The Forsaken Hero — Prologue



I was the target of bullying in my class.

If I had to say why, there’d be too many to count. I don’t know where I’d even start.

Reason: My face is gross. My body is fat.

How could I do anything about my face? What can I do about my body?

My objections were ignored.

Reason: Because I’m an nerd. Because I have a thing for romance games.

That’s just a personal hobby. No one else has any right to say anything about it. Besides, I prefer beat-em-ups over romance games.

My objections were tossed aside.

Reason: Because I’m not up for studying or exercising, because I’m a gloomy bastard that can’t make any friends.

It’s all because of you guys that I can’t make any friends. I try my best to study and exercise. What do you guys know?

My objections were stomped on.

My classmates and the rest of the students in my grade all looked down on me as though they were seeing a pile of trash, treating me like shit and abusing me.

I would be beaten like a sandbag and forced to clean the mess up with a worn out rag every day.

And now—now, I’m being used as demon bait.


Pushing my body despite my attempts at resisting, I was thrown down.

Below me stood many varied monsters all gathered together.

There were some taking the form of wolves.

There were some taking the form of scorpions.

There were some taking the form of giant ants.

They were all waiting to fill their bellies with their food. With me.

I hit the floor before I could even scream. My numbed body was unable to move.

Demons came at me from each and every direction.

I felt my fingers bitten down on and chewed off.

I felt my legs have their flesh ripped away chunk by chunk.

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts…!


I let out a soundless shriek.

Why couldn’t they just hurry up and eat my head? At least I’d die right then.

I want to be freed from this suffering as soon as possible.

My vision slowly grew blurry. Was I running out of blood?

It seemed that my nerves were severed, the acute pain from before was entirely gone.

All I could hear was the sound of chewing.

I couldn’t see any of my classmates.

Just a pitch black darkness.

These guys are riling themselves up even though they’re eating me, I guess the stairway got closed up so that they couldn’t follow.

No, it might just be my eyes not working right anymore.

Let’s try thinking about something else before I die.

Something better… nope, there’s nothing. Each and every day, it’s been nothing but humiliation after humiliation.

It never changed, did it?

Pain, injuries, agony.


My head was finally bitten.

Feeling that sensation, I lost consciousness.


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