Many, many years passed.
Many people were born and died.
Many countries flourished and fell to ruin.
Many civilizations prospered and fell to ruin.
Many races thrived and went on the decline.
An era that called this history a myth began.
An era that humans, demi-humans, and demons intermixed on the four continents began.



There was a labyrinth called the Dark Labyrinth.
It was constructed in a mythical era, many explorers challenged it, yet they were all repelled.
Within its depths was a giant door, beyond which many dragons slept.
Mere legends at this point, no one had ever seen the appearance of a dragon.
In that place was a bed with a canopy.

Lying on that bed was a beautiful saint with silvery hair and blue eyes.
Beside her was a black-haired, golden-eyed queen of dragons.
Holding Carla’s hands, Ria didn’t move from her prayer-like posture.
There was a girl with blonde hair and green eyes standing a little bit away.
“Ria, it looks like the time has come…”
Even at a time like this, Carla’s voice was beautifully clear.
“… Has it?”
Ria’s voice lacked emotion. Due to the long years, it had steadily ebbed away.
Both Carla’s body and spirit had lived far longer than the limit of a human. She was now approaching the limit beyond that.

God Dragons could live for an almost infinite length of time.
The first century was the most painful.
She’d watched as her friends, acquaintances, and even her descendants departed this world before her.
The Demon King no longer existed and the former Demonlands was an area deemed the most prosperous place on the planet, a place where all races thrived together.
All of the kingdoms of old had vanished as well. Even so, people continued their activities.
Really, a very long time had passed.

And now, the last person who knew Ria from when she was a human was about to enter the cycle of reincarnation.
“Ria, please look for me.”
Whether it took hundreds of years, or thousands.
Ria would definitely find Carla.

“Ria… I love you.”
Carla’s body was concealed by a faint silver color.
Together with her soul living her body, her spirit and body disappeared.
Carla died.

Irina spoke. Ria, whose head was downcast, turned around with a lucid expression.
“Irina, I’m a bit tired, too.”
She quietly traced her finger along the bed.
The bed that still held some of Carla’s warmth.
“… I… want to sleep…”
“What will you do?”
“I’ll travel.”
Irina spoke resolutely.
“That so? Travel… that’s… a good thing.”
Ria laid down on the bed. It still smelled like Carla.
“Well then, I’m off.”
Closing the huge door, Irina headed for the surface.
Seeing her off, Ria closed her eyes and took a long, long rest.




Now, where should I go?
Irina thought.
It was a journey with no destination. Even so, there should still be a purpose to it.
“I’ll find Maal-chan.”
It’s a great idea, if I do say so myself.
Her soul had been lost. Just how much time had passed since then?
Now that she was the last one left, she would find the person who she first got along with.
She didn’t know which continent to go to, but she should still be able to find her.

Scattering the nearby monsters that couldn’t read the mood, Irina ran.
Now, she had nothing.
Therefore, she had the potential to gain everything.
Running through the labyrinth’s floors, Irina burst up onto the surface.
Both the world and her future was right there for the taking.



Translator Comment:
Sincerely, I thank you all for reading this series. It was the second one I’d ever picked up and I learned a lot through its gradual translation. Despite my shortcomings, I hope you enjoyed it and that you may stick around with me through another series’ journey.



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24 thoughts on “Dragon’s Bloodline — Epilogue

  1. Irina’s seems to be quite lively after all these years, I guess that’s the difference between a born god dragon and a human who transformed into one after being chosen as a successor.

    1. That would be Magus of Genesis! 🙂

      If you haven’t seen it already, its project page can be found in the menu at the top.

  2. Thanks 4 the translation!

    I guess that’s the difference between a born dragon’s mind and a human turned dragon’s mind. True dragon’s seems to live in the moment, mostly.

  3. Thanks for the translation, and the great time we had together 🙂

    The only thing i’m missing is where is Serge, and the few other immortals, Ria’s and Carla’s daughters they should be dragons too.
    And this ending is saaad :'( , but great.

  4. Thanks for the translation, the first 90 chapters were great and that’s a damn great yet bittersweet ending which could have had bit more fleshing out though.

    Especially with the first years of the aftermath and how everyone ended up and we never even saw Ria’s children in any form and not even her original family or Agatha, a shame.

    The scale of the events for last 30 chapters was nice too but alas it started to feel like reviewing a single page debriefing for a war or a statistical summary so it lost some grip on the immersion front from that.

  5. In the end the ending wasn’t that terrible. I mean, it could be worse at least. Ria can find all her old friends and companions and lovers and awaken their memories. Then once they die she can just do it again.

    Also shouldn’t Serge and his wife still be alive since they are both immortal as well? That would mean that Ria still has living friends from when she was still human.
    (And what happened to the gods who gave Ria her blessings?)

    Anyway thanks for translating this till the end Ziru! It was a good journey. I’ll see you in the next story/universe!

    1. Recall that their immortality was only to the extent that Valis’ power could reach. Ria became the only true immortal.

    2. for the gods, they tell themselves to be a general administrator, so I beleive that they’re being beyond even god dragon, and that their the manager of the world-tree

  6. Way back when, Valis told Ria that immortality for humans and dragons was perpetual youth until the soul couldn’t take the burden and burnt out. She also mentioned that the demon king was nearing his limit. This is why Ria was said to be able to live hundreds of millions of years instead of forever.

  7. I really hate this ending .-. Dont get me wrong the novel is great except for few things like the PoV change to Serge aka the magic school i would love to read more about the family live of ria and her wives. only Clara was importent in the lasts Part of the Story. The Ending really dropt my mood like the Amanee ending of Grisaia, where the last scene of Amanee where told.

  8. Thanks a lot Ziru! it was an awesome story and very well translated. I could easily read through everything despite my shitty concentration so you have serious skills

  9. What a melancholy ending. Maal’s death just felt like a cheap shot, but this epilogue hits me right in the feels. While I wish they spent more time on interpersonal relationships (common flaw to light novels), after re-reading it back to front, I have to say, overall a pretty good series.

    Thanks for taking the time to translate this.

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