Sex-Changed in an Alternate World

~Dragon’s Bloodline~

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A martial artist (42 years old, single) devoted himself and trained his skill with the sword and martial arts, but was involved in a large scale disaster, and saved many people before his life ended. Who would have thought that when he went to the world of the dead, a beautiful woman who introduced herself to be General Administrator would appear? He was told that it was possible to reincarnate into a world of swords and magic, and the man gained the powerful Gift [Dragon’s Bloodline]. However, he reincarnated as a woman. Furthermore, a beautiful woman. In order for him to walk down the warrior’s road to recover his symbol of being a man, he made a fresh start as a woman. Shall we go on an adventure? Let’s begin!

Volume One: The Departure
Chapter 1 – I Became Like This After Reincarnating
Chapter 2 – Mother is a Witch
Chapter 3 – A Dragon’s Evolution
Chapter 4 – Called a Princess
Chapter 5 – Half-Elf, Acquired
Chapter 6 – The Battle Preparation
Chapter 7 – The 13-Year Old’s Journey
Chapter 8 – The Fighting Skills
Chapter 9 – The Golden Horse
Chapter 10 – The Boy Magician
Chapter 11 – The Two Reincarnated People
Chapter 12 – The Ogre Village
Chapter 13 – The Ogre King
Chapter 14 – The Scene of Carnage

Volume Two: The Labyrinth City
Chapter 15 – The Labyrinth City
Chapter 16 – The Six Explorers
Chapter 17 – The First Exploration of the Labyrinth
Chapter 18 – The Steady Advance
Chapter 19 – The Devil’s Floor
Chapter 20 – The Preparation
Chapter 21 – Occupational Explorers
Chapter 22 – The Specter Knight
Chapter 23 – The Magic Creatures
Chapter 24 – The Proof of a Hero
Chapter 25 – The Final Floor
Chapter 26 – The Giant’s Attacks
Chapter 27 – The Katana That Doesn’t Break
Chapter 28 – The Labyrinth’s Garden
Chapter 29 – To the Surface
Chapter 30 – Then They Traveled Again
Chapter 31 – The Slave Hunters
Chapter 32 – The Occupational Mercenaries
Chapter 33 – The First Time Battling
Chapter 34 – The Journey

Volume Three: The Dark Labyrinth
Chapter 35 – The Crimson Swordmage
Chapter 36 – The Ladykiller
Chapter 37 – Thunder’s Fangs
Chapter 38 – The Road to the Labyrinth
Chapter 39 – The First Exploration
Chapter 40 – The Fomenting
Chapter 41 – The Prelude of Collapse
Chapter 42 – The Grand Strategy
Chapter 43 – The Pursuer
Chapter 44 – The Gatekeeper
Chapter 45 – The Dragon
Chapter 46 – The Dragon God
Chapter 47 – The One Who Fights Against God
Chapter 48 – The Conversation With a Demon
Chapter 49 – A Name to be Called
Chapter 50 – The Clear Afternoon

Volume Four: The Dragonslayer
Chapter 51 – Oujo-sama’s Depression
Chapter 52 – Secret Society [Black Cat]
Chapter 53 – The Rogue Ojou of Hell
Chapter 54 – A Red Flower Blooms
Chapter 55 – Goodbyes are Just a Part of Life
Chapter 56 – The Dwarven Race
Chapter 57 – The Dragonslayer
Chapter 58 – Carla
Chapter 59 – Black and Silver
Intermission – The Surprised Demon King-sama

Volume Five: Upheaval
Chapter 60 – Conference
Chapter 61 – Mobilization
Chapter 62 – Battle
Chapter 63 – The Queen’s Coronation
Chapter 64 – Outbreak of a Great War
Chapter 65 – Besieging
Chapter 66 – A Battle of Pursuit
Chapter 67 – Reinforcements
Chapter 68 – The Conference Isn’t Dancing
Chapter 69 – Siege Warfare
Chapter 70 – The Fortress
Chapter 71 – Her Lips
Chapter 72 – The Invasion Begins
Chapter 73 – A Large Battle
Chapter 74 – Attacking the Capital
Chapter 75 – Dealing With the Postwar Period
Chapter 76 – Homecoming
Chapter 77 – Trap
Chapter 78 – Disgrace
Chapter 79 – Rage
Chapter 80 – Vitality, Repeatedly

Volume Six: Before the Storm
Chapter 81 – The Garden
Chapter 82 – Healing
Chapter 83 – Pride of the Dwarves
Chapter 84 – The Queen’s Marriage
Chapter 85 – Hometown
Chapter 86 – The Demon King vs. The Black Cats

Volume Seven: Magic City
Chapter 87 – The Magic City
Chapter 88 – The Blazing Transfer Student
Chapter 89 – The Great Sage
Chapter 90 – The First Year
Chapter 91 – Start of the Second Year
Chapter 92 – Actual Combat
Chapter 93 – Gazing Upward
Chapter 94 – The Final Adventure
Chapter 95 – Seeking Power

Volume Eight: The Millennium
Chapter 96 – The Demons’ Invasion
Chapter 97 – Jaeburg Invaded
Chapter 98 – Delving the Dark Labyrinth Once More
Chapter 99 – Conversing With the Dark Dragon
Chapter 100 – The Demon Army’s Swift Advance
Chapter 101 – The Battle at Falsas
Chapter 102 – A Night at Manesh
Chapter 103 – A Happy Occasion and an Unlucky Affair
Chapter 104 – An Exchange
Chapter 105 – Countermeasures
Chapter 106 – The Lemdria Campaign
Chapter 107 – The Round Table Meeting
Chapter 108 – The Demon King’s Hubris
Chapter 109 – A Choice
Chapter 110 – Showdown
Chapter 111 – Dragon’s Bloodline
Chapter 112 – The Great Collapse

Volume Nine: The Great Collapse
Chapter 113 – The Demon King’s Proclamation
Chapter 114 – To the Earth…
Chapter 115 – Foolish People
Chapter 116 – Descent of the Demon King
Chapter 117 – The Beginning of the End
Chapter 118 – To The Final Battle
Chapter 119 – Twilight of the Gods
Chapter 120 – Judgement Day


189 thoughts on “Dragon’s Bloodline

    1. hola, me pregunto si me darías el permiso de traducir esta novela web al español ya que es interesante, por supuesto el credito de la traduccion al ingles seran mencionados.

          1. It’s a good thing that love isn’t non-newtonian. Other gender blends would not be a thing.

  1. I was really into it at the beginning until I read he was reincarnated as a girl…I lost all interest…. I think I’ll pass on this one. looking forward to more updates on the epic tale of the forsaken hero though!

      1. Yeah… Though I’m hoping her true love to turn out to be a guy. I just love having character fall into gender identity problem.

      1. Well, like the dude above said, I like gender bender as long as the guy remains a man in the inside. Like in Alice Tale!!

        Just hope this will be a harem though; a harem full of girls of course, no guys please. ;(

      2. Does that mean this one is going to swing towards men?

        It’s not that I particularly hate genben, but I just don’t like females pov in general.

    1. Yeah, the link is in the Dragon’s Bloodline page at the top of the screen. Click the title 😉

  2. Hey what’s the original name of the novel? i always look up the novels i read on baka-updates so i get a vague idea of what they story could be like

  3. This sounds like something binhjamine is doing and this just seems like a shitty version of that (the story) so can you do some thing else. Please

  4. This sounds like something binhjamine is doing and this just seems like a shitty version of that (the story) so can you do some thing else. Please

  5. To be precise this sounds like a (shitty) gender bender version of: Bu ni Mi wo Sasagete Hyaku to Yonen. Elf de Yarinaosu Musha Shugyou. So yeah I don’t think the story is original (well not that most tensei ones are but this one is less so)

  6. Something like RE: Zero Kara would be better but that’s taken (not that the translator Is even translating it, I don’t know if he stopped or something but it’s been ages of nothing released)

  7. Whether or not this ends up being similar to a shoujo/josei or a shounen/seinen is really what’s going to impact how much I like the story. Maybe it isn’t a shoujo/josei and shounen/seinen thing. I just read to enjoy, and I don’t enjoy a lot of heavy drama. For me heavy drama tends to be a downer, I want to walk away from reading on a more excited upbeat note.

    Anways I am cautiously optimistic about this and look forward to more. Thanks for translating 🙂

  8. Hey! the title is wrong.
    the Kanji of the title is 異世界転性 ~竜の血脈~

    異世界 =Isekai= Parallel world or another worlds
    転性= Tensei= Sex-changed or genderbend.
    竜 = Ryuu
    血脈 = Kechimyaku= can be translated as bloodline but also vassal.

    it should be something like. Sex change in Another world ~ Dragon’s Vassal or Bloodline~

    The 転 in 転性 read as Ten means change or something similar words while 性 read as Sei but means gender or sex and the 転性 can be translated as sex-change or something similar words.

    転生 can be translated as reincarnation. 生 read as Sei the same as 性 but the meaning is Life.

    hope you change it. cause when i’m finding the raw i got a hardtime.

      1. That pun of his caused me a good 20 minutes of trying to figure out the difference between 生 and 性… well, eventually I gave up and just started TLing the chapter haha! Ty for the help!

  9. I definitely like it; it seems to be very promising. As I am not bias of this series, I hope you a continued translation and for good luck.

  10. This work contains the [Girls Love element] [brutal depiction].
    Haha…no spoilers just saying that its yuri and not gay…yay…

  11. Thank you so much for picking this up! I really wanted to read something with a strong female mc. Why is it that the large majority of women in Japanese/Chinese/Korean novels must be pure white, very beautiful and have rather soft (or bossy and selfish) characters? Its somewhat annoying. Hopefully he stays a male on the inside, accomplishes great things, and shows those men what for!!

  12. thanks for your translations but can you do me a favor?

    one The Esteemed 5th Holy Sheeprabbit, Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufilaafee (The 35th) is enough, no need for the 34 previous or the 36 and beyond to appear!!!
    (i have nothing against hime/her but as a male i find it really disturbing to have a male having a gender change!!!)

    please don’t add anymore hero becoming heroine PLEASEEEEEEE

          1. There’s one guy who literally has almost all stories about guy turning into girl stories.
            Which is sad because some of them are SUPER promising 🙁
            Now go pout some more so I can feel better about whipping you 🙂
            (You should be the sadist site)

            1. Haha. Yeah, I’ve noticed there is a lack of ‘darker’ LNs that are TLed, but I came across this while mindlessly looking through syosetu… =p

  13. …just how often will ya be release a chapter on this cuz i hate cliffhangers?

    Do please slake this ones curiosity and thirst for moar.

    1. Generally, one chapter a week. There will be times where I don’t TL one, while others I may release 6+ — I mainly work on them when I feel like it.

      I know what it is like to be a reader that follows inconsistent releases, so I feel ya. It’s just… yeah… at least I can guarantee I won’t drop the series!

      Well, with the (lack of) consistency in the quality of my TLs I’ll probably be deposed before finishing this series! Haha… >.>’

      1. Even if its annoying to wait for a release as s reader… it’s always more annoying if you’re getting asked “When is next chapter pl0x, dudebro?” when you are the one trying to properly translste something^^

  14. Your awesome man. Say the word and I’ll by you pizza and beer.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    P.S. – i’m serious about the pizza and beer – you deserve it

  15. I do want to be reincarnated in a different world and all but not as a woman lol..
    my reason is the same as sanji’s
    “I was not born to be friends with ladies…i was born to love ladies!” xD

    1. But if your reincarnated as a girl you still could go yuri and beside you could love yourself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2. But if your reincarnated as a girl you still could go yuri and beside you could love yourself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  16. This is bad, this project is thinning out so much that I almost forgot about it >.<. (Don't want to be pushy, so i will spoil myself to the raws)

  17. I was really into it at the beginning until I read he was reincarnated as a girl…I lost all interest…. I think I’ll pass on this one. looking forward to more updates on the epic tale of the forsaken hero though!

        1. Even though I said that… I just noticed that I didn’t actually say my thanks so… Thank you for translating the interesting story :).

  18. Well i don’t know if you have finished reading the story or if you now the ending but does the MC ever turn back into a man?

  19. I’m speculating a bit here, but taking into account the information provided in the LN, wouldn’t there be a good chance of the MC being Uesugi Kenshin with some slight adjustments to his life?

    Kenshin died at 48, was nicknamed the Dragon of Echigo and his worship of Bishamonten (the buddhist god of war) seem to be rather glaring clues. Any thoughts?

  20. Will you please add a character list page? Sometimes I forget who the characters are and how they met.

    1. I need to do that for all of the series I work on, actually.

      Just haven’t had time when I remember it, and when I have time I forget >.>;

  21. How many people working on this one (Dragon Bloodline)?
    is only because is take awhile for a new chapter to come out or is it just me,and what about the other light novel or web novel whatever ones on this site is it just one person working on all of them?.

    Oh and Thank you alot for this 😀

    yea!!!! gender bender’s (▰˘◡˘▰) are the best!!!!!!

  22. Huh, funny how many have a problem with gender-bent MC. Rather have random-geeky-15-year-old-perverted-highschool-boy #6491? ^^;

    Anyway, the plot is pretty much retarded and there’s no tension whatsoever. Let’s just have a ridiculous overpowered MC fight in a dungeon were people conveniently can’t die even if s/he wasn’t overpowered in the first place …
    … still, sort of amusing in a stupid way. 😉

    1. Everything is cliche to a person once they see it often enough. It just depends on how many times you want to experience the setting.

      Saying a universal like that from a personal viewpoint is a bit…

  23. I’m too terrified of reading this!
    If he stays a man on the inside i wouldn’t mind.
    Even if it started of as a women changing gender but still liking girl im fine but…
    To be in a situation were ur gender identity is in question is terrifying.

    Can anyone tell me if he stays with the male mindset or gradually starts to accept that since hes in a female body he starts to feel more towards the oppsite gender?

  24. I have a quick question: What level is Ria now?
    I don’t think it’s been mentioned.
    And thanks for translating this. Just found it yesterday and was captivated all day until I finished reading it >.<

        1. Just look for a Kirito genderbend. It’ll be close enough. Black hair, black eyes, wears all black. God, can’t even get a female MC without her dressing like an emo.

  25. I’m currently only at chapter 22 and I’ve been wondering, do we ever get to see her actual status? or anyone elses for that matter..

  26. so what’s up with all those chapters named/listed but not translated? Did the author decide on the chapter names before writing them or it that the translating is behind?

      1. Please make dragon bloodline your main project… I’ve read the others, but the plot of this advances nicely and the MC isnt mentally retarded. Also, Yuri is a plus

  27. Does the MC go for girls or guys after reincarnating? Not really interested if he starts going for guys seeing that he was a guy before :/

    1. Goes for girls. Very, very openly.

      I won’t spoil, but let’s say it’s ACTIVE. (Picks up for that past chapter 40 ish)

      1. That great to hear! Yuri harems FTW 😀 I needed something to replace Alice Tale after catching up wih the translation today.

        Btw i assume Forsaken Hero is dropped? I just finished it few mins ago after marathoning it and it seems it hasnt been updated in a while.

  28. Illustration would’ve been nice 🙂 though I guess it can’t be helped, it isn’t like it’s a big deal anyway. I mostly just want to see how “he” looks 🙂

  29. does this really have a netorare scene it says it does if it does what chapter or chapters so i can skip it since i don’t like them

  30. theres a series called “her and my wildest fantasy” it is very similar to this but was never completed, its about a person who was reincarnated into a fantasy world but as 2 people instead of 1, a male and female, with no knowledge of their previous life. i think that series may be up your alley if you enjoyed this one.

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