The Surprised Demon King-sama


“Well then Haruto-san, see you tomorrow.”
“Yeah, take care.”

Returning to my inn room after making arrangements with Ferna-san, I opened the key to open the room.
Then I took off my boots and collapsed on the bed without changing out of my clothes.

The heck?
Those two, what in the world were they doing?
Are they stupid? Did they want to die?
Please spare me from that.

Like, I knew Carla was strong you know? I’ve actually fought with with her. It’s been three years since then, but now she’s as strong as though she’s another person.
That child, nineteen years old? Even though her Gift is powerful, she doesn’t have memories like a reincarnator. She doesn’t have the benefit of being teleported from another world either, so just how did she get that strong?
Well, she really did get that strong though…

Thermonuclear Darkness Exploding Hell huh, she used that incantation? It was put under national control, you aren’t supposed to use it!
You can’t use it in wars, it’s an incantation prohibited by the treaty.
Well, the empire guarding that treaty vanished though huh~
Rather, I’m the one that did it though!
It couldn’t be helped, I couldn’t capture the imperial capital with Clarice around.
Still though, three million deaths is crazy…
… It’s entirely on me though. I’m not avoiding my burdens you know?
Reflection over.


And that Destruction of Heaven and Earth… isn’t that a magic used by the gods for the great collapse? Wonder how she got it.
Well, even if I knew how to use it, that doesn’t mean I could actually use it though…
God’s Bloodline is impressive.

I definitely don’t want to make her an enemy.
I wouldn’t want to fight those kind people even at the best of times.

Well, that other girl is dangerous.
Yeah, I heard about her from Rei and Asuka.
Ryuke Riana Crystal Casalia Ogress… such a long name.
It’s unrelated, but doesn’t Crystal just kind of slightly sound like clitoris?

… Enough escaping from reality, let’s think seriously here.

She is dangerous.
My hamster-like intuition that has helped me stay away from heroes for a thousand years is telling me that.
I won’t make myself her enemy.
It seems like Rei met her on amicable terms already, so I can’t help but saying GJ to her. Next time I meet her, I’ll pat her head.
Unlike Asuka, Rei doesn’t ask for things like that herself.

Now then, I should think about this.
First of all, should I contact that child named Ria directly?
Ah, she has that Dragon Eyes gift though, wouldn’t my true identity be exposed?
What to do… Maybe I’ll leave it to Asuka after all? If I take into account my movements in the future, it would probably be easier with that child.
But still, for Asuka to not notice is a bit… no, very thoughtless.
It seems that child doesn’t hold any discrimination against beastkin and ogres, so she might be able to calmly associate with demon tribe members. She might become a comrade unexpectedly easy…

That child is a muscle brain after all.
Normally, you wouldn’t pick a fight with a country’s hero the first time you meet them.
That’s what you call a battle junkie.
For someone like me that was a high school student growing up in peaceful Japan, please pardon me from being her opponent.
But you know, she probably challenged her to a fight to see through her skills or something.

On top of that, that child used a Japanese katana.
Why a katana? In this world, aren’t those mostly used in just the south?
No matter how you look at it she’s a human from this world though, I know she isn’t a summoned hero. It’s impossible~
But you know, her movements were weird.
I think I’ve seen them in Japan in my previous life. They’re kind of like Chinese martial arts.
Maybe she’s a reincarnated person?
I think she would be the first reincarnator with Dragon’s Bloodline though?
I don’t want to fight her~
I don’t want to fight her degozaru! I definitely don’t want to fight her degozaru! [1]

But that child has such a feeling of blood, I won’t fight against her. She’s messed up in so many ways…
—Wait, isn’t she the same as a demon!?
To go through that bloody death march from back then again… no no, the opponent this time is one person. There’s no way it’d be as bad as that.
Luckily it looks like she’s forming a friendship with Carla, maybe I could talk to her using that?
Haaah, so much to think about still.

Right now something needs to be done about Cordova.
Come on already, the pitiful country.
They put too much strength into their military, they aren’t balanced at all. Its people are starving, it’s giving preferential treatment towards its expanding military, it’s suppressing unrest with that same military, and is invading other countries to further bolster its military.
I’ll end that~
That’s the first country to tidy up. There should be a system that manages the nation’s burdens fairly with impartial laws.
As soon as I took my eyes off it, this happened. A neglectful government isn’t constitutional, it’s not something to joke about!
No choice but to dismantle it a bit huh? But even so, if I make a mistake there’ll a river of blood.

Let’s think about somewhere else for a bit.
Istria’s doing fine. At any rate, that prince is more or less trying to put a slave emancipation policy through.
It probably doesn’t have much chance at succeeding, but it’s probably a good thing to let the idea slowly work its way through.
Humans and demons living together. It’ll be a lot harder than getting rid of slavery, but I’m fired up to see if that prince can do it. That Strategist-dono is a good person.
… But even now it hasn’t been able to end that civil war. No, I guess that’s just human nature. Even I couldn’t end it…

As for Lemdria… King Hollyn, please live a long life. That guy is the type who’ll keep his body all natural though, he hates life prolongation magic. Though from my point of view, adding a hundred years is nothing.
That successor crisis is a problem. Those brothers are on good terms, but it’s all about principles. Particularly that prince Sion. Despite having a bad head for warfare, he’s generally pretty smart.
I’d be happy if he became an army commander, but the method used to handle demon tribe armies are different to begin with huh… [2]
Black Cat’s people are also concentrating there, so maybe I’d just be stirring up trouble by getting involved?

For Casalia… it made a bit of a mistake in leadership.
I mean, it caused a bit of internal mayhem, but it was the last resort. That wasn’t my goal.
Something like directly assassinating a minister isn’t my hobby or anything. Even if I had to kill the witnesses, it couldn’t be helped you know?
Well for a while I’ll need to concentrate on Cordova, so maybe I should send some eyes over there and monitor them directly?
I’ll purge any mistakes immediately, no different from a dictator I guess.

Ah, right. When I complete the first stage I should head back to the demon tribe territory for a bit.
Although I’m receiving reports, leaving it all to my prime minister would just be like one of the human world’s imbecilic monarchs.
Even though there are a lot of races with long lifespans in the demon tribe, it’s necessary to reform them as well.
… The number of battle hungry people is probably going to increase again… troublesome.

… Come to think of it, it’s almost dinner time huh?
The cuisine in demon tribe territory is delicious, but this inn’s cooking just can’t be beat. That’s why I chose it after all.
Hmmm, I wonder what today’s dish will be?

Putting on into my sandals, I left the room.
Smells like stew. My nose isn’t wrong about these things.
I still have a lot of stuff to think about, but satisfying this hunger of mine right now is Justice~!
While humming a song, I went down the stairs. The end.



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  • He just randomly started speaking like that for this line. Comedy. Return
  • Doesn’t say if he’d be happy about being the demon tribe’s commander or Lemdria’s commander… I’m sure it’s possible to infer it from the raw but it appears that’s beyond me. Return

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