The Forsaken Hero — Chapter 11

The War of Death’s Beginnings


Part 5


It’s the second time I’ve seen this darkness. I’m not exactly happy about coming here twice in one day either, all the more since I’m feeling so good right now.

“So, you going to kill me again?”

I moved my head to look toward the long-haired woman who had killed me a while ago.


I can move my head?

In that case, maybe my body can… nope.


Responding with a negative, unlike before, the woman smiled such that I could easily see her delight.

[Thank you.]

“… Huh?”

I didn’t exactly expect her to thank me, so I wound up sounding a bit stupid.

[Thank you, I’m grateful.]

“No, hold up! You saying that’s just making feel anxious!”

[Thank you. Truly, thank you.]

This time, she bowed her head.

… What’s with her? What a strange person.

… Maybe she isn’t as bad as I thought she was?

She did something that might’ve turned into a trauma for me, but… I’ll be the bigger person and let bygones be bygones!

[Thank you.]

“It’s fine already, don’t worry about it.”






◆ ◆ ◆


… The worst possible way to wake up. Why do I have to have to dream about myself getting killed each and every f*cking time?

I’ll definitely repay her the next time we meet.


“… Daichi, you’re awake?”

Hearing a familiar voice upon waking up, I saw the dangerous duo.

… Huge. The view from down here’s amazing.

No, they’re just beautiful, beautiful… wait, is this even the time to be saying that? Idiot.

“… Hamakaze.”

“Yes? What is it?”

“… You’re giving me your lap to use as a pillow again?”

There was a soft elasticity against the back of my head. It’s a sensation I’ve felt before.

Hamakaze’s, my female classmate’s, wholesome thighs.

She, who was now my slave, was once the most popular girl in the class.

Thinking about it like that, I should be happy.

“Yep! I thought it would please you, Daichi.”

A slight blush making its way to her cheeks, she gave a slight smile.

… That’s strange. Hamakaze looks prettier than she did before.

The tension’s been increasing, so maybe I’m getting weird?

“… Alright. I’ll stay like this for a bit longer.”

“Do my thighs feel good?”

“… Nope, not at all.”

I turned over, causing her to let out a laugh.

I’m pretty sure she figured out I did that to hide my reddening face.

Eventually, Hamakaze started to pat my head.

It might be because I just went through a battle to the death, but it felt incredibly comforting. Do all girls have such a high tolerance level?

Far from being able to touch girls, I haven’t even really talked to them until now, so it’s not like I have any clue… wait, what am I teasing myself here for?

I kept going back and forth in my head, so I decided to get up and put Hamakaze’s head in my lap instead.

“I’m switching to offense.”

“U-Umm, Daichi?”

I moved my hands through her hair, not mentioning any of the blood or crud in it.

Doing so much that her hair got this dirty, she’s been giving it her all too, huh…

“… Daichi.”


“I’m… I’m so happy, right now.”


Please don’t.

As far as relationships and stuff goes, it’s all too much for a virgin like me. I couldn’t even look Hamakaze straight in the eyes.

“… Hamakaze.”

“What is it?”

“After we escape this place, I’ll grant any one wish, so think about it.”

“… … … Okay!”

Just as the mood started to feel like some romantic comedy, I saw someone gazing at us silently with cold eyes.

“… … Ah, so you were here too, huh?”

The source of that gaze was a certain red Devil, her crimson-eyed gaze piercing us.

“You forgot about me!?”

Somewhat vexed at her presence being forgotten, the woman puffed out her cheeks in a very easy to understand manner.

“I’m just messing with you, like I’d forget the person who killed me.”

I shrugged. Yeah, I won’t forget.

“You already killed me before, so we’re even now.”

“Don’t f*ck with me!!”

The Devil struck her hand against the ground.

“You killed me yeah!? Look! I should be dead!”

The Devil tossed off the robe she was wearing.

Her body was laid bare for all to see. The hole that should have made an opening in her chest was gone, replaced by two violent bulges going well out of their way to make their presence known.



“I should be dead, but here I am, alive! My body even turned back to normal! What the f*ck did you do to me!?”

“What, would you prefer being dead still?”

“Dying shamelessly upon losing is us Devils’ way!”

“And I should care why?”


The Devil, having suffered the extreme disgrace of being alive after a loss, was furious at us.

She might even come at me here soon. Well, not like I need to worry.

Why? Because she’s already mine.

“I turned you into my slave.”

“… Huh? Me, a slave…? Screw that…”

“You can check your status if you want to see. Go ahead, give it a go.”

“Y-You’re full of shit… If you’re lying… wait, no way…”

“Hurry up and see for yourself.”

“… Open.”

Her information appeared.

Akina Leadred
Job: High-Grade Slave Lv. 74
Stamina: 5200
Mana: 3800
Strength: 6700
Resistance: 2900
Dexterity: 4000
Unique Abilities:

  • [Devilish Aura] Mana value is decreased by the difference in levels between the caster and the target x 100. Moreover, it will not recover until the caster either faints or dies.
  • [Devil Flame] Requires 100 Mana to invoke. Omits the need for an incantation and strikes with a might equivalent to a royal rank flame orb.
  • [Curse of the Demon God] Able to stop serving a Hero. Reduces all status values by 1000. Moreover, magic will become unusable.
    • Removal condition fulfilled. Remove condition? Please answer with YES or NO.

Special Condition:

  • [High-Grade Slave] Master: Katsuragi Daichi. Any attack against your master, Katsuragi Daichi, is blocked. Forced obedience until released.

“… What the?”

The Devil opened her eyes wide, slowly understanding her position here.

She didn’t have any of that indignancy she’d had a bit ago.

She sat down cross-legged and immersed herself in thought.

“No way. But, hmm, in that case…”

She mumbled to herself for a while, but then suddenly, the Devil’s—no, Akina Leadred’s shoulders started to tremble. I may have been the one to tell her to give it a look, but I’m the one that wants to be surprised.

I’m not sure why, but she doesn’t have special abilities. She has unique abilities, the same as me.

“Hey, Leadred. There’s something I want to ask—”

—you. I stopped before I finished my sentence.

Because Leadred started to chuckle.

She gradually grew louder, eventually blurting out ambiguous things.

“I see… so this Hero, he’s… our’s huh…? Kuhahaha! Interesting! Very interesting! That woman… a human… she finally… ahahahahaha!!”

Leadred continued to laugh as she banged a fist against her knee.

“Hey, Hero!”

“Wh-What? Don’t say that you don’t want to be my slave.”

I was a bit flustered at her calling for me so suddenly, but I managed to cover it up a bit.

My dignity as her master will go away if I shirk away here.

“No! I’d be happy to serve you! But answer me this first so I can know whether you’re my true master or not! Yeah!?”

True master…?

What’s she going on about?

Even without whatever it is, I’m still going to be your master.

Did one of the gears in her head break from the resurrection?

I was just questioning Leadred’s sanity, but she seemed to take my silence as an affirmative and asked me the question.

“You! In your unique abilities—you have Revenge of the Grudgebearer, don’t you!?”


A tremble ran through me.

What’s going on? How did she find out about my ability!?

Did she see my status window somehow!?

… No, I need to calm down!

I can use my head to make the best decision. Right now, Leadred is already my slave. She can’t attack me.

And if we end up fighting together, I’ll need to eventually explain my ability to her anyway.

There’s no need for me to get so flustered over her knowing it.

She already declared that she would serve me. She’s just making sure that I’m her true master.

Me telling her the truth about it shouldn’t be a problem.

“… Yeah. It’s true, I have an ability named Revenge of the Grudgebearer. If you think I’m lying, I can show you my status.”

“I see… so then you’re…”

Leadred staggered over to me with shaky steps.

Hamakaze and I prepared for the unlikely chance she decided to attack, but it ended up being needless worrying.

Leadred stopped, kneeling down on one knee and bowing her head.

“We have waited for you… no, for Your Honor. We hoped. We wished. For Your Honor, the one suited to reigning all—”

Then, she concluded.

“—For the Hero who shall guide us, save us.”

“Me… a Hero?”

“I was sealed in this place so that I could serve you. To show our Hero the way to liberate my other sealed comrades. I have obeyed my order, always. And now, we shall destroy the human race together.”

Oh, shit. My head hurts…

“… Give me a sec.”

I stopped her, trying to hold back the headache.

“I’m already a Hero. You get that part, right? Rather, that’s all I should have to say.”

“Yeah, I’m aware. Your Honor is a Hero.”

“Right? I can’t go and destroy the human race, now can I?”

I have no idea what that simple-minded Goddess would do to me if I did that.

She may even get so angry that she erases my existence entirely.

“Your Honor being a Hero is exactly why your goal must be to wipe out the human race.”

“I’ve never heard about any Heroes ending humanity though!?”

Leadred tilted her head to the side slightly.

I get the feeling we’re not on the same page here…

She does seem to be aware that I’m a Hero at least. Maybe her definition of Hero is different?

“Leadred. Tell me what a Hero is to you.”

Looking as though she was planning on following my orders after all, Leadred began to talk about what she envisioned a Hero to be.

“A Hero is someone who does their utmost to protect us from the cruel monsters that destroy our homes and take our belongings. Someone who has the courage to take the lead and strike at the enemy, a person unafraid to use their bodies to protect their allies. Someone who alights hope in our hearts, someone who drives off the darkness of despair.”

She started to look at me with a reverent gaze midway through, speaking as though intoxicated.

“… I see.”

I see that I don’t understand what’s going on at all.

The kind of Hero she described was exactly the kind of Hero I see upon imagining them.

Looks like I’m going to need to find some place to settle down and talk about this with her again later.

Come to think of it, I forgot after she called me her Hero, but there’s something else that’s really important.

“Leadred. There’s something else I’d like to ask you…”

“So long as I can, I will tell you anything.”

“Will I be able to return to the surface by going to the bottom floor of this dungeon?”

Our original goal was to escape here and give Samejima the same pain he’d given us.

The faster we can get out of here, the better.

Rather, I don’t think I can beat someone stronger than Leadred.

“I am already getting the teleportation magic formation ready, so there should be no problems if we use that.”

“I see! You’re getting it ready then?

Wait, she’s getting it ready?

Not it’s getting ready?

My question about it was quickly resolved.

“This is the final floor of Rigal Den. I, Akina Leadred, was serving as its Guardian.”

She spoke with a smile entirely unlike what she had during our fight.

“Dungeon Clear. Congratulations, Hero.”


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