Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 88

The Blazing Transfer Student


Normally, the magic academy didn’t have a system in place for transfer students. However, there were unusual ways to get in. In this case, that way was through Carla’s letter of introduction.
Ria and Guinevere had given letters of introduction as well, but he didn’t use those in the end. He decided to hold on to them just in case something happened.
“Yes, then begin your written examination.”
As expected, it wasn’t possible for him to enroll without an examination, so it was decided that he would take the written and practical exams.
Serge thought about how he’d avoided things that weren’t practical applications, but he had a sure-fire way to pass.
That is, cheating through space-time magic.
By using it to reference the grimoire he’d received from Labyrinth, even without going for perfect marks, he could still use it to go for a particularly higher than average score.
Don’t call it unfair. Serge’s purpose was to strengthen himself, not to get good grades.

Although the next one was a practical test for essential skills, it was just measuring output and control.
A special crystal ball was prepared and set up to test his output by measuring the aggregate amount of mana loaded into it, but…
As expected, his mana was too strong and caused the ball to explode.
It appeared as though the same thing had happened to Carla as well, so he was the second person to cause such a thing since they had started using this method of examination.
(Well, Carla-san is on another level though.)
He knew that it was going to be destroyed with his amount of mana since he’d used Identify on it beforehand, but even though he considered about whether or not he should hide his ability, once he thought about the reason he came to the academy, he decided it wasn’t important.

The test for his control was also an easy one.
Shoot into the center of a target with a circle drawn on it. Destroying the target would be bad, as well as missing it.
By using Longinus with guidance magic, he was able to pierce solely its center.
The teachers were surprise. This much was natural, as he just pierced the target with something moving at a speed they couldn’t even see.
Even so, he still needed to get better to reach the top.
Let alone Carla’s unreasonable magic, he wasn’t even suitable to be those two demon generals’ enemy at all.
And that werewolf had defeated him in a single blow.
Even so, he wanted to prepare himself so that he could fight together with his comrades in time for the Millennium.

There was a curriculum assembled by the academy’s masters, but it wasn’t satisfactory for Serge.
Driven by his abilities’ tendencies, Serge’s first expectations were that it would be actual combat, but most of them wanted to have them practice basic magic.
To be frank, with his intelligence and mana that had been boosted as well as his Gifts for magic, he felt that he could be active in that field too, but in order to face the Millennium head on, he wanted to take practical lessons.
But when he voiced his opinion, they lamented that the young always wanted to run straight to the showy fields of magic.
Viewpoints like that were important, but right now, these elders didn’t know just how quick the Millennium was coming.
They probably thought that their peaceful days would continue for the rest of their lives.
But if he spoke the truth, pandemonium would strike the city. There was also the possibility that he would be labeled a liar.
Reluctantly, along with basic magic, he took space-time magic, fire magic, and natural law magic. However, it appeared that the only person who had researched space-time magic was Great Sage Azelford.

All of that being the case, he was brought in front of a homeroom-like class.
Unsurprisingly, he would be joining senior mages, Miss Christina included.
Well, considering his mana capacity and his Gifts, this much should be natural.
Even so, when it comes to this magic academy’s highest peak, they were only around level 70 at the highest.
By that way, the present Serge was at level 118. Moreover, taking into account his Skills, you could think of him as being 128.
Even so, that same mage didn’t feel like he would stand a chance against that dark elf and vampire.

“I am Sagittarius Crystal Crowley. Pleased to meet you all.”
He bowed his head to the students above him three or four times.
“Crowley huh. Haven’t heard of them before. What country?”
The student who asked that with a grin was level 70. A big deal.
Well, if they fought in a real battle it’d be an instakill though.
“Crowley is a new baron family in the Ogress Archduchy. Through his own distinguished services, he received the title directly from Ogress’ Archduke.”
The person to follow up was Christina.
By the previous night’s dinner, they’d already changed how they called each other to Chris and Serge, but he didn’t think that she would go so far as to obviously protect him here. [1]

“That’s rare. Weird Face Chris is concerned about someone else.”
Since the insistent boy kept on talking, Serge got irritated, but he kept himself quiet.
“He was enrolled here after receiving a letter of introduction from Carla Raparb Uslan-sama. Is there another human being like that?”
Carla-san’s name to the rescue!
The boy tried to grumble something after that, but he was stopped by the teacher and fell silent.




Chris told him that that boy’s name was Alexi during that night’s dinner.
Although he was capable, his personality was troubling and the teachers had difficulty managing him. Moreover, she said his parents were nobles.
(No wonder.)
Serge thought to himself.
“If something happens, you can talk to me or one of the masters.”
No no. I won’t!
Even if Serge was very good at hiding behind girls’ skirts, this time would be different.
“It’s all right. Worse comes to worst, I’ll just resort to force.”
“He is a magic user that can destroy even iron golems.”
Iron golems.
What a small fry.
“Chris, you don’t seem to understand for some reason, but…”
He decided to show off.
“I am someone that has beaten the labyrinth.”

The basic magic lessons were surprisingly useful for Serge.
The things that he’d been taught up to now, other than the village’s mage, were all by completely non-standard people like Valis and Carla, so he’d completely missed out on all of the basic things.
Since the theories behind the things were all missing, his application of them to actual combat weren’t that effective.
Moreover, since Chris was also taking the class, she helped him out on a lot of stuff.
He also put emphasis on control even in combat classes, doing his best to avoid destructive magic.




In an afternoon like that.
When Serge, having just finished his meal, went to open his locker.
He instinctively slammed it back shut.
Opening it again, there was a pink-colored letter in it.
(Ooh, the legend!)
There was a love letter in his locker. However, Serge was calm.
Someone that would write him a love letter at this age was either a considerably precocious child or a full-blown shotacon. It was fine if it was the latter, but the former was still a bit out of his strike zone.
Moreover, that. There was a big possibility that someone was mimicking a love letter to get him to go somewhere.

“What’s wrong?”
“Uhyaaa! Oi!”
Serge was so distracted by the love letter that he didn’t notice someone come up to him. Standing next to him, Chris looked at the letter in Serge’s hand.
“Right after yesterday, you’re popular, huh.”
“No no, this is probably a trap.”

When he opened the letter, it said to wait behind the training grounds that evening.
There wasn’t even a name, nor was the handwriting that girlish. It was definitely a trap.
“This is… Alexi?”
He didn’t remember creating that big of a grudge, but human beings were just like that sometimes.
“Want to go together?”
Thinking about it, there were people like her too.
(You’re kind, Chris-chan. Rather, maybe you’re a simple child?)

Shaking away his rude thoughts, Serge asked Chris.
“Are you sure?”
It would’ve been cool to say no, but he could already see how worried she was. As expected, she was different from Carla.
However, that was that and this was this. Both were good.
“Well, it’s alright. If I went all out, I’d definitely win against that level of opponent.”
With Serge saying something a bit haughty, Chris looked a bit daunted.
“Understood. But Alexi’s fire magic is level 6. Don’t let your guard down.”
“You know, my fire magic is level 9.”
The look Chris gave in response seemed to say, “Again with the jokes,” but it was the truth. In the process of training his space-time magic, the magic that was the easiest to use after receiving Valis and Carla’s guidance was fire magic.
Chris found Serge’s back as he walked away filled with more than enough composure very dazzling.




“Heh, you actually showed up, boy.”
Everything was as expected.
The people waiting at the place written in the letter was Alexi and five others.
They said a lot of various things as expected, but inn short, they were all conceited.
It’s not like he couldn’t understand. In addition to being given special treatment as a transfer student, he was enrolled with the introduction of the legendary magic soldier, Carla. Even the masters were all looking at him with special eyes.
However, even if he understood, it’s not like he had to agree with it.
“So? What do you want? I haven’t even done anything in particular.”
Hearing that overwhelmingly high-handed way of speaking, Serge laughed.
“Did I say something funny!?”
“No, it’s just that you’re acting all high and mighty, asking me to kneel and all.”
Well, he might be a little at fault for doing stuff like that too, though.
“I didn’t ask you to kneel, I ordered you to. Do it.”
At that moment, Serge activated [Intimidation].
Starting with the Cyclops, Serge had experienced that Skill from God Dragon Valis, Ria and Carla’s fight, and the demon general’s attack.
As a result of that accumulated experience, he had already acquired that Skill.

Even so, Alexi still showed a backbone. But the other five people all collapsed on this spot.
Feeling that huge intimidation was something unbelievable even if it had come from the masters. It was something on the level that the only person at the academy who could do it might be Great Sage Azelford…
Jarred, Alexi went all out in using his fire magic. It was strong enough that the masters that had been secretly watching them didn’t have time to stop it.
“White Prison Flame!”
“Dimensional Dislocation.”
And he easily prevented the magic.
The magic was sucked into the gorge between dimensions. Surprised from having seen something like that, Alexi took Serge’s next magic.
“Flame Circle.”
Alexi and the others were surrounded by a ring of fire. Normally, this magic would be to the extent that it could be easily released. However, the output this time was different.
Serge maintained his magic until all six of the people inside it fell unconscious from lack of air.

“Such a ridiculous person…”
Chris said in a tone that said she was amazed from the bottom of her heart.
When Serge laughed in response, he was just stared at coldly.
(It’s nice to be stared at so coldly by a bespectacled beauty!)
In the end, this incident was resolved with a stern warning to all parties involved.
Speaking of right and wrong, Serge, who purposely prepared witnesses, shouldn’t have been at fault, but since the other side was making a fuss about it, both of the parties were given the blame.
Since then, Alexi decided to avoid Serge until graduation.
The details of the event swept through the school, giving Serge another nickname.
That is, [The Blazing Transfer Student].
“A man’s soul charge: complete!” [2]
Saying something incomprehensible, Serge became known by his eccentric speech and behavior.


  • Note that, to my knowledge, ‘Chris’ isn’t particularly tomboyish in Japanese. Return
  • Reference to some super manly JP thing. I don’t know what, though. Return



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