From the room, the Oni made a sarcastic compliment.

The Oni looked at us from inside.

“Come on. Leave her and fight me. I’m getting fired up!”

“…You can’t get out of there, can you? Then I won’t cross over to the dangerous side-”

“You get it, right? This is an important place for you guys.”


…This Oni. She knows our objective? She also called us “Heroes” before.

“Even so, I don’t even need to fight alone.”

“She can’t fight anymore. As long as my “Oni Pressure” still exists, she won’t return to her senses until you beat me.

“…Do you think you can trick me?”

“Check it out. Ah- I won’t attack while you do.”

She’s telling me I can attack when I want.

Her coming out from the room would be unexpected…

What should I do?

…Either way, I need to know Hamakaze’s status right now…

While being alert of the Oni, I opened up the Status.

Katsuragi Daichi Class: Hero Level 58

Stamina: 3190

Magic: 3310 -> 510

Physical: 4100

Endurance: 3510

Agility: 2200

Special Abilities: “Steel Heart” During battle, Endurance increases. Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Berserk has a 1/3 chance of not working.

“Persistent Soul” Magic cannot be less than 100.

“Wight King”: Able to make contracts with living beings near death, to revive them and make them obey to your will. Every time the user dies twice, increases the limit to the number of contracts. Currently two contracts are available.

“Absolute Order” Appears when those bound by a contract are lower leveled than the Wight King. Any order will be accepted by the slave until cancelled.

“Murderous Magician”: Killed targets within a radius of 10m will deal the same damage to all units of the same type.

Unique Ability: “Revenge of the Resented” No matter how many times you die, power stored in the abyss of death is taken for revival.

At the moment, number of deaths: 6 times

Special Status: “Oni Pressure”: Magic is reduced by 100 times the difference between levels of the caster and target. Until caster is defeated, cannot be healed.


Hamakaze Shuri Class: Higher Slave Level 57

Stamina: 2000

Magic: 1750 -> 28

Physical: 1900

Endurance: 1000

Agility: 980

Special Ability: “Auto-heal” Heals 300 Stamina every 10 minutes.

“Loyal Heart”: When the master’s life is at danger, all Statuses increase by 1.5x.

Special Status: “Higher Slave” Owner: Katsuragi Daichi
Seals all abilities against him until release.

“Oni Pressure”: Magic is reduced by 100 times the difference between levels of the caster and target. Until caster is defeated, cannot be healed.


Magic reduction… It’s a mental attack, huh. It’s also not healable. What kind of skill is that?!

“You get it? You didn’t lose yours ( magic ), so you have the around the same strength as I do, right? I want a simple one-on-one fight.”

It’s a bit off, but for me it’s a good thing. My Magic is reduced by a thousand. I can’t use Imperial-magic.

Is it saying that I have to fight a Level 74 with Spirit and Soul-rank magic?

Me alone.

“Don’t be absurd. If I’m fighting, then it’ll be together.”

“Together? I’ve been saying that she’s useless. Does she have any tricks up her sleeve?”

With the small talk, I try to buy time. I got to think of a new strategy.

…An ace in the hole. For me, it’s “Revenge of the Resented”.

…Do I die here?

No, that’s not a good idea. There’s no one to retrieve my body.

If I can move Hamakaze with “Absolute Order”, can I get away?

I can’t just leave her.

If Hamakaze dies, it’s the end. Even if my body dies and revives, it takes time. The Oni might just keep killing me over and over.

In the end, I have no choice but to fight.

The Oni glared at me.

“Oh, did you figure it out? I waited for you; so make sure I have some fun, alright?

“It’s not something to say when you can die at anytime.”

“Aha, just as you said. Well, enough chatting. Shall we?”

“…Ah, let’s.”

I smacked my cheeks together, and got myself ready.

I left Hamakaze in a safe place, and walked into the Oni’s room.

At that instant, the Oni approached.


I blocked a punch with my crossed arms. I lowered my knees so that I wouldn’t get blown away.

“Huh? You didn’t get blown away.”

“Thanks to you, I’m also pretty strong!”

I grabbed her fist, and threw it up. The Oni rolled over and landed. She struck with the sword in her right hand.


She swept at my legs. I lost my posture, and she started casting magic.

“Ogre Flame!”


Casting quicker than usual, the flame orb attacked me. I couldn’t dodge, and flew back from the direct hit.


My body hurts. I slammed the wall.

I took damage, but now I’m just burning up. That fireball was pretty hot. It’s as if my throat is burning up. I’ll get covered in flames.

“Spirits of Water, give me your blessing! Water Ball!”

Casting Water magic, I shot it at myself to douse the flames.

“Gah, Gugh!”

When I lost focus she came up and kicked me in the stomach. It was a blow comparable to Samejima, and it wasn’t just that which surprised me.

My body was floating. I slammed the ceiling.

“I’m not waiting any longer!”

The same slice as before.

I can’t dodge it!

“Spirits of the Wind, cut through the sky! Wind Slice!”

I was at least able to resist with the wind’s blade.


It was a pincer attack between shock and pain. The feeling on my flesh, it was as if I was being burned alive. I’m about to burst into tears. I bit my lips and endured it as hard as I can.

Looking down I see the sword striking upwards.

That’s bad, that’s bad, that’s bad!


“Not this time!!”

I pushed my muscles to the limit, and somehow was able to dodge it. My cheek sliced across the blade, and blood splattered out.

It missed!

I took the opportunity and used my momentum to dropkick her.


“Well done! But, that’s too weak!”

The Oni stopped it easily with its slim hand.

“No way!?”


The Oni grabbed my leg and smashed me into the ground.


My chest hurts. I can’t breath very well. My right leg broke. It’s bent into a weird shape. The fractured bone came out of my skin.

The electrical pain surged through my body.


“You’re a tough one, huh!”

The Oni stabbed me with its blade. I rolled and dodged around, but I’m about to drop. I ended up leaning on the Oni.

This… This pain is unbearable. That’s it… Quickly, quickly!

“Kill me!”

The sudden death wish made wrinkles in the Oni’s brows.

“Shut up!”

The Oni tried to pull me away, but my highest Physical stat didn’t let me down.

“Kill me! Quickly! Kill!”

“Aahh, I’ll kill you already, so get off me!”

“With your sword! With magic! Just kill me!”

“Shut up, you brat!”

As I looked at the Oni’s hand, she casted “Ogre Flame.”

I couldn’t care less about the heat anymore. Now all I want is to get killed. Before my conscious fades away… Quickly…

In my eyes I see the death goddess. It’s not the Oni.

Before I kick the dirt, I pulled her robe one more time.

“Kill me…!”

I coughed up blood.

“Aah, with pleasure!”

Reacting to the voice, the death goddess swung her scythe.

Looking at it, I laughed.

“…I won.”

The Oni stopped moving her sword.

She was attacked. It should be.

From her chest, a knife was stabbed.



A hole ripped through her chest.

Blood rained down. She can’t hold her blade any longer.

Right behind the Oni was the key to this battle.


The black-haired slave holding a blood red dagger, my loyal servant, Hamakaze Shuri.

“I said it… didn’t I? We’d fight… together.”

I did say it. I never meant to fight alone.

I always meant for Hamakaze to fight with me.

“…I thought… it was… one-on-one…”, said the Oni, writhing in pain. That attack must’ve hurt.

“I don’t care. As long as… I win.”


The Oni fell to the ground. I also fell.

“You… Now, I shall give you… new life. I shall give you a second life. Here, sign a contract with me, and fulfill your duty… as my servant. “Wight King”…”

I used the last of my strength to cast the incantation on the Oni.

…Ah- Dammit. I can’t move, and it hurts all over. I lost a lot of blood, and my eyelids are getting heavy. My body is cold.

I guess I’m dying again… I’m dying again…

…Well, at least, it was alright…

I won over a stronger being. I fought with my full strength, learned a lot of new things, used many different tricks, and grasped victory.

Even at this time… I feel uplifting.

…When I return to life I’ll praise Hamakaze.

Feeling such success for the first time, I died.

Chapter 12: “Hero”

This is the second time I’ve seen this darkness. Coming here twice in one day- it’s not my day, even though I’m feeling pretty good.

“And? Are you going to kill me again?”

I tried to turn my head towards the one who tried to kill me before. Oh? I can’t move my head. Then, my body… Nope, I can’t move.


Unlike before, the girl denied, and made a smile.

“Thank you.”


The unexpected gratitude made me make a stupid sound.

“Thank you, I’m grateful.

“No no no! You saying that makes me all the more unsafe!”

“Thanks. Really, thank you.”

This time, she lowered her head.

…What is this. What a weirdo.

…But, she might not be a bad person as I thought she was.

After that traumatic experience… This time I’ll act more mature!

“Thank you.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”



“Then, die.”

“Ah…. Ah?

The girl flipped her attitude as I let my guard down, and my conscience snapped.


…The worst way of waking up. Why do I have to go through that dream every time I die?

Next time I’ll definitely return the favor.

I swear.

“…Are you awake, Daichi?”

I opened my eyes to the voice I’m used to hearing, and the two hills popped up.

…They’re huge. This is the first time I’ve seen them from this angle.

No, it’s a wonder- what am I saying, dammit…


“Yes, what is it?”

“…Are you using your lap as a pillow again?”

I can feel a soft sensation on the back of my head. This feeling is something I experienced before.

Hamakaze’s, a classmate’s healthy thighs.

A popular girl in the class, which has become my slave.

If I think of it that way, I should be happy.

“Yes. I thought you would be happy if I did…”

Her cheeks turned pink, and she gave a delicate smile.

…How weird… Hamakaze seems to be a lot cuter than before.

…It’s so tense up in here.

“..Ah well. Let me be like this for a bit.”

“Are my thighs that comfortable?”

“… Not at all…”

I turned over. She had a little giggle.

She definitely figured it out that I was trying to hide my blushing face.

Also, Hamakaze started stroking my head.

After that fight to the death, it feels very nice and soothing. Do women have this level of tolerance?

I’ve never touched or talked to another girl… What am I trying to do, bullying myself?

Not doing it before, I got up and put Hamakaze’s head on my lap.

“U-um, Daichi?”


I ignored the bloodstains and brushed my hand through her clean, black hair.

Going this far, she tried her best.



“I’m… very happy.”

“…I- I see.”

Stop it, it’s too much for me, whose had little to no experience with others. I couldn’t look her in the face.


“What is it?”

“After getting out, I’ll do one thing that you want me to do, so think about it.”


Just like a romantic comedy, someone was looking at us with the cold shoulder.

“…Ah, so you were here.”

The red Oni looked at us. Her crimson eyes, staring at me.

“What the hell do you mean, ‘you were here’!?”

The Oni seems annoyed that I forgot its presence, and puffed up her cheeks.

“I’m joking. I can’t forget the person who killed me.”

I shrugged. I couldn’t forget.

“I killed you once, that was easy.”

“Don’t be kidding me!!”

The Oni punched the ground.

“You killed me once! That’s it! I was dead!”

The Oni tossed away her robe.

The bare Oni’s body. The hole that was supposed to be in her body sealed up, and she asserted it.

“My body went back to as it was! Even though I should’ve been dead, I’m alive right now! What did you do to me?”

“What? Do you prefer being dead?”

“Dying honorably after losing is our rule!”

“I don’t care.”


The Oni who lost but was left alive got mad at us.

Maybe, she might come at us. Well, not at me, at least.

That’s because, she’s mine now.

“You’re my slave now.”

“…Huh? Me, a slave? I can’t believe that-”

“Then, look at your Status.”

“Don’t kid me. If you’re lying… you… No wait…”

“Just check.”


Her information appeared.

Akina Leadred Class: Higher Slave Level 74

Stamina: 5200

Magic: 3800

Physical: 6700

Endurance: 2900

Agility: 4000

Unique Ability: “Oni Pressure”: Magic is reduced by 100 times the difference between levels of the caster and target. Until caster is defeated, cannot be healed.

“Ogre Flame”: Uses 100 Magic. Fires a Royal-class fireball.

“Curse of the Demon God”: Able to stop serving a Hero. Loses 1000 for all statuses, and makes you unable to use magic.

Dismissal requirements have been met.

Dismiss? yes/no

Special Status: “Higher Slave” Owner: Katsuragi Daichi
Seals all abilities against him until release.

“…You’re kidding me…”

The Oni widened her eyes, and looked at the screen deeply. It wasn’t an enraged look, and sat cross-legged deep in thought.

“That means… Wait, if that’s so…”

For a bit, she mumble. Suddenly, her shoulders were shivering. No, Akina Leadred. Even I’m shocked over here.

Why does she have Unique Abilities instead of Special Abilities like me?

“Oi, Leadred. There’s something I want to ask…”

And, I stopped.

Leadred lightly giggled. Gradually it became louder, and it she blurting things out.”

“I see… This guy… The hero is… Hahaha! Interesting! Really interesting! That girl… By a human… Hahahaha!”

Leadred, laughing, while smacking my knees.

“Hey, you hero!”

“W-What is it? I don’t want to hear that you don’t want to be my slave.”

I panicked after getting called out so suddenly.

If I pull out, my presence as the master would cease. But, that quickly met an end.

“No! I’ll gladly serve you! But, before that, so that I’ll recognize you as my true master, answer me one question!”

True master…? What is she saying?

Even without doing anything she’s already my servant.

Her way of speaking also changed… Maybe her head didn’t regenerate properly?

While thinking about it, I affirmed her request.

“You! Do you have the Unique Ability “Revenge of the Resented”?”


I trembled.

What does this mean? Why does she know my skill!? Did she look at it!? Can she even see it!?

…Wait, calm down!

In my head, I’ll take the safest option. Leadred is my slave in the first place. She can’t attack me.

If she’ll fight with us, then I’ll probably have to talk about it anyway.

It’s not like there’s any need to fret.

Then, she’ll declare her obedience. I’ll make sure she’ll recognize me as her true master.

There should be no problem if I tell the truth.

“…Ah. Indeed, I do have it. You can look at my Status if you don’t believe me.”

“I see… Then… You are…”

Leadred walked towards me.

In any case, there’s no need to fear.

Leadred sat in her place, and placed her head to her knees.

“I… I have been waiting for you. Our hope. The one suitable to lead us-”

And, she said,

“–Guide us, our savior.”

Chapter 13: “Back to the Surface”

“Me, a… hero?”

“Yes. I was sealed here so that I could serve you.. There are others like me, sealed, waiting for you to release them, as I was told. And then, we shall destroy the human race.”

Ah, crap. My head hurts…

“…Wait a sec.”

I pushed my temples with my hands, restraining myself.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m still a Hero in the end. Is that OK? I need to put that out first.”

“Yes, I am aware. You are a Hero.”

“Right? Then, I can’t just destroy humanity, right?”

I have no idea what that goddess will do if I do that.

If she snaps she could just end my existence there and then.

“Yes, but as I said that is your goal.”

“I haven’t heard of a hero that wipes out the human race!”


Leadred tilted her head?@slightly.

…I don’t think we’re connecting…

She also recognizes I’m a hero. Maybe, her definition of hero is different?


“Please call me Akina-”

“Leadred. Tell me about the Hero you know.”

“…I understand.”

Leadred seemed discontent, but she followed.

“The Heroes I know are those that protect us from monsters that cruelly destroy our homes and take our treasures.

Those who bravely fight the enemy head on, and protect their allies.

One who gives us the light of hope, and saves us from the darkness of despair.”

From the middle she looked into me with a respectful gaze.

“… I see.”

I still don’t get it… Leadred’s definition of Hero is exactly the same as mine.

…Looks like I’ll need to calm down and talk to her again.

…Speaking of which, after she started talking about this hero stuff I forgot something really important.

“Leadred. There’s one more thing I want to ask…”

“Hm, if I can answer it.”

“If I head to the lowest floor of the dungeon will I be able to go back to the surface?”

Our true wish is to get out of here and inflict the same pain to Samejima.

The faster I get out, the better.

I mean, I don’t think I can beat someone stronger than Leadred.

“Yes, I’m preparing a transport magic circle.”

“I see! You’re… preparing it?”

Preparing? Not being prepared?

My doubts were quickly cleared.

“This is the lowest floor of Rigal’s Den. And, I’m the protector of this place.”

Contrasting to when she fought, she smiled at me.

“Dungeon Clear. Congratulations, Heroes.”


“First you struck us. You hit us with Oni Pressure, right?”


“Hamakaze was really messed up by that. Because of that skill, her spirit broke.”

“But, she moved, right?”

“That’s because of my skill, Absolute Order.”

“Ah, I see!”

Leadred seemed to understand; about us heroes, “Revenge of the Resented”, and also about “Absolute Order”.

“The first time she evaded, Hamakaze was under my order.”

“…At that time I was already in your trap… Impressive.”

“I was scared of dying, though… Well, y’know, I did get my ass handed to me… But that was fine. My role was to keep you distracted. After that, I would somehow give out the order when you wouldn’t notice it.

“So, that screaming was…”

“Yup. It wasn’t me trying to get you to end me. That was so she could hear it, and so that she could stab you and fire off that magic.”

“You tricked me, and killed me. Well done.”

Leadred guided Hamakaze and I to the end of the room.

How do I feel? Great. It’s obvious from me talking about it.

I mean, I just cleared the dungeon. I felt as much pain as I did joy, but it was worth it.

Today is a good day. It should be memorialized. Let’s do that.

Even so that I could enjoy it.

“You seem happy, Daichi.”

“Ah, you noticed?”

“Yes, I know everything you’re thinking about.”

“Hm… Then, try to guess.

Just so you know, after this I want to go eat some food and get some shelter. I want to get some information after resting for a while. I want to ask her for a recommended dungeon. I got a slave slot empty, so I want to get a new strong slave.

“To put it simply, after eating you want to rest. After that, you want to talk to Leadred to figure out the next dungeon to go to. You would want a new slave.”

“Wow, how did you-!?”

So this is telepathy…

After swapping standpoints, there’s a limit to the irony.

“Do I get a reward for guessing right?”

“Of course not… Aren’t you getting carried away?”

“Same goes to you. I’m also happy, being of use to you.”

“…I see.”

“Now that I think about it, I’m grinning like before.

Maybe that’s because of this.

“–Heroes, we have arrived.”

It’s been awhile since I’ve had some trifling chatter.

Leadred turned around, and pulled us into the magic circle.

It was a simple room.

Just a square room with a magic circle.

Just like it was made for transport. I’m a bit anxious…

“Leadred, will this really take us to the surface?”

“Yes. If we cast Teleport it should be fine. Just match it up with my timing. If not, the magic circle will fail, the entrance will seal up, and this dungeon will no longer exist.”

“That’s scary…”

“You have to beat the protector to use this room, so it’s taking everything down with me.”

I see…

That makes sense.

I would make the same trap. After finally being able to head back to the surface, I would drop them down into despair.

I wanna try that to Samejima.

I think I would get along with the one who made this trap.

“Then, everyone. Are you ready?”

“Yes. No problems.”

“I’m fine.”

We made a circle, hand joined around the circle. A magical light filled the room.

Crystals as fine a snow beautifully fluttered about the room, as if it’s blessing us.

“Then, let’s go. 3, 2, 1–”



The blue sky, the white clouds. The shining sun.

No walls, blood scents, and stagnant air.

Looking one way, green fields.

The wind brushed my cheeks.

I’m back… From that hell.

I’m back!

The feeling of stirred inside me.

Putting that into form, I screamed out.

“I’m baaaack!!”

It’s been 11 days since I came here, and 4 days since I’ve been thrown away by my classmates.

After dying seven times– I cleared the dungeon.

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