Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 87

The Magic City


Yo, I’m Serge. Right now I’m standing in line in front of Magic City Jemidan waiting to get in.
Why? Because I’m going to enroll in the magic academy of course!
I know that Cordova’s upheaval came to an end.
And am fully aware that I am not strong enough.

Well, there are people I can compare against like Nee-chan or Carla-san, but like, if I had to say, they’re Super Saiyans.
And Irina started out a Saiyan.
Where do I fit? Well, it’d be great if I were Krillin, but I think I’m around Yamcha’s level at best.
That’s why I felt like I needed to at least somehow raise my level to around Krillin’s, so I consulted various people about it.
The most common response was that the best way to go for a mage was to enroll in the magic academy.
Well, Nee-chan said that actual fighting was the best way to go though. She doesn’t realize that she’s a monster after all. Most people would just die before getting any stronger.
Then, when I talked to Carla-sama about the magic academy, she gladly wrote me a letter of introduction.
“You certainly have the possibility of becoming a splendid mage.”
After saying that, she smiled and rephrased herself.
“No, are already are a splendid mage. It’s likely that you will become a mage to leave his mark on history.”
Ah~, the smile of a goddess! Nothing less from a former saint. Even me, someone who’s used to it, felt like I was dancing in the clouds.
Ah, speaking of beauties, Nee-chan’s one too huh. If I had to describe her, she’s the brutal, beautiful and cool swordsmaster type. She’s a different type than Carla-san’s pure and innocent type.
With stuff like that having happened, I took stagecoaches and caravan carriages all the way here.

“Haaaah? Try saying that again, boy.”
I picked a fight with people, didn’t I?
“I said; a wall this high wouldn’t be able to endure the demon tribe’s invasion.”
Yep, I was just standing in line as normal, but the person in front of me was unexpectedly a citizen of this town.
I just wondered if it’d be alright with the wall being only that strong out loud.
I mean it’s only just about three Gigs tall.
Then he said it’d be fine since they could secure the wall with magic when push comes to shove.
Isn’t that a bit weird though?
Couldn’t they save mana by just building it better beforehand?
Then he said that they definitely wouldn’t run out of mana.
When I asked why that’d be the case, thinking that there might be some kind of unexpectedly awesome magic device, he said that they could attack countless monsters by having all of the magic city’s mages use magic.
Thought so.
Don’t just go with feeling that you’ll make it through somehow!
Well, it’s not like I’d say it so frankly, I’ve heard that they were fine even after being attacked by tons of monsters.
Yep, I can’t respond. I mean, I don’t have anything to use as a response. Isn’t this just a difference of ideals?
Well, I have to say that even I’ve hidden behind Nee-chan’s skirt, but I can still feel pride in that I made it through fights with my own strength.
I was interested in the town’s defenses since I’m planning on living here for a while, so I asked about them in detail.
No one around me answered me…
There was an extreme belief among people here that since Azelford-sama was in Sacred Mountain Cyrus, everything would be okay.
Even if Carla-sama evaluated Azelford-sama as being above her, he’d still end up losing after getting exhausted and swarmed.
Another thing is that Demon King-sama. He’s stronger than Azelford-sama. Well, that’s off the record so I won’t say anything about that.

With me talking about things like that, the mage-like people around me started looking angry.
“Finally, an idiot noble brandishing his status!”—someone shouted.
Ah, I’m going to the house of someone who I’ll be receiving the help of from here on, so I dressed up. The formal wear of a Manesh baron.
It’s not like I’m going out of the way to declaring myself a noble. Still, it might’ve looked that way from my appearance.
I was originally a farmer and was from a middle-class in my previous life. There’s no way I’d make a fuss over something like my social position.
Generally speaking, true nobles ride in stagecoaches don’t they?
However, they didn’t seem to think so. It’s already turned into a storm of abuses. I feel like I’m a child, but I’m not going to get caught in the moment here.
No, I really haven’t lost my temper.
I feel like I grew up a lot in that war. Getting intimidated by people without any strength to support it isn’t scary at all.
Be it level 20 or 30, small fry are small fry.
Even I could take them on barehanded by using body strengthening magic.
I won’t do it though. It’d cause too much of a disturbance in a place like this. I can’t drag down Carla-san’s name.
Even so, I endured it all while thinking about Carla-san’s smile.
If Nee-chan was the one to write that letter, I’d probably be getting a bit violent by now.
That would probably make her happy, after all.

Well, just as I was starting to feel a bit troubled over how I should calm down the situation, a carriage showed up.
“Quiet down.”
Leaving no room for complaints, it was a voice amplified by magic. And so, everyone quieted down.
Ah, come to think of it, I don’t know much about neutralization magic that doesn’t leave wounds, huh.
At any rate, the wagon’s window opened up and the person inside showed their face.
I was surprised.
It was a bespectacled girl.
Since there was magic in this world, you could cure bad eyesight. There weren’t many people with bad eyesight to begin with, either.
Even so, she was purposely wearing glasses, so I tried using Identify on her.
A surprising level 70. Moreover, she has the Gift of Magic Natural Talent.
She had black hair and was about the same age as me. Well, I guess you could call her a beauty, but hey, all I can see is just her face.
Still though, she’d a bit young. Out of my strike range.
Her face doesn’t look like one from the northwest part of the continent does it? If pushed, I’d even say it’s somewhat Japanese-ish.
“Is there something wrong?”
The girl asked me, so I told her about the lack of this city’s defenses in a well-ordered manner.
“I see, that is reasonable. I will tell Otou-sama.”

Saying that, the carriage with the Ojou-sama in it headed towards the gate, disregarding all of the people lined up before it.
I heard about it later, but apparently, nobles have that kind of privilege. It would’ve been great if I used it, too.




Magic City Jemidan was an arbitrarily lengthy city. The buildings that looked like tall, respectably built buildings, were called towers.
Heading down the main street, the magic academy was at the end of it with the large mansion I’ll be staying at right next to it.
When I asked to have my letter conveyed at the front gate, they made strange faces. Well, noble children arriving alone probably doesn’t tend to happen.
Nevertheless, as expected of Carla-sama’s letter of introduction, a Butler-san came out and welcomed me in graciously.
“Danna-sama is out on business currently, but Ojou-sama is fortunately here to welcome you.”
Well, it might be unusual for him to be at home during the day.
A few minutes of waiting in the reception room later, a knock sounded at the door.
When I got up to meet her, to my surprise, it was that young beauty from earlier.
It looked like she was also surprised but she regained her composed expression immediately. Kuudere, that’s kuudere! She’s not dere yet though. [1]
“Nice to meet you. I am this family’s daughter, Christina Koto Marken.”
“Nice to meet you too. I’m Sagittarius Crystal Crowley.”
Eh? Why is there a Crowley?
Well, that’s because I had to once again make a new name when I was made a baron.
“Is Sir Sagittarius a noble?”
“Yes. I am a baron of the Ogress Kingdom.”
Miss Christina spoke in response. It is currently the most famous country after all.
“The way that nobles are treated in Jemidan is somewhat special.”
Ah, I’d heard a bit about it, but it might be a good idea to hear more.

First off, nobles do not have the majority of their privileges inside Jemidan.
They are able to have priority in passing the gate or easily taking reserved seats in restaurants, but they are not given special treatment when it comes to crimes.
“Well, I’m originally a farmer, so it’s alright with me.”
When I said that, the Ojou-sama seemed quite a bit surprised.
“Did your father provide some distinguished service in the war?”
Thinking about Ogress’ structure, that’s probably the right way to think about it.
“No, I became Her Majesty’s companion in her travels by chance, serving in the war’s supply division and earning an evaluation through that.”
“You earned your title yourself, then?”
Yeah, it’s surprising. Very surprising.
That’s it. I’m AWESOME!
“In a single generation… and so young… Through magic? No, it was through the supply division, so it was likely from excellent skill?”
No, it was the power of magic.
Well, even if I said something like that… I just dodged the question with a fitting smile.

Earl Marken was the same as his daughter, having oriental facial features. I didn’t know until now, but there appears to be a lot of city-states in the east with people that look like that.
Having another sibling, Miss Christina is the younger sister. Her elder brother seemed to take after their deceased mother, looking like someone from Southern Europe.
Well, that person doesn’t give off too good of a feeling.
He was saying things like how his younger sister’s appearance wasn’t too good so please be friends with her how it was wonderful that I made it so far in one generation at my age.
“Miss Christina’s appearance is unusual in this area, but at the city-states to the east, she is a considerable beauty.”
When I gave some lip service, Earl-sama, her father, was happy. After all, hearing someone say that someone who takes after you is a beauty is nice.
Even though I went so far to praise Miss Christina, she didn’t show much of a reaction. Her butler said that she was embarrassed, though.
Well, she’s at a difficult age, yeah?


  • Kuudere is the ‘-dere’ type that doesn’t show their expressions much. Return



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