Forsaken Hero — Story 4-13

Story 4-13Honey Trap


The sun set at dusk, rising at daybreak. The date changed and the following day arrived.

“… They’re rushing in tomorrow huh…”

I copied information written in a book that appeared in Fuuko’s hands.

『Global Search』. Fuuko’s ability that could be used to read anything on a paper medium. For instance, the kingdom’s strategy written on paper, it wasn’t impossible to read their military formations.

In other words, all of their information was leaked to us.

Roughly as expected, their strategy included the stereotypical blitz attack from all four entrances. The amount of soldiers the kingdom sent to each direction was approximately one hundred. Even if the heroes and adventurers join, they wouldn’t reach two hundred. It seems that foolish king was overconfident.

It was to the extent that it would be easy to disperse each place.

Even so, I can’t deny we lack people. We have a lot of noncombatants.

… However, that doesn’t mean nothing can be done.

“Katsuragi-kun! I brought the two!”

Shuri opened the door with a bang and entered. I had her go to a place with Miare last night. The purpose was to member change Miare for Ninya and Kayber.

To supplement our war potential.

“I’ve kept you waiting, My Lord.”

“Things don’t seem to be faring very well, General”

“However, don’t worry. Now that I’m here we’ll round them up. I will crush them immediately!”

Ninya was uselessly brimming with confidence. Kayber held his temple and sighed. Apparently, it seems the two heard some of the news.

Above all, it’s good they’re in high spirits. The two hadn’t made their debut on the stage yet. Our opponents won’t think we’d have new faces added.

We’ll attack while they’re unprepared. With this we completed our anti-personnel group.

“Fuuko. Prepare drinks for Shuri and them. I’ll wake up everyone who is asleep. When that’s done–I’ll let everyone know our counterattack plan.”

Instantly, everyone’s eyes changed. Seeing that, I chuckled in joy.




It was good weather to fight today. Today is the day the Human-Demon War begins.

【Forest of the Demonic Dragon】 west entrance. This place where the enemy’s arranged people were highest was my spot. I placed everyone considering balance between the four sides of the fortification.

Shuri and Leadred in the north. Yuuma and Lily in the south. Kayber and Ninya pair in the east. Arianne, Selen and Fuuko remained at home.

Those two humans fighting in the war would be a somewhat of a problem, and Fuuko was hurrying something in the meanwhile.

It was the investigation of how to save Tamaki Yuina.

WIth her ability, it is possible to search through all of the materials and documents of the world. She will absolutely find a way.

However, if… if.

If nothing is written–.

“-… Stop it, stop.”

Interrupting my thoughts, I shook my head.

No bad expectations.

Complete what is in front of me right now.

“Defend to the end…!”

Confirming Shuri and them’s status, I held up my sword.

In front of me was a swarm of armed humans and adventurers.

People wearing full armor, a tall man shouldering a huge axe, and magicians wearing pointy hats and black coats.

The moment they saw me, their eyes lit up and attacked me.

“… Everyone is garbage.”

To me, guys like these are nothing.

I won’t be stopped in a place like this until I save Yuina.

“Though it’s unfortunate… you will die here.”

Restraining my voice to a low threat, I started chanting magic instead of hitting the gong to start combat.

“Berserk Tempest!”

The emperor-class magic swallowed the soldier’s vanguard and the magic those guys used, scattering many lives and bits of debris into the sky.

I placed myself in an open area that was easy to attack on purpose.


The following unit flinched. Hesitating, their movement stopped.

Sweet. So I can kill these people with determination then?

Having aimed at our neck to such extent–naive, so naive it was nauseating. Just like the previous me.


I faced the blockheads while being irritated at my past.

“Second wave, advance! Consolidate your defenses!!”

However, when the commander’s deep voice filled with dignity sounded out, the young shoulders had just barely managed to recover their composure.

“Double Guard!”

The magician rear guard set up earth walls in front of them one after another. Additionally, piling up many layers it became difficult to attack.

Though I don’t mind them attacking directly, the risk was too high.

… However, I can prepare to breakthrough as much as I like.

“Thou. Now, I bestow a new life. I give a second life. Here, pledge a contract with me and will fulfill thy duty as my servant. Wight Back!”

I made use of the large amount of open slave slots gained from suiciding. Now, their souls were summoned and brought back to this world, put into their containers again.

I will activate 『Absolute Command』 immediately… hey, the puppets are done.

“You guys, murder the guys on the other side of that wall.”

The soldiers turned into puppets moved as ordered. I’ll just help them a little.

“Hey! See ya later! Wind Burst!”

The soldiers were launched over the wall from the jets of air under their feet. Those guys will keep killing their allies until they’re killed again.

Without being affected by something like their own wills.

“W-what!? They fell down!?”

“T-those guys, weren’t they dead a second ago!?”

“O-oi, sto-!?”

Screams echoed. It was a one-sided massacre on the other side of the wall. The machines called humans that threw away reason and swung their weapons caused confusion.

Though it might have been fun to watch the battlefield filled with crying and metallic sounds, I should prepare during the confusion.

Everyone, get ready to be buried.

Kneeling on one knee, I closed my eyes and concentrated my senses. Circulating mana through my whole body, I concentrated it into a dot on my palm and touched the rough ground.

“Emperor of Flame. Thou, judge this criminal who committed an evil unto the throne. Burn tremendously, Six Flame Pillars. Intensify and burn all as a wick. Leaving nothing behind that proves there was once life.”

Explode. Those who block our way. Pebbles should just roll away. Do not try to stop me.

To convey this intention–

“–Suicide of Ashes and Dust!!”

I discharged magic from my arm into the ground.

It took several seconds until it spread to their feet, burning and scorching.

Even their last testament, their proof of having lived, there was no traces they had died here. The soldiers were erased.

The Emperor of Flame’s world-destroying flames show no mercy. Overlooking appeals, it does not allow for mercy.

They became black dust blown by the wind, flying away.

“… Did I overdo it a bit?”

I have a feeling activating the same magic as before, the whole area would become a burnt ruin. I’d better be more careful from now on.

Otherwise, I would be destroying the area we’re protecting.

… Although, there was a powerful survivor after all.

In the area that became ashes. Walking without their face changing from a look of enthusiasm, it was the figure or a woman. Naturally, I recognized her face.

Because we had lived together until quite recently.

Raising my head, I welcomed her. Because the reason why I was there in the first place was because of this person.

“–Yo, I’ve been waiting, Sajima.”

The girl reacted to my voice by stopping. When our gazes crossed, she produced a big smile. It was eerie. I don’t know what’s hiding behind that Noh mask.

… However, there was a part of me that was anxious.

Her eyes when I lost to Terias.

I glimsped a lonely feeling from her. I questioned if those were her true feelings.

But now she didn’t have a particle of that at all.

Was I mistaken?

But even if it was bad I had to hear it.

In this way we faced each other. I want to ask her a question. To the person who was better at recovery than anyone.

“… Oi, Sajima. I’ve wanted to ask you–”


“–I can revive Yui-chan.”


Seeing through my thoughts, Sajima spoke to interrupt me.

A shock ran through my mind.

I realized I had ran over to Sajima, seizing her collar.

“Speak. Otherwise, I will kill you here.”

“If you kill me, how will you revive Yui-chan? And Terias will come to kill you in revenge. Can the current you… win?”

She argued in a composed manner.

… I should have known that. Calm down. Don’t let get affected by her mood. Don’t lose your pace.

“… Even if I don’t listen to you there’s Fuuko. It would be found by searching through everything. We don’t need to rely on you.”

“It’s impossible. Because even if you findit, you won’t be able to do it.”

“… What?”

“Because it is impossible to use without Claria-sama’s power.”

“… That doesn’t mean–”

“It does. Since Terias-sama used Claria-sama’s power, Yui-chan’s soul was extinguished. Only Claria-sama can revive her.”

“… …”

It was consistent so it was hard to refuse.

I don’t know to what extent of what she said was true. She might just be bluffing.

However, if I assume what she said is true and Claria’s power is essential… we’ll never meet Yuina again. I can’t let that joke happen.

I won’t be able to see her smile.

Could the current me really beat Terias? The hero with such power. How much should I die? What came to mind was my head being trampled. Just like my days at school.

Affected by uneasiness, I wasn’t in a hury to give the final blow.

My clenched fists gradually loosened, giving freedom back to Sajima. Staring in order to judge me, she gave a bewitching smile.

Completely like a fiend looking at trapped prey.

“… That’s right. Then, you–”

She brought her mouth close to my ears.

My body wasn’t doing what it was told even though I knew it was bad.

I fell into the illusion that I was paralyzed.

I was definitely bound by greed.

My important person that loved someone like me.

I want to see Yuina. I want to touch her. I want to hear her voice.

I followed such instincts.

Ah, I’m no good. No good.

Listening to it, I, I–

“Katsuragi-kun. You—————”

Was whispered a sweet temptation.


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