Dragon’s Bloodline — Volume One: Departure

Chapter 1 ‘I Became Like This After Reincarnating’


Why did this happen?

No, really, why did this happen?


There was white-colored room.
The ceiling was also white, same with the floors and the walls; is this place a gym? There was someone else there with me.
She was beautiful and wore an Indian sari, with a bindi on her forehead. You could say that her beauty was peerless.
“Eeeh~, you have my condolences. You died.”

She said so in a pitiful manner.

There was a great disastrous incident.
I saved a lot of people, but was exhausted in the end.
“Honestly, the strength of your tempered soul is magnificent. For saving so many other humans in those circumstances, you will receive a considerably large reward for your next life.”

She said something about reincarnation. Come to think of it, who is she… no way, a god?
“No, I am the General Administrator. If you were to say it using Japanese values, I’d probably merely be an unimportant piece among the myriad of gods.”
Returning to her story, she spoke.
“Please reincarnate into an alternate world.”
I was surprised.

With a face of regret, she explained why I couldn’t return to Earth.
“The amount of humans now on Earth has increased too much, a strong soul like yours is needed to reincarnate. Moreover, to wash away memories from the soul, a large amount of strength is necessary.
She continued speaking without overlooking anything.
“Yes, if you reincarnate into the alternate world in this way, to a certain extent you’ll be able to keep your memories when you are reborn. That sort of thing isn’t too unusual though, since up to now every person there has been reincarnated from Earth.”
I see. In that case, what kind of world would I reincarnate into?
“I can’t speak in detail, but it is a world of swords and magic.”




My heart was roused. Memories were recalled.
Just about my entire life was used to polish my skills.
Swinging a bamboo sword, swinging a wooden sword, growing stronger and swinging a katana, gruesomely training with a lance. Dancing with a knife.


I accomplished two things in life. Both were struggles of life and death, fulfilling the time I had.

And so, that is how I lived. Polishing the art of killing, though ironically saving many lives in the end.

If the world was at war, this time I would likely deprive others of their lives.
Although I’m a little worried about magic, everyone has it after reincarnating.
“There seems to be no objections? Then, please accept this reward.”

In that world, there appears to be things called Gifts and Skills.
As the names suggest, Gifts are things you were naturally born with, while Skills are acquired.
For instance, the former could be described as something like a predisposition to build muscle easier, or endurance against disease and toxins, or on top of that there seems to even be eternal youth.
The latter is more simple. Swordsman Skills and Magic Skills, among others. Though there’s nothing that could be done but to put in great effort from birth, since I am keeping my memories after reincarnating, I’ll start with an advantage.
“Your reward is to have one thousand and twelve points. Well then, please choose.”

A semi-transparent screen appeared in front of me. There were various items that seemed to be Gifts on it, with a number next to it. Those were probably the necessary points to select them.
Body enhancement, magic enhancement. Furthermore, there were levels next to these. The grade of strengthening, I guess. Because I have one thousand and twelve points, correspondingly, if I were to enhance my body to the maximum for example, not even one percent would be expended.
The screen scrolled just by thinking about it. While scrolling, there was eternal youth and disease immunity. Even so, they would use half of my points to learn. I ignored natural sword talent and the like as I already had them. In a world of wars, mere sword skills would not be anything important.

And then I saw entries that required one thousand points. My mouth fell open.

Demi-god. Immortal. Revolution. Angelic Wings. Born Ruler. The reward was the one thousand points to acquire these.
However, because the ability to acquire it depended on the quality of the soul and mine was a reward, I didn’t feel worthy.

“After tempering yourself in life, this is a benefit for reincarnating into an alternate world, as well as for saving so many people before you died. Your Gift points are exceptional.”
It seems that around fifty points were the max for most people. Although I wondered why I received so many as a bonus, she didn’t say anything. Well, I picked something that I could have normally gotten.

And then another, a Gift that required one thousand points, it was–


[Dragon’s Bloodline]


“Born with the inheritence of the dragon’s bloodline. It gives physical strength, a colossal boost to magic power, and various other merits in addition to those. Like merging multiple Gifts together.”
Reasonably, she began explaining. This Gift didn’t immediately appear at birth, but rather manifested itself as the process passed. In the end the Gift would have the same effect as a thoroughly studied skill.
For the time being, the Gift that I would acquire was decided.

“Is that one fine? A lot of Gifts can be taken with a small amount of points, I think there are others that would be more suitable to you.”
I heard that Japanese people were reincarnating there recently, so I have to be even more deliberate. Sometimes a person has to take a gamble even if they don’t finish, those in positions of power would seriously strike down people like that.

Something like that, however, may just be a hunch.

“Is that so? Then, I will specially advise you for your remaining twelve points.”
She laughed, smiling. She didn’t seem to be a goddess, possessing a smile with such familiarity.
“Please use two points to raise both vitality and stamina by one each. Then use the other ten points on Self Check. Though you can acquire this by way of a Skill, having it from the beginning is convenient.”
She explained why it was convenient.
“The ability to completely perceive the abilities you have. How much strength have you gained? How much has your sword skill improved? How much stamina do you have remaining? If you understand this, then how much advantage would you hold in a fight? Though, in your case I believe you already understand this.”

That is correct, clearly understanding the results of your training is almost definitely an advantage.

“Well then, quietly receive your reincarnation. It’s unfortunate, but I’m unable to answer any further questions. This much so far has been part of your reward.”

Having this information, that is certainly how it is. While bowing my head, the room was shrouded in mist and vanished.
“I pray your hopes are realized in your next life.”
The goddess said this in the end.


“Since you were given divine protection, you should put in the effort.”


In the room that had no one else in it, another person–no, another god appeared unnoticed. With a face that held a beauty such that you would mistake it for a woman’s, even though his true character was the God of War.
“So you went that far. The reincarnation process ended quickly and you gave him a Gift.”
That’s right, when gods don’t take up someone’s time, it’s somewhat of a Divine Protection. Casting aside the lesser Gifts, it was a very large grace.
“However, what business do you have here?”
“What, that person did have another Divine Protection from his previous life after all. I was a little anxious.”
Another from before. Souls are normally bleached clean after their life is finished, then recycled. This extinguishes the wearing on it, rebirthing the soul anew, it’s that kind of long cycle.
“Which Divine Protection?”
“The Divine Protection of the God of War of course. It seems that is was used considerably effectively. Unfortunately however, he died early due to sickness.”
Normally speaking, this seemed to be a normal divine protection. This would doubtlessly be useful in the next world however. Because divine protection is carved into the soul, it wouldn’t disappear even when reincarnating.
“Huh? Then, with the protection of my Divine Protection, the Divine Protection of War, and adding that to the Gift…”
“Uh huh, he may become a monster of tremendous strength. His life seems to have suffered from misfortune, though even so it is interesting. That world will again greet its millennium.”
The male god laughed loudly, while the goddess knit her graceful eyebrows.
“For reference, what was that man’s name?”
Suddenly, the male god stopped laughed, stopping his movements at well.
“? You’ve forgotten?”
“N-no, though I am definitely the God of War, I’m not one of those so-called muscle-brains! A subjugated Kumaso that also used his head… right! There was a samurai among the Kumaso! Wait! I’m certain to recall if I use the looking glass!” [TN: Kumaso, a group of people that used to be in some part of Japan.]
“No, you don’t have to go that far if you don’t remember… I was simply curious.”
She sighed once at the soul that she had just sent off, since she gave him the Divine Protection of Intelligence.


With consciousness in a vacuum, there was only the desire to sleep and eat.

This continued and repeated… after some time passed and consciousness returned at last, memories began to resurface.
A past life. Talking with a god. Gradually thinking about these things, something felt out of place.
Sleep, eat, excrete. Nearly all babies do those three things, but the language was grasped exceptionally fast, was this experience from his previous life?

Something felt wrong.
And then, I was convinced.

“Okay Ria~, now to change your diaper~.”

(O-oooh! I am a womaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!)


Why did this happen?

Chapter 2‘Mother is a Witch’


Riana Crystal. Ria is a nickname. That is her name in this world.

That’s right, her.
A man that did nothing but temper his skills and ignore man-woman relationships for more than forty years, was reborn as an indescribably adorable little girl.

(I definitely… didn’t hear anything about happens to gender… Perhaps it was determined by the Gift…)
Even when told I was dead, and when I was told to reincarnate into an alternate wold I wasn’t disturbed, I gave up when I was reborn as a woman.
After all, the son that accompanied me for many years is gone…
I was depressed after noticing. Sleep eat poop, and become depressed again.

Even throughout history, there were few renowned female warriors.
Is Tomoe Gozen of the Genpei War famous in Japan? [TN: A 12th century female samurai known for bravery and strength, fought in and thought to have survived the Genpei War.]

Since this world was referred to as one of swords and magic, there’s probably many fights in the world.
So with the physical handicap females have, it might be difficult to walk down the warrior’s road.

Apart from that… I need to organize what is going on.

First of all, my mother’s name is Agatha. Her occupation is a Magic Shop.
Black hair and dark eyes. They look the same as Ria’s. Though it may be because her daughter is looking at her in a favorable light, she was worthy of being called a beauty.
The shop, that was a part of the house, mainly sells Magical Medicine. Other than that it also provides medical treatment and fortune-telling by way of magic.
Judging by the conversations the customers have, she seems quite skilled.

I don’t have a father. It seems she is single mother.
It was never brought up as a topic.

There is another person lodging here.
Her name is Fei. A girl in her teens. Her hair color is one that wasn’t on Earth, blue.
She’s an apprentice and an employee of Agatha’s shop, also helping to take care of Ria.

Because Ria slept in that room, she only knew that much information.
For the time being she slept, drank her mother’s milk, excreted, cried, sometimes washed with hot water, and the days passed.
Even if you have memories from a previous life, nothing could be done in a baby’s body. To begin with, the desire to sleep was strong, and most of the time is spent sleeping.

The turning point came half a year after being born.

“Well, this is interesting.”
Placing a finger to her lips, Agatha was gazing at Ria. They were at the counter of the shop.
“What’s wrong, manager?”
Fei asked while cleaning a shelf. When she called Agatha, she usually referred to her as manager.
“Even using Identify magic on her, I can’t see her Status.”
“Oh, by some chance, you have that Gift don’t you?”
Although that Gift is rare, Fei had it as well. Though I believe that in front of Agatha’s Gift, it isn’t as good.
Because other people can’t see her abilities, wouldn’t it be very helpful for certain situations?

For Ria, on the other hand, hearing about this made her troubled at her thoughtlessness.
From birth until now, she had never once checked her abilities.

(For Self Check… do I only have to think about it?)
A transparent screen floated in front of me. It showed abilities, skills, and blessings. The blessings were probably because of the Gift.

[Dragon’s Bloodline] [Self Check], that’s good. Although those are good…

[Divine Protection of the Goddess]
[Divine Protection of the War God]

(What’s going on?)
There should have been only two selected Gifts. However, it’s obvious that these two, I don’t remember being written there.

(Divine Protection of the Goddess… when did I get that? And it also says Divine Protection of the War God…)
That’s impossible, there was indeed a Goddess there, but this implies that a God of War was there as well.
While thinking about that, Ria focused on the Divine Protection of the Goddess.

[Divine Protection of the Goddess]
Slight increase to defense. Slight increase to intelligence.

Thinking about the conversation with the goddess, she seemed to hold some goodwill towards me.
Though I don’t know how much effect it will have, I am thankful.
(The problem is this other one…)

[Divine Protection of the War God]
Raises the morale of warriors under your command.
Greatly increases the abilities of soldiers under your command.
Will not be hit by stray arrows and stray bullets.
Bird’s-eye view of battlefield situations.
Advantageous weather towards your army.
Ally’s morale will not deteriorate from disadvantageous situations. Etc.

(What is this?)
In effect it’s like telling me to go to war. Furthermore, in a position of command.

“Even so, isn’t her magic power high?”
Agatha and Fei’s conversation continued.
“It is. It’s already about the same as mine, and is stable without rampaging as well. I guess these are the makings of a genius.”

The two had that kind of a conversation. By the way, in [Dragon’s Bloodline] there seems to be something named [Read Resistance], which apparently prevents Identify.

“The millennium will be ending again soon… that demon’s revival should also be close.”
Agatha muttered something disturbing, then raised her head and declared.

“I’ve decided! I’ll make this child an elite magician, and she’ll be a hero’s comrade!”


Why did this happen?

Chapter 3 — ‘A Dragon’s Evolution’


This world doesn’t have a name.

Of course, the gods gave it a name for the sake of convenience, though those living in this world don’t know that. Consequently, this land is called–

The Dragon Bone Continent.


Positioned to the Northwest of this continent is the Casalia Kingdom. Agatha’s Magic Shop is in the downtown part of the Royal Capital Anise.
The shop had a garden and also served the purpose of being their residence. Agatha bought it with the treasure she earned from ten years of adventuring, and though it was small, it was a pleasant house to live in.
In the mornings, Agatha would wake up in her room on the second floor and check on the garden from her window. In the garden was a scene that had become a daily routine.
“… I wonder why you became like that…”
In the small garden, there was the figure of her beloved daughter swinging a wooden sword she had made on her own.
Riana Crystal, five years old. Her mornings began before sunrise.
Changing into clothes that are easy to move in, she would go out into the garden with the wooden sword she made herself. She made a wooden sword out of a branch from the Black Steel Tree with a mithril knife she borrowed from her mother, a wood that was stronger than some low-ranked metals.
The first thing to do after going into the garden was calisthenics. With a child’s wonderful flexibility, the stretches from her past life became absurdly simple, her body warmed up.
After swinging the sword in movements that have become basic, she turned to face an imaginary opponent.

There are monsters in the world.
There are dangerous wildlife such as wolves and bears of course, but the ultimate position is held by the dragon. Dragons.
According to Agatha’s stories, high-ranking dragons have the power to easily destroy a country.
And Ria has the strength of a dragon.

(Even if I say that, I wonder how I can use that power.)

Contrary to appearance, she already has tremendous strength and stamina.
It’s a blessing that [Self Check] lets me look into [Dragon’s Bloodline].
So far, she’d reviewed [Herculean Strength] [High Speed Regeneration] [High Speed Recovery] [Robust Health] [Keen Senses] [Heat Resistance]. Other than [Heat Resistance] that appeared from drinking a hot soup, the others appeared while training.

By the way, the skills that I acquired in my previous life were reproduced.
The highest is [Swordplay] at Lv 7. According to mom, Lv 7 is expert level. I’m glad that the training in my previous life was rewarded.
But for the dragon power said to be equal to the Gods it was definitely too shabby.

(As I thought, I guess I have no choice but to raise my level?)

Ria’s current level is 5. It went up while training. By the way, Agatha is level 35.
It seems that when she was young she went on a considerable amount of absurd adventures.

I was also being taught magic from Agatha. At first I was completely ignorant about magic, but when I understood that the thing called ‘Magic Power’ in this world was like my previous world’s ‘Spirit’, my learning became faster.
Agatha’s Fire Magic, Wind Magic, Water Magic, Natural Laws Magic, and Way of Truth Magic were at high levels, so teaching those to Ria was a daily routine.
She was learning together with Fei but, putting aside control, in terms of magical output she outstripped Fei in the blink of an eye.

“The thing called ‘Talent’… is so cruel…”
Fei said. ‘That’s right,’ Ria thought. In any case, this body has absurdly high specs. Memory and things like that are also clearly better than my previous life.

Learning magic is divided into three stages, starting with casting magic through chants, through runes, and through configuring the magic in your mind without chanting at all.
Chanting is the simplest way to invoke magic but chanting takes time. For rune casting there is a need for the word to be written there or for you to hold an item that has the magic written on it.
Mind configuration is the fastest but the image has to be precise.

When it comes to making a precise image, a person reincarnated from Japan has an advantage.
Inside your mind you have to imagine the rune; however, the composition of the character is similar to Japanese. As with Kanji, the characters having meanings and the conjunctions are like Hiragana. Ria knew very clearly just how much being a Japanese person in her previous life was advantageous.

The absolute first magic that Ria was taught was [Ability Check]. According to Agatha, “If you don’t know your enemy, you will die.”
With this magic, the opponent’s blessings, techniques, and abilities can be discovered. Of course, there is a magic that prevents this but it can apparently be used on standard monsters. Knowing your enemies’ abilities is definitely an important thing.
It seems that you can’t use it if there is too much of a level difference, but it worked when checking Agatha’s abilities.

Additionally, Agatha prioritized teaching magic that would be useful in an actual adventure. Magic like Ignition, Purify Water, Heal, and Detoxification. I haven’t learned any offensive magic yet.
Ria was interested in magic that would strengthen her body, though at present, she already had enough due to her blessings.
“If it’s Ria, perhaps you might eventually be able to use Space-Time Magic.”
Though Agatha said it jokingly, Space-Time Magic is apparently classified as the highest-ranked magic in the magic system.
As Ria would later find out, the ultimate magic is called the ‘World Creation’ magic. It only existed as a theoretical magic.

And now, Ria had finished this morning’s practice and had drawn water from the well, intending to wipe her sweat off but…
I saw the face that was reflected by the water.
Ten out of ten people would probably say that her appearance was sweet. Full lips. Almond shapes eyes, her skin a porcelain white, and a shapely nose.
However, that’s my reflection. It’s me.

By the way, I had already asked Agatha if there was a magic that could turn me into a man.
“There is,” was the response.
“Using illusion magic would be the easiest way. Though if you want to change your actual body, you would need shape-shifting magic.”
Oh, I’m surprised there actually was one, though it seems the functions of the body wouldn’t change. There’s also a time restriction.
In other words, Agatha doesn’t know a method to become a genuine man.

While sighing, Ria continued to wipe her body. In the average household in Anise, while there were water and sewage services, there weren’t baths as expected.
While using a towel to briskly wipe away sweat to clean her body, Ria noticed something.

Her chest was stiff.

It clearly felt different from normal skin. If you looked closely, there were four scale shapes immediately above the pit of the stomach. The color of the scales were black.
(Eh? Eh?)
As you would expect, I was surprised.

“I wonder… what this is?”
“Maybe a lizardkin’s blood was mixed in or something?”
“Since humans and lizardkin don’t mix, I don’t think that’s the case.”
Agatha and Fei discussed while looking at the scales.
“A dragonkin… maybe? It could be some kind of an illness, though.”
“Manager, what do you mean by dragonkin?”

Agatha quickly raised her forefinger and began explaining.
“It’s when one makes a contract with a dragon and their bodies are given a portion of that dragon’s power. As a symbol of the contract, a characteristic of the dragon appears on a portion of their body. However…”
“There hasn’t been a contract, right?”
“That’s right~”
Then maybe it’s some type of illness, is what they thought so they quickly brought her to a temple. In the world, the temple priests are usually also doctors.

“I don’t know. Or rather, my Identify magic isn’t having any effect…”
They quickly gave up.

The three trudged back from the temple following the road, but on the way Agatha suddenly stopped walking.
“Since it’s come to this, there’s no choice but to rely on the last resort. Fei, please take Ria and go home before me.”
Waving her robe, Agatha turned back towards where we just came from. After saying farewell, Fei looked at Ria an sighed.
“Shall we go home? It’s okay, if we entrust it to Manager she’ll work it out somehow.”
Even though Ria showed a depressed expression, she somehow or another understood the situation. What Agatha first said was probably right.
Ria wasn’t linked to a dragon through something like a contract, but she had the gift of ‘Dragon’s Bloodline’. There was no doubt that it was somehow related to the situation.
However, if she said this then she would likely have to talk about what she had been hiding until now.

A child that had reincarnated and still held on to her previous life’s memories, a man’s memories.
Moreover, Ria utilized her special privilege as a child and had been freely satisfying herself with Agatha’s abundant and Fei’s modest breasts.

It would be fine if they shunned me. But if they abandoned me…
(No, I could probably manage somehow or another?)
I could go to the temple then enter the orphanage and help out with healing magic. After I got a bit bigger I could make use of my sword skills and get a job.
In this world, there are things like woman mercenaries.

Though Ria started taking a pessimistic view on life, nothing happened that day after all. Agatha had only made her do magic practice as usual.
Nothing happened the next day either and Ria lost interest, but the day after that there was a change.

Ria was dressed in her best clothes, and Agatha wore some first-class robes, she looked like a true magician.
The two left the shop to Fei, arranged a wagon, and went to the center of the city.

“Mother, where are we going?”
“The castle. Don’t worry about it too much.”
The castle!

“Eh? Why the castle? No way, mother, are you something like the daughter of a noble?”
“No no, I’m from an ordinary farming village. Since I have a bit of a connection with the court magician, I think that he’ll see you.”
I see, so that’s why we’re dressed like this.

The wagon stopped in front of a huge gate, and the two walked from there. Since I was told in advance, I couldn’t be blamed for going inside.

Ria raised her voice involuntarily. The castle walls were twenty meters tall, completely made of stone.
Though I didn’t know much about foreign architecture in my previous life, rather than European buildings, I think it was more like Islamic architecture.
“Ria, come here.”
Agatha walked ahead without hesitating. It seems she knew where she was going.

Before long, we arrived at a place without much decoration, it was like a library building.
“This is the Casalia Kingdom’s Ministry of Magic. Sage Rufus-sama is here.”

Chapter 4 — ‘Called a Princess’


“Hohoh, is this young one your child?”
Deep in the Ministry of Magic, in a room buried in books and documents, lived Master Rufus.

Bald head. Rich and white beard. A magician that stood at the apex of the Casalia Kingdom, he didn’t act self-importantly either. Three hundred and ten years old. A high ranking magician that has lived a long life.

“Long time no see.”
Agatha quickly bowed her head. Ria subsequently bowed as well.

“It’s fine to Identify this child?”
“Yeah, start from there.”

Rufus nodded and raised his cane, and for some reason struck a pose.
He exclaimed.


“… Hmm, I don’t know.”
“… Please do it seriously.”
Agatha sighed deeply, and Ria fell down.
“I am doing it seriously. Because I used the magic, her Read Resistance must no less than level 8, she must have a Gift similar to that.”
“If it’s like that, does she have the Gift of Read Resistance?”
“That is a powerful Gift… and the millennium is approaching, perhaps…”
Rufus muttered seriously, and Agatha let out a somewhat trembling voice.
“No way, is this child a hero?”

A hero. They appear in history to fight the demon lord, an existence that exceeds common sense.
Or a mutation, or a person summoned from another world.
As for fighting the demon lord in the millennium, there has without exception always been one.

“She may perhaps be a hero. Even her magic power already exceeds yours.”
Apart from Identify, there is an ability to sense magic power. Though it isn’t quantified precisely, there are those who can see the various sizes of magic power, and Agatha also has this ability.
Ria didn’t have it yet.

“It isn’t different even when I use identification magic. What’s up with this?”
Hmmmm, Rufus groaned. Agatha timidly called out.
“Well, even though it’s a problem that Identify isn’t effective, there’s something else I want you to see.”
Opening the chest of Ria’s clothes, four scales were showing. Since Rufus wasn’t a pervert, he didn’t react to the chest of a little girl.
“These are… scales? But then… a dragonkin? No, all things considered…”
“Speaking of the famous dragonkin, the Empire’s Militant Emperor Ryuke Riana-sama, and Casaria’s founder Leyte Anaia were like that.”
Both were legendary figures, and both women.
“I heard that in Leyte Anaia-sama’s lineage a dragonkin is rarely born. This child…”
“Hmm. I never would have predicted something like this…”

For some reason the conversation advanced into things Ria didn’t know. Ria became bored and saw the spines of book lined up, and caught sight of one with an ominous title.
(I feel like I’ve heard of ‘Necronomicon’ somewhere…)
She wanted to read it, but was convinced that she likely wouldn’t be allowed.
“As expected, we can do nothing but speak to His Majesty.”
“That’s right. Though I’m reluctant.”

For some reason the atmosphere was disturbing.


A few days after that passed peacefully.

Ria swung the wooden sword every morning, and took magic lessons from Agatha.
However, the contents changed a little. Until then her seriousness hadn’t come out. A bloodthirst to teach could be felt coming from her.
It was a familiar feeling. When looking at the mysteries of swordsmanship from her previous life, masters would emit that atmosphere without fail.

The things Agatha taught was magic for life. So far they were convenient, and in contrast with being valuable for living, they were also essential for fighting, to survive with magic.
Magic for emergency situations like body enhancement, continuous healing, paralysis resistance, toxin resistance, and underwater breathing.

In addition, Dragon’s Bloodline activated. The awakening gave a Gift of Body Strengthening, and additionally a Gift of Enhanced Vitality.
This world’s dragons were existences equivalent to Gods, but that one definitely appeared.


Half a month passed.

An omen could be continuously felt.
On an ordinary day, an extravagant dinner was prepared, and Agatha and Fei were clearly nervous. They were trying to avoid feeling it.
With that, it’s like saying there is something.

If they really did abandon me, though I could probably make a living, I’d likely cry.

“Mother, what is it?”
Even when feigning innocence to the best of my ability, Agatha smiled ambiguously.
“It’s nothing. Since we’re going out tomorrow, eat your fill.”
Ah, that’s it, now I’m convinced.

This is probably my ‘last meal’.

I probably won’t be abandoned. However, somewhere… I might be put into a place like a hero training facility.
If it continued as it had so far, that expectation wouldn’t be off the mark.

It was something close to her chest. Although there were memories from her previous life, it was still the body of a five year old. Her emotions were sensitive.
And yet she still ate quickly to satisfy her hunger, forcing it somewhere.

She was a gentle mother. Even if Ria enjoyed swinging her wooden sword, her mother would smile with an awkward face.
Fei was an existence like an older sister. If anything, Fei saw Ria’s troublesome nature more than Agatha.
Thinking that she would have to separate from those two…

(Even if I escaped, where would I go?)
She thought about it. Surely she wouldn’t be thrown into prison. What if they come to see me.

Making up her mind, she earnestly ate the meal. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, she wouldn’t be able to fight on an empty stomach.


On the morning of the next day, Ria was wearing her best set of clothes, and was shaking in the carriage together with Agatha.
Just when she thought they were heading to a facility in the suburbs, they were on the route to the same place as the other day, the one that headed to the royal castle.
However, where they exited the wagon was different.

“Oh, it’s good you came.”
The one who waited for us was the bald headed sage Rufus. The difference was that there were two knights at his sides.
“Her magic has increased since the other day.”
“Is that so? I didn’t notice since I’ve been with her every day.”
While conversing, they all entered the castle. The interior was decorated in white marble, with lavish amounts of luxurious ornaments.
She unintentionally raised her voice. Perhaps only Europe’s royal palace from her past life had something like this.
Though that was actively used, this extravagance was different.

Ria advanced to the interior with her mouth open, adults watching with a smile.
As they went up the staircase, they stepped into the newest part of the royal palace.


“You came.”
Courtiers lined in a row were… not there; rather, it was like a parlor, and a man was waiting there.
Rufus bowed, Agatha kneeled, and the knights stood at attention. Ria bowed for the time being.
“Be at ease. Long time no see, Agatha~.”
“Y-Your Majesty seems to be fine too.”
Your Majesty. Since she said ‘Your Majesty’ he’s probably the king.
Approximately thirty years old. With the blonde colored hair and blue eyes that were common in this country. He had a refined face.
“Then, you are Riana?”
“Nice to meet you, Your Majesty.”
She bowed slightly. She thought that if she acted graceful here, it would instead have the opposite effect.

“Oh, you’re a good child.”
Seeming certain of his judgement, the king smiled broadly. He was fawning.
“A lovely child. With features like her mother.”
The king was attired in high grade, simple white clothing, and leaned towards Ria.
“Five years old, huh. Then she’s the third. I wonder if her eyes look like mine?”
That part certainly didn’t look similar to Agatha’s.

The king’s face… was similar.
Going with the flow of the context.
“By some chance, Your Majesty, are you my father?”

The king nodded generously.
“That is correct, Riana. Your hardships until now are over.”


My troubles aren’t over, this means I’m a princess!


Ria stared in wonder, screaming in her mind.

Chapter 5 — ‘Half-Elf, Acquired’


Her name was changed.
Of the five royal families that drew their lineage from the imperial line, Ryuke’s was at the top of the list. The current king of Casalia, Neyas, is referred to as Ryuke Neyas on official occasions.

In Ria’s case, it became Ryuke Riana Crystal Casalia. Ever since the royal family’s Ryuke Riana, no one has founded a nation. The militant emperor Ryuke Riana from two thousand years ago was influential, so no one was named that.
If it weren’t for that that then name like Riana wouldn’t be unusual among civilians, in fact Agatha picked the name from a character in a story.

Ria was Neyas’ third child, the only girl. Not given much authority to inherit the crown. Although the her mother wasn’t a concubine, she was a commoner. She was also the only daughter. Perhaps he felt pity for not raising her with his own hands, so he decided to raise her and shower her with love.
According to story of why Agatha didn’t live in the inner palace, she rejected it. That was no way of life for her. [TN: In this case, ‘inner palace’ is referring to female-only residency.]
Although Rufus knew approximately how Ria’s parents fell in love, he wouldn’t say. He thought it was too early for that. Ria wasn’t particularly interested either.


Ryuke Riana Crystal Casalia, ten years old.
She woke early that day.

Although she habitually woke up early to finish her training before sunrise, with gifts like Sleep Reduction and High Speed Recovery, she woke up even earlier than usual.
She didn’t have a problem seeing in the room due to her Night Vision Gift. She quickly changed out of her nightclothes, putting on her training outfit.
To be exact, black trousers with a decorative skirt. A black tunic and black armor. She had a fondness for black, since the blood wouldn’t stand out on that color.

She combed her hair in front of the huge full-length mirror.
“Yeah, cute today as well.”

Wearing the knife and wooden sword from the corner of the closet on her waist, she put on a sand-colored cloak and finished her preparations.
She opened the window and jumped down from the fifth floor.
Dashing across the garden, when she was near the five meter tall inner palace wall she jumped over it without assistance.
She was aiming at twenty meter tall walls. As expected, she couldn’t go over them in one go. She simply relied on handholds on the way up, jumping nimbly.
Though there was surveillance and magic barriers, she broke through them by force. Unspeakably fast. There was no use arguing about her magic power either. Her father, the king, had already given up trying to forcibly stop her.
She jumped after a run, magnificently clearing the twenty meter moat of water. Beyond the moat was the town of Anise.
The black gale running through the area was Ria. Her momentum probably gave birth to an urban legend that night.

Today, Ria had a goal.
To beat goblins to death.


In this world of swords and magic, demons exist. It’s strange that goblins and orcs were so famous on Earth, but it couldn’t be helped.
The goblins were a few days’ distance from the royal capital in a forest, they seemed to thrive there, according to what people said in Agatha’s shop. Although goblins were small fries in stories, they were a bit dangerous in this world.
In order to discard her murder virginity in this world, Ria decided to exterminate the goblins.

By the way, according to legend there was a small group of virtuous goblins somewhere in the mountains.


Anyhow, Ria ran through the town. Easily jumping over the giant city walls built that opposed her, she left Anise.

From then on she used all her strength. Using skills and magic to strengthen her body, she exceeded human limits.
Passing through the agricultural region on the outskirts of Anise, she followed the comparatively safe road into the forest. Before long the morning sun had completely risen and she had walked to the road that exited the tall mountain range’s undulations.
There was a collapsed person on the side of the road.

Sand colored clothes, probably due to dirt. With a short height and sack on their back, it was a woman with long and fair hair. She had a walking stick in her hand.
“Hello~oo, are you alive~?”
No response. Seems like a normal corpse.
“… Stomach… empty…”
Nope, it was alive.
Since I couldn’t abandon her, for the time being I helped her up. Then, from between the gaps in her blonde hair, characteristic long ears appeared.
It’s an Elf. A forest race of excellent appearance. There was one in the royal capital as well, but it was just a male elf. Seeing a female Elf for the first time, they were as beautiful as I heard from the stories.


“Eat and chew it well~”
Once she was offered the rations after being softened by water, she started eating at a ferocious pace. It seems that she had eaten nothing but flower nectar for five days.
Although she had brought enough food, she lost her way after taking a shortcut through the forest.
Don’t get lost in the forest, forest fairy.

“No, I’m a half-elf.”
The half-elf introduced herself as Lulu, briefly giving her life story.

The elves mainly live in the forest, but many of their young have their eyes impetuously set on the outside world. Lulu’s father was also one of them, meeting Lulu’s mother during his adventure. When it was over, Lulu was born.
On the way to tell her maternal grandfather that she had been born, the village was attacked by demons. When parents fought to defend the village, her father perished. Her mother had also been injured, and died soon after returning to her hometown. Lulu was raised by her magician grandfather.
Her grandfather was an ordinary magician, earning a living in the village by producing magic medicine. The other day her grandfather had also died, and Lulu with the youthful characteristic of yearning for cities, set her sight towards the royal capital.

“Do you have somewhere to stay in the royal capital?”
“No, but I can make money from street healing. Since I fortunately know some magic.”
“A street healer huh? If that’s it, I think that you would do better as an assistant in the temple.”
“No, since elfs are atheists.”
That’s elf-ish.

“Street healers have… territories at the best of times, moreover for someone as beautiful as you, wouldn’t it be a bit dangerous?”
Since she seemed a bit naive, with this elf’s beautiful characteristics, she would probably be kidnapped.
“Cities are scary.”
“That’s right~. Even becoming a prostitute would be easy.”
“That’s absolutely disgusting.”
Well of course.

“Hmmm, though I although I can introduce you to a job I also can’t, an elf huh…”
“Though I’m just a half, I’d still be persecuted after all?”
“No, rather it’s more likely that you would be targeted by humans.”
If not for that, I would simply introduce her to mother’s shop.

“But well, I might know someone that would hire you.”
She recalled Rufus-jiichan saying something like “I want a beautiful assistant.” That they wouldn’t wither even past three hundred years old was amazing.

“Well then, shall we go? I’ll carry you.”
“No, I can manage to walk somehow.”
“Walking normally, it would take two days you know? Don’t worry about it, I can use enhancement magic.”
Then, with Lulu on her shoulders and with firm grip on her bottom, Ria broke into a run.
And yet even though she slowed down, the two arrived in Anise at dusk.


The goblin genocide will happen one week in the future.

Chapter 6 — ‘Battle Preparation’


Ryuke Riana Crystal Casalia, thirteen years old.
To her who’s called the most beautiful girl in the country, a turning point came.

“Soon, I can’t not think of your marriage partner…”
The moment her father said that at the breakfast table, Ria crushed the fork that was in her hand.
Although a maid in the background had a cramped expression on, Ria opened her mouth with an expressionless face.
“Father, I think that I’ve said it before but…”
At first she called him father, but what she calls him now changed from being associated with knight training. [TN: From ‘otou-sama’ to ‘chichiue’.]
“I. Like. Women.”
She declared it for the Nth time. She didn’t withhold that, even for these eight years.
Neyas was at his wits’ end.
“How did this happen…”
“It’s alright, it isn’t Father’s fault. I’ve been like this since I was born.”
She had a gentle tone, but the contents weren’t gentle at all.

There was a reason as to why the topic of Ria’s marriage came up in the first place.
It was Master Rufus’ death half a year prior.

Although Rufus died at the old age of 318 years, the impact his death had was large.
First of all, Casalia Kingdom’s strongest magic war potential was lost. Including his knowledge, it was a huge blow. As a counselor of generations of successful Casalia’s kings, Rufus’ contributions were great.

Several months after that, an epidemic struck the royal capital. Having extended as far as the royal court, Neyas was given a large amount of distress.
Since Rufus wasn’t there to ward off the disease, he had lost his first and second children.

Eight years after Ria entered the court, Neyas had another three children. Since each mother was different, it was natural for factions to form. Until then the legal wife had given birth to the eldest child, but then that fell through.
Although Ria being the eldest child now didn’t seem to be relevant because she didn’t have rights for the throne, there was no doubt that she was royalty. If they married Ria, their influence would improve in the court.

She’s been reborn as a woman for thirteen years. Although she had adapted towards being a woman since puberty, it was still impossible.


“I wonder if it’s time…”
Every day in the court was fun. Training together with the knights, getting lectured by Rufus, a bit of sexual harassing the maids, and rubbing the uncharacteristically large breasts of the half-elf Lulu.
It was truly fun.
Even gaining Poison Resistance from eating poisoned food, they were all now good memories.

“However, I have one regret.”
Ria went to the training grounds in her training outfit. On the way to the grounds inside the palace, she felt gazes on her.
“Ah, it’s Ria-sama.”
“Moreover, dressed like that…”
“Aa~hn, she’s beautiful today as well!”
Despite being called beautiful like that, it was a disgraceful reputation for a man. Not was she had envisioned.
Even if she closed her ears to the usual whispers between the surrounding court ladies, she didn’t have much more time.

Under the bright sunlight, the kingdom’s most elite knights exchanged blows with their swords. To be exact, it was time for one-on-one combat.
Ria moved straight to the half-elf that oversaw them.

“Reyas, how are you?”
The knight merely bowed lightly. He was training. It was the etiquette.
Casalia Kingdom’s knight vice-captain is a long-lived half-elf, and the strongest swordsman among the knights as well.

“Today, I think I’ll win.”
“I see, I’ll be your opponent.”
Reyas prepared his wooden sword and shield.


After exchanging blows dozens of times, Ria finally dropped her wooden sword.

Her breathing was rough. From both physical, as well as mental exhaustion. Though Reyas was also breathing heavily, it wasn’t as much as Ria.
“Ah~, I lost again.”
Ria sat down on the sand. Even together with the forty years of training from her previous life, it was natural that she wouldn’t win against the half-elf that had wielded a sword for more than a century.
“You’ve progressed significantly compared to last month. Perhaps with another year, you may win.”

Although it would be different if she used her enhancement Skills and Gifts, Reyas could do that as well.
It was beyond pure skill. As you would expect with Level 8 Swordplay. She could use skills like Mind’s Eye and Evasion, but without using body enhancement it didn’t look like she could win.
“So? Shall we have another bout?”
“Though that sounds good, I have things to do today.”
She turned away as she waved at the knights and departed for the Ministry of Magic.

She familiarly headed inside without a guide. In the librarian seat was Lulu sitting alone.
After Rufus died, her work time became free time. You could say it turned into an easy job. She herself didn’t seem to worry about it too much.
“Yo, Lulu.”
“Princess, please be quiet in the library.”
Ria quickly moved behind Lulu when she gave the warning in a low voice, gently massaging her breasts.
“Lulu, please be quiet in the library.”
She gently, gently massaged them, and after a while she was satisfied and released her.
Her beautiful white face had turned bright red.

“Then, what kind of business do you have today? Although this is free time, that doesn’t mean it isn’t work.”
“Yeah, there is something I want to request of you.”
She whispered close to Lulu’s long ear. An elf’s ears weren’t particularly erogenous.
Her sculptured beautiful face were dyed in colors of surprise.
“… Seriously?”
“Of course. I wouldn’t joke about something like this.”
Ria gave the affirmation while smiling. They’d known each other for three years, and thus knew each others’ dispositions.
“That’s right. I understand. However, in that case I have a condition.”
Ria didn’t expect the condition that Lulu had.


Ria went to her downtown home that day, having a long talk with Agatha.
In the evening she went to the public bathhouse, appreciating the various naked bodies of old and young women.
(Ah… women are good after all…)
Although she still couldn’t get rid of the uncomfortable feel of not having her ‘son’, being a woman still seemed to be a splendid thing.
Small budding breasts. Slender, elongated limbs. Curves from her round shoulders to her waist. This was something impossible for a man.

Ria returned to the royal castle as the day became completely dark.
Everyone was moving about quickly. Another day had come to an end. Ever since her birth, she had spent most of her time here. She was attached to it.

However, her uncontrollable urge had been inflated.

She wanted to leave the town, and leave the country.

She wanted to see the world, meeting every strong person.

Her blood boiled. It carried over from her previous life, she couldn’t help it.


Ria’s adventure starts now.

Chapter 7 — ‘A 13-Year Old’s Journey’


The wooden sword and bokken exchanged blows in a competition. However, the wooden sword was wielding with both hands and gradually had more strength put in to it. [TN: Wooden Sword = ‘bokutou‘, ‘bokken‘ is another type of wooden sword.]
Although Reyas swung his shield at Ria to send her flying, Ria had let go from the wooden sword just before that.
Reyas’ movement momentarily stopped from the unexpected maneuver. It was a fatal gap.
She dove towards his chest, taking the sword from his hand. She went to slam her shoulder into the plate mail on his abdomen, and furthermore he built up strength to counter it.

According to plan!

The next instant, Ria’s body rotated around Reyas, throwing him to the ground from behind.
Picking up the wooden sword she had abandoned from the ground, she rested it on the nape of his neck. Without a doubt, it was Ria’s victory.
“… Seriously… that you would abandon your sword right then…”
Reyas stood up after a moment with a complex smile.

In pure swordplay, Reyas could not yet win. However, in the sense of one-on-one combat, it was Ria’s victory.
Because the main combat in this world were mainly fights and wars against demons, empty-handed arts–throwing techniques and holds in particular–weren’t developed.
In addition to Ria being of the second dan in karate and judo in her previous life, she also studied kenpou and jiu-jutsu. As for the Skill, Taijutsu was Level 6.

Anyways, with this one goal had been reached.


Ria slipped out of the royal palace as usual, arriving at Agatha’s shop.
“I’m home~”
Even now as she lived in the royal palace, she would use that greeting when entering the shop.
“Welcome home.
Fei had returned the greetings. Lulu smiled softly.
“Lulu, I beat Reyas!”
With Ria saying that so full of confidence, Fei was surprised.
“The Sword King, Reyas-sama?”
“That’s right. Well, even though I said that I’ve only beaten him once.”
She sat next to Lulu. The counter stools were now filled.
“Where’s mother?”
“Manager went out to the guild for a request.”
“Putting that aside, Ria, so that means since you won against Reyas…”
Lulu timidly asked. The two people present knew Ria’s decision. She was here to ask if Lulu was ready to depart.
“Yeah, as soon as you are ready, we’ll leave.”
Houu, Lulu sighed.
“Then we can leave tomorrow.
Lulu had already resigned from the Ministry of Magic. For a short while, she helped out at Agatha’s shop.
As for the goods necessary for going on a journey including food, Ria had arranged with the allowance she saved.
And so, Lulu would accompany Ria on a journey.

“Although I said that, is it really alright? This is incomparable to goblin extermination you know?”
Ria asked to make sure, reconfirming her intentions.
“It’s probably my parent’s blood. I feel that I also want to go on a journey.”
The half-elf that was dying like a dog from hunger on the roadside had become extremely splendid.
As a travelling companion, Lulu was definitely ideal.
Receiving Rufus’ instruction in magic, her skill was probably considerable within the country.
Above all, she had things that Ria didn’t. Things like timidity and prudence.

Before long Agatha joined them, and the four surrounded the dining table. Fei had already married and had a family, staying in this special store to this day.

After returning to the royal palace at midnight and receiving a court lady’s scolding, she returned to her room.
When opening the door of the walk-in closet that was attached to the bedroom, one side was decorated with weapons.
The first thing to prepare was the magic pouch. Putting everything in the room into it would fill it up; the effects of space-time magic were valuable. She carefully selected what to put in.

Dresses were unnecessary. Precious metals and goods that could be sold for money would packed as much as possible.
She had only one ring and dagger with the carved seal of the royal family.

The problem was weapons.
In this world, because the only weapons used in active duty were swords, the skill of blacksmiths was exceedingly high. Perhaps even Japanese katanas produced from the Edo period wouldn’t be able to compete with them.
Although she had the chance to appreciate the important cultural assets and national treasures in her previous life, she preferred old katanas. Of course modern swords were actually checked to see if they could kill in practice, old katanas were beautiful. Moreover someone that had actually used an old katana would say that they were excellent.
The manufacturing methods for steel and katana production was not passed down, Ria also thought that her previous life was thoroughly sacrilegious.

She took as many iron katanas as possible. Although she took as many katanas made from mithril as possible, in terms of strength and endurance, the cutting power of a steel katana far outstripped it in many cases. Mithril was a metal with a high affinity for magic.

Not just katanas, but swords were taken as well. Furthermore, she took as many war hammers, battleaxes, spears, knifes and so on as possible.
Ria was not much of a collector, though she did have a collection of weapons in her previous life.
Although she did regret dying, she wondered what happened to her sword collection. She thought it would have been nice if it wound up in the hands of someone who understood their value.
Especially the great Nagasone Kotetsu’s famous longsword, it wasn’t something that could be obtained by mere money. Having it for one week, she appreciated it while grinning. Although thinking back to it now, the katana had an ominous and devilish feel to it. [TN: Nagasone Kotetsu made this.]


Ria woke up the next day and dressed like normal, tucking the magic pouch up her sleeves.
As usual, she went to Anise after jumping down from her window. In the main street’s plaza, Lulu waited with a donkey. Next to her was Agatha.

After only that they embraced each other.
“Even if it is pointless to say, please don’t do anything unreasonable. Troubling Lulu is no good.”
“Don’t worry, since Lulu won’t let something become dangerous.”
Right, Lulu played the important role of a stopper. Rather, it was the main role.
“We’ll be back within two years.”
“Send me letters.”

They separated while waving at each other. The front gate opened at dawn, and the two left Anise by slipping in with the peddlers.


“Well then, where to?”
“How about a labyrinth city to start??”
By the way, in Ria’s room in the royal palace, a single sentence was left.


[I am going to find people even stronger than me.]

Chapter 8 — ‘Fighting Skills’


Uneventfully, three days passed.
We advanced on stone pavement. Rias was in front on foot, with Lulu on the donkey’s back behind her.

The journey was peaceful. Though a destination had been decided on, it wasn’t urgent. While enjoying the surrounding scenery, you could enjoy the true pleasure of travelling.

“Since this is your so-called journey to increase your fighting skills, I thought that you’d be in more of a rush.”
“Hmm? That’s a pain so let’s take our time. Even though I said this is for training, it wouldn’t be smart to do that the entire time.”
Ria was in a good mood. Although she was only walking, she was in a good mood.
The reason was the katanas visible at her waist.

They weren’t wooden swords nor an imitation swords, they were genuine katanas of different lengths. If it were Japan, lethal weapons like this were an out.
She carried herself in a dignified manner walking during the day. Just this made her glad. After all, up to now she had only been using the wooden sword for a weapon.
This was because wearing a Japanese katana was a man’s romance. Of course Lulu was a woman and couldn’t understand a martial artist.

By the way, the wooden sword for beating people to death was in the magic pouch as well. Katanas were too good for the likes of goblins. Maintenance was immense.


They ate their various rations, peacefully spending the afternoon, however a figure suddenly flew past overhead.

“Oh, a dragoon.”
“A pursuer?”

A dragoon is a soldier that rode on a wyvern. Although a wyvern was more or less classified as a sub-dragon, it looked completely unlike a dragon. As for the differences between a dragon and a sub-dragon, they were about as different as mice and humans.
That dragoon, after revolving around the two, returned to where it came from. Its direction was directly towards the royal capital.
“We were found.”
“Yeah, looks like it.”
“Think they’ll come to bring us back?”
“If so I’ll beat them.”
“I’d prefer a peaceful method.”
“Then I’ll beat them peacefully.”
Ria grinned and laughed, though that doesn’t mean she was joking.

Anyways, if they were enemies she had confidence to moderately wound them and make them give up.
However, the situation exceeded Ria’s expectations.

They didn’t change their route. Lulu only glanced back sometimes.
Sensing that it wasn’t the shaking luggage on its back, the donkey continued walking slowly.
Before evening, in Ria’s ears that had the Gift of Keen Senses, was the sound of horses’ hooves.
“They came. Three of them.”
“Understood. Though I also have good hearing.”
Even though she’s a half-elf, an elf is an elf. Although her eyes and ears were certainly superior to a human’s, Ria’s were beyond even that. It was the Dragon’s Bloodline.
“What do we do? Are we going to continue hiding?”
“No, although its been simple and most of the time travelers would just pass by, being searched by magic would happen sooner or later. In any event, this is a bit of a bitter experience.”

Folding her arms, she stood in the center of the road. Fortunately other travelers hadn’t come for a while.
Before long, three knights riding horses came in to sight. However…
“Geh-, Reyas.”
“Geh-, Carlos.”
Changing their motives, the two’s faces strained.

That the vice-captain of the knights would personally pursue them was unexpected. And for Lulu, the other knight was someone she wanted to avoid.

By the way, the last person was inconsequential.

“Carlos the Elf Lover huh…”
“That person, he only sees my ears.”
He was the best young soldier in the chivalric order, though while his personality and pedigree couldn’t be criticized, his dream to embrace an elf was famous. Was he twenty years old this year?
By the way, Lulu turns twenty-four this year. Because she is a half-elf, she looks much younger than him.

Lulu got off the donkey and we waited for our pursuers’ arrival.
Reyas arrived first, dismounting a small distance away. The other two followed his lead.

Reyas had a stunned expression on, his fighting spirit unable to be seen.
“Please return as soon as possible. His Majesty is worried about you.”
“From this cute child’s journey, you mean, huh. Could you stop persuading me, Reyas?”
“Although you left the message and disappeared, not searching for you would be impossible.”
“Since I’m going to the labyrinth city for now, I’d like it if you didn’t worry and reported that back.”
Haah, Reyas let out a sigh.
“With all due respect, does the princess understand what is happening to the court right now?”
“I know. For that reason, I did it to separate from the court to not be used.”
As she said that, a tinge of praise appeared in Reyas’ expression.
“That’s unexpected. I thought that you were certainly uninterested in such things.”
“Well, I don’t want to be involved.”
Ria shrugged her shoulders. The atmosphere was calm.
“Still, please return for now. If you’d like, I don’t mind if you accompany us to the labyrinth city.”
“Since Rufus-jiichan isn’t there anymore, it would probably be bad if the strongest knight in the kingdom disappeared.”
“That is correct, there is a dissension.”

The air became heavy.

“Even if you have to go through a bit of a painful experience, I am bringing you back.”
“Yeah, it’s good that’s easy to understand.”

Reyas drew his sword. Not the wooden sword usually used for training, but a shining mithril sword.
Of course, getting hit by that would cause bleeding. If Ria wore nothing but her leather armor, it would be easy for the blade to reach her body.

Honestly, Ria had the odds in her favor.
The defeated element couldn’t be found.

First of all, his prepared weapon was bad. With his magic mithril sword, he had no choice but to go easy on her. Though it would be stopped if Ria’s Hard Body Skill was used, Reyas didn’t know that.
In other words, he would aim at the ends of her limbs, avoiding her vitals. In that case the wooden sword would have been better.
Even if he said that they may have a painful experience, he could not afford to greatly injure the princess. At that point he was already at a large disadvantage.
As for Ria, in an extreme case she didn’t mind going so far as killing Reyas. Of course she didn’t have the intention to kill him, but aiming at his vitals was an option.

“I’ll say this, Reyas. Until now, while training with you, I’ve never once used my true strength.”
She had gone easy on him, not that she wasn’t training. She just didn’t use all of her abilities.
“That includes my loss to you the other day as well, I wasn’t being serious.”
Frankly, Reyas was a sore loser, but that was besides the point.
“If I win, obediently go back to the royal capital. I’ll also leave the persuasion of Dad to you.”
“Yeah. Naturally, if I lose there is no one that could stop you anyway.”
Now that Rufus is deceased, those words are correct. Rufus had no intention of stopping her in the first place though.
“Then, shall we begin?”
Saying so, Ria took a spear out of the magic pouch.


A spear. A cross spear. [TN: Cross Spear]
Even for Lulu, an outsider to hand-to-hand combat, it was unexpected.

Ria meant katanas. Katanas meant Ria. In the royal palace, that image had been solidified.
Without speaking, Ria rushed forward, darting the spear out.
Reyas rose his shield to defend. Bringing back the spear, she extended her foot.
He stabbed his sword into the ground, preventing it. The spear immediately turned towards Reyas’ face. This was again prevented by his shield.

The attack nearly pierced him, Reyas was fighting a defensive battle.
It was because until now, Ria had not been seen to ever use a spear.

But Ria’s Spearmanship Skill was Level 6. Although her Swordplay was a slightly higher Level, spears were stronger than swords to begin with. While this was common sense in her previous life, Ria was also of the katana.

Even in this world, the main weapon for war infantry is the spear. Even for Reyas, when riding he used a weapon with a long handle.
However, he mainly practiced with a sword on the ground, as it had good maneuverability and was portable.
In this fight as well, where anything goes from the onset, this became a one-sided fight.
That is to say, Reyas had sweetness towards Ria. You could say it was a difference in attitude.

This world has no notion of being combat ready at all times. Even martial artists in modern Japan where arms are prohibited have it, it was the resolution to immediately shift into a fighting resolution, and Reyas didn’t have that.
Ria had it. In the royal palace, even when she didn’t have a weapon, she had the resolution to kill enemies if attacked, she had the ability.

Between Ria and Reyas, excluding levels Ria had the better ability.
Reyas didn’t accumulate magic to enhance his body, he instead increased the strength of his armor and shield’s defense, but that was immediately dispelled by Ria’s high magic power. If you compared the attribute values of the two, there was a huge difference between their magic power.
If there was anything Reyas was superior to Ria in, it would only be his experience in war. However, this was no battlefield. When it came to experience of simply killing each other, Ria was not inferior to him as she had spent her free time committing genocide on demons.

In the end, Reyas was forced to adopt the strategy of giving flesh to take bone.
He raised his shield against the spear in advance, getting pierced on purpose.

Penetrating the armor on the back of his left hand, the spear reached flesh. Even so, from there he rotated his elbow, entwining the spear with his shield.
Ria simply let go of the spear. Although she lost her weapon, the shield was pierced by the spear, affecting its maneuverability. Reyas lost one of his means of defense.

However, while Reyas was wounded on his left hand, Ria was uninjured.
Reyas’ advantage here would be that he still had a weapon in his hand. Facing against Ria, by the time she withdraws a katana, he could take many actions.
Reyas thought that as he brandished the sword in his hand, naturally aimed at Ria.
However, Reyas didn’t know.

Ria had the Swordplay Skill at Level 7. However, at the same time she had another skill at the same level.

Quick Draw.

The moment Ria’s right hand touched the katana at her waist, it had already been swung completely.

Reyas’ right arm was cut off at the elbow, his sword revolving midair.
Ria returned the katana to Reyas’ armpit. She sliced through the metal armor, gouging his side.
With a groan leaked into the air, Reyas fell to his knee.
Ria paused, carefully confirming that her opponent had lost his fighting power, and lowered her katana at last.
“Lulu, treat him.”
As for what happened, Lulu didn’t see, but she knew he needed to be treated.

Taking off Reyas’ armor with the assistance of his companion, she first treated his side before reattaching the severed right arm.
Fortunately the wound on his abdomen did not reach his internal organs, and that his right arm was cut so cleanly, so it adhered without any problems.

“Princess… did you… always go easy?”
Laying on his side, Reyas asked in a small voice.
Between himself and Ria, there was an overwhelming difference. It didn’t feel the same to him as the usual practice. Rather, he now believed that her sword skills surpassed his.
“It’s nothing like that. I’ve always been serious. But, what I mean is don’t you think that the abilities used in training and those in killing differ?”
“So it was something like that…
Although that didn’t convince Reyas, at any rate Ria was stronger than him. To the extent that she took away his fighting strength, there was that much of a difference in skill.
“I will report to His Majesty. Though I’ve said it before, there’s no way for us to bring Princess back now.”
“Sorry. You’ve helped me.”
Ria bowed obediently.
“However, there is a condition.”
Reyas turned, facing the man known among the knights as the Elf Lover.
“Carlos, go with the Princess. Don’t think of it as guarding. If you are traveling, a male’s help is always required.”
“Eh, is that okay!?”
Carlos asked delightedly. Lulu had on a complicated face.
“Princess, is this fine?”
“I’m fine with it but…”
She looked towards Lulu. The Elf Lover was like a disease. What does Lulu the half-elf think? That’s the question.
“Well, it can’t be helped can it? While the princess is fighting, it is necessary for someone to defend me.”
Carlos spontaneously dropped down to one knee.
“On my pride as a knight, I will protect you!”
Everyone there had on a wry smile. Normally, a knight would mainly protect a princess, but it couldn’t be helped as she was much stronger than him.


And thus the travelling group increased to three people.

Chapter 9 —Golden Horse


Ria liked cats.
She liked their freedom. And yet, sometimes their capricious behavior of behaving like a spoiled child was intolerable.
However, she was never able to have one when she lived in the royal palace. Occasionally, she stroked the ones that the other nobles kept.

In her previous life, she tamed wild cats by feeding them.

In the corner of her garden there was a cat’s path, so she put food there.

She had a long lasting association with that cat, and wondered what happened to it.
Because it was a stray cat, she thought it lived healthily.


After cats, Ria liked horses.

Although she learned horse riding as a hobby, she had learned it a little in an old-style school. Above all, she enjoyed taking care of them.
For several years when she was young, she had worked in a ranch in Hokkaido. It’s not like the four beautiful farm sisters dazzled his eyes.

“I also want a horse!”
On the seventh day after departing from the royal capital, Ria shouted.


“You want a horse…”
Lulu, on the back of the donkey, was amazed and muttered.
“You run faster than if you were on a horse.”
That was correct. By stacking body enhancement Skills and enhancement magic, Ria could travel at a speed of one hundred kilometers per hour for half a day.
Even so that was just from what she had experienced so far, she hadn’t investigated to find the limit.
“If you would like, you could ride my horse…”
“Isn’t Johnny Cal’s horse? I want my own horse. One that I could brush and comb its mane.”
Although many leave the care of the horse to their attendants, daily brushing was the knight’s role. If you didn’t communicate with it like that, the horse would not follow you as a living creature.
“Ria, are you a spoiled child?”
When the three decided to travel together, what to call Ria became a problem.
In the end Lulu continued to call her Ria, while Carlos decided to call her Ojou.
“Well, I don’t mind if you buy a horse, but there are only farming horses around this area at best. Though if we go to the national border there ought to be a horse market.”
Making the knight Carlos a comrade was the right call. He has everyday knowledge. Based on that, I wonder if I should have traveled with Reyas?
“The border? That will take ten days.”
“No, it takes double that. The roads are different than from the map.”
They were words from a man who had taken the route, but Ria is an exception.
“Going by Lulu’s donkey’s pace it is. If I go by myself, I could get there in a day.”
“That’s unreasonable.”
“No, it’s true. At the age of ten, Ria ran a two day journey carrying me on her back in half a day.”
“Are you truly human, Ojou…”
No, I’m a dragonkin.


Traveling was enjoyable.
The public peace was good in Casalia, with thieves and the like appearing only very seldom, and the habitats of dangerous animals and demons limited.
Carlos was unexpectedly the topic of conversations many times. He’s a common talented man. Although born more or less a noble, he was the second son of a Viscount. Struggling to learn military arts, he joined the knights.

In Lulu’s case, she lived as a shut-in into adulthood in a mountain village. Rufus left the capital to associate with them numerous times, but this was generally known in the court.

The heroic tale of Ria’s case of standing alone was too late to stop now. The goblin village genocide, the destruction of the orc army, the rumors were all exaggerated.
Say what you like, but calling the country’s princess [Ria-chan, the Merciless] coming into popularity was a bit much.

“One of the rumors was [Even when stepped on, the dragon didn’t break], huh.”
“Yeah, that’s right. When I fought the horde of Earth Dragons, I blundered a bit. As you’d expect getting stepped into the ground hurt.”
“My favorite sword broke, too~”, Ria continued with a laugh. The other two had cramped smiling faces.


Crossing the river and national border, in the basin of gentle-sloping mountains that spread out, there was a village made up of countless tents.
The two girls that had left their country for the first time let out a voice of admiration. Compared to Carlos, who had come here before with the knights.

“In addition to Cordova and our country, merchants from several other small countries have gathered here. Various things other than horses are traded as well.”
“Alright! I’ll go ahead then. You can follow slowly later!”
Ria said so while sliding down the steep cliff. Compared to Lulu and Ria, Carlos had no way of riding his mount down the steep cliff.
In the end he followed Lulu’s easygoing route, but his gaze was directed to Lulu’s ears.


According to Carlos, the street vendors primarily sold various goods.
From daily necessities like food, to art, to weapons that involuntarily attracted Ria’s attention.
The main weapons sold were things like swords as spears, but there was something that wasn’t sold.
Held in her hand, it was a dark device in this world, they were called shuriken in her previous world.
(The balance is bad though, huh. It’s no good if it isn’t properly forged after all?)
The art of using shuriken was one of the ancient Japanese martial arts.

Taking a detour, she left the edge of the village.
There were hundreds of horses, with each crowd making a group.
The horses were from a nearby small village, and brought here to be sold. There was a tremendous smell due to the large amount of animals.

From small ponies to farming horses, various types were sold.
Of course Ria wanted a warhorse, but at the same time it also has to have the stamina to endure the journey. There were no horses like the Thoroughbred from her previous world.
“Ojou-chan, if you want to purchase a horse your first one should be a pony.”
Though there was a horse dealer that said that, that isn’t what she needed now.
“How about this white one? It’s perfect for Ojou-chan.”
She wouldn’t decide on it just from outward appearance.
“I want one about two to three years old, with completed training.”
“If that’s so then over here~”
Understanding that she had a discerning eye, the man took her to a corner. There were about twenty horses, all colts.

Ria stealthily used the magic Identify here.
She looked for one with sturdy endurance, and above all a clever one. Each one was looked at carefully.
There was a horse with a bent leg. It was thin as well. However, what Ria saw was the horse’s eyes.

Then she found it. A horse with clear and resolute eyes.

It’s fur was fawn colored. It’s shape was short and stout so it had good balance, but it’s appearance wasn’t noteworthy.
“That one is pretty good. It’s not fast but can run a long distance and is docile, perfect for a girl. It’s finished its training too; it’s patient and clever. However, it’s fond of cleanliness. If you don’t wash the feed bucket thoroughly, it won’t eat the fodder.”
Even saying it’s weak points, the man was probably an upright merchant. Thinking that consent needs confidence first.
“Two years old?”
“Yeah. The price is a little high, seven gold coins.”
Ria decided to purchase it without negotiating with him. However, she had to confirm something before buying it.
“You, can I ride you?”
Ria met eyes with the horse. After a while, the horse nodded slowly.
“I’ll buy him. I also request a complete harness set.”

And so, until Lulu and Carlos catch up, Ria decided to go horse riding.


“Hmm, this guy was seven gold coins? Well, it does seem to be strong…”
Carlos’ voice was stingy. When viewed by the eyes of a knight, this horse would appear to be very mediocre. Even if you take into consideration it being two years old, it’s physique wasn’t that good.
However, Lulu understood. After all, she can also use the magic Identify.
“Double the average vitality… three times the endurance, and twice the stamina. In addition the muscle strength is also quite considerable, and mental resistance is beyond the average human.”
“Huh!? Is this even a horse!?”
Ria was harnessing the horse while singing and humming. Her mood was even better than when compared to maintaining her favorite sword.
“The qualities of a better horse than even Reyas-sama’s. Or rather, it’s wisdom is higher than a human… it’s two years old?”
“Ehh~!? I-it’s even smarter than me!?”
Although Carlos-kun isn’t stupid, he isn’t wise. At least in ability value.
“It’s even higher than me. Only a little lower than the princess.”
“Ehh~~~!!! The princess’ wisdom is that high!? You’re kidding!?”
Although Ria’s gaze became cold at his surprised reaction, the horse neighed and her mood recovered.
“Ria has high wisdom. However… this was also true for Master Rufus, but just because of higher wisdom, that doesn’t mean it is clever in daily life.”
In a very restrained manner, Lulu criticized her teacher.
“I’m aware that I’m a fool. A human that understands that they are a fool is more wise than an unskilled human who thinks they are wise.”
It’s called [Wisdom of one’s own ignorance].
“You are wise… Because you are too wise and don’t know your limits, it’s troubling…”
Lulu muttered with a tone of resignation.

“Oh, well, at any rate it’s nice to meet you. This guy is Johnny, my favorite horse. Err.. Ojou, have you named this colt?”
Ria, who had been stroking its mane, stopped and thought for a moment.
“Orpheus… was kind of stupid… Rudolf also had a temper problem… Brian was timid…”
Ria muttered as she gradually recollected, going through memories of her previous life. After long, she arrived at a name that had a meaning unknown to humans of this world.
“I decided! Your name is Matsukaze!” [TN: Reference that I don’t get. ]

This was the birth of the famous horse, Matsukaze.


Chapter 10 — ‘Boy Magician


A girl’s laughter resounded in the hilly area. Following her was a swift horse clad in supple muscle.
“Hey hey, try to catch up.”
When she occasionally stopped, she would dodge under the tip of the horse’s nose.

“She’s seriously running a race against horse, that Ojou-san.”
“Without even using magic too.”

Despite being two years old, its running ability has already considerably bloomed.
Even so it still wasn’t able to catch up to Ria. How many hours have they been running together?

“Rather, that the horse could keep running is more incredible.”
“Is it really a horse? We didn’t make a mistake that it isn’t a unicorn with a broken horn?”
“Since unicorns seem to die if their horns break, I don’t think it is…”

When Ria played with Matsukaze, her mental age obviously seemed to fall.
“Ojou can also make that kind of face, huh.”
“Like when she was at Master Rufus’ house, or outside of the castle walls.”

The party crossed the hills at a steady pace, gradually going towards the main road where trees were dense.
According to the trader’s stories, the amount of demons streaming down from the north was multiplying. Normally they would go with a caravan, but at any rate they had Ria.
The pace they could go was faster, and judged that it wasn’t dangerous.

Going ahead of the rest, Ria and Matsukaze went side by side to the main path.
Having a wild sense of hearing, Matsukaze noticed something.
Matsukaze snorted roughly. After that, Ria also noticed.
From the path in the forest. Out of view, there were footsteps far ahead of them.
“Matsukaze, go back to those two.”
Saying so, Ria ran like a gale.


She saw the figure of a person far ahead of her on the path.
Running after a small kid, it was obviously a monster. It was an Orc-san that she would completely beat to death.

The kid fled from the orc by changing their pace in a juke, sometimes looking like they threw something over their shoulder.
(A magician?)
With their unusual movement’s speed, if that’s the case I could understand it. However, even though she was looking from afar, she understood from their facial expression that they were exhausted and didn’t have much time.

However, luck was on the kid’s side today.
“Do your best! Just a little more!”
Calling out, the kid seemed to notice her. The unusual speed continued, but now ran frantically in her direction.

Drawing the katana from her waist with her hand, she ran past the kid’s side.
The magnificently built orc held a club. He brandished it towards Ria.
However before he could swing it downward, Ria ran the katana through the orc’s flank.

It cut through the red muscle fibers, from there entering the orc’s organs. It didn’t die yet, but was unable to fight.

Ria faced the next orc. The movement of the orcs weren’t controlled at all, easy targets.
She cut its legs before it attacked. After that, its neck was also cut.
Neither should have been fatal wounds. At any rate they should have lost the ability to chase after the kid.

Ten or more orcs were made powerless by each stroke of her sword. The only one left in the end was an orc with a slightly bigger physique.

An individual named High Orc or Orc Leader. Even if this orc had better abilities than the usual orc, Ria didn’t change her relaxed posture.

“A ton of grease sticks to this orc, I don’t like this one.”
Looking at her blade, she averted her gaze from the orc. Having combat intuition, the orc judged it as an opening.
However, it didn’t have enough experience to understand it was just a temptation.

Although the orc quickly swung its club, there was no feedback. Ria only moved back a few millimeters, silently piercing through the orc’s neck with her katana.
Even if orcs had high vitality, they couldn’t live with their nerves severed.
To the orcs laying and groaning on the ground, she had the easy job of granting them swift deaths.


“T, thank you Nee-chan.”
The kid that was still breathing heavily called out. About ten years old. His looks were well-ordered and intelligent.
“Oh, it’s good you’re safe. Other than that…”
Ria looked ahead, from where the kid came from, ten or more fallen orcs had received fatal attacks.
“Those aren’t from a weapon. You’re a magician?”
That obviously fast pace was almost definitely granted by magic.
“Yeah. Because orcs began to build their nest near the village, I tried to get rid of them. However, I was a bit optomistic.”
The kid stared at her fixedly. Even though the kid was lovely, the look in their eyes was different.
“Is Nee-chan also… a magician?”
If Ria were also a magician, they’d be able to sense her magic power. However, other than body enhancements from before she reached the battlefield, she didn’t use magic at all.
Fighting in hand-to-hand combat in a battle was one of Ria’s bad habits.
“A magic swordsman. Though I say that, I use a katana.”
Wiping the grease from the blade until it was clean, she confirmed the blade wasn’t broken off.
“Be that as it may you still fought them. To fight so many orcs at that age.”

While they talked, Lulu and Carlos finally arrived leading Matsukaze.
“Wow~. Ojou, even if your opponent is an orc, could you please fight a bit more carefully.”
“It couldn’t be helped. Since I was helping someone.”
“You are Nee-chan’s comrades? She saved me. I’m Serge. I live in the village nearby.”
“I’m Ria. That is Carlos, and the one holding the wand is Lulu.”
Seeing Lulu after she took off her hood, Serge let out a cheer.
“Elf! Amazing! I saw one for the first time! Yay~, fantasy~!”
He’s surprised to that extent? Ria gazed at the traces of battle while smiling bitterly.
“However, it’s troublesome to clean this place up. Should I char it with fire magic and scatter it in the forest?”
“Oh, it’s fine. Leave it to me.”
Saying so, Serge muttered and put his hand on an orc’s dead body.

After a moment, the corpse completely vanished.
Ria unintentionally let out a voice. But Lulu’s surprise didn’t stop there.
“N, no way, space-time magic!?”
The highest difficulty magic, a boy in the countryside used it. It was unbelievable for Lulu.
With a boastful face, Serge took care of the corpses. All in all it only took a few minutes.
“I buried then in a corner of the village to become fertalizer. Nee-chan, could you give me a lift to the village? Since I used acceleration magic a bit too much, my magic power is exhausted.”
Serge asked Ria as Lulu muttered to herself, “How could space-time magic…”
“Yeah, that’s fine. Matsukaze, give this kid a ride.”
Matsukaze nodded with a whinny.
However, it was Serge’s turn to have a startled face.
“Yeah, that’s this kid’s name. How is it, a good horse yeah?”

However, Serge’s eyes opened wide, lips trembling with excitement.

[Possibly, are you a reincarnated person?]
Those words spun from his lips.
It was obviously in Japanese.

Chapter 11 — ‘Two Reincarnated People


On Matsukaze’s back, Ria talked with Serge in a low voice.
“I didn’t think that a reincarnated person would save me. Do you also have a Gift that blocks Identify?”
Serge smoothly exposed that he used Identify.
“Yeah. From what I heard even with a perfect Identify, they can’t see my status.”
When Ria lived in the imperial capital she knew of multiple reincarnated people, but avoided them.
That is, this life is her new life. If she were a slave to her previous life the way she’d think would be different, and more pragmatically there was no merit to be concerned about it.
The other reincarnated people only faintly recalled memories of their previous life. Although having knowledge of another world, for instance the scientific field, could gain someone considerable achievements, according to Rufus there would have to be a person with exact memories of it.

However, this boy seemed different.
“Even after reincarnating with great pain, without a Gift related to memories, it seems that you’ll forget most of it as a baby.”
“That’s news to me.”
He said it plainly. Memories would be broken at birth.
“What~? But Ria-san clearly remembers?”
“I don’t know if it’s a Gift related to memory, but I have various gifts including Dragon’s Bloodline. It’s probably because of that.”
“Dragon’s Bloodline? That Gift sounds kind’ve cool. How many points was it?”
“One thousand points.”
“It was one thousand points. By the way, similar ones were like Demigod and Egg of the Overlord… they cost about the same.”
“Eeh-! Eeeeeh!? One thousand!? I had two hundred points that they said it was a considerable amount, just what did you do in your last life!? Mass murder!?”

The two who were following them had questioning faces on while looking at the boy shouting in a cryptic language.
“Lulu-san, what are they saying?”
“Since my specialty isn’t ancient languages, I…”
Lulu wasn’t able to distinguish Japanese from an ancient language.

“That’s bad to say about someone. The goddess definitely said that the strength of my soul was high, and gave me a lot of points for helping other people.”
“Eeeh~, still, the points were increased? As for me, by chance I stabbed a serial killer and we both died.”
In that case, it’s both amazing and terrible.
“Because of that I was able to get Gifts: one hundred for Magic Talent, fifty for Identify, thirty for Suited for Space-Time Magic, ten for Disease Resistance, ten for Poison Resistance, ten for Memory Sorting, five for Appearance, and after many questions it totaled up to two hundred twenty-two points.”
“Is Identify that needed? Couldn’t you learn it easily with magic?”
“Although the magic for Identify becomes ineffective if the other person has resistance to it, unless the person has Read Resistance my Identify will work. That aside, what else does Ria-san have?”
Serge asked excitedly. Ria responded a little embarrassed.
“Only Dragon’s Bloodline and Self Check. After that I raised ability scores.”
Serge’s mouth opened wide. With an amazed expression, signs of understanding appeared.
“By any chance, is Ria-san the type that doesn’t play games? Or read light novels?”
“I played up to Dragon Quest II. As for books… I liked the author Futaro Yamada.” [TN: Futaro Yamada, awarded for a prize by a magazine for writing mystery novels.]
For those aiming to fight in the way of the ninja’s practical strength and traditional martial arts, Ria would stand at the top.

After that the two reminisced about their previous lived. Surprisingly, Serge died at the youthful age of twenty.
Since he had an abundance of knowledge from gaming and the internet, it seems he challenged this reincarnation considerably different.
Rather than Gifts for close combat, he wanted the romantic Magic Talent.
Thinking about infant mortality rates, he picked up Poison Resistance and Disease Resistance.
“Identify and Item Box are indispensable skills according to novels with reincarnation. That’s why I picked up Identify first, and got Time-Space Magic to be able to make an Item Box.”
He did indeed know a lot about the subject. A huge difference when compared to Ria, who chose on instinct.
Compared to the fixed space in the magic bag that Ria and Lulu have, the limit of his Item Box depends on the amount of magic he has. Additionally, time doesn’t pass for the stored item. Considerably better performance.
“There are many stereotypical ones, like being able to get Skills after getting more points, taking away others’ Skills, or even producing weapons you can picture.”
“The ability to make weapons you imagine sounds good. Like a machine gun or nuke, or even sci-fi tech.”
“However, there are a lot of monsters that things at the level of a machine gun would be ineffective against, and there’s even a magic at the level of a nuclear missile.”
“Well, I preferred katanas in my past life. If I could make something from imagining it, I’ve carefully looked at Masamune and Muramasa.”
“Ria-san is a katana type hero? Well, even I yearn for Japanese swords too.”
“In my previous life, I once cut off an arm though.”
Serge put on a difficult expression. She understood how he felt.
“It’s ancient Japanese martial arts. I practiced the sword and decided to have a genuine duel. Because they didn’t want us to kill each other, the observer stopped us when my opponent lost an arm.”
“Speaking of taking someone’s life. How should I put it… even though were able to easily kill those orcs, you aren’t even twenty yet?”
“I’m thirteen. I killed a goblin for the first time at ten.”
Death was familiar in this world. In the first place, you have to prepare meat yourself, so the taboo of cruelty wasn’t equal here.
Still, people at the same age as Ria couldn’t compare with her killing calendar. She was able to treat goblins and orcs as pests, so there was no question about it.

Continuing that kind of a conversation, the group arrived at Serge’s village.


By the way, after being able to talk with Lulu for a long time, Carlos was happy.


The exchange was very simple.
An orc corpse was taken out in front of the village’s Mayor, and were buried by the villagers along the outskirts of town. They’ll be excellent fertilizer for years to come.
Although Serge was praised, his parents scolded him severely. It should be said that he tried to keep a calm expression on.
Anyway, Carlos met with a knight and came to know of it, so he negotiated with the parents.

Serge wanted to join the travelling party.

When the person himself asked, Ria accepted.
Though Lulu and Carlos were opposed at first, because they saw Serge’s magic they understood that he had war potential. Still, their reason for being apprehensive is that he was too young.
“Speaking of ten years old, I’d already attacked a goblin village.”
“Please don’t compare someone to you.”
But Ria insisted firmly. The millennium was looming in the background, approaching.
Due to the danger for mankind, people who seem like they could become war potentials they should be trained as much as possible.
Saying that our destination is the labyrinth city, the two were persuaded at last. If it’s there, it’s probably the best place to safely raise levels.

Negotiations with Serge’s parents promptly came to a close.
Carlos, an aristocrat of the Casalia Kingdom, wanted me to take him as an attendant. Additionally, Serge wanted that as well, and the village magician who had become his master supported the idea as well.
She had nothing to teach Serge anymore. With the old magician saying that, Serge attracted cheers from the children of the village.

The party left the village on the next day.


“Speaking of which, didn’t Nee-chan say she’s a Casalian aristocrat?”
“I didn’t say that. I’m royalty. Though my father is the king, my mother isn’t even a concubine, so I have no rights to the throne.”
“Oh… what a cheat…”

The donkey and horses’ backs swayed, and the party set their sights on the labyrinth city. Between them and their destination stretched a land where no humans lived.
Entering the domain of demi-humans and beastkin, they began to feel excited.

Chapter 12 —Ogre Village


Labyrinth City Shashmeer. Located in the northwest part of the continent, it went by the name of its attached labyrinth. In fact, you could say that the city developed from the labyrinth.
It was discovered around a thousand years ago. Furthermore in the northwest, although this dark labyrinth was called the most brutal on the continent, there weren’t any cities or ruins that stood out in particular nearby. Nevertheless, a lot of people visited Shashmeer. Why?
It’s because of the characteristic that only Shashmeer’s Labyrinth has in the entire continent.
Definitely the immortal dungeon, it is also called the Trial Labyrinth. You cannot die in it.
A person that should have died would be teleported outside the dungeon.
Although there are various other features as well, this one factor gathered explorers who had no other example to study.

Surrounding an open air fire, it was night and the party was a few days from the city.
“What does Nee-chan want to do? Level up? Get treasure? Get a wish granted?”
Even Serge knew about it. For the person who reaches the last part of the labyrinth, among the vast riches you can obtain, it’s said that you can have a wish granted.
However, with Ria’s personality, she probably just wanted to fight strong people.
Even Lulu hasn’t said her purpose. She followed partly involuntarily. I’ll wait until she talks about it on her own.
“Well, all of that’s right… but as expected, it appears that you can have a wish granted.”
She wanted to become a man again. Or at least a method to do so. This was Ria’s wish ever since being born.
However, she couldn’t say it.

“Is there anything Ria wants to wish for? I’d rather put in the effort to become strong myself.”
Even to Lulu, who she’d known the longest, she hadn’t said it. Only to Agatha and Rufus had she asked if there was a magic to become a man.
“If it’s Ojou, she would probably want amazing weapons right?”
The katana collecting maniac Ria, every knight knew of her.
“It’s a secret. If it comes true, you’ll naturally find out. Besides, there seems to be wishes that can’t be granted.”
Despite it being safe to die in the labyrinth, there’s a legend of someone that didn’t revive from being dead.

“Since we’ll ask around when we get there, we’ll think about the capture in detail when we get to town. Until then… only up to a group of six people can enter huh? That’s a problem, since Serge joined us we have seven now.”
Everyone exchanged glances. Seeing their puzzled faces, Ria’s head tilted to the side.
Although Serge served as the one to ask, how to ask was the problem.
“Nee-chan, do you know how to count? There are just four people here you know? Four is lower than six you know?”
“You… what do you think I am? There’s no way we could leave the horses right?”
“Eh? What ‘eh’?”
Carlos served as the one to ask this time and answered.
“Ojou, horses aren’t usually taken into the labyrinth. You entrust them to an inn.”
To the person that stopped playing at Dragon Quest III, it was unexpected.


Quickly crossing the national borders after half a month, Ria felt just how secure of a country Casalia Kingdom is.
Of course, there were still thieves in the frontier, and demons were scattered about prowling the forests. They could easily be avoided though. However, when leaving Casalia, the amount of unpaved road increases and the danger of camping out also increased.
With the Sleep Reduction Gift, it was like Ria got the short end of the stick.
“Since there’s a big village tomorrow, get some rest.”
Serge knew detailed information about the geography around here.
“Though there’s no need for us to go there. It’s an ogre village.”
“Ogres huh? Sounds fun.”
Ria’s fighting instinct was stimulated.
After all, ogres were demi-humans that were once involved with demons. A long time ago they were called man-eating oni.
Making them surrender, as well as educating them of the human race’s culture, was Ria’s ancestor Leyte Anaia. That happened nearly one thousand years ago.
Ogres have been allies of Casalia since then, and in reality were preventing demons invading from the north.
Although they had warlike dispositions, their good point is that they’ve kept to the agreement.

“At any rate, there are a lot of demi-humans huh. Like dwarfs and halflings, don’t they account for more than half of the population?”
In the village that Serge lived in as well, there were some dwarf, beastkin, and halfling families.
“It’s because there are a lot of forested and mountainous areas. There should also be an elf village too.”
“Then is Lulu’s father from this place too?”
“No, my father is from the Oomori Woods.”
The Oomori Woods refers to the vast forest to the northeast part of the continent, it’s said that there are elf villages deep within its interior.
“According to what I’ve been told, it seems that Grand Elder Corfus is my ancestor.”
“Wow, isn’t that one of the legendary great heroes?”
Serge became excited and shouted. Although it was a person from two thousand years ago, that’s probably just recently for an elf.
“If you’re talking about that, my ancestors include the Saint Emperor Ryuke Shifaka, the Militant Emperor Ryuke Riana, and Founder Leyte Anaia.”
In short, if you trace back one’s ancestry far enough, there’s bound to be some celebrities.
“Rather than a celebrity’s descendant, I think a person that can use space-time magic to be much more valuable. Since I didn’t have aptitude for it at all.”
“I’ll teach you. But in exchange Lulu has to teach me some things I want.”
“Oh! Lulu-san! If that’s how it is I want to teach you too! If it’s a knight, they have to know healing magic!”
For some reason, the elf lover competed against the child.


“Wow~, it’s so big~”
Ria easily let out a gentle voice.
As scheduled, the group arrived at the ogre village.

Even if it’s called a village, there’s about two thousand people living in it. And above all, it’s huge.
Not just that the village is big, but the buildings are. Big ogres walked the streets.
Their average heights exceeded two meters. Additionally, the female ogres had big boobs.
“I wonder if there’s public baths~”
Ria unconsciously muttered such a thing. Lulu understood what she was thinking about and sighed.
“First of all, we should find an inn. Is that place one?”
There was a building ahead of the party that seemed to be an inn combined with a dining area.
However, the door suddenly blew off, and an ogre with a large build rolled out.
“Oooh~, cool. The ogre country is a fighting country.”
Serge leisurely muttered from behind Ria. She jumped down from her horse and excitedly tried to get a better view.

Another ogre appeared from the inn’s broken entrance. It seemed to be a smaller ogre. Still, it was two heads taller than Ria.
The ogre that had been blown away stood up and pounced at the smaller one with a roar.
Then a brawl began.

Punch, kick. Punch, kick.
A simple slug fest, but the force was incredible. The surrounding spectators even let out irresponsible jeering.
No one moved to stop them, either. Even other ogres didn’t step in.

However, the fight didn’t last that long.
The smaller ogre quickly rotated, punching a dozen times and overwhelming the larger ogre.
(Looks like Mike Tyson.)
Although Ria was admiring the show, the fight was already almost complete.
The big ogre lost his fighting spirit and seemed to be about to collapse at any moment.
However, the smaller ogre wouldn’t let him. Thrusting at the ogre that was falling forward, he raised him up, not allowing him to fall.
“He~y, isn’t it fine already~”
Even though Ria reluctantly called out because no one stopped them, the smaller ogre didn’t stop.
The surrounding people had probably noticed it as well, but they didn’t try to stop them. They probably won’t stop them.

It can’t be helped, Ria thought.

If no one stops them, I have no choice but to, Ria thought.

With there really being no other choice but to stop them, with a delighted look, Ria stepped in to stop it.


By slender hands, the ogre’s fist was stopped.

The moment he tried to pull his fist back, at that instant an extreme amount of strength stopped him.

The ogre wore an expression of astonishment. He extended his other arm to separate Ria from him.
When he went to grasp her with his other hand his gripped hand was let go and he lost his balance, stumbling forward.
Gripping the opponent’s right hand with both of his, just like that he was thrown with all her strength in a one-armed shoulder throw.

A heavy noise sounded out as the ogre was thrown to the ground with a thud.
The person who was thrown didn’t understand what had happened. How was he uninjured after being thrown like that.
“Has your head cooled down?”
Although she asked gently, she didn’t relax her guard. There was a possibility that he would attack after losing his temper here.
Because she didn’t injure him at all.

However, the situation didn’t go how Ria thought it would.

The ogre jumped up and lowered his head, shouting in a comparatively high voice.
“Anego, please make me your disciple!”

Ogre Gig.
Currently, twelve years old.

Chapter 13 — ‘Ogre King’


“How did this happen…”
Carlos was at his wit’s end.
Unusually, even Lulu had tender feelings toward him. So she put her hand on his shoulder and called to him.
“Give it up. If you’re going to follow Ria, you have to get accustomed to things like this.”
Sighing, Carlos looked forward.
This is the large plaza of Ogre Village. In the center was two people surrounded by a large crowd watching them.

One is an ogre amongst ogres, the Ogre King. Holding a huge warhammer in his hand.

The other person, the girl who was the one Carlos was originally meant to protect, was Ria. Here she wore a katana, but only one of them. She’d even taken off her leather armor, and was lightly dressed.

Just how did this happen?
While rubbing the middle of his forehead, Carlos recalled a memory from two days ago.


Even if that was said so suddenly, the ogre took the party into the eatery.
Then, when hearing the small ogre’s name, Ria’s response focused on the other thing.
“But I’m not old enough to be called Anego…”
“Oh, sorry. Since it’s hard to tell human age, I thought you were an adult.”
Though Ogre Gig obediently apologizing was superb, hearing that he was still twelve year old was surprising.
The opponent that he fought and beat seemed to be an adult ogre.

“If you’re that strong at your age, isn’t that enough?”
“But isn’t Anego stronger?”
It seems I’m settled as Anego after all.

Is strength needed to live here? When I asked, he explained the situation.

Ogre families prioritize strength, with the strongest becoming the patriarch. The current patriarch is Gig’s grandfather, though there were tens of thousands of ogres nearby, slowly aging is still aging, and he said that he wanted to choose his successor.
Proof of being the strongest warrior was an ogre’s pride, and naturally Gig also aimed for that. However, I understood from watching him fight his opponent that there were no longer any opponents left for him in this village.
When I asked why his grandfather, the Ogre King, wouldn’t train him, I heard that for the sake of impartiality he wouldn’t do so for anyone; not even relatives.
“Even if you say that, we’re in the middle of a trip.”
“Then take me too! Anyways, the selection isn’t for another three years. I want to catch up to him even a little by then!”
When Ria was racking her brain trying to find a way to decline, Serge pulled a bit on her sleeve.
“Nee-chan, let’s make this guy a comrade.”
Since he whispered, I replied in a low voice as well.
“Oi oi, isn’t he still twelve? I’d think joining us on a journey would be dangerous.”
“I used Identify on him though, he’s pretty strong. His ability scores were all high and his skill in Fist-fighting and Boxing were level 6. He has a few others too.”
Given that level 5 was already first rate, level 6 was incredible. Even so, he wasn’t a reincarnated person like Ria or Serge.
By the way, Ria rarely uses Identify. She roughly knows their strength by their demeanor even without using it.
“Maybe if you look at his war potential, but that he’s still a child…”
“Well, I wonder how old ogre adults are…?”
That’s the problem. In Serge’s case, ignoring his appearance he was a thirty year old. So even Ria didn’t have much opposition to it.
“You know Gig, Nee-chan is worried about your age. She said that leaving home at twelve was too early.”
Serge advanced the conversation on his own. Gig bared his fangs and laughed.
“Ogres are adults when they are able to hunt. Age doesn’t matter.”
“See, Nee-chan? Those two want another comrade too, isn’t it fine?”
Serge smiled triumphantly, but Lulu and Carlos felt uneasy. It was no wonder. Ogres used to be hostile against humanity, and even now are seen as warlike.
Still, they left the decision to Ria.
“For now, let’s consult with your family. I’ll be here until noon tomorrow.”
Ria said that with a persuasive tone.


Being in a bed for the first time in a while, Ria slept completely at ease.
Even so, she still woke before sunrise. Swinging her katana in the inn’s courtyard, Carlos soon woke up and joined her as well.
Incidentally, Lulu was the worst member for being up in the morning. As a habit from when she worked as Rufus’ assistant, she would unintentionally indulge in inactivity until the sun rose.

When I ate breakfast in the eatery on the first floor, early travelers left the inn. Wondering what would happen until the arrangement at noon, I became bored.
Only Lulu did actual work. A street healer.
Although ogres are a race with a superior body, other than for exceptionally rare cases they can’t use magic.
Including the adult ogre Gig made foam at the mouth yesterday, and slightly injured and ill ogres, she diagnosed them.

“If it’s simple healing magic, we can also use it.”
Saying so, Serge also wanted to help Lulu. For the purpose of curing diseases and invigorating people, he studied detoxification magic.
Normally, a village magician would normally stick to learning magic that is useful for everyday life. Serge, however, was inclined towards battle-oriented magic. Like the magic when I met him, the space-time beheading magic, it seems that he’s able to cut down enemies with space itself.

“Me teaching someone magic, it’s a strange feeling.”
Even though Lulu favored Serge, Ria knew that he was actually an old man so she restrained it.
When she is off guard, Serge would skillfully cling to Lulu’s breasts. Definitely an adversary of Ria and Carlos.

By the way, last night Ria was in the same room as Lulu and ogled her as she wiped down her body.


When the sun was high in the sky, Gig finally came to the inn. However, he had on a perplexed expression.
“What happened? Was it useless after all?”

Gig shook his head and looked at Ria.
“Jii-chan said ‘if they’re strong I want to fight them’…”
It was a development that Ria didn’t expect.
But she did hope for it. Rather, she wanted to ask for this to happen.

Ogres were much stronger than humans. And the strongest of them was called the king.

Her blood was boiling. The ends of her lips spontaneously lifted into the shape of a smile.

“By all means, please. Show me the way.”


Located at a place considerably far north of the village’s center, there was a big stone house.
It wasn’t something like a noble’s residence. It was more like the size of her parent’s house in Anise.
In a room that was not adorned at all, there was a man.

A tall man. Although he still wasn’t three meters tall, it was definitely such a huge figure that there weren’t any like him in her previous life.
As for the amount of muscle, there was proportionally more. His wrist was thicker than Ria’s waist.

“Sorry for the summon, Ojou-san.”
His voice was profound, yet hearing it left a good feeling. If he sang, it would be a very good singing voice.

“I don’t mind, Chief. Good to meet you, I’m called Riana Crystal.”
“Hmph, calling me Chief is good. When I took this position, I lost the name I was called. Well, though it pains me to immediately do this…”

At that moment, the pressure in the air changed.

A coercion skill, the moment she decided that, Ria drew out the strength of her entire body. Like the way willow is blown by the wind, she warded off the pressure.
Behind her, Gig fell on his bottom. No wonder, the feeling of coercion that was like a fierce and wild animal could leave you unable to stand up. It was even more terrifying than an earth dragon.

Just by giving off his intimidation, Ria only knew one other person like this. The now-deceased Rufus.
When that old magician used his magic to attack seriously, I remembered feeling the same as this. North of the royal capital, he exterminated thousands of wyverns when there was an outbreak.

“Indeed, you do have tremendous power. Though don’t know what kind of blessing you received…”
The chief smiled. It was like the smile of a beast.

“Shall we?”
“Let’s do it.”

Ria had the same smile on.

Chapter 14 —Scene of Carnage


When I told everyone that I was going to fight the Ogre King, everyone reacted.

“Huh? How did something like that happen!?”
Carlos had the most direct response.

“Ah, well, it is Ria.”
Lulu gave up.

“Yeah yeah, template template!” [TN: Template is something Japanese people say like how we say stereotypical fantasy things (and games, etc). Like elves HAVING to live in the forest and stuff like that.]
Serge was saying something that I didn’t understand the meaning of.


“Still, Nee-chan really likes to fight huh. Weren’t you born with a tail?”
“It wasn’t there when I was born, but it may grow here soon.”
Though if it did grow, it would be a lizard’s tail, not a monkey’s.

The rules are anything goes. Fainting, surrendering, death, or if you can’t stand up in a ten count you would lose. It was a dangerous decision. To the point that there were no observers, it was more ill-natured than a duel.
“Am I in charge of healing again…?”
“It’s different from when I fought Reyas this time. I might die.”
“No no no, I’d be troubled if you died!”
Carlos seriously tried to stop her, but Ria wouldn’t stop.

“No no no, that’s seriously dangerous Nee-chan.”
Saying that she would fight in the plaza, Serge also realized it.
Ogre King-san. Using Identify on him, he saw it.


Level 125.


By the way, Carlos is level 35, Lulu 32, and Serge 25.

“Levels aren’t everything.”
“No no no, you know, if it were a difference of 5 or 10 you could say that. But even his Skills are ridiculous you know?”


Heavy Weapons level 9.


“I see. Level 9 huh…”
“After Body Strengthening, Bone Strengthening, Herculean Strength, Intimidation, Roar, Robust Health, Strong body as well as all kinds of resistances, including high magic resistance, and also clearly having various fighting skills, doesn’t he have the strength of a last boss class? If it were all of us we might somehow mana, but for your level?”
“I look forward to it.”
Ria smiled. It was a smile from the bottom of her heart.
What was fun about fighting weaklings? As for fighting with the chances against you, wouldn’t you want to fight seriously?
She was serious.


The crowed clamored. Leaving her leather armor and short sword with Lulu, as well as her magic bag since she would be troubled if it were to rip, Ria went to the center of the large plaza.

Already finished with his preparations, the Ogre King carried his weapon on his shoulder.

The Ogre King drew in a breath.

(I’m coming!)
A roar that shook the air emanated from the Ogre King.
More than half of the onlookers that came to watch fell out of fear, half of them fainting.

In an instant, Ria closed the distance. The Ogre King’s face warped in astonishment.
He didn’t sense her approach. No, he’d never seen movements like that.

It was an original way of walking martial art, something that you couldn’t sense start.
And without stopping, Quick Draw.

There was an intense metallic sound.
Both separated instantaneously.
The spectators couldn’t understand what happened.

The Ogre King’s warhammer fell down, damaged.

However, Ria’s katana was also chipped.
Even though she’d used her best katana just in case, she wasn’t able to perfectly cut through the thick metal lump.
She thought that she would be able to cut through the handle, but the Ogre King didn’t allow it. He defended with the thickest part.

Without hesitating, Ria swung her katana. The Ogre King intercepted it.

A continuous crashing could be heard.
Ria’s katana couldn’t be seen. However, the Ogre King stopped all of the attacks.
He swung the warhammer.
She dodged. Her clothes torn by her shoulder being just barely grazed.

(If only I had Nagasone Kotetsu.)
If it were that Japanese sword, it could cut through any lump of metal. If that were reinforced with this world’s magic, this would be over.
However, there were no Japanese swords in this world. There were something close, but the steel was different. Having said that, the strength of mithril katanas still wasn’t enough.

After preparing our weapons, the match started. I have no choice but to fight with what I have now. That’s the truth.

She opened the distance between them. It had finished before even a breath. However, in this short bout of offense and defense, her magic power and endurance were entirely diminished.
“You’re an interesting human. Of the times I’ve had enjoyment in my life, you’re the second since that man.”
“That man?”
I adjusted my breath, and in order to recover a bit, I spoke.
“A human man. He had considerable skill in the sword and magic. Of the two times I’ve lost in my life, one was to that human.”
I was amazed to learn that there’s a human that could beat this monster.
“What’s this person’s name?”
“I introduced himself as Ars. Since he’s in Krasli Kingdom, if you’re still alive when we finish this fight, you should go meet him.”
With that, the Ogre King grinned.
“Have you recovered?”
Ria’s High Speed Recovery skill helping her endurance and magic power was noticed.
“You’re pretty calm.”
“No, I’m just enjoying myself. Still, I have a trump card you know?”
“Then, how about… this!”

She drew closer.
And again, the repeated their bout of offense and defense.

Ria was just barely able to dodge, and there was just a small wound on the Ogre King’s skin.
The warhammer was slightly chipped from the first attack. This slight error in its balance impeded the exchange between him and his opponent.
Even so, she couldn’t land the decisive blow. Even if she cut a bit of skin, it was of no concern given ogres’ vitality.

And each time she exchanged blows with the Ogre King, the stamina of Ria’s katana decreased.


“How the heck is this happening? Ria is winning?”
Lulu wasn’t able to see the exchange of blows between the two. Even for Carlos, who’d trained in the sword and was better than the average person, it was the same.
“I think they’re even. However, using it like that, the katana is probably going to break.”
“You can see them?”
“I used acceleration magic on my eyes.”
Serge said so proudly, though the situation was bad.
In spite of narrowing the acceleration to his senses, the best he could do was follow the battle.
Compared to warhammers that smash to kill, katanas make use of slashes. Of course metal rods can be used to could exchange blows, but a blade will be crushed. Serge had such useless knowledge.


Of course, Ria also understood this.
Even if you ward it off with the side of the blade, avoiding it from hitting the edge of the blade, it would undoubtedly break sooner or later. The katana would become unusable.

She looked for a way out of the situation.
Magic? Useless. With the degree that Ria could use offensive magic, she had already used too much magic on body reinforcement.

If that’s the case, there’s no choice but to do it.

Forcing the katana’s trajectory, she drove it into the warhammer’s shaft.
With a clear sound, the sword broke.
The Ogre King brandished his warhammer, and she barely dodged it. There was a crater in the ground from the force of the impact, and the warhammer broke from its hilt.

The katana broke from halfway down. The Ogre King lost his weapon.
Aiming his right fist at Ria’s face, the Ogre King swung. The katana was light from being broken, and she swung to sever his hand.
Though the katana’s blade had been crushed, it still reached the Ogre King’s bones.
But the fist didn’t stop. The trajectory was shifted, but it hit Ria’s left shoulder.

The joint was disconnected, and bones were smashed.

The shock blew her away twenty or so meters. She lost her grip on the katana.

She was saved since she was thrown into the spectators. Ogres’ muscles were perfectly good cushions.

Even though I have pain tolerance, painful is painful. While healing myself with magic, I returned to the plaza.
The Ogre King easily pulled out the stuck katana and pulled up his fists vigilantly.

With that injury, he should be more or less restricted to his right hand.
Though Ria’s left arm wouldn’t move either. When the bones were smashed so messily, it wouldn’t be recovered by a simple heal.
“You damaged my strengthened body.”
“I strengthened my weapon with magic.”
When used against Reyas it could sever an arm through armor, but didn’t work on the Ogre King.

“Lulu! Katana!”
A human isn’t a match for an ogre without a weapon. Lulu threw the short sword she was looking after to Ria.
But the Ogre King wouldn’t stay silent seeing the opening.

Ria extended her hand to the air. Aiming at her, the Ogre King swung his left fist.


However, that was Ria’s plan.

The Ogre King who took a big swing was full of openings.
Without even looking at the short sword, Ria slipped into the ogre’s bosom.

(If this doesn’t work, it’s my loss!)
She stepped into his territory. There was a crater from the shock.
Pushing it out, her right palm hit against the Ogre King’s abdomen.
By using all of her strength, as well as rotating her hips, she pushed through the stubborn abdominal muscles.

First, several bones in her right leg broke from being pushed beyond their limits.

Her right arm broke. Her muscles ruptured, blood vessels exploded, and blood gushed out of her skin.

The Ogre King wasn’t moving. Ria wasn’t moving.


After several seconds, the Ogre King fell backwards.

Although Ria had serious wounds, the girl was still standing. On the contrary, moving slowly, she picked up the knife that was thrown to her with her left hand.

However, she didn’t have the spare energy to end it. She couldn’t use either arm properly. It was all she could do to drag her feet and walk.
She continued to use healing magic, but wasn’t even able to stop the blood at best.

Lulu and Gig jumped out from the spectators. Carlos and Serge also followed.

“Don’t come!”
They stopped moving at Ria’s shout.
“It hasn’t been ten seconds yet.”
If you couldn’t get up within ten seconds, it was a loss.

After counting that much, Ria fell onto her bottom.
“Lulu, please treat him. Since I damaged his internals, it would be bad to leave it alone.”
“But aren’t you seriously injured too?”
“Only on the outside. It’s not a matter or life or death.”
Saying so, Lulu went to treat the Ogre King.
So Serge came here instead.
“Nee-chan, that last thing, was it Chinese Kenpo?”
“Japanese martial arts. It’s said to go through armor. It’s a technique for messing up the opponent’s insides. Well, I couldn’t use it in my previous life though.”
With Serge’s healing, her right arm recovered.
“Oh Lulu, please heal my left shoulder. It seems to be stuck in an odd shape from my recovery.”
Closing her eyes, Ria collapsed.
In her body, she felt cells being restored rapidly. However, that further took away from her endurance.

She managed to win somehow. An unprecedented feeling of satisfaction welled up.
Noticing the shadow that suddenly appeared over her face, the Ogre King was being supported on both sides and looking over to her.

“A fine warrior.”

There was a deeply satisfied ring to the Ogre King’s voice.

It was just a fight, and moreover neither had died, so there was delight.
They could fight again.

“If we fight again, it would probably be my loss.”
“Perhaps. However, you won this time.”
He obediently admitted his defeat. They smiled at each other.

Ria’s stomach growled. For a body to regenerate, it needed food.
Gahaha, the Ogre King laughed.
“Everybody, prepare a feast! For coming across a warrior!”

Everyone was excited and shouted in joy.


Volume One: Departure Complete

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